Feng Shui 2021 flying stars: Cures, chart, directions

💫 2021 Feng Shui flying stars
By KarmaWeather - 4 April 2021
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Annual flying stars' forecast and horoscope 2021, chart, Feng Shui cures for the Chinese New Year of the Ox 2021 and during the Feng Shui year 2021

The 2021 Feng Shui New Year begins on February 4, 2021 and ends on February 3, 2022. The flying star #6 is the Feng Shui star of 2021.

Each Feng Shui New Year, ie every February 4th (the Feng Shui BaGua New Year date is fixed, unlike the Chinese New Year’s date), the position of the 9 flying stars evolves within the Lo Shu magic square.

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The standard Lo Shu square

According to Chinese cosmology, the standard Lo Shu (or Luo Shu) square is itself divided into 9 squares. Knowing that the central square symbolizes the center, the other 8 cells indicate the cardinal and intermediate directions (north, north-east, east, south-east, south, southwest, west, north-west).

It should also be noted that a Feng Shui compass indicates the North at the bottom and the South at the top, as opposed to the Western mode of representation. Each cell of the standard Luo Shu square is correlated to one of the 5 elements, a number and a direction.

In the standard Lo shu square, the horizontal, vertical or diagonal addition of the numbers always gives the result 15.

Thus, the central cell of the standard magic square is occupied by number 5, the Yang Earth element. Numbers 2 and 8 represent the Yang Earth and Yin Earth elements. Then, number 1 represents the Yang Water, number 3 is Yang Wood, number 4 is Yin Wood, number 6 is Yang Metal, number 7 is Yin Metal, number 8 is Yin Earth and number 9 is associated with the Fire element in its Yin polarity.

Finally, in the standard configuration of the magic square, the number 5 represents the center, the number 1 is associated with the North, the 2 with the Southwest, the 3 with the East, the 4 with the Southeast, the 6 with the Northwest, the 7 with the West, 8 with the Northeast and the 9 with the South.

Meaning of the flying stars system

The astrological prediction system of the 9 flying stars used in Feng Shui differs somewhat from Chinese astrology, although it also uses the 5 elements of Wu Xing, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood.

Each star is represented by a number from 1 to 9. They have their own functions and change cells every year from the fixed date of February 4, to occupy a new location within the standard Luo Shu square. Their year-to-year mobility within the Luo Shu square is at the origin of their name of the 9 flying stars. In addition, each star is also associated with one of the five elements in its Yin or Yang form (with its corresponding colors). In the case of an activation or weakening of a sector, the interaction of the element of the standard Lo Shui square and the superimposed star is analyzed in order to apply the most appropriate solution.

Feng Shui cure and remedy techniques

In order to activate and exploit the positive effects (but also to avoid the negative effects) of the sites (locations) and directions of the current year and apply them to the house according to traditional Feng Shui techniques, it is necessary to analyze the type of interaction created during the meeting between the flying star and the fixed number of the standard magic square. When it is a positive interaction in a sector, the life aspiration related to the sector concerned can be activated. On the other hand, when it comes to a destructive relationship between the flying star’s element and the Lo Shu standard square’s element, then it becomes important to place a Feng Shui remedy in order to neutralize and balance the resulting negative effects of the opposition between these elements. To learn more about the neutralization and rebalancing of the 5 elements of Feng Shui, click here.

Following a description of the nine Feng Shui flying stars' characteristics and their position in 2021, KarmaWeather invites you to consult the most favorable directions according to the Kua number of your year of birth as well as favorable and lucky directions specific to the year 2021. Finally, discover our tips and Feng Shui cures for 2021 concerning the sectors to activate in your house or your apartment.

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Annual Flying Stars chart 2021

Feng Shui flying stars 2021
Annual Feng Shui flying star chart 2021 © KarmaWeather® by Konbi
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The 9 flying stars of Feng Shui in 2021 - Positions and forecasts

  • Flying Star #1: The Lucky Star (Yang Water)

    The Lucky Star means luck, good omen and good reputation. To be honorably known among those around you, to improve your social status and thus allow you to open yourself to new social perspectives, it is the location related to this star which must be activated during the year 2021. To obtain recognition in your field and generate prosperity and wealth in your existence, the Lucky Star is placed in the South sector from February 4, 2021 until February 3, 2022 (full duration of the Feng Shui Bagua year). To activate this area, place your workstation in the Southern side of your office or set up your desk to the South of your room by turning it in the same direction. If, by changing the location of your desk, you happen to be seated with the front door behind your back, you then need to place a mirror in front of you so you can always see the door of your office. Finally, you can use objects belonging to the family of the Wood element to neutralize the current Water / Fire conflict, and allow full benefits of this energy sector to develop.

  • Flying Star #2: The Star of the Disease (Yang Earth)

    As its name suggests, the 2nd star is synonymous with illness, physical or psychological discomfort. Pregnant people, the elderly and people with chronic illnesses can be particularly sensitive to the influence of this star. This sector should be avoided as much as possible. In 2021, the Star of the Disease is placed in the North sector. Under no circumstances should this sector be activated or provoked. This star is associated with the Earth element. You should avoid any activity, renovation (interior decoration) in this area of your home or office throughout the Feng Sui year of 2021. Also and above all, avoid using the Fire element in the Northern sector in 2021. To counter effectively the negative energies of this Star, use Metal cures in this sector.

  • Flying Star #3: The Quarrelsome Star (Yang Wood)

    The 3rd star is that of conflict, bad reputation, misunderstanding, opposition and prosecution. It can cause career problems, or poor management of your reputation followed by impoverishment or separation. In 2021, the Quarrelsome Star is placed in the Southwest sector. Moreover, during the Feng Shui year of 2021, the negative effect of the Quarrelsome Star is reinforced by the element of the Southwest sector (Earth). This area should not be activated (avoid placing a sofa, bed or work desk in this area during the Feng Shui year 2021.

  • Flying Star #4: The Star of Love and Studies (Yin Wood)

    The 4th star is beneficial for studies, the accumulation of new knowledge and romantic relationships. In 2021, the Star of Love and Studies is positioned in the East sector. This star is generally used by families with children who are studying in school who wish to achieve good academic results. Likewise, the 4th star is also the star of marital love and happiness. Young couples have every interest in activating the star of love by hanging up photos of their wedding or their newborn baby, in order to strengthen their romantic bonds. However, in 2021, the eastern sector is also occupied by the harmful star of the 3 Massacres. It is therefore better to refrain from activating the East sector during the Feng Shui year 2021 so as not to suffer the opposite effects of those expected (separation, divorce).

  • Flying Star #5: The Star of Bad Luck (Yang Earth)

    As its name indicates, the 5th star means bad luck in all areas. It is important not to activate it. In 2021, the Star of Bad Luck is placed in the Southeast sector. This sector should be avoided in your daily life so as not to attract bad luck. Any significant activity that lasts more than 2 hours should be avoided in this area during the Feng Shui year of 2021.

  • Flying Star #6: The Celestial Star (Yang Metal) - Star of the year 2021

    The 6th star symbolizes work, power and success in perseverance. It is beneficial for career, social promotions, professional recognition. In 2021, the Celestial Star is placed in the Center. In order to activate this area, you can place a small metal statuette in the center of your home. Hanging metal chimes in this area can also be helpful. In general, in Feng Shui, it is preferable to place the lights on the edges of the rooms of one's flat. If a lamp is present in the central sector of your house (for example a ceiling light), the presence of this Fire object may lessen the beneficial effects of the Lucky Star in 2021, and even cause the opposite effect in case of daily use.

  • Flying Star #7: The Star of Violence (Metal Yin)

    The 7th star means conflict, quarreling, theft, fraud, unfair competition or accident. In 2021, the Star of Violence is placed in the Northwest. This sector should not be activated and needs to be avoided as much as possible. Avoid using and sitting more than 2 hours long in this area. If you can't avoid using this zone, sit down watching towards the South. In any case, to reduce the negative influence of the Star of Violence, use a Yin Water based Feng Shui treatment (ie. a vase filled with water to be renewed once a month).

  • Flying Star #8: The Star of Prosperity (Yin Earth)

    The 8th star means material gain, prosperity as a reward for work done. It is a very beneficial star. This star brings good luck and allows good financial returns or an improvement in reputation. In 2021, the Star of Prosperity is placed in the West sector. In order to activate and strengthen the 8th flying star, use Fire and Earth Feng Shui cures. For Fire, place an electric light, a crystal chandelier, red healing stones. For Earth, use ceramics and give precedence to the yellow and ocher colors in the decoration of the Western room of your house.

  • Flying Star #9: The Multiplicative Star (Yin Fire)

    As its name indicates, the 9th star symbolizes the multiplication of positive events in your life. It can be both material goods and spiritual gains. A professional promotion or the expansion of the family with the birth of a child are possible. This star also means popularity, fame and beauty. In 2021, the Multiplicative Star is placed in the Northeast sector. It is possible to activate this area with the Wood element being careful to avoid the sub-sector occupied by the nefarious star Grand Duke Tai Sui.

Sectors to activate or avoid in 2021 according to your year of birth and your Kua number

  • Kua numbers 1, 3, 4 and 9 in 2021

    Sectors and areas to focus on in 2021 for people with a Kua number 1, 3, 4 or 9:

    South: To obtain luck, happiness, serenity and material gain, it is advisable to activate star #1 (lucky star) in the South sector.
    Northeast: Activate the flying star #9 to promote the success of professional projects, victories, material comfort, multiplication of earnings, prosperity and increased popularity. However in 2021, special attention must be paid to the harmful star Grand Duke Tai Sui, which also occupies part of this sector. If in doubt, it is better not to activate the Northeast sector.

  • Kua numbers 2, 6, 7 and 8 in 2021

    Sectors and areas to focus on in 2021 for people with a Kua number 2, 6, 7 or 8:
    Center: Activate Flying Star #6 for business success, social recognition, and career promotions.
    West: Activate Flying Star #8 for material security and social development.

  • Sectors which should not to be activated in 2021

    Southwest: Quarrelsome Star (flying star #3)
    Southeast: Star of Bad Luck (flying star #5)
    North: Star of Disease (flying star #2)
    Northwest: Star of Violence (flying star #7)
    East: Three Killings Star (harmful star)

House sectors to activate during Feng Shui year 2021

The cures to activate and the adjustments to your decor for each sector of your home in 2021

The activation of a sector in Feng Shui consist in an energetic treatment (cure). This involves installing in your house an object directly connected to the element (Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, Wood) associated with the cure.

Center (Earth) - Activation in 2021: YES

  • Terracotta statuette, ceramic or a yellow or brown object
  • Hang a crystal chandelier, a lamp

South (Fire) - Activation in 2021: YES

  • Install a plant, a wooden statuette, a bonsai
  • Red decoration objects

Southwest (Earth) - Activation in 2021: NO

  • Cut crystals and / or natural crystals
  • Electric light

West (Metal) - Activation in 2021: YES

  • Terracotta statuette, ceramic or a yellow or brown object
  • Install a lamp, an electric light or a red object
  • Display a family photograph

Northwest (Metal) - Activation in 2021: NO

  • Terracotta statuette, ceramic or a yellow or brown object
  • Install a lamp, an electric light

North (Water) - Activation in 2021: NO

  • Wind chimes in hollow tubes of copper or brass
  • Blue candles floating in a bowl of water
  • Small aquarium

Northeast (Earth) - Activation in 2021: YES

  • Install a lamp, an electric light

East (Wood) - Activation in 2021: NO

  • Install a lamp, an electric light
  • Shrub, natural or silk or represented in painting

Southeast (Wood) - activation in 2021: NO

  • Small aquarium
  • Fountain

🏠 Feng Shui principles for the house

Direction of the 4 harmful stars in 2021

During Feng Shui Year 2021, it is advisable to avoid any renovation in the following sectors, or to sit in front of these directions:

  • In 2021, Grand Duke Jupiter (Tai Sui) is in the Northeast sector, from 22.5° to 37.5°: This star represents worries, material losses, obstacles and illness.
  • In 2021, the Year Breaker (Sui Po) is in the Southwest sector, from 202.5° to 217.5°: This star represents the loss of money, obstacles, illness and disillusionment.
  • In 2021, the Three Killings (San Sha) are in the East sector, from 52.5° to 127.5°: This star represents theft, misfortune, scam and disease.
  • In 2021, the Five Yellow is in the Southeast sector, from 120° to 150°: This star represents worries in the fields of money, feelings or health. Very harmful, this star is synonymous with accident, loneliness, misfortune and depression.
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