Feng Shui New Year 2021: Date, calendar, charms

2021 Feng Shui's Calendar, New Year date & magic squares: Feng Shui's lucky charms and protections for 2021, month by month
By KarmaWeather - 30 January 2021
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Feng Shui Calendar of the Year 2021

The 2021 calendar includes the New Year dates and each Feng Shui month of 2021, with the degree of luck for each Kua number.

Magic squares

Also discover the Lo Shu Square and the 8 flying star diagrams for Feng Shui New Year 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, 2027 and 2028.

To use the monthly Feng Shui calendar 2021, first check the Kua number (or BaGua number) of the Feng Shui year of your birth:

☯ What is my Kua number?

The first Feng Shui Calendar 2021 of our article allows everyone to check their level of luck during each Feng Shui month of 2021, according to one's Kua birth number. The second Feng Shui Calendar 2021 contains a list of lucky charms and protections adapted to the most conducive activities of each Feng Shui month of the year 2021: protective stone, incense, essential oil or perfume, herbs and spices.

But before that, let's remember some fundamentals of Feng Shui (how the Feng Shui New Year calendar and date are calculated, the meaning of the compass school and Kua numbers), in order to discuss the standard Lo Shu square and the 8 annual magic squares of flying stars, the use of which will allow you to further refine your Feng Shui interpretations in the future, both at home and at your office.

Feng Shui New Year Calendar and Date

The Feng Shui calendar is fixed, as is the Gregorian (or solar) calendar that we use in our daily lives. However, unlike the Gregorian calendar of which the New Year is January 1st, the Feng Shui New Year (or Kua, Gua or BaGua New Year) always begins on February 4th of each year. Similarly, each Feng Shui month has predefined dates that never change. For its part, the Chinese calendar is a lunisolar calendar, based on lunar cycles converted into Gregorian dates. That's why the Chinese New Year date is never the same and changes every year, following the monthly cycles of the moon.

There is no correspondence between these two calendars. On the other hand, similarities actually exist between Feng Shui and Chinese astrology, since among their tools of interpretation, the two systems use the theory of 5 elements and the Yin Yang. However, Feng Shui combines much more astrological and numerological disciplines than the Chinese horoscope, since it also uses, among others, the Book of Changes (I Ching or Yi Jing), the Lo Shu square, the Bagua, the 9 Flying Stars. For its part, the classic Chinese horoscope is based on the 12 animals of Chinese folklore, which, in addition to their own character and their polarity (Yin or Yang), can be summarized to the sum of their intrinsic elements.

The compass school and the Kua number

The modern Feng Shui compass (or Luo Pan) contains a compass embedded in the center of a movable circular disk placed on a square base, all traversed by wires used as landmarks. The circular part contains 20 concentric rings on average, each containing spatial, astrological and calendar information. Among these, one can identify: the dial of the sky, the Ba Gua, the 9 flying stars, the Yin Yang, the 12 branches, the 10 trunks, the 64 trigrams of I Ching ... If this information is useful to a professional Feng Shui master, a classic compass, like the one that is present in your smartphone, is enough to act effectively on your place of life (home and office).

In Feng Shui, the so-called Compass School consists of surveying coordinates and performing calculations, with the support of a compass, numerological data and astrological information. The objective is to determine, from a central landmark of a given location, its year of construction and relative to the geographical orientation of its facade (main gateway), remedies to apply during the current Feng Shui year.

Since we know that the Feng Shui New Year always begins on February 4th, remember that in Feng Shui, your birth Kua (BaGua) number plays a much more important role than your Chinese astrological sign. There are 8 Kua numbers in total. Each year, in conjunction with the Chinese annual calendar cycle (except for the first day of the year as we saw above), the annual Kua number changes, according to a constant cycle of 9 occurrences. Let us note that the number 5 is excluded and that it is replaced by the number 2. This cycle evolves in the opposite direction of the years that pass, then repeats itself in the same fashion: 8, 7, 6, 2, 4, 3, 2, 1, then again 8, 7, 6, 2, 4, 3, 2, 1 etc ...

Thus, during the Feng Shui Year of 2021, we are in year 6, in 2022 we are in year 2, in 2023 in year 4 and so on. For example, if a woman was born in 1982 (from February 4, 1982 to February 3, 1983 inclusive) and refers to the Kua number chart, she can see that her birth Kua number is 6. During the Feng Shui year of 2021, her Kua number is confronted with that of the current year, which determines her prospects and her good fortune during this period, but especially allows her to resort to more effective and more precise Feng Shui cures.

It should be noted, however, that the Kua number of one year will always correspond to the Kua number of birth of a man (or a building, house) born during the same year, which is not the case for women, for whom the calculation is specific.

Eventually, in Feng Shui, when one connects the Kua of a house with the Kua of a person, it is the Kua of the house that always takes precedence.

Magic squares: Lo Shu and flying stars

The standard Lo Shu square (with the 5 at its center) is made up of 9 squares indicating the 8 sectors of the house and the existential aspirations. It is part of the interpretation keys of Feng Shui.

The annual chart of flying stars, whose center is occupied by the Kua number of the year, is also represented by a magic square with its 9-cell flying stars. Also, the central number of the 9 flying stars diagram is the same as the Kua number of the current year.

Likewise, every Feng Shui New Year (or BaGua New Year), the flying stars change position (sector) within the standard Lo Shu square.

The new position of each flying star allows to attribute to each geographical area of the house specificities related to the current year, in addition to the fixed characters already predefined, which you can consult on the calculation page of your Kua number of birth (element, lucky directions, compatibility).

The Lo Shu square and the 8 annual flying stars' squares

The Lo Shu Square and the 8 Annual Flying Stars Squares, by KarmaWeather
  3 8 1   8 4 6   1 6 8  
  2 4 6   7 9 2   9 2 4  
  7 9 5   3 5 1   5 7 3  
  Year 4
  Year 9
  Year 2
(2022, 2025)
  2 7 9   4 9 2   6 2 4  
EAST 1 3 5   3 5 7   5 7 9 WEST
  6 8 4   8 1 6   1 3 8  
  Year 3
  Lo Shu Square
(Year 5)
  Year 7
  7 3 5   9 5 7   5 1 3  
  6 8 1   8 1 3   4 6 8  
  2 4 9   4 6 2   9 2 7  
  Year 8
  Year 1
  Year 6

💫 Yearly forecast of the 9 flying stars

Feng Shui Calendar 2021, month by month *

Feng Shui element of the month and fortune, according to your Kua number

Feng Shui Calendar 2021 - Protections and Remedies by Favorable Monthly Activity, by KarmaWeather
Month Dates
Oil, perfume
Herbs, spices
1 04/02
New house, marriage, love Amber Musk Rose Mint
2 07/03
Business creation, partner, prosperity Cat's eye Lilac Bergamot Fennel
3 06/04
Creativity, inheritance, family, birth, health Chrysoberyl Juniper Ylang Ylang Star anise
4 07/05
New house, marriage, love Amber Musk Rose Mint
5 07/06
Studies, knowledge, new project Citrine Laurel Chamomile Aniseed
6 07/07
Friendship, notoriety, communication Carnelian Cherry tree Cloves Rosemary
7 06/08
Studies, knowledge, new project Citrine Laurel Chamomile Aniseed
8 07/09
Education, children, filiation Golden rutilated quartz Lavender Rosewood Thyme
9 06/10
Investment, sponsorship, protection Bronzite Saffron Jasmine Lemongrass
10 07/11
New house, marriage, love Amber Musk Rose Mint
11 06/12
Business creation, partner, prosperity Cat's eye Lilac Bergamot Fennel
12 05/01
Creativity, inheritance, family, birth, health Chrysoberyl Juniper Ylang Ylang Star anise

* The dates of the Feng Shui New Year and of the Feng Shui months are immovable. They always stay the same each year.

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