Feng Shui Colors - Meaning, Directions, Home Decor Guide

Discover how Feng Shui colors can harmonize and revitalize your interior decor, to attract more positive energy and luck into your life
By KarmaWeather - 1 September 2023
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Feng Shui and Colors - Meaning and uses

Feng Shui, an ancient Chinese practice that dates back millennia, is deeply rooted in Asian culture and philosophy. It is a method which aims to harmonize the vital energy, or "Chi", of a space, whether it is a house, an office or a garden, to promote health, well-being, prosperity and happiness. Colors in Feng Shui are not just aesthetic; they have a fundamental role in balancing these energies and creating a harmonious atmosphere.

Each color has specific attributes and can influence the energy of a place, whether by stimulating, calming, balancing or even disrupting. In this detailed article, we will explore in depth the meaning of colors in Feng Shui, their impact on our environment and how to use them wisely to activate specific areas of your home or workplace.

Colors, in Feng Shui, are not simply aesthetic choices; they are powerful tools that have the ability to transform the energy of a space. By deeply understanding the meaning and impact of colors in Feng Shui and using them strategically, you can create a harmonious and balanced environment that supports your aspirations, life goals and overall well-being.

As you consider remodeling or redecorating your space, keep these principles in mind to create an environment that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but is also energetically harmonious.

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Optimize your career with black and blue

North, in Feng Shui, is traditionally associated with career and the life path. It is the direction that guides our professional and personal journey. Black and dark blue, with their deep hues, evoke mystery, depth, the unknown, but also wisdom. These colors, combined with water, symbolize constant flow, movement and adaptability - essential qualities for navigating the professional world. To stimulate and strengthen this area of your space, consider decorative items such as paintings of deep oceans, dark blue vases or black rugs. You can also consider adding water features, like fountains or aquariums, to further enhance the energy of this direction.

Decorating a Feng Shui office in black and blue
Feng Shui colors for the office: black, blue © KarmaWeather by Konbi

North Sector - Feng Shui harmonizing colors for the office
Direction North
Favored domain Career luck
Ideal room Office or workspace
Lucky Colors Black and blue

Promote knowledge and wisdom with ocher yellow and light brown

Northeast is a crucial direction linked to personal growth, education, wisdom and accumulation of knowledge. Yellow, with its warm glow, is associated with joy, enlightenment, optimism and wisdom. Brown, on the other hand, evokes earth, stability, reliability and comfort. These two colors, when combined, recall the solidity of the earth and the light of knowledge. To activate this zone, use decorative objects such as shelves filled with books, yellow or brown bindings, terracotta lamps, or even yellow candles. Statues representing sages or objects associated with learning can also be beneficial for this direction.

Decoration of a Feng Shui library in ocher yellow, light brown
Feng Shui colors for the library: ocher yellow, light brown © KarmaWeather by Konbi

Northeast Sector - Feng Shui harmonizing colors for the home
Direction Northeast
Favored domain Luck in education
Ideal room Library or reading corner
Lucky Colors Yellow ocher and light brown

Protecting your health and your family with green

East is traditionally associated with family, family relationships and health. It is the direction that represents growth, renewal and vitality. Green, the color of nature, is a calming and refreshing shade that evokes tranquility, health, rebirth and harmony. This color inspires peace, serenity and well-being, and is therefore ideal for spaces where the family gathers. To balance and strengthen this area, opt for green plants, green wooden photo frames, green cushions, or even paintings depicting natural landscapes. Wooden elements, such as furniture or sculptures, can also be added to enhance the energy of this direction.

Decorating a Feng Shui living room in green
Feng Shui Colors for Living/Dining Room: Green © KarmaWeather by Konbi

East Sector - Feng Shui harmonizing colors for the home
Direction East
Favored domain Health and family
Ideal room Living room or dining room
Lucky Colors Green

Attract wealth and prosperity with green and blue

Southeast is an essential direction associated with wealth, financial abundance and general prosperity. This is the area where we seek to stimulate the flow of abundance and wealth in our lives. Green, with its connotations of growth and renewal, and blue, evoking water and flow, are the ideal colors for this direction. To activate the energy of abundance, consider incorporating fountains, images of lush landscapes, green and blue decorative items, or even coins or symbols of wealth. Aquariums with fish, especially golden fish, can also serve to stimulate prosperity in this area.

Decorating a Feng Shui dressing room in green and blue
Feng Shui colors for the dressing room: green, blue © KarmaWeather by Konbi

Southeast Sector - Feng Shui harmonizing colors for the home
Direction Southeast
Favored domain Wealth and Prosperity
Ideal room Room, dressing room or shed where valuables are kept
Lucky Colors Green and blue

Develop your notoriety and reputation with red

South is directly linked to public recognition, fame, and how others perceive us. In this direction, we seek to strengthen our self-esteem, confidence and position in society. Red, a powerful, dynamic and passionate color, is perfect for this area. As mentioned earlier, red is a color that immediately attracts attention and is associated with prosperity and happiness, especially in Chinese culture. To accent this area, use decorative items such as red candles, scarlet tapestries, art with pops of red, or even red textiles like curtains or cushions. Symbols of recognition, such as trophies or certificates, can also be placed in this area to enhance your fame and reputation.

Decorating a Feng Shui entrance hall in red
Feng Shui colors for the entrance hall: red © KarmaWeather by Konbi

South Sector - Feng Shui harmonizing colors for the home
Direction South
Favored domain Notoriety and Reputation
Ideal room Main entrance or hall
Lucky Colors Red

Spark romance and solidify your marriage with pink and red

Southwest is the direction associated with romantic relationships, partnerships and unions. This is the area where we seek to improve or strengthen our romantic relationships and marital harmony. Pink, a soft and tender color, is the color of love and affection. Red, on the other hand, represents passion and depth of emotions. To enhance the loving energy of this area, consider using decorative items such as pink throw pillows, scented candles, art with red designs, or even photos of happy couples. Items in pairs, such as two identical candles or vases, can also serve to symbolize partnership and union in this area.

Decorating a Feng Shui master bedroom in pink and red
Feng Shui colors for the parents' bedroom: pink, red © KarmaWeather by Konbi

South-West Sector - Feng Shui harmonizing colors for the home
Direction Southwest
Favored domain Marriage and love
Ideal room Master bedroom or parents bedroom
Lucky Colors Pink and red

Awaken your children's creativity with white and silver gray

West is the direction associated with creativity, self-expression and children. This is the area where we seek to stimulate our imagination, creativity and artistic expression. White and silver gray, with their connotations of purity, clarity, modernity and finesse, are ideal for this direction. To enhance the creative energy of this area, consider using modern decorative items, metal sculptures, mirrors, or even art tools like paintbrushes or palettes. Objects that evoke creativity, such as musical instruments, sketchbooks or children's toys, can also be placed in this area to stimulate inspiration and creativity.

Decoration of a Feng Shui child's room in white, silver gray
Feng Shui colors for the child's room: white, silver gray © KarmaWeather by Konbi

West Sector - Feng Shui harmonizing colors for the home
Direction West
Favored domain Children and creativity
Ideal room Children's bedroom or playroom
Lucky Colors White and silver gray

Attract mentors with metallic gray

Northwest is the direction associated with outside help, mentorship, benefactors and people who can guide us in life. This is the area where we seek to attract mentors or guides who can help us navigate our careers or life paths. Gray, with its connotations of balance and neutrality, and metallic hues, evoking power and solidity, are perfect for this direction. To strengthen the energy of this area, use decorative items such as metal objects, silver picture frames, gray ornaments, or even pictures of people who inspire you. Symbols of wisdom, such as Buddha statues or books of great thinkers, can also be placed in this area to invite the energy of positive communication into your space.

Decoration of a Feng Shui study room in metallic gray
Feng Shui Colors for the Study Room: Metallic Gray © KarmaWeather by Konbi

North-West Sector - Feng Shui harmonizing colors for the home
Direction Northwest
Favored domain Communication, travel and mentoring
Ideal room Study room or space dedicated to meditation and reflection
Lucky Colors Metallic gray

Strengthen your overall well-being with yellow

The center of your space, often called the "heart" of the home in Feng Shui, represents the overall well-being, health, and overall harmony of the space. It is the point of balance that connects all other directions and energies. Yellow, with its warm connotations of joy, optimism and positivity, is the ideal color for this central area. To enhance and balance the overall energy of your space, use decorative items such as yellow rugs, candles, sunny pictures, or even yellow textiles like curtains or throw pillows. Items that evoke health, joy and harmony, such as singing bowls or crystals, can also be placed in this area to enhance overall well-being.

Decoration of an interior courtyard Feng Shui in yellow
Feng Shui colors for the interior courtyard: yellow © KarmaWeather by Konbi

Center Sector - Feng Shui harmonizing colors for the home
Direction Center
Favored domain General well-being
Ideal room Central atrium or interior courtyard
Lucky Colors Yellow

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