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By KarmaWeather - 26 November 2022
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Virgo sign: Dates & main characteristics

Virgo dates of birth range: the Sun crosses the zodiac constellation of Virgo from August 23rd until September 22nd
Symbol: a maiden
Element: Earth
Planet: Mercury
Virgo zodiac birthstones by date: If you were born between between August 23rd and September 22nd, your Virgo lucky stone names are Amazonite, Amber, Amethyst, Blue Calcite, Cacholong, Carnelian, Clear Quartz, Citrine, Dalmatian Jasper, Diamond, Golden Rutilated Quartz, Herkimer Diamond, Pearl, Manganocalcite, Moonstone, Rainbow Obsidian, Pink Quartz, Pink Topaz, Rainbow Fluorite, Septaria, Starry Obsidian, Tiger's Eye, Watermelon Tourmaline, White Noble Opal, Yellow Citrine

📅 2023 zodiac predictions for Virgo:

House (constellation) of Virgo

Zodiacal House number: 6
Astrological House in opposition to Virgo: 12 (Pisces)
Meaning of the House of Virgo: "I am improving, I serve", bad luck, health and work issues, pets, home food. In world astrology, the House of Virgo concerns the people, the workers, public health, the army, the navy, warships, police and more generally public services.

Virgo personality traits and qualities

Clever, analytical and methodical, the native of the sixth house of the Western zodiac easily assimilates new knowledge. Pragmatic and meticulous, the man or woman born during the solar calendar period of Virgo are sometimes overly cautious in their relationship with others.

A great psychologist of the human psyche, the September zodiac sign can be cunning and manipulative at will, which in return makes them wary of being deceived.

If the Virgo Sign knows how to be diplomatic, don't expect much room for sentiment from them, as their capacity for love or devotion has to be strongly related to logics or planning.

At ease in society, the person born while the Sun crosses the constellation of Virgo knows perfectly the virtues of discretion and helpfulness. Not necessarily born to become a leader, their capacity for intense and prolonged efforts is always an asset that should benefit them as much as their loved ones.

Virgo lucky numbers and colors

Lucky number: 7
Lucky color: grey

Virgo love compatibility

The Virgo Sign is the most compatible with Taurus, Capricorn and Virgo.

The Western zodiac sign of Virgo is the closest to the Chinese zodiac sign of the Rooster (Chicken). Indeed, the lunar calendar dates of the Month of the Rooster correspond roughly to the solar calendar dates of the zodiac sign of Virgo.

On an individual level, if you want to know the personality of Virgo with the character of your Chinese zodiac sign, check if necessary your Chinese zodiac sign with the free calculator and click on the link below that best suits you.

Dual (combined) horoscope of Virgo with the 12 Chinese zodiac signs:
Virgo RatVirgo OxVirgo Tiger
Virgo RabbitVirgo DragonVirgo Snake
Virgo HorseVirgo GoatVirgo Monkey
Virgo RoosterVirgo DogVirgo Pig

Ideal jobs for Virgo

Teacher, accountant, librarian, mathematician, chemist, salesman, servant, doctor, designer, pharmacist

Celebrities - Famous Virgo and eminent personalities

Famous Virgo celebrities include: Armand Jean du Plessis cardinal de Richelieu, Louis XVI of France, Antoine Lavoisier, Beyoncé Knowles, Shinzo Abe, John McCain, Jane Addams, Lauren Bacall, Agatha Christie, Ingrid Bergman, Yasser Arafat, Jorge Luis Borges, Lyndon Johnson, Warren Buffet, Tim Burton, Stella McCartney, Moby, Louis C.K., Greta Garbo, Gene Kelly, Sean Connery, John Dalton, Gloria Estefan, Jimmy Fallon, David Fincher, Jeremy Irons, Hugh Grant, Tom Hardy, Jennifer Hudson, Tommy Lee Jones, Pink, Shania Twain, Bernie Sanders

Virgo's 2023 horoscope

Virgo 2023 Horoscope
Virgo Horoscope 2023
Annual Predictions 2023 for Virgo

Horoscope of Virgo from New Year 2023, for love, work, career, health, luck, studies and travels

Virgo's 2023 horoscope is determined in part by the movements of Jupiter, which migrates into Taurus in the second half of the year, following its installation in Aries during the preceding months. The spirit of initiative and reconquest, reinforced by insolent luck, is present throughout the year, while good financial news is possible from the summer of 2023.

The 2023 love horoscope for Virgo is overflowing with joyful promises, both for hardened singles and for established couples, whose family life finds a welcome stability. Disputes are fleeting and without consequences, while the children are studious and useful in the daily life of the home. In general, the social and family life of the sign of Virgo is fulfilled and joyful in 2023. Friends and family act as a protective base on which Virgo can count to project themselves positively into the future.

Virgo's 2023 work and money horoscope encourages the September sign to take initiatives of which it is not accustomed. This renewed self-confidence allows him to excel in his work, and even to claim new responsibilities. After all, why always remain in the shadow of major decisions when you are the initiator? Isn't the pathological shyness from which the Virgin sometimes suffers false modesty? Ambition is never a sin when it is expressed clearly and does not consist in appropriating the ideas of others. The sign of Virgo can count on a fierce will, combined with an ability to manage their money well, to blossom fully in 2023. It is with benevolent lucidity that Virgo observes all those around them who constantly to tell him to remain modest and discreet, as usual.

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Talismans and lucky charms 2023 of the Virgo

The luck of the Virgo in 2023
Rating of the year ★★★★★★★★☆☆
Resolution of the year Get off the beaten track!
Luckiest months August 2023, September 2023
Least lucky period February 2023, March 2023
Color 2023 Ultramarine blue, Persian blue
Protective Stone 2023 Amazonite
Chakra 2023 Third eye chakra
Tarot card 2023 The Star
Rune 2023 Fehu (Prosperity)
Foods 2023 Eggplant, Coconut
Flowers and Oils 2023 Lavender, Avocado oil

Zodiac birthstones of Virgo

Virgo zodiac birthstones infographic
Virgo lithotherapy:
chakra balancing with precious and semi-precious stones

What essential oils are good for Virgo?

Virgo zodiac oils infographic
Virgo Aromatherapy:
balancing of the heart chakra with dill and clary sage perfumes and essential oils

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