Feng Shui protection tips for the home in 2024

🏠 Essentials rules to apply at home to enjoy the benefits of an optimal and re-energizing Feng Shui in 2024
By KarmaWeather - 27 January 2024
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Best Feng Shui tips and guidelines to ensure that the energy flows of the house are the most beneficial possible

After a basic Feng Shui principles review, we list Feng Shui best practices regarding the bedroom and the bed. Finally, you can discover the 2024 color decoration tips of KarmaWeather, according to the specific energies of the 2024 Chinese lunar year, the Year of the Wood Dragon.

However, if you wish to apply specific Feng Shui colors to the decoration of your home and its different rooms, we recommend you check out the 2024 Flying Stars, in parallel with the 5 elements' harmonization guide.

Feng Shui home tips

A few simple Feng Shui rules to respect in order to attract and create harmony at home and at work:

  • Choose plants with rounded leaves. Avoid cacti and all thorny plants,
  • Be sure to maintain perfect hygiene in your home,
  • Air your rooms as often as possible,
  • A colorful and always kept clean aquarium with fish in the living room (never keep an aquarium in the kitchen nor bedroom),
  • Always close the toilets lid after use,
  • Let natural light enter your house,
  • Do not install any furniture, sofa or armchair with their backs facing the doors of rooms in your home,
  • Avoid pointed objects (drawings, sculptures, plants...),
  • No corner of furniture should be directed towards your bed, The angles of furniture and desks should ideally have rounded edges.

Choosing the best location for each room

Feng Shui attribution of the areas of the house

The Kua year's magic square can be used to determine the ideal positions of each room of a house according to the Kua of the year of construction of the place, but also to determine, in relation with it, the adjustments to to do with the Kua of birth of the head of the family. Indeed, the Kua number of the house takes precedence over the Kua of birth of the head of the family.

For example, if your building was built in 1967, the Kua of your apartment is number 6. You are a man born in 1972, so your birth Kua number is 1. Your wish is to prepare your home for the Feng Shui year 2024, that is to say the Kua year number 3, which starts on February 4, 2024.

When you move in, start by taking into consideration the specifics of the Kua magic square number 6 (year 1967) to determine the allocation of rooms in your apartment. Then, see what adjustments to make in each room so that any oppositions with your birth Kua are neutralized. Finally, adjust the objects, furniture and decoration of your home according to the positions of the flying stars of the Kua year 2024.

So, if we were to apply a graduation of priorities to creating good Feng Shui of a home:

  • Kua of the house: allocation of the rooms,
  • Kua of the head of the family: main outlines of the decoration (colors, type of furniture),
  • Kua of the current year: repositioning of the furniture, insulation of certain zones, reinforcement, activation or energy neutralization thanks to Feng Shui objects.

Below you will find a representation of the 9 magic squares of the flying stars each representing one of the Kua years, the central number of the star occupying the center of each square being always the same as the Kua year.

Then, thanks to the following table, you will be able to see which attribution to choose for the rooms of your house (if you move in) or how to adapt them.

In order to take advantage of this information, don't forget to check the Kua number of the year of construction of your home and that of your year of birth to see which squares to refer to:

☯ Kua number calculator

Annual positions of the flying stars in relation to the Lo Shu Square

Lucky (1, 4, 6, 8) and unlucky (2, 3, 5, 7) yearly flying Stars positions

The Lo Shu Square and the lucky and unlucky yearly flying Stars positions
  3 8 1   8 4 6   1 6 8  
  2 4 6   7 9 2   9 2 4  
  7 9 5   3 5 1   5 7 3  
  Kua Year 4   Kua Year 9   Kua Year 2  
  2 7 9   4 9 2   6 2 4  
EAST 1 3 5   3 5 7   5 7 9 WEST
  6 8 4   8 1 6   1 3 8  
  Kua Year 3   Lo Shu Square   Kua Year 7  
  7 3 5   9 5 7   5 1 3  
  6 8 1   8 1 3   4 6 8  
  2 4 9   4 6 2   9 2 7  
  Kua Year 8   Kua Year 1   Kua Year 6  

Best location for each room of a home

Table captions
Feng Shui locations according to the flying star's position inside the magic square
Star name Quality Ideal location
1 Good luck Fortune, fame, good health Living room, main entrance, fitness room
2 Disease 🤕 Avoid if possible, or use as storeroom
3 Quarrelsome 🥊 Avoid if possible, or use as storeroom
4 Love, studies Romance, wisdom, knowledge Master bedroom, study room, bedroom
5 Bad luck 👎 Avoid if possible, or use as storeroom
6 Celestial Leadership, dignity Office, study room, living room
7 Violence 💥 Avoid if possible, or use as storeroom
8 Prosperity Wealth, recognition Office, study room, main entrance, living room
9 Multiplicative Money, success, creativity, fertility Kitchen, dining room

How to place your bed for good Feng Shui

6 easy steps to improve your sleep

Feng Shui principles regarding the best positions of the bed and the ones to avoid:

  1. Orientation of the bed's head in Feng Shui: Your marital / single bed should always be placed with its head facing North. To check the current direction of your bed and change its position if necessary, simply use the compass built into your smartphone,
  2. The head of the bed must be positioned against a wall,
  3. The head of the bed must not be positioned under a window or under the air conditioning,
  4. The head of the bed should not be facing the bedroom door,
  5. No wall light or beam should be oriented directly from above the bed,
  6. The bed should not be placed against or facing the wall adjacent to the bathroom, the kitchen or the toilet.

Feng Shui lucky colors of 2024

Useful tips for the decoration of your office and your apartment (bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom and entrance door) in 2024:

The following Feng Shui lucky colors are to be considered for interior decoration of your house (living-room, bedroom, kitchen, front door) and to earn more money in 2024 and make your business more successful (decoration of your office, of your meeting room, design of the logo of your company). The luckiest strengthening colors in 2024 are those related to the Earth and Wood elements, represented by the colors Spring green and Imperial yellow, while the luckiest balancing colors are related to the Fire and Metal elements, corresponding to red and white.

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