How to unblock the 7 Chakras? Meditation, yoga

How to unlock, balance and open my 7 chakras?
By KarmaWeather - 11 April 2018
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Harmonization and chakra care through foods, aromatherapy, lithotherapy, meditation and yoga for the root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye and crown chakras.

How do I heal my chakras?

Before you begin the process of healing your Chakras, you must first identify which of your 7 chakras are blocked, closed or too open. Remember also that the work of opening and harmonization of the 7 chakras is done from the first chakra, the root chakra (at the level of the coccyx), then upwards towards the second, the sacral chakra (at the level of the navel) and so on until the seventh chakra, the crown chakra (at the top of the cranial vault).

As a result, it is less efficient to perform a specific activation work, for example focused on your subtle energetic organ # 5 (the throat chakra) if you haven't previously opened and successfully balanced the four chakras that precede it on the graduated scale of subtle energy centers. On the other hand, if you are unable to open all your chakras, especially the upper body chakras that require long practice and experience, there is nothing to prevent you from treating them when they are in imbalanced, to ensure better harmony and circulation of the subtle energies that govern one's whole body and mind.

Test your chakras

How do I unblock my chakras?

Learning how to activate the seven Chakras of the human body is a slow process of understanding, harmonizing and accepting one's body and mind in relation to the cosmos.

In order to achieve this, the Hindu tradition and the doctrine of yoga have developed over the centuries eclectic and complementary practices, which allow each of us to develop the different levels of consciousness attached to each chakra according to our own abilities.

Thus, among the many practices and cures that help to unblock the 7 chakras, we can emphasize the importance of meditation, nutrition, lithotherapy (stones and healing crystals), aromatherapy (essential oils) , colors (chromotherapy) and of course hatha yoga (the discipline of yoga that focuses on physical exercises).

Chakra food

The unlocking and harmonizing of chakras depend in particular on a healthy and balanced diet. Each chakra (which means "wheel" or "disk" in Sanskrit) is a subtle center of energy that vibrates at a specific frequency. Just as objects reflect light rays at certain frequencies of the electromagnetic spectrum, which gives them their color, so are the seven chakras. The color and the vibration of each chakra is in correspondence with the visible spectrum, the short frequencies corresponding to the chakras of the lower part of the body, the long frequencies with those of the upper part of the body. From red for the root chakra to violet and nuances of the non-visible spectrum (ultraviolet) for the crown chakra.

Thus, the Hindu and Yogic tradition considers that the consumption of food according to their color has a direct link with the balancing of the corresponding chakra and the circulation of vital energy. For example, a tomato will have the virtue of nourishing the body both for its physical virtues (nutrients) but also to contribute to the proper functioning of the root chakra (red color) by the transmission of vibratory qualities due to the subtle energy that this fruit-vegetable also contains in itself.

In India the cuisine is mainly vegetarian, as spices play a big role in balancing the tastes and flavors of each dish. On the contrary, the possible consumption of an animal protein source supposes both to have intervened in the cycle of karma of a living being (an animal is killed), but also to absorb its own energies which correspond to its own life history (diet, stress etc.). Any food that has undergone significant transformation is therefore much less conducive to transmitting positive subtle energies or ones that are specific to a particular chakra.

Balance your chakras with food

Aromatherapy and chakras

Essential oils can participate in a work of unblocking and harmonization of the 7 chakras. A body aromatherapy or one used for the ambiance of your home is possible depending on the chakra you want to develop. Click on the link below to discover the list of essential oils corresponding to the 7 chakras:

Balance your chakras with aromatherapy

Lithotherapy - Precious, semi-precious stones and healing crystals

Stones and crystals play an important role in Vedic astrology in the unblocking and balancing of the 7 chakras. The healing crystals, in addition to their intrinsic virtues, can have an active role in the vibrational harmonization of your subtle energy centers. As for food, the color of the gemstone or semi-precious stone plays an important role in determining its correspondence with one of the 7 chakras. Click below to discover the full list of the chakric stones:

Balance your chakras with healing stones

Meditation and Yoga

It is useful to remember that yoga is a spiritual method closely related to Hinduism, even though its roots are pre-Vedic. Yoga as practiced in the West is generally limited to hatha yoga, which is based on exercises of gymnastics, breathing and recitation of mantras. Outside of India, yoga teachers are rarely real yogis. Indeed, the classical practice of yoga is inseparable from the Hindu religion. Its sole purpose is to achieve the supreme mystical experience of the absolute, that is, to achieve perfect fusion in the divine (Brahman) that permeates everything.

This supreme mystical phase to which the individual may wish to aspire in Hinduism corresponds to liberation from the cycle of reincarnations (karma) and the overcoming of one's own individuality. It is also the last stage of the ascent of the Kundalini snake and corresponds to the opening of the crown chakra.

The Hindu mystical aspiration is a process that requires great humility and self-abandonment that seem to be the opposite of a yoga sport practice as it can be practiced in the West, where yoga is part of a personal search for well-being and comfort. If hatha yoga can indeed have virtues to help us relax and refocus in a world that has become too fast and without landmarks, it is important to remain humble and reasonable in what the practice of meditation and yoga can bring us: the unblocking and a better harmonizing of our chakras, a deeper knowledge of our being and our body, more generosity, empathy, curiosity for others and a peaceful relationship with nature.

On the other hand, the opening of the chakras, especially that of the chakras of the upper body, is extremely difficult to achieve, unless one chooses to devote oneself almost exclusively to it, in accordance with the Hindu tradition and philosophy of yoga such as that they are practiced in India.

Balance your chakras with yoga

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