Amber, gem of healing and purification

User guide of the birthstone and healing crystal of Amber
By KarmaWeather - 25 June 2018
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Discover the meaning and uses of the gemstone of Amber, its association with your zodiac sign and Chinese zodiac sign, and its applications as a chakra stone and as a protective power stone.

Amber: Technical sheet and uses

Healing crystal: Amber

Related chakra: Solar plexus chakra (n°3)

Meaning and properties: Amber, in lithotherapy, is a gem of healing and purification

Power: 4/5

Hardness: 2 - 2.5

Deposit: Sicily, Burma, Canada, Poland, Romania, Lithuania, Russia, beaches of the Baltic Sea, Dominican Republic

Color: Amber, orangey yellow, orange, brown

Chemical composition: Fossil resin (carbon)

Cleansing, purification: Incense, earth

Activation, charging: Quartz clusters

Psychological benefits: Drives away dark and parasitic thoughts

Energy healing benefits: Cleans the aura of its negative energy

Lucky zodiac stone for: Gemini, Leo, Virgo

Chinese zodiac sign (fortifying crystal): Horse, Snake

Chinese zodiac sign (corrective stone): Wood Monkey, Metal Dragon, Wood Ox

Chinese corrective element: Fire

Vedic element: Fire
Jobs: Explorer, biologist, paleontologist, entomologist

Did you know? Amber helps soothe the pain of growing babies' baby teeth. In lithotherapy, it is customary not to use an amber stone when it contains a fossilized insect


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