Daily Chinese horoscope
Saturday 30 July 2022

Free and accurate daily horoscope of 30 July 2022
By Karmaweather - 26 February 2019
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Chinese calendar:
Day of the Wood Monkey
Month of the Earth Monkey
Year of the Water Tiger

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Characteristics of 30 July 2022

Polarity of the day: Yang
Polarity of the month: Yang
Polarity of the year: Yang
Marriage and love: Inauspicious
Favorable directions: West Southwest
Lucky colors: Red, Pink, Orange
Energetic chart: Weakness Fire
Destiny of birth (Yi Jing): The great strength
Boy’s first names: Aidan, Brand, Chihed, Luciano, Smit
Girl’s first names: Aidana, Aurore, Eloan, Nuria, Rubí

Daily horoscope of 30 July 2022

Wood Monkey Day

As mischievous as distrustful, the Wood Monkey is none the less extremely voluntary and dynamic. He is also the most honest and conservative of the Monkeys. Appreciating above all the comfort of a well-ordered house, his thought is logical and prudent, which also allows him to handle and make money very efficiently. His ambition drives him to seek the light of the spotlight. His very developed sixth sense can just as much help him find the road of success as to torment him bitterly. However, the Wood Monkey is not the type to be carried away by a destiny that he won't have chosen and folded in his image. Today, you would be wrong not to take advantage of the specific energies of the Wood Monkey to make an in depth analysis of your professional situation. You have the possibility to find unexpected solutions to the difficulties you are confronted, and this by the sole force of your reasoning. Start by getting your house in order, tidy up your desk, then with your eyes closed and comfortably seated in your chair, think back to the events of the previous days, especially the details that you originally thought were superfluous. Also remember that if life is sometimes a battle against oneself, it is just as much a battle against those who pretend to want us good, blinded by their unhealthy and sterile thirst for control and power.

2nd Lunar Mansion: the Neck

The lodge of the Neck is unfavorable. Friday, the Water element and the planet Mercury are symbolically attached to this house. The constellation of the Neck controls disease, the release of animals, trials and punishments. Not only one should avoid getting married on that day, but one must also avoid entering into conflict or initiating new projects, at the risk of attracting bad luck. In order to stay healthy, it’s advisable to consume ginger, onions, mustard, garlic and pepper during this day.

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Chinese stone of birth

Corrective stone of the day

yi king karma

Yi Jing hexagram of great strength (大壯, dà zhuàng)

Wood Monkey's Pillar of Destiny

"The water from wells and springs" (Yang)

The imaged destiny of "water from wells and springs" in its Yang form lacks scope, despite the ability of the individuals who hold it as an annual pillar to understand and express things clearly. It symbolizes more compassion and selflessness. Indeed, it is a question here of a strong will to quench the thirst, within dry and hostile lands, of all those who nourish in them the resentment to have been so neglected by nature. Therefore, this pillar finds its glorification in vocations of service to others. It is only in this role of dedication that the weakness of this pictorial destiny can gain in strength and allow the individual to gradually receive the strength necessary for his own personal development.

As the mainstay of the birth day, an exaggerated analytical gaze can fuel hesitation. Because of this, it is necessary for the individual concerned to properly distinguish between the useful and the superfluous. It is only by properly appreciating his environment that he will be able to succeed in tilting his destiny in more favorable waters.