Snake: Combined horoscope with the 12 zodiac signs

🐍 Combined personality, career and love horoscopes of the 12 solar signs of Western astrology with the Chinese zodiac sign of the Snake, sixth animal of the Chinese calendar
By KarmaWeather - 14 May 2017
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Dual astrology between the Chinese zodiac sign of the Snake and Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces

Aries Snake

People born under the astral combination of the Snake and Aries are extremely attached to their well-being. The combination of the two Chinese and Western astrological signs increases the individualistic dimension of the Snake-Aries, just as it intensifies his drive to become a leader. The Snake-Aries is an intelligent and clairvoyant being, who knows perfectly when to change direction if it’s in his interest. Just as the Snake-Aries reaches the balance between temerity and prudence better than anyone else, one can notice that he’s also highly reluctant to depend on anyone or anything. In the Snake-Aries’ personality, the legendary ardor of Aries is skillfully circumscribed by the sagacity of the Snake, which makes him a sure and determined being. On the other hand, his confidence sometimes leads him to lack tact as he tends too often to say aloud what he thinks, which can lead him into arguments. His mind is rich with ideas, ranging from the most pragmatic to the wildest. It’s by his fertile imagination and through his fantasies that the Snake-Aries forges a parallel life for himself. Going without any half measure from temptation to excesses of all kinds, his mood tends to alternate between moments of excitement and long periods of depression. At work, the clairvoyant realism of the Snake-Aries is very useful to him, especially if he’s to deploy a strategy that shall enable him to quickly climb the ladder of his company. As a general rule, the Snake-Aries also tends to impose his wishes on others, and he remains very resentful towards his enemies. In love, he isn’t one to forget easily nor to forgive those who may have betrayed him even once.

Taurus Snake

The Snake-Taurus is an intelligent being who knows how to be respected and how to enforce his decisions firmly. His enigmatic side gives him a lot of charm. His motto in life: luxury, calm and voluptuousness. Equipped with the strategic mind of the Snake and the patience of Taurus, the Snake-Taurus is determined and always ready to devote much of his time and energy to achieve the objectives he previously set himself. The cartesian spirit of the Snake-Taurus pushes him to choose down to earth activities, anchored in a reality that he can control and from which he can direct his life. He isn’t the type to look back to question or regret his decisions. Highly materialistic, the Snake-Taurus doesn’t fancy gambling nor unnecessary expenses. He greatly appreciates art, so that he is often tempted to embark on a career more or less in connection with an artistic field, in order to combine usefulness with pleasure. Opportunistic, the Snake-Taurus collects influential friends and relationships. However, he doesn’t appreciate if anyone tries to get their nose in his business, even less when friends are concerned. In love, he is tender, attentive and sensual, just as he’s exclusive and possessive with his partner. If he’s dissatisfied in his relationship, the Snake-Taurus begins by launching small verbal attacks as a warning, preferably in public. If he fails or if he feels misunderstood, he can indulge himself into an unreasonable consumption of alcohol or into a chocolate overdose.

Gemini Snake

He is the most enigmatic of Gemini and the most malleable of the Snakes. The person who’s born with this combination, extremely clairvoyant by nature, is endowed with a remarkable capacity for analysis. The Snake-Gemini is particularly attractive to people who are actively seeking love and sensuality. The Snake-Gemini also has an extraordinary talent to convince his interlocutors, so that he can excel in businesses that require a taste for trade and the gift of negotiation. If the Snake-Gemini seeks to avoid at all costs the monotony of a blank and repetitive lifestyle, solitude isn’t his cup of tea either. Very at ease in society, it’s in the company of others that he’s able to stimulate his daily life and to become aware of his aspirations. However, it should be recognized that the Snake-Gemini has an unstable, even inconstant temperament. While he can demonstrate rigidity and use his cold intelligence in situations that don’t concern him directly, he can also let himself be overwhelmed by insurmountable anguish in the face of any event that threatens his material well-being. In love, the Snake-Gemini has a taste for risk and conquest. Once he’s in love, he also has a lot to offer his partner, as long as he feels free of his movements. On the other hand, before attaching him for good to family life, it's wise to give a Snake-Gemini the feeling that he retains a total autonomy in the management of his daily life.

Cancer Snake

The Snake-Cancer is an intelligent, sociable and emotional being. Above all, he likes to dream, imagine and conceive projects as ingenious as they are fantastic. Naturally distrustful, the Snake-Cancer has as much difficulty to bear fixed schedules as to stand people asking too many questions. He also has the gift to make an instinctive and clairvoyant judgment on anyone or any given situation. In addition, the cult of secrecy, which is one of the common characteristics of the signs of the Snake and Cancer, largely explains the enigmatic and mysterious personality of the Snake-Cancer. In his professional life, even if he isn’t a workaholic, the Snake-Cancer often manages to obtain what he desires, thanks to his infallible flair, which allows him to always turn the right occasions at his advantage. The Snake-Cancer, while being gifted with an undeniable charm, can also be considered as primarily self-centered. Even in situations that don’t concern him directly, he always finds the means to bring everything back to him. Moreover, he tends to get upset very easily, especially when he is upset or hurt in his self-esteem. The Snake-Cancer can’t stand solitude, so that to avoid isolation, he’ll always look for company, even if it’s for a futile reason. Eager for love and attention, the Snake-Cancer is very attached to his home and to traditional family values, while remaining a strong partisan of the least effort.

Leo Snake

Spectacular, overflowing with energy, sparkling, the Snake-Leo needs the admiration and support of his loved ones to realize his full potential. The magnetism he exudes is breathtaking. Inside a group of people, the Snake-Leo often finds himself propelled at the center of interest. This usually allows him to impose his will more easily, without needing to resort to discretion and diplomacy. Due to his favored social position, he often takes himself for the navel of the world, and his enemies often criticize him for his excessive pride. He may have sudden and transitory cravings, only resting on the fancy of his mood. Refined, intelligent and subtle, the Snake-Leo is also extremely sensible, for he can’t bear to become the subject of mockery, no matter how futile it may be. Moreover, the Snake-Leo finds it hard to question himself and admit that he can actually make mistakes at all. At work, the Snake-Leo is more likely to receive encouragement than to give any. He’s very ambitious professionally, and his anger can be terrible if someone dares to get in the way of his plans. He won’t allow himself to find sleep until he finds a solution to this blockage. The Snake-Leo is also very attached to his family and friends, and his love is boundless to those he loves, provided that the reciprocity of his love is clearly felt and expressed.

Virgo Snake

With his wit and sharp mind, the Snake-Virgo is master of the art of implementing complex strategies that enable him to achieve his goals smoothly. He's a brainer, who delights in seeking solutions to the complex subjects of contemporary society. Admirably organized and profoundly studious, the Snake-Virgo is also a mysterious and analytical being. His alert mind drives him to invest much of his time and energy in scrutinizing, analyzing, thinking and describing all aspects of his existence. However, his constantly awakened mind can also make him suffer, for he shall in return never remain indifferent to the events he witnesses, which has the effect of making him anxious and worried by nature. The doubt that can sometimes dwell on him doesn’t harm at all his persuasive power and perspicacity, quite the contrary. The Snake-Virgo is also intensely attached to his work, especially since he never loses sight of his objectives. When it comes to his own interests, the Snake-Virgo deploys an inexhaustible energy, which often creates admiration (or jealousy). Finally, it can be noted that the Snake-Virgo perfectly controls his emotions. Indeed, even if he tends to regret it later when he gets older, the Snake-Virgo always favors his logic before his heart, in order to save appearances, even if in return it hurts the feelings of the people he loves.

Libra Snake

The Snake-Libra is a serene, charming and highly magnetic individual. Intelligent and sensitive, the Snake-Libra is a being of principle. He doesn’t admit that one can transgress the moral virtues which are paramount to him. During his youth, the Snake-Libra appreciates his comfort, and he often lets time flow by without making the necessary effort to persevere in a field of study. Indeed, one of his biggest defects is to content himself with the surface of things without seeking to deepen his knowledge more than he deems necessary. With his friends and family, the Snake-Libra is a nice and refined individual. He knows how to seduce and always surrounds himself with many loyal friends. However, the good vibes that he can feel from the benevolent presence of his relatives can also become a handicap: all too often, the Snake-Libra has difficulty making personal decisions without consulting his entourage. As a result, the Snake-Libra abandons many ideas and projects he might have conceived, before having even laid the foundation stone. Nevertheless, the Snake-Libra has the rare quality of knowing how to draw the lessons of his experiences to advance in the life. Like any Snake who needs maturity to evolve, he understands with age what are the keys to his personal success. Thus, as he grows older, the Snake-Libra becomes more open and loses his tendency to systematically get rid of any person who might possibly have wanted to undermine his projects. Very complicated in love, the Snake-Libra often sets the bar very high, so that he spends the first part of his life as a bachelor, or if he’s in couple, he has a continuous feeling of dissatisfaction concerning his relationship.

Scorpio Snake

The Snake-Scorpio is courteous, elegant, and deeply passionate. Prudent, even suspicious by nature, he may sometimes lack tolerance and show excessive rigidity. The Snake-Scorpio generally hides his true feelings behind a cold hardened mask, when in reality he’s a deep and sentimental being. He may at times become paranoid, turning into an excessively demanding and downright procedural person. The Snake-Scorpio usually prefers to maintain his tendency to refuse to admit anything, without even taking the time to go through a critical and thorough examination of the subject being under discussion. Even in seemingly innocuous situations, the questions the Snake-Scorpio asks his interlocutors are never innocent. He secretly examines and reviews all that surrounds him. Each answer is carefully scrutinized by his built-in lie detector before ending inside the boxes of his memory, and which, when juxtaposed to the other pieces of his personal puzzle, allows him to see the truth in large format and without retouch. The elusive Snake-Scorpio also has a sense of innate justice. That’s why he can become an excellent policeman, investigator or private detective. Yet the enigmatic and strategic nature of the Snake, combined with the ambitious and dominating force of Scorpio, incites him to an excessive attachment to his own person and to the almost exclusive search for his pleasure and personal interests. Possessive in love, his emotions always intense, the Snake-Scorpio can be obsessionally fixed on an idea. His passion is so great that if he’s really in love, he’s capable of the best as well as the worst. However, even if he momentarily suffers, he’s perfectly able to manage his multiple existential anxieties. Moreover, he reacts with anger only if he’s provoked. A great parent, he longs to have a large family in order to fully flourish.

Sagittarius Snake

The Snake-Sagittarius is an enigmatic and stimulating being, in particular thanks to the seductive power of the Snake, combined with the flamboyant character of Sagittarius. The Snake-Sagittarius is also the fruit of the fusion of the patience and strategic mind of the Snake, combined with the idealism and the impetuosity of Sagittarius. Very ambitious in his work, his professional success is an essential part of what he considers a fulfilled life. The Snake-Sagittarius is not only allergic and intolerant to the injustice and inequalities of the world, but he’s also very concerned about issues related to the equal spread of knowledge, education and wealth. In reality, knowing that he’s nevertheless very self-centered, if the Snake-Sagittarius is altruistic and charitable, it’s not by altruism, but rather and above all to appear fabulous to everyone. Moreover, the Snake-Sagittarius has well enough difficulty expressing his true feelings. For deep within himself, he's a proud conservative and a fierce defender of the social order and traditional values. However, the Snake-Sagittarius will always try to hide his true beliefs with a colored and superficial facade. In love, the Snake-Sagittarius, passionate but also authoritarian, remains very demanding with the people he loves. He tends to give lessons in morals and behavior, even if it means for him to neglect reality and to be lulled by illusions. In short, the Snake-Sagittarius, for whom personal well-being is paramount, and over and above his public attachment to freedom and equity are most sacred, always knows when and where to lay his feet in order to achieve the success he longing for.

Capricorn Snake

The Snake-Capricorn observes and appreciates reality with accuracy and without artifices. A great strategist, he succeeds with ease in implementing his plans in order to achieve his ends. Actually, the Snake-Capricorn is the strongest of the Snake, but also the coldest of Capricorns. Very deep, the Snake-Capricorn is able to test the intellectual capacities of his fellows by approaching very complex subjects at a time when one is the least prepared. If the Snake-Capricorn isn’t the most sentimental of his fellows, he actually only loves money for the power it brings, and he fundamentally stays true to his words and to his principles. He also hates pettiness. In his moments of anger he can display an indifference as much cold as it is imperturbable. Yet, even if most of the time he keeps it to himself , the Snake-Capricorn can let one have a glimpse of his rich inner world. Fundamentally realistic, his will to undertake new projects is constantly renewed. Excellent counselor for those who know how to listen to him, he analyzes and finds the faults and qualities of others without ever being noticed. In love, the Snake-Capricorn holds as much importance to his partner as a person as to his / her appearance. He’s also often tempted to put his partner to the test by making his partner jealous in order to measure his / her degree of attachment.

Aquarius Snake

Intelligent but suspicious, the Snake-Aquarius dreams of his future expenses instead of building his present. Versatile, almost childish at times, the Snake-Aquarius can literally change his behavior from one second to the next. The Snake-Aquarius loves gambling, entertainment, money and carnal pleasure. He’s a great seducer who, like all Snakes, always ends up getting what he covets, even if the resulting pleasure is short lived. Sensible, the Snake-Aquarius almost always ends up wanting to take revenge for the slightest vexations he undergoes. With age, he learns tolerance and finally accepts the faults of others, not because he would have changed his mindset at last, but rather to better forgive his own defects. The interests of the Snake-Aquarius are multiple, which doesn’t help him find stability and serenity. Persistent and endowed with a flawless memory, he won’t hesitate to reproach one his / her weaknesses directly, without putting on any gloves. Professionally, the Snake-Aquarius can be an excellent critic. He can also excel in finance, media and entertainment. It’s good to know that the Snake-Aquarius never forgets the wrongs one may have suffered one day. Despite the generally beneficial effects of time in erasing painful memories, the Snake-Aquarius can’t forget past betrayals. His hatred and resentment remain perennial and can gnaw at him for many years, creating a psychic obstacle to the fulfillment of his aspirations. On a sentimental level, when he’s in love, the Snake-Aquarius can sometimes become possessive and territorial, not allowing his / her partner any space to breathe without his formal agreement.

Pisces Snake

The Snake-Pisces, serene and versatile, is the most generous of all Snakes and the most ambitious of Pisces. Very attached to his friends, he’s appreciated for his sweet and conciliatory company. Very intuitive and pleasantly affective, the Snake-Pisces always turns out to be well considered in society. The two combined astrological signs of Snake and Pisces give this mysterious being a subtle strength, mixed with a bewitching grace. In addition, his feelings are remarkably deep and dense. Although his sense of organization is highly appreciated, the Snake-Pisces can be slow or dilettante, as he’s often absorbed by all kinds of daydreams. Always refined and often fanciful, the Snake-Pisces can lose precious time before taking action. He’s indeed profoundly curious and enamored of travel and discoveries of all kinds, whether real or fictitious. Even if he’s often blamed for being lazy, his wise and pertinent remarks are always taken into consideration. In his love life, the Pisces-Snake behaves faithfully and attentively with his partner, even if he doesn’t necessarily show it in his everyday gestures. Filled with disgust by the prospect of living the monotonous flavor of routine, the Snake-Pisces will prefer to take refuge in an imaginary parallel life rather than undergo what he considers a boring life.

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