Cacholong, stone of stability and emotional balance

User guide of the birthstone and healing crystal of Cacholong
By KarmaWeather - 25 June 2018
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Discover the meaning and uses of the gemstone of Cacholong, its association with your zodiac sign and Chinese zodiac sign, and its applications as a chakra stone and as a protective power stone.

Cacholong: Technical sheet and uses

Healing crystal: Cacholong
Other name: Common opal

Related chakra: Crown chakra (n°7)

Meaning and properties: The cacholong, in lithotherapy, is a stone of stability and emotional balance

Power: 2/5

Hardness: 6

Deposit: USA, Honduras, Peru, Brazil, Mexico, Guatemala, Japan, Australia

Color: Milky white, white

Chemical composition: Hydrated silicon dioxide

Cleansing, purification: Clear water, incense, earth

Activation, charging: Quartz clusters, sunlight, moonlight

Psychological benefits: Regulates emotions

Energy healing benefits: Detangles the energy nodes

Lucky zodiac stone for: Gemini, Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces

Chinese zodiac sign (fortifying crystal): Monkey, Rooster

Chinese zodiac sign (corrective stone): Fire Dragon, Water Tiger, Water Goat

Chinese corrective element: Metal

Vedic element: N.A.

Jobs: Baker, pastry chef, blacksmith, smelter

Birthstone: Cacholong is the zodiacal birthstone of October


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