Dragon: Combined horoscope with the 12 zodiac signs

🐲 Combined personality, career and love horoscopes of the 12 solar signs of Western astrology with the Chinese zodiac sign of the Dragon, fifth animal of the Chinese calendar
By KarmaWeather - 2 April 2017
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Dual astrology between the Chinese zodiac sign of the Dragon and Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces

Aries Dragon

The Dragon-Aries knows perfectly well where he's going, to the point of blindly trusting his own decisions, without necessarily measuring all its consequences. The Dragon-Aries also has great difficulty in enduring situations where he's forced to wait. He usually says what he thinks without trying to hide his true feelings, which in return quite often manages to discomfit his interlocutors. Even if he could be blamed for his lack of tact, the Dragon-Aries remains deeply loyal to the people he considers. Impulsive and determined, the Dragon-Aries loves to rush into action, having absolutely no fear for the obstacles or dangers that may arise. The Dragon-Aries has a subtle elegance and refinement, characteristic of his zodiacal combination. He always tries to see the good side of things, and pessimism in others tends to irritate him more than anything else. In love, while he lavishes his warm affection and tenderness, the Dragon-Aries waits in return for a total dedication of his / her partner. In case of opposition, unfulfilled promises, or if he's denied the benefit of his / her achievements, his anger can be destructive. Good luck tends to smile at the Dragon-Aries several times in his life, while his fierce imprudence and his casualness can on the contrary push him to commit irreversible errors, especially if he can't set limits to his propensity to act as if he were at the center of everything.

Taurus Dragon

The individual combining the zodiacal signs of the Dragon and Taurus loves to take full advantage of the good things that life can offer him, despite a character that isn't always very accommodating with his loved ones. Indeed, the stubbornness of the Dragon-Taurus has the gift of exasperating his entourage. But he's also able to dazzle and impress, especially through his perseverance and the flawless involvement he puts into his work. The Dragon-Taurus is capable of achieving lasting success even starting from nothing, provided he has the will. Calm, of solid constitution, the Dragon-Taurus greatly appreciates all type of artistic refinement, being himself a creative person. The Dragon-Taurus is particularly gifted for all crafts that require creative know-how. While he knows how to organize his time efficiently, he does't accept criticism lightly, let alone when someone dares challenging the quality of his work. The Dragon-Taurus is frank and direct, as much with his family and his friends, as with his colleagues. He never hesitates to verbalize openly his deepest thought, even if it crumples his interlocutor in result. In love, jealous and possessive, the Dragon-Taurus will always demand accountability from his / her partner, for anything and everything.

Gemini Dragon

Bubbling with energy and vitality, the Dragon-Gemini is an agile and pragmatic being. Fast, efficient, always on the lookout for new products, the Dragon-Gemini likes to shine in society, like any Dragon and Gemini who respect themselves. Professionally, the Dragon-Gemini's interests are multiple, so that it has difficulty to focus on one project at a time. By dint of wanting to go very fast, details can also escape his vision. As a result, as intelligent and brilliant as he may be, while he's often the initiator of a project, the Dragon-Gemini rarely is a finisher. Whether the Dragon-Gemini struggles to get his projects to a successful conclusion lies more in the fact that an idea, as much as a relationship, can quickly annoy him, rather than a possible physical or psychological constraint. The diplomatic talent for of Gemini, combined with the determination of the Dragon, also allows the person born with this zodiacal combination to develop an important and faithful network of people throughout his life, who shall become very useful to his personal development, sentimental blossoming and business success.

Cancer Dragon

The person born with this combination has a funny, gentle, dreamy, and impressionable nature. The solar sign of Cancer turns the Dragon into a more introverted being, without removing his essential characteristics: a strong ambition and a never fulfilled thirst for conquests. At work, the Dragon-Cancer is eloquent and persuasive, even though if he mostly needs an audience to feel alive, while he's foremost in love with himself and of his own qualities. The Dragon-Cancer can not bear to be contradicted, nor accept to take any responsibility against his will. Original and creative, he often gives the impression of being a quiet and traditional person, when in reality his dreams push him to eccentricity. The specificities of the Dragon's personality, if they contribute to turn the Dragon-Cancer into a more superficial being, also bring him more determination and less shyness. In his life, the Dragon-Cancer's projects sometimes go forward with a slowness that can be the source of deep personal frustration. However, his dissatisfaction for adversity doesn't mask his flair for spotting places and people whose presence can help him advance his ambitions. Always respectful of the established order, the Dragon-Cancer has this ability to know where to drop his suitcases and how to be in the right place at the right time. However, he also tends to blindly place his trust in one person he admires, to the point of neglecting others. The influence of the sign of the zodiac of Cancer also allow this Dragon to be much more oriented towards his family than his congeners. The Dragon-Cancer has a strong character and tends to mumble and ruminate in his corner, until his incendiary revenge breaks out in the open, at the slightest mishap or perceived conspiracy.

Leo Dragon

The Dragon-Leo has a very special charm. The powerful combination of the zodiac signs of the Dragon and Leo tend to create an extrovert, brilliant, charismatic, magnanimous and sure-footed individual. With him, everything is disproportionate: his ambitions, his will, his generosity or even his anger often have an unusual dimension, because of his two dominant zodiacal signs. The Dragon-Leo, intimately convinced of his superiority, doesn't neglect the caresses of flattery, especially when he's complimented on his tastes or personal appearance. Yet, the Dragon-Leo still has an altruistic side in him, as he loves to help others when he's solicited, without even asking anything in return, except submission and absolute obedience to his power and authority. Always on the alert, sad and unambitious people irritate him as much as the prospect of having to play a subordinate role in business. In addition, he has the unfortunate tendency to try to impose his ideas at all costs, to the point of using force if need be. The Dragon-Leo also demands to have priority over almost everything and everyone surrounding him. He expresses his emotions without restraint, so that he's often suspected of playing comedy or lacking in depth. Luck is often on his side, provided he knows how to grasp it and take advantage of it when it manifests itself. Because unfortunately, his friendly, frank and playful personality leaves him open to jealousy and betrayals. Hyperactive, but lucid enough to know where he sets foot, the radiant Dragon-Leo is capable of great professional exploits, if he succeeds in camouflaging his oversized ego, at least from time to time.

Virgo Dragon

People born under the astral combination of the Dragon and Virgo have a healthy ambition, with their feet well anchored to the ground, as much as they have an analytical mind. Methodical, persevering and precise in all that he undertakes, the Dragon-Virgo has an insatiable thirst for knowledge. Also, like any self-respecting Dragon, he needs to shine and impress. But concerning the Dragon-Virgo, it's rather his perennial intelligence than his fashion extravagances that enable him to be at the center of attention. The Dragon-Virgo is a perfectionist who has absolute confidence in his own reasoning, which makes him almost irreducible. He can not stand being wrong, just as he isn't the kind to keep his tongue in his pocket. The Dragon-Virgo is likely to defend his beliefs at all costs, and no longer respect the rules of courtliness in the event of strong intellectual opposition. Moreover, in addition to having an interventionist character, very useful in case of crisis, the Dragon-Virgo is a valuable advisor, thanks to his fine and analytical reading of events. Therefore, and for his own happiness, the Dragon-Virgo is one of those who are able to realize his projects, no matter what obstacles he encounters on his road to success. Emotionally, behind the rigid mask of the intellectual, the Dragon, combined with the solar sign of Virgo, has profound feelings that he's ready to share with his loved ones, even if he finds it difficult to express his emotions. However, this is valid only if the Dragon-Virgo is the one who leads the debate of ideas within his home.

Libra Dragon

The Dragon-Libra is the most artist of all Dragons and the most ambitious of the people born under the sign of the zodiac of Libra. Benevolent, the Dragon-Libra is of exceptional moral integrity. His skills, delicate manners and unusual tact (for a Dragon) are assets that make him very valuable in business and communication. The Dragon-Libra is an esthete, who appreciates fine perfumes, good wine, haute cuisine and stylish clothes. He often wears jewelry and accessories which are a cross between the original and the eccentric. The person born under the astral combination of the Dragon and Libra is also a charming and sincere being, however, undecided in the face of situations that require a clear opinion. Yet, the Dragon-Libra remains an optimist, whose tendency to always look at the bright side of things allows him to redouble his determination when he embarks on a new project. In case of obstacle or difficulty, the Dragon-Libra doesn't go into frontal war like the other Dragons. Indeed, the energy of Libra makes him rather incline for a more indirect method, such as pretending to abandon the party and wait for the propitious moment in order to go on the offensive and obtain its victory. Emotionally, even if he's still greatly attached to his family, the Dragon-Libra may actually be quite unconcerned by love, so that he shall often let himself be seduced, just to experience the intensity of the moment, and carnal pleasure. On the other hand, terribly chilly at the idea of being abandoned, the Dragon-Libra can consider doing anything with anyone when he's alone, if only to have a little company to forget his loneliness, something he fears more than anything else in the world.

Scorpio Dragon

The Dragon-Scorpio is a magnetic, secret and sensual being, with a determined character, and a marked tendency to exaggerate his words and his actions. The overflowing energy of the Dragon-Scorpio gives him an irresistible charm, so that in society, his presence is quickly noticed and appreciated. His remarkable intensity makes it very difficult for anyone to remain neutral or indifferent in his presence. However, everything is either white or black for the Dragon-Scorpio. This Manichean side makes him rigid in his way of seeing the world. Whenever he clings to something, the Dragon-Scorpio doesn't let go easily. At work, and in almost everything that he undertakes, the Dragon-Scorpio always gives priority to his own interests. He can not bear to be contradicted, so that, so that he's capable of deploying incredible energy for totally futile and uninteresting things. One could almost say of the Dragon-Scorpio that he feeds on conflict. The Dragon-Scorpio can shine in lively debates, especially on complex issues that require thorough knowledge and infallible intellectual determination. Be careful, however, not to try to rush him or pretend to take his position of first of the class. For the exaggeration of the ego of the Dragon-Scorpio makes him extremely touchy, and potentially vindictive and devoid of any moderation. Moreover, the Dragon-Scorpio hates above all the subordinate roles, so that if he has no other choice, he will do everything possible to obtain a place of leader, even if using force can be a solution to achieve his ends. In love, the Dragon-Scorpio is extremely dominating. In addition to an inexhaustible love, he demands devotion and absolute submission from his partner.

Sagittarius Dragon

Dragged into action like an arrow that spins at high speed towards its target, the Dragon Sagittarius is the most idealist of the Dragons, and the least patient of people born during the alignment of the sun with the constellation of Sagittarius. Interested in a multitude of subjects, the Dragon-Sagittarius tends to multiply his activities, so that he often forgets his priorities. If his impatient side sometimes confers on him an authoritarian aspect, the Dragon-Sagittarius is in reality a worthy being, carrying strong moral and universal values. His temerity, which often borders on unconsciousness and irrationality, doesn't make him selfish and self-centered, for the Dragon-Sagittarius is far more willing than other Dragons to be interested and devoted to a cause which wouldn't necessarily be his. Even if it's not necessarily noticeable, the Dragon-Sagittarius is also more open, more listening, and even willing to compromise. However, and like all Dragons, he doesn't really like to be contradicted. The power of Sagittarius helping, he's ready at any moment to spit fire on the one who would try to provoke him, or worse, lack respect. On the other hand, his way of expressing himself without ambiguity can sometimes attract enemies, even though his intentions were actually rather good. The Dragon-Sagittarius is ready to try all kinds of adventures, and to put all his time and energy into them, provided he's invited with joy and enthusiasm. However, it can't really be said that he has a long-term vision, and his mind lacks pragmatism. Very faithful in love, the Dragon-Sagittarius sometimes has the unpleasant craze of wanting to decide everything for his / her partner, even if he hasn't the slightest idea of he relevance and impact of his choices.

Capricorn Dragon

The Dragon-Capricorn is the most patient of the Dragons and the most ambitious of the people born during the alignment of the sun with the constellation of Capricorn. His unshakeable confidence in himself leaves him little doubt as to the direction he chooses to take. The Dragon-Capricorn knows how to make resolutions and stick to them. Extremely lucid, he prefers the specific to the uncertainty, and leaves little room for the dream and the fantasy in his decisions. The life goal of the Dragon-Capricorn is to shine through his professional success. He's able to sacrifice his feelings for his loved ones without any remorse, as long as it can help him pursue the advancement of his career or business. The Dragon-Capricorn is able to find in him the strength of an entire army when he decides to undertake a project to which he believes deeply. He is then capable of throwing himself into his work, so that he won't rest until he's overtaken by total exhaustion. The Dragon-Capricorn doesn't appreciate artifices and mediocrity, so that with his friends, he will always seek to detect the true nature of their soul before giving them total confidence. In love, the Dragon-Capricorn can't tolerate deceit, for he's himself faithful by nature. On the other hand, his professional life tends to take precedence over his sentimental life, and his partner may very well feel helpless and misunderstood. On the other hand, the person who can accept this workaholic, who's also faithful in love, can calmly consider that the material security of their home will be assured for the rest of his / her days.

Aquarius Dragon

The Dragon-Aquarius is a flexible being, who knows how to adapt to all kinds of situations. Very enamored of his own person, he's the most sociable of Aquarius. The Dragon-Aquarius also tends to change mood as often as he can change friends. The Dragon-Aquarius is always ready to participate in lively and passionate conversations. Eccentric, he often surprises his entourage by his fantastic imagination, as he speaks with a continuous flow of unusual and unconventional ideas. The Dragon-Aquarius doesn't appreciate the fact that his word could ever be questioned. Because he doesn't doubt of himself, it's impossible for him to understand and accept that others could afford the luxury to ever question him. Like all Dragons, the Dragon-Aquarius knows how to carry out ambitious projects, and how to be attentive to all the operations necessary for their realization. Indeed, when it's in his interest, the Dragon-Aquarius has the talent to express his intentions and create the motivation necessary for a team to help him build a successful project. If he expresses his ideas without taking gloves, his frankness and the clarity of his speech allow him to be direct with others, without necessarily crumpling them in return. Despite his egocentric and imposing character, the Dragon-Aquarius is actually more likely to compromise than his fellow Dragons, on the sole condition that the ideas are presented to him with taste and imagination. He's also an excellent speaker, and can excel in trade and travel related jobs, or in artistic paths that require speaking skills, such as theater, cinema, and of course singing. The Dragon-Aquarius is a great seducer with undeniable charm. In love, he generally feels a need for change and renewal for his own balance. At home, the need to be constantly surprised by his / her partner is very intense, so that the prospect of a monotonous and repetitive sentimental life horrifies him.

Pisces Dragon

The Dragon-Pisces is particularly predisposed to maintain a good relationship with his people. Very ambitious and of a highly creative spirit, the Dragon-Pisces is able to sneak everywhere in order to achieve his objectives. In truth, the Dragon-Pisces is one of those beings who, under a velvet glove, conceal an iron fist. The Dragon-Pisces is a good friend, respectful of the differences of others, which doesn't mean that he's the type of person ready to go to war for a cause that isn't his. Even though he looks seemingly carefree and dreamy, he's extremely lucid and self-willed, so that behind his smiling and slightly folded eyes, he’s actually in permanent observation and analysis of his surroundings. A natural born psychologist and a formidable strategist, the Dragon-Pisces knows which side to choose, where, when and with whom, especially when it comes to preserving his achievements. For him, confrontation is the last option to consider in trying to solve an issue. His professional life can't satisfy him if it can't be sprinkled with a minimum of adventure and strong sensations. Intensely attracted by innovative ideas, the Dragon-Pisces is able to bring originality and dynamism to the projects for which he's committed. He also has this ease to convince initially reluctant interlocutors, and to graciously obtain what he desires. Very close to his family, the Dragon-Pisces is also very faithful in love, as long as no obstacle does impede his freedom of movement.

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