Feng Shui 2026: Forecast, Lucky directions

2026 Horoscope, complete and 100% accurate, of the 2026 Feng Shui year, the Kua number 1's year
By KarmaWeather - 14 March 2019
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Feng Shui predictions of the year 2026, lucky (and unlucky) positions and locations for the BaGua year 1, in relation with the flying stars of 2026

With its unique, detailed illustrated table, our Feng Shui tips for 2026 are packed with useful information from which you should be able to apply a good Feng Shui to your home, garden or office.

What is the date of Feng Shui New Year 2026?

The Feng Shui New Year begins on February 4, 2026 and ends on February 3, 2027 inclusive.

Feng Shui Horoscope 2026

Element of the year of the Kua house 1: Yang Water
Existential aspiration in 2026: A weighted professional project

Yi Jing predictions for 2026, the year of the Kua number 1

The Feng Shui Year 2026, associated with the Yang Water element and Winter, announces the need for a retreat on oneself to allow the structuring and the setting up of prosperous future prospects. The year Kua 1 is a key period to feed the reflection which will then serve as a base for the new cycle of 8 years that starts. Like nature, which periodically sets back to better return, it is essential, especially during the year 2026, to remain in harmony with these energy currents of rebirth.

Career and money horoscope of the Feng Shui Year 2026

At work, it is advisable to avoid investing one's time and resources for projects that have no apparent purpose. In 2026, it is better to adapt to circumstances rather than trying to go into force. In addition, the fact of carrying out several important projects at a time may jeopardize all the actions taken in case of missteps. In addition, the psychological pressure resulting from the persistence of wanting to be on all fronts at all costs may be at the source of increased risks, not only financially but personally. Fatigue and lack of sleep, stress and irritability, are among the symptoms to watch out for ready for yourself and those close to you.

Thus, during the year Kua 1 of 2026, the wisest course to adopt is to enjoy moments of relaxation and rest while devoting themselves to introspective mediation. Nourishing one's soul by actions with a strong spiritual dimension also makes it possible to strengthen the psychological defenses in case of misadventure. On the social ground, the moment is not opportune to assert ideas which are strongly likely not to be understood. Worse, a risk of misinterpretation is more than likely during a period governed by the Kua house 1. On the material side, the element Water, because it tires the Metal, also indicates a weakening of the financial resources.

Love horoscope of the Feng Shui Year 2026

In love, couples may be subject to unforeseen financial difficulties. Also, any savings made early in the year Kua 1 must be carefully preserved throughout the year to prevent a possible bad blow of fate, rather than to be used for everyday expenses. In addition, romantic relationships can suffer from a tendency to want to relive in vain a bygone past. In addition to the ambient nostalgia, we must avoid believing that money and material comfort can solve all the common problems of the couple. It is only by taking full advantage of the present moment that it is possible to flee the pretense and to blossom fully during the Kua year 1 of 2026.

Health and dietetics horoscope of the Feng Shui Year 2026

Precautions to take during the passage of the year 2026 in the house Kua 1: In 2026, it's time for moderation! Limit your consumption of sugar and dishes in gravy, not to mention alcohol, which you could even eliminate without regretting your habits. Prefer freshly squeezed fruit juices to those sold in stores or processed mechanically. Be reasonable during the meal by avoiding to serve you a second time. Avoid excessive consumption of ice or cold food, such as cold cuts. Be extra vigilant when practicing water activities and keep your children safe when you spend leisure time at the water's edge. Beware of temperature changes so you do not get sick, especially during the fall and spring. The most common illnesses of the year Kua 1 are the risk of diabetes, depression and ganglionic inflammation.

It is advisable to people born during a Kua year 9 to redouble vigilance during the Kua year 1 of 2026 and scrupulously respect the principles of Feng Shui advised during this period.

➔ Personality horoscope of Kua number 1

Kua year 1 (2026) and Lo Shu magic square

According to the rules of Yi Jing (I Ching, 易經), every Feng Shui New Year, ie every 4th of February, the 9 flying stars change sector within the standard Lo Shu square. As a result, the central number of the magic square of the 9 flying stars in 2026 is, like that of the Kua year, the number 1.

➔ Kua number and Lo Shu square: how it works

BaGua square of 2026 and standard Lo Shu square

The numbers in the magic square of the Kua year 1 correspond to the numbers assigned to each of the 9 flying stars in 2026 (left diagram below), while the numbers of the standard Lo Shu square, always fixed, are those of each sector of the house (right diagram below). For their part, the flying stars are mobile and change sector every Feng Shui New Year, taking a new position inside of the Lo Shu magic square.

Kua Year 1 square and Lo Shu magic square, by KarmaWeather
  Kua Year 1 (2026)   Lo Shu Square  
  SE   S   SW   SE   S   SW  
    9 5 7       4 9 2    
  E 8 1 3 W   E 3 5 7 W  
    4 6 2       8 1 6    
  NE   N   NW   NE   N   NW  

Blue: Lucky flying star
Red: Unlucky flying star


Lucky directions 2026 - Feng Shui tips

How to activate or neutralize each sector of my home in 2026?

We suggest you discover below a reading grid of the BaGua year 1, by linking each sector of the standard Lo Shu square with each of the 9 flying stars, according to the positions that the latters occupy during the Feng Shui year 2026. In addition to the main characteristics associated with each sector and each flying star, you will find the resulting adapted 2026 Feng Shui tips, to activate and reinforce, or on the contrary neutralize, each zone of your house.

Kua number 1 information sheet, by KarmaWeather

Feng Shui tips 2026

Kua Year 1  
Standard Lo Shu sectors
Sector's element 🗿 🔥 🗿 🛠 🛠 💧 🗿 🌳 🌳
Lo Shu number 5 9 2 7 6 1 8 3 4
Sector's quality ⚖️ 😎 💑
Position of flying stars in 2026
Flying star Good Luck Bad Luck Violence Quarrel Disease Celestial Love, Studies Prosperity Multiplier
Star's element 💧 🗿 🛠 🌳 🗿 🛠 🌳 🗿 🔥
Star number 1 5 7 3 2 6 4 8 9
Star's effects 🍀 👎 💥 🥊 🤕 💼
💰 🐣
Feng Shui cures for 2026
/ Neutralizer
+ Avoid
🔥 🌳

Table captions
Feng Shui tips: Captions
Quality Enhancers and neutralizing cures by element
💖  Love 🌳  Wood: Shrub, round leaves plant; Green object
💑  Couple 🔥  Fire: Electric light; Oven, fireplace; Red object
👪  Family 🗿  Earth: Globe; terracotta statue; Brown / ocher object
🍀  Good luck 🛠  Metal: Coins in a jar; Horseshoe; Metallic, white, grey or golden object
🧠  Knowledge 💧 Water: Fish picture or sculpture (main entrance); Aquarium (living room); Fountain (garden); Blue / black object
🎓  Studies  
💼  Career, leadershipDefect
💰  Money, wealth 👎  Bad luck
😎  Fame, popularity 🥊  Fighting
💪  Good health 🤕  Sickness
🐣  Fertility, growth 💥  Accident
🎨 Creativity Avoid sector: Don't sleep, don't sit, don't work there

To go further on this topic

What Kua number am I?

In Feng Shui, the Kua (BaGua) number of your year of birth plays a determining role. Once you know your birth Kua number, you can fine-tune the Feng Shui energetic enhancers, cures and remedies which are best suited for your home in 2026, in relation to the lucky directions established by the flying stars of that same year.

☯ Kua number calculator

If you already know your birth Kua number and that of your home:
🍀 Choosing the best location for each room

Flying stars

The 9 flying stars are one of Feng Shui's most popular methods to determine the most auspicious yearly directions for your home. In combination with the Kua number of your year of birth, the flying stars let you decide the areas and rooms of your house which you should activate or avoid during the Feng Shui year. Lucky or unlucky directions depend on the yearly position of the flying stars (and their antagonist entities, the harmful stars). The link to the KarmaWeather article below allows you to elaborate on this topic that we started to address here.

💫 Flying stars forecast of the current year

Harmful stars

Note that we do not indicate on this page the position of the 4 harmful stars (Grand Duke Jupiter, the Year Breaker, the Three Killings, the Five Yellow). Harmful stars rarely occupy an entire area. The knowledge of their coordinates makes it possible to refine the rules of occupation of an area of your house. Indeed, if, for example, the entire South sector can be beneficial in a given year, one of the 3 zones that make up this sector can be occupied by one of the harmful stars, which consequently reduces the activation zone of this sector. Every Feng Shui year, we indicate the position of the harmful stars on our article dedicated to the annual flying stars (link above).

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