Leo Horoscope 2021: Annual forecasts per month

♌ Leo 2021 horoscope - Month by month predictions for the zodiac sign of Leo, from New Year 2021
By KarmaWeather - 28 January 2021
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Free and accurate 2021 horoscope for Leo men and women, according to your date of birth: love, money, career, education, travel, health, color of the year, lucky number, lucky zodiacal stone and balancing chakra.

Discover the meaning and effects of the astrological dates and events that will influence your life in 2021.

  • 📅 Leo dates of birth range: July 23 - August 22
  • 💎 Zodiac birthstone 2021: Tiger Eye
  • 🎨 Lucky color 2021: Orange
  • 🍀 Lucky number 2021: 24
  • 🧘‍♀️ Balancing chakra 2021: Sacral chakra

➔ Leo Personality Horoscope

Is 2021 a good year for Leo?

⭐ Annual score 2021: 6 / 10

Will the year 2021 turn out to be lucky for Leo? The winter 2021 love horoscope for Leo provides for a period of sentimental reconfiguration, during which the native of the House of Leo feels the need to find a certain stability while refocusing on himself. At the same time, as part of his work, the native of the zodiac sign of Leo begins the year 2021 with the certainty that he must prepare himself to face new challenges. His ability to meet the challenges presented to him and to adapt to the unforeseen allow Leo to reinvent himself and find new sources of income, which can materialize as early as April and May 2021.

From the summer of 2021, the Leo horoscope goes through a period of doubt in his work, and all the more so since he feels little supported in the trials he is going through then. Fortunately, the native of the astrological sign of Leo finds comfort in love, especially in July 2021, a period conducive to celebration and shared pleasures. Leo takes advantage of August 2021 to rest and get back in shape, in order to be ready to start the second part of the year with the energy of a wrestler, always ready to get up despite the blows received. Because whether it is about love as about his career, Leo will have to wait until November 2021 to find once again the paths of fortune and creativity.

The 2021 horoscope therefore predicts a rather positive year for Leo, because his flexibility combined with his majestic strength provide him with the assets he will need to successfully cross the pitfalls of a somewhat tumultuous year 2021.

Will Leo get married in 2021?

💒 Best month for Leo to get married in 2021: July 2021

Leo: Monthly horoscope 2021

Leo: January 2021

Leo January 2021 horoscope
Monthly Score 6 / 10
📅 Highlight January 14, 2021
💫 Zodiacal Event The sun and Pluto are in the neutral aspect of conjunction in the House of Capricorn.
❤️️ Topic Love, family, friendship
According to the horoscope for January 2021, you are going through an intense period, during which your insight is at its peak. If you are single, you should be able to sort out your suitors, thereby avoiding the classic pitfalls of love at first sight. The irresistible attraction and the sensuality shared with the loved one, as important as they are, will never make it possible to serve as effective therapy in the long term for a couple who do not get along on a daily basis. If you are already in a relationship, you may feel the need to take a step back in order to refocus on yourself. Indeed, despite all the love you feel for your partner, you feel like you have lost the direction of your personal journey. A retreat of a few days in the countryside, far from the hubbub of the world, would suit you perfectly.

Leo: February 2021

Leo February 2021 horoscope
Monthly Score 5 / 10
📅 Highlight February 18, 2021
💫 Zodiacal Event The sun enters Pisces.
💼 Topic Career
The horoscope for February 2021 signals the beginning of a period of transition in your career. If your work has until now been mainly focused on relationships, whether with your colleagues or with your clients, you now want more peace of mind. If your current main occupation is already lonely, for example you are an IT developer or a freelance copywriter from home, expect a favorable increase in your income and renewed prospects now. On the other hand, in the event of emotional fragility during this transitional phase, you may on the contrary have a feeling of paralysis in your affairs. Now is not the time to worry. On the contrary, take advantage of the changing environment to explore new territories while shedding the weight of the past.

Leo: March 2021

Leo March 2021 horoscope
Monthly Score 8 / 10
📅 Highlight March 20, 2021
💫 Zodiacal Event The sun enters Aries. The sun is both in the dignity of Exaltation and in the triplicity of Fire in the House of Aries.
💼 Topic Career
According to the horoscope for March 2021, you are overflowing with the energy necessary to launch a new project. It would be a shame not to take advantage of it, because the strength that drives you at the moment allows you to permanently change your perspective on life and move forward. The many pitfalls that await you on the road to success represent so many challenges to overcome. Nothing seems to be able to stop you in building a better future.

Leo: April 2021

Leo April 2021 horoscope
Monthly Score 6 / 10
📅 Highlight April 19, 2021
💫 Zodiacal Event The sun enters Taurus.
💰 Topic Money
During the month of April 2021, it is difficult for you to escape a certain euphoria at the sight of unexpected inflows of money, going hand in hand with a consolidation of your status. You could also decide to set up a savings plan in anticipation of a real estate purchase. This extremely favorable situation mainly benefits managers of large companies, senior government officials and jewelers. In return, you are tempted to spend more than you need to. Refrain from your purchasing impulses in view of less favorable atmosphere.

Leo: May 2021

Leo May 2021 horoscope
Monthly Score 6 / 10
📅 Highlight May 20, 2021
💫 Zodiacal Event The sun enters Gemini.
💰 Topic Money
The horoscope for the month of May 2021 announces the good fortune of intellectual and artistic careers, which are happy to benefit more than usual from the fruits of their labor. In general, this is an ideal period to consolidate your knowledge and further develop your taste for the artistic thing. In addition, you can expect significant career advancement or business success. No dream is impossible for those who know how to patiently build their network while relentlessly consolidating their skills. In addition, you can easily be ambitious without appearing arrogant, which allows you to be able to count on the appreciable support of professionals who appreciate you.

Leo: June 2021

Leo June 2021 horoscope
Monthly Score 4 / 10
📅 Highlight June 14, 2021
💫 Zodiacal Event Saturn and Uranus are in major dissonant square aspect in the House of Aquarius.
💼 Topic Career
According to the horoscope for the month of June 2021, you are going through a period full of unforeseen circumstances and tensions. You are forced in spite of yourself to step out of your comfort zone and face completely new situations on your own. Now is not the time to lose faith in your abilities. On the contrary, the fact that you have to fight like a lion to preserve your integrity leads you to find unsuspected resources within yourself. If you are tired of putting up with your manager's whims, maybe now is the time to take back your freedom. If your current career prospects are at a standstill and your private life finds itself degraded by the ongoing pressure you are under at your job, heading off in search of new adventures now seems more reasonable than continuing with an unhealthy status quo. A radical change is coming.

Leo: July 2021

Leo July 2021 horoscope
Monthly Score 8 / 10
📅 Highlight July 22, 2021
💫 Zodiacal Event The sun enters Leo. The sun is both in dignity of Domicile and in Fire triplicity in the House of Leo.
Topic Love, family, friendship
The horoscope for the month of July 2021 bodes well for a fierce desire not to be overwhelmed by the ambient gloom. Cupid's whims should be respected as much as possible. In this perspective, singles decide to give a preponderant place to the party and the entertainment, within the limits of the constraints imposed by a time when the traditional references are completely upset. As for couples, they too decide to prioritize the carefree pleasures of love over the initial anticipation of the arrival of their next child. Now is not the time to organize the home. Make way for the intoxication of feelings experienced as a realization devoid of any guilt.

Leo: August 2021

Leo August 2021 horoscope
Monthly Score 5 / 10
📅 Highlight August 22, 2021
💫 Zodiacal Event The sun enters Virgo.
💪 Topic Health, well-being
According to the horoscope for August 2021, you only have one desire during this period, to snuggle up in your bed as long as possible after you wake up. The torpor that overwhelms you is not necessarily a sign of an emerging depression but rather the symptom of a temporary decline in vitality. Your diet may not be balanced enough and your vitamin needs may not be met. To improve the quality of your sleep, also favor simple, light meals in the evening, for example vegetable soup and yogurt. This slump also encourages you to take an interest in all current topics concerning hygiene, health and nutrition. Curious but lucid, there is no question for you to radically change your lifestyle and consumption following the advice of influencers offering pseudo-scientific diets and expensive seminars.

Leo: September 2021

Leo September 2021 horoscope
Monthly Score 4 / 10
📅 Highlight September 22, 2021
💫 Zodiacal Event The sun enters Libra. The sun is in a debilitated state of Falling in the House of Libra.
❤️️ Topic Love, family, friendship
According to the horoscope for September 2021, if you are planning your wedding, it is better to temporarily postpone the preparation, or in any case to slow down the various exchanges between your two families on this subject. Indeed, the period can be a source of friction and misunderstandings. It is therefore preferable to favor caution, even if on paper nothing indicates that the situation is likely to deteriorate. Likewise, you might want to use this month to step back and refocus on yourself rather than trying to socialize with your friends. If their presence is dear to you, maintaining their friendship for the long term remains your priority. But currently, even a simple misunderstanding on a trivial subject would risk derailing a long-standing friendly relationship.

Leo: October 2021

Leo October 2021 horoscope
Monthly Score 4 / 10
📅 Highlight October 6, 2021
💫 Zodiacal Event The planet Pluto stops and becomes direct in Capricorn. Pluto is in a debilitated state of Falling in the House of Capricorn.
💼 Topic Career
On the occasion of the horoscope for the month of October 2021, you learn that a "friend" has spread rumors about you, with the aim of making you lose your place in your company for the benefit of another. Surprisingly, you are not more annoyed than that, because you are in a phase where you want to change direction drastically, largely in order to have more control over your professional future. Negotiating your departure may be a better option than seeking to stay at all costs. If you are not in a position to negotiate, be discreet while you find a professional alternative that suits you. Don't tell anyone about your plans, don't rock the boat, and be busy. A common technique is to walk with concentrated air in the hallways with well-stocked files under your arm, making it clear to your colleagues that you are unavailable for any new task.

Leo: November 2021

Leo November 2021 horoscope
Monthly Score 8 / 10
📅 Highlight November 21, 2021
💫 Zodiacal Event The sun enters Sagittarius. The sun is both in dignity of Planetary Joy and in Fire triplicity in the House of Sagittarius.
💰 Topic Money
According to the horoscope for the month of November 2021, the period is favorable for business trips. The conquest of new markets for your business is within your reach. Indeed, opportunities abound. To do this, you just have to look beyond your usual horizon and if necessary take a plane ticket and your suitcase. Juicy contracts are potentially the key. Also, if you can afford to invest in the stock market right now, take your chance. For a better guarantee of medium-term valuation of your shares, always prefer to invest in the fields of activity of which you have an acute knowledge.

Leo: December 2021

Leo December 2021 horoscope
Monthly Score 7 / 10
📅 Highlight 24 December 2021
💫 Zodiacal Event Jupiter and Uranus are in harmonic minor aspect of quintile in the House of Taurus.
💼👩‍🎓 Topic Career, studies
The horoscope for the month of December 2021 bodes well for a good time for work and study. Your intellectual agility gives you the ability to improvise and find creative solutions to the different challenges that are presented to you. You are able to set a clear direction for yourself and stick to it, while managing to adapt to unexpected events. It is largely your analytical skills and your listening skills that enable you to make the right decisions at the most opportune moment. If you are a student, you are able to decide the subjects and the course that will suit you best, even questioning the decisions you have made until now, without necessarily knowing all the workings of your specialty. It's time to rebound!

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