How to balance Chinese zodiac elements in Feng Shui?

⚖️ Balancing of the 5 elements in Feng Shui and in Chinese astrology
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Meaning, role and illustration of the interactions between Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water

Compatibility and role of the 5 elements of Nature in the Chinese horoscope and Feng Shui

In the Chinese tradition, the knowledge of the quantity of the 5 elements of an astral theme is essential. The harmonious distribution of the 5 elements is crucial for all those who aspire to a happy and prosperous life on the essential points of existence: love, luck, money, work and health.

Similarly, it should also be noted that each of the five elements assumes a protective barrier role that serves to counter the energy imbalances that are observed in the Chinese calendar.

In the cycle of transformation of the Chinese elements, just as there exist cycles of creation and filiation (or compatibilities) between the Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water elements, they also have a role of neutralization of the negative energy flows that come from destructive cycles of the elements between them.

Feng Shui cures involve the use of energy harmonization techniques in the home and office. These remedies, just like in Chinese astrology, apply the same fundamentals of understanding relations and interactions between the 5 elements of Chinese cosmology.

Meaning and use of the 5 Chinese elements in Feng Shui

What are the 5 elements in Feng Shui? In the practice of Feng Shui, the 5 elements are Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. They are used in the same way as in Chinese astrology. Activation of home areas defined annually by flying stars is performed by placing objects correlated with each element.

For example, a plant is Wood, an electric lamp is Fire, a ceramic pot is Earth, any gold, silver, copper or bronze decorative object is Metal, an aquarium or a black framed photograph or painting of a sea landscape is Water.

Decorating with the five elements of Feng Shui - In the same way, the interior design of the bedroom or the office can be adapted with the colors also associated with each element: green for Wood, red and orange for Fire, yellow for Earth, white, gray and golden for Metal, blue and black for Water.

Interaction between the 5 Chinese elements: Cycles of creation, filiation and destruction
Neutralization and balancing of the 5 elements of Chinese astrology and Feng Shui:
Interaction between the 5 Chinese elements: Cycles of creation, filiation and destruction
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What does the excess of an element mean in a Chinese astral theme?

The excess of an element in an astral theme has the effect of accentuating the character traits associated with the element in question. For example, the excess of Wood amplifies the creative capacities but can on the contrary nourish paranoid and phobic feelings.

🔥 Meanings and effects of an element in excess

Consequences of the deficiency of an element

The absence of a barrier of protection (lack of an element) against the harmful effects that result from the oppositions between antagonistic elements can expose the one whose astral theme presents an energetic fragility to regrettable mishaps.

The vacuum created by the non-existence of a defense on one of the five fronts generally leads to a greater potential for bad luck and requires, in the best of cases, much more strength and endurance to overcome the difficulties that may arise from this situation.

Thus, the person whose deficiency in an element is indicated in his natal chart is more particularly exposed to the vicissitudes of existence during any time cycle of the Chinese calendar (year, season, month, day, hour) dominated by this same element. As a result, the more the missing element in that person is present in the calendar, the more bad luck can accumulate in his life during this period.   Imagine, for example, a house in an unsafe neighborhood with five entry doors. However, one of these doors is not equipped with any lock. You can easily suspect that the possibility of being robbed is extremely strong and this despite the strength and inviolability of the other 4 doors of the house.

How to balance the 5 Chinese elements?

Importance of balancing the 5 Chinese elements

As we mentioned above, it is essential to have the 5 elements in sufficient quantity and balanced in one's astral chart. Indeed, the Chinese tradition considers that the harmony of the 5 elements of Wu Xing promotes luck and good fortune.

The balance of the 5 elements also facilitates the anticipation of difficulties, which makes it possible to prevent them, but also to draw the lessons when they could not be avoided.

How to choose a suitable date for an event?

In Chinese astrology, before choosing a date for an important event, in addition to monitoring the 28 lunar mansions, it is always best to avoid decisive action during a day of which an element is indicated in deficiency, even if the lunar mansion is conducive to the type of action desired.

However, if you can not change the date, there are fortunately different correction techniques whose purpose is to overcome this phenomenon (read below "How to neutralize the destructive interactions of Chinese elements?").

How to balance the astral theme of a baby by choosing the first name

When it comes to a birth, a name or a middle name whose etymology corresponds to the element in deficiency can be given to the newborn in order to re-harmonize the balance of the 5 elements and thus favor his / her destiny.

Balancing techniques of Chinese elements

Among the possible rebalancing procedures we can note:

  • The consumption of specific foods
  • The practice of adequate physical exercises
  • Aromatherapy
  • Lithotherapy

However, for activities of daily living, the most frequently used method is the wearing of a garment or accessory (bracelet, necklace) representing the lack of energy in question, symbolized by the color of the missing element.

How to neutralize the destructive interactions of Chinese elements?

Below you will find the list of the 5 types of destructive duels, the role of each of the 5 elements as an appropriate remedy and the compensation methods for each type of deficiency.

Water ➔ Fire opposition

🌳 Wood (Wood weakens Water and strengthens Fire)

The negative flow created by the opposition between Water and Fire reinforces jealousy and lust, fuels rivalry and mistrust. This confrontation is neutralized by the Wood element. Wood infuses tolerance, emulation and self-confidence.

In case of Wood element deficiency, it is essential to bring the energy remedy associated with the Wood element:

  • Clothing: green
  • Stone color: green
  • Flavor: tangy
  • Food: wheat, kiwi, salad, Chinese cabbage, broccoli, beans, olive oil, avocado, pistachios, coriander
  • Fragrance: sandalwood, rosemary, mint, eucalyptus
  • Sport: archery, table tennis
  • Meditation, leisure: reading, drawing
  • Anatomy: eyes, tendons, liver, gall bladder
  • Emotion, expression: exaltation, shouting
  • Sense: sight


Wood ➔ Earth opposition

🔥 Fire (Fire weakens Wood and strengthens Earth)

The negative flow created by the clash between Wood and Earth is characterized by a slowdown in business, poor organization and a sense of paralysis. This confrontation is neutralized by the Fire element. Fire brings pragmatism, agility and willingness to act.

In case of Fire element deficiency, it is essential to bring the energy remedy associated with the Fire element:

  • Clothing: red, pink, orange
  • Stone color: red, pink, orange
  • Flavor: bitter
  • Food: tomatoes, red peppers, watermelon, strawberries, peach, cherries, raspberries, red beets, peanuts
  • Fragrance: rose, orange, rosewood, cypress
  • Sport: athletics, martial arts
  • Meditation, leisure: poetry aloud, theater, music
  • Anatomy: tongue, blood vessels, heart, small intestine
  • Emotion, expression: joy, laughter
  • Sense: speech


Fire ➔ Metal opposition

🗿 Earth (Earth weakens Fire and strengthens Metal)

The negative flow created by the conflict between Fire and Metal leads to an increase in disputes and violent actions. A contribution of the Earth element is essential to restore calm. Earth helps to fight against abusive authority, to calm and resolve tensions.

In case of Earth element deficiency, it is essential to bring the energy remedy associated with the Earth element:

  • Clothing: yellow, yellow ocher
  • Stone color: yellow, yellow ocher
  • Flavor: sweet
  • Food: rye, corn, banana, lemon, apricot, pineapple, honey, sunflower oil, potato, cashew
  • Fragrance: cinnamon, myrrh, mimosa
  • Sport: hiking, climbing
  • Meditation, leisure: philosophy, cooking
  • Anatomy: mouth, spleen, stomach, musculature
  • Emotion, expression: introspection, singing
  • Sense: taste


Earth ➔ Water opposition

🛠 Metal (Metal weakens Earth and strengthens Water)

The negative flow created by the meeting of Earth and Water elements encourages submission to transient impulses and misunderstanding between people. This confrontation can also cause a sense of isolation. The presence of the Metal element brings discipline, persuasiveness and pragmatic intelligence.

In case of Metal element deficiency, it is essential to bring the energy remedy associated with the Metal element:

  • Clothing: white, gray
  • Stone color: white, gold, gray
  • Flavor: spicy
  • Food: rice, soy, onion, turnip, white radish, lychee, cauliflower, white mushrooms, coconut, dragon fruit, pine nut
  • Fragrance: chamomile, jasmine, lilac
  • Sport: fencing, cycling, golf
  • Meditation, leisure: fitness, yoga, chess
  • Anatomy: nose, skin, hair, lungs, large intestine
  • Emotion, expression: melancholy, crying
  • Sense: smell


Metal ➔ Wood opposition

💧 Water (Water weakens Metal and strengthens Wood)

The negative flow created by the confrontation between the elements Metal and Wood generates a feeling of frustration and a lack of strategic vision. This confrontation also favors sentimental breakups. The presence of the Water element brings the will and the strength to set goals and pursue them with perseverance, as well as advanced analytical and communication skills.

In case of Water element deficiency, it is essential to bring the energy remedy associated with the Water element:

  • Clothing: blue, black
  • Stone color: blue, black
  • Flavor: salty
  • Food: plums, prunes, blackberries, blackcurrant, eggplant, dates, coffee, raisins, pepper, poppy seeds, nigella seeds, figs
  • Fragrance: juniper, pine, lavender, ylang-ylang
  • Sport: swimming, water sports, scuba diving, angling
  • Meditation, leisure: writing
  • Anatomy: ears, bones, kidneys, bladder
  • Emotion, expression: fear, sighs
  • Sense: hearing

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