Color of Guardian Angel Feathers and their Meaning

Angel feathers, their colors and their secret meaning: discover the hidden messages of your guardian angel
By KarmaWeather - 1 March 2022
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What is an Angel Feather?

An angel feather is the symbolic representation of the communicating presence of angels on earth.

The unexpected observation of a feather, twirling in the sky, placed on the sill of a window or lying delicately at our feet during a walk, is the possible signal of a communication from a guardian angel to our attention. An angel feather is a connective medium between heaven and earth, between the spiritual world and the material world.

What is the symbolic meaning of feathers?

True intercessors of God with men, angels are the benevolent messengers of our requests to the Creator. The guardian angels intervene favorably following our orations and prayers, not because they are naturally benevolent towards us, but because it is in their angelic nature to respond to our requests. Superior divine beings, their mission and their duty is to help us by bringing us their graces, especially when we call on them.

Belonging to the spiritual world, the answers of angels to our prayers are interpretable in the physical world by the manifestation of subtle signals (the presence of feathers for example) or even in the transitory zones between the two worlds (dreams, mirrors, sacred places).

For the 3 Abrahamic religions (Judaism, Christianity, Islam), bird wings and by extension feathers have always been associated with the symbolic representation of angels. Historically, the distinction between the groups of angels (the 9 Choirs of Angels) is mainly made by the number of pairs of wings but also by their attributes of power (sword, scepter, flames…). However, the iconography of angels, both in the West (Catholics) and in the East (Orthodox Christians), does not make it possible to clearly determine the symbolic color or colors of each type of angel.

Method of interpreting the feathers of angels

It would be simplistic to constrain the interpretation of the colors of the feathers of angels by a parallel with chromotherapy as it is used, for example, in the interpretation of the 7 main chakras of the human body.

How the determination of the keys of interpretation of the colors of the feathers of the angels can be envisaged beyond the conventional character attached to the colors? A holistic approach that establishes a link between the discovery of a colored feather and the symbolic meaning of this same color unfortunately has no universal vocation. Indeed, to take just one example, white is the color of marriage and purity in the West, while in Asia it is the color of mourning, while it is red that personifies marriage. Likewise, it seems important to take into consideration the weight of the angelic tradition, which attributes to each Choir of Angels qualities and functions that can help us better decode the deep meaning of the colored feathers that appear in our daily lives.

In this perspective, it is interesting to appeal to the Tree of Life of the Kabbalistic tradition. Each sephiroth that makes up the Tree of Life can be correlated to a list of elements (Fire, Water, Air, Earth) that can be combined in order to determine the dominant and minor colors.

The journey of the 4 elements starting from the 1st sephiroth (Kether, the "Crown"), the spark, the breath of primordial fire from which all Creation flows, actually makes it possible to follow the progression of the 4 elements in a dynamic cycle, both generative and fusional. However, the colors most often affixed to each sephiroth have no chromatic relationship in connection with the energies specific to the 4 elements. On the other hand, starting from the constituent elements of the sephiroth, it becomes possible to reveal the true secret colors of the angels.

Role of the Tree of Life in the interpretation of angelic messages

The Sephirothic Tree is at the heart of the cosmogony of kabbalistic mysticism. Composed of 10 sephiroth, 22 paths and 3 pillars, the Kabbalah Tree of Life is both the sum of the mysteries and the keys to interpreting the world, creation and the movement of the universe. This is a hermeneutics that developed a lot in Europe from the Middle Ages and whose multiple ramifications make it possible to build bridges between spiritual and meditative practices that seem disconnected.

Just as the 3 pillars of the Tree of Life can be correlated with the Taoist Yin Yang, since it considers Creation in its balance between masculine and feminine principles, the Kabbalah associates the first 9 sephiroth with the 9 Choirs of Angels. Thus, each sephiroth, like an energetic node of the Tree of Life, has its own associated qualities: a range of dates associated with each Choir of Angels according to the zodiac calendar, a planet, an astrological sign, a class of metal, a tarot card and even, by syncretism, a Vedic chakra.

The colors of the angels in the Tree of Life

Infographic of the colors of angels in the Tree of Life
Tree of Life and color of angels:
relationship of sephiroth with the archangels and their choirs

Guardian Angel Feather Colors and Their Meanings

The list below details the colors associated with the 9 Choirs of Angels and their choir leader (archangel). The color combination of angel feathers allows you to link the feather you discover to your current request, associating it with the virtues and functions of each Choir of Angels. From then on, you will be in possession of reading keys concerning the status of your request to your guardian angel, if you have prayed for it beforehand.

Angel Feather Colors infographic
Angel Feathers:
colors and meanings for each archangel and choir of angels

Color and meaning of angel feathers
Archangel Choir Feather color Meaning
Metatron Seraphim Carmine red, black, blue Divine will, thought of creation
Raziel Cherubim Purple, blue, yellow, red Unconscious and acting love
Binael Thrones Orange-red, orange, yellow, blue Conscious spiritual love, intelligence, accomplishment in action
Hesediel Dominations Yellow, Naple yellow, blue Love, benevolence, joy, generosity
Camael Powers Red ochre, brown, beige, blue Will, courage, formation of feelings, justice, passion, anger
Raphael Virtues Ultramarine blue, cyan blue, orange Serenity, diffuse feelings, source of the desire, pivotal moment, nostalgia for the past
Haniel Principalities Green, mint green, pale blue, yellow Emotions, charisma, materialization of romantic and material successes, opening of possibilities
Michael Archangels Cyan blue, yellow Thoughts, language, truth, mathematics, history, memory, learning
Gabriel Angels White, Naples yellow, yellow ochre, blue Protection, subconscious, imagination, dreams, sexuality, fear of God (beginning of consciousness)

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