Daily Chinese horoscope
Sunday 05 March 2023

Free and accurate daily horoscope of 05 March 2023
By Karmaweather - 26 February 2019
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Chinese calendar:
Day of the Water Dog
Month of the Wood Rabbit
Year of the Water Rabbit

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Characteristics of 05 March 2023

Polarity of the day: Yang
Polarity of the month: Yin
Polarity of the year: Yin
Marriage and love: Auspicious
Favorable directions: West Northwest
Lucky colors: Yellow
Energetic chart: Weakness Earth
Destiny of birth (Yi Jing): The initial difficulty
Boy’s first names: Clay, Dallas, Lambert, Orlando,Pierre
Girl’s first names: Ashley, Lourdes, Makawee, Marwa,Gaia

Daily horoscope of 05 March 2023

Water Dog Day

A day governed by the energies of the Water Dog calls for meditation and reasoning. Patient, sympathetic, open to the world, the Water Dog has a very nice personality. Extremely charming, he isn’t superficial for all that. His sense of duty and his fidelity to those he loves push him to always support his loved ones when they’re in adversity. Intelligent and curious, but also very secret, the Water Dog rarely reveals his real feelings. His righteousness, eloquence and natural charm make him extremely attractive. Today, especially if you’re single, you can enjoy the positive energies of the Water Dog to multiply your chances during a gallant date. If you’re concerned about money or if you’re having difficulty in your work, you may receive the unexpected help of a providential person whose deep friendship for you is revealed to you.

6th Lunar Mansion: the Tail

The Lodge of the Tail is beneficial. Tuesday, the Fire element and the planet Mars are symbolically attached to this house. The day of the 6th lodge of the constellation of the Tail is favorable to inheritances and education. Long disappeared objects can resurface, just as it’s possible to hope for a professional promotion. Victory and success are around the corner.

Daily food and diet’s horoscope

Chinese stone of birth

Corrective stone of the day

yi king karma

Yi Jing hexagram of the initial difficulty (屯, chún)

The being of the "Yi Jing hexagram of the initial difficulty" has a taciturn, sensitive, intuitive and voluntary temperament. Very attached to life, he is particularly attentive to the various manifestations that he can perceive in his daily life. He is more likely to believe in the forces that decide and irrevocably fix the course of events. Also, the being of the "Yi Jing hexagram of the initial difficulty" directs and modulates his life according to the reading that he has external signs that he can meet throughout his existence. However, this ability of extreme perceptibility can also prevent it from advancing, because of the unnecessary and exacerbated mistrust it can create. Consequently, the personal realization of an existential stagnation can temporarily make it gloomy or boring. Yet, thanks to his greedy will to live, the being of the "Yi Jing hexagram of the initial difficulty" often succeeds in building the lasting success he dreams of. He can be a model of perseverance when the right conditions are gathered. Moreover, thanks to the good luck that follows him everywhere, he often manages to be, almost in spite of himself, on the path that best suits his aspirations. His main challenge in life is not always to rely on his luck, and learn to control his intuitions that can induce regrettable mistakes, especially at key moments of his existence.

Water Dog's Pillar of Destiny

"The water of the ocean" (Yang)

The imaged destiny of the "water of the ocean" in its Yang form expresses the idea of ​​an extended mass whose dimensions are considerable. It refers to an individual whose ability to know, understand and memorize things are remarkable. However, despite these qualities and the strength of the pillar, it is about a personality who voluntarily withdraws and who prefers secondary positions. Thus, this pillar is well suited to activities whose primary function is analysis and advice rather than making decisions.

In the event of an unfavorable relationship with the other pillars, it may then be the mark of an obstinate temperament fueled by a sense of reality that is far too rigid and critical.

As the pillar of the day of birth, luck and fortune can break through provided that flexibility of mind is cleverly cared for.