Libra Horoscope 2020: Love, Money, Health

♎ Libra 2020 horoscope: Horizons and discoveries
By KarmaWeather - 4 January 2020
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Accurate yearly horoscope 2020 for the zodiac sign of Libra, from New Year 2020 and month by month in 2020

Free personalized horoscope for Libra in 2020, for men and women, according to your date of birth: love, money, career, education, travel, health, color of the year 2020, lucky number, lucky zodiac stone and chakra for Libra in 2020. Discover the meaning and effects of the astrological dates and events that will influence your life in 2020.

📅 Libra dates of birth range: September 23 - October 23
💎 Zodiac birthstone 2020: Pink quartz
🎨 Lucky color 2020: Green, pink
🍀 Lucky number 2020: 8
🧘‍♀️ Balancing chakra 2020: Heart chakra

➔ Libra personality horoscope

In brief: Is 2020 a good year for Libra?

⭐ Annual score 2020: 6 / 10
In 2020, the native of Libra gives priority to feelings, his family, leisure and holidays. Work and studies, despite the seriousness with which they are approached, do not bring the expected satisfactions, to the point of causing you to question your career direction.

Will Libra get married in 2020?

💒 Best months for Libra to get married in 2020: August 2020, October 2020

Libra: Love horoscope 2020 for singles and couples

First semester 2020

⭐ Semester score: 5 / 10
💫 Astrological date and event: January 1, 2020 - Venus is direct in Aquarius.

The 2020 horoscope for the first months of the year heralds a prosperous period for social relations. You have the distinct impression of being more popular with your friends. You are almost obliged to refuse the numerous requests that you receive for dinners and weekends in the countryside.

Second semester 2020

⭐ Semester score: 5 / 10
💫 Astrological date and event: May 11, 2020 - Saturn is retrograde in its House (Aquarius).

If you feel like your relationship is not working as well as it did before, now is the time to question yourself. Likewise, if your common objectives are no longer the same with your partner, it is not too late to reformulate them together, while respecting and accepting your differences.

Libra: Money and Career horoscope 2020

First semester 2020

⭐ Semester score: 7 / 10
💫 Astrological date and event: January 1, 2020 - Saturn is direct in Capricorn. Saturn is in Dignity of Domicile in House 10 (Capricorn).

Your career horoscope for January, February, March and April 2020 foresees positive repercussions following your efforts in the previous months. If you are rewarded at the height of your ambition, however, be careful not to spread the news of your success too much on social networks, because the envious who prowl near you do not wish you good. Whatever happens, you have to get used to the idea that the more your fame increases, the more the fall is likely to be great. Fortunately, if you remain calm and discreet, you will be able to savor your current success with serenity, without giving a grip to external disturbances.

Second semester 2020

⭐ Semester score: 8 / 10
💫 Astrological date and event: December 17, 2020 - Saturn enters Aquarius. Saturn is in Dignity of Domicile in House 11 (Aquarius). Saturn is in a state of Air Triplicity in the House of Aquarius.

The horoscope for December 2020 offers you the opportunity to share with your friends and family your experience and the original vision that you have developed over the years in your field of activity. Beyond a simple transmission of knowledge, you are also able to act as a patron for causes that you admire. Your good organization makes you particularly efficient in your work and offers you the opportunity to support the projects that are important to you.

Libra: Monthly horoscope 2020

Libra: January 2020

⭐ Monthly score: 8 / 10
💫 Astrological date and event: January 13, 2020 - Venus enters Pisces. Venus is in Dignity of Exaltation in House 12 (Pisces). Venus is in a state of Water Triplicity in the House of Pisces.

Travel, sports and leisure: Take advantage of this period of calm and happiness to live moments of relaxation and cultural outings with your family and those you love. The practice of an artistic activity can contribute even more to your personal development.

Libra: February 2020

⭐ Monthly score: 3 / 10
💫 Astrological date and event: February 7, 2020 - Venus enters Aries. Venus is in Exile debility in House 1 (Aries).

Love, family and friendship: The horoscope for February 2020 benefits singles more than couples. Indeed, the atmosphere is electric and the opportunities for romantic encounters are numerous. Even if they can't find a soul mate, singles are not likely to get bored. On the other hand, if you are in a couple, you may be tempted by night excursions away from home. Pull yourself together and reassure yourself, because it is probably a temporary loss of bearings rather than a radical desire to change your life.

Libra: March 2020

⭐ Monthly score: 7 / 10
💫 Astrological date and event: March 4, 2020 - Venus enters Taurus. Venus is in Dignity of Domicile in House 2 (Taurus).

Love, family and friendship: The horoscope for March 2020 gives you the opportunity to consolidate the foundations of your home. Take full advantage of the fact that you have the opportunity to spend more time at home, reading and tinkering. If you are a parent, now is a good time to introduce your children to art and culture, especially since they seem much more willing to do this type of activity than usual.

Libra: April 2020

⭐ Monthly score: 5 / 10
💫 Astrological date and event: April 3, 2020 - Venus enters Gemini.

Career, money and studies: During the month of April 2020, studies and artistic professions are favored. It is without apparent effort that visual, poetic or musical inspiration comes to you. In addition, you manage to remain constant in your artistic research work, which allows you to complete several projects to the point where you feel that they deserve to be tested with the general public.

Libra: May 2020

⭐ Monthly score: 4 / 10
💫 Astrological date and event: May 13, 2020 - Venus is retrograde in Gemini.

Career, money and studies: Between mid-May and the end of June 2020, you experience a period of temporary slowdown in the pace of your studies, especially if you are an art, theater of music student. It becomes much more difficult for you to structure your ideas to draw coherent concepts. A better organization of your creative process or your methodology before your theatrical, vocal or instrumental rehearsals should help to remedy this.

Libra: June 2020

⭐ Monthly score: 4 / 10
💫 Astrological date and event: May 13, 2020 - Venus is retrograde in Gemini.

Travel, sports and leisure: If you go on a trip between mid-May and June 2020, when you return, you will certainly feel more physically rested, but not necessarily mentally refreshed.

Libra: July 2020

⭐ Monthly score: 5 / 10
💫 Astrological date and event: July 1, 2020 - Saturn is retrograde in its House (Capricorn).

Career, money and studies: In the coming months, those who will simply continue their routine may see their income slowly erode, unlike those who have been able to challenge themselves and innovate. Sometimes, it is better for one to see one's profits temporarily decrease following a change in production method, especially if this can allow one's project to grow in a sustainable way thereafter.

Libra: August 2020

⭐ Monthly score: 9 / 10
💫 Astrological date and event: July 27, 2020 - Jupiter is in major aspect of Sextile with Neptune.

Love, family and friendship: The period is ideal if you want to offer your partner to finally settle in together. You feel that the observation period has now lasted long enough and you feel ready to commit to a project of living together with the person you love. You should have a favorable ear from your partner.

Libra: September 2020

⭐ Monthly score: 7 / 10
💫 Astrological date and event: September 6, 2020 - Venus enters Leo. Venus is in Dignity of Planetary Joy in House 5 (Leo).

Love, family and friendship: The horoscope for the month of September 2020 is favorable for children, to the point that most of them seem happy to return to school after the summer holidays. Weekends are an opportunity for cultural and fun family outings.

Libra: October 2020

⭐ Monthly score: 3 / 10
💫 Astrological date and event: October 2, 2020 - Venus enters Virgo. Venus is in Debility of Fall (Detriment) in House 6 (Virgo).

Career, money and studies: The horoscope for October 2020 calls for a reconsideration of your professional situation. If you are an office worker, a management assistant, a worker, a waiter in a restaurant or an employee in the hotel industry, you experience both physical and moral fatigue by failing to feel that you are considered worthy of your work by your hierarchy. However, now is not the best time to change jobs. It is better to accept the present situation even if it is far from satisfying you. On the other hand, take advantage of any time available to prepare for your next step and train yourself in trades that offer more flexibility and independence.

Libra: November 2020

⭐ Monthly score: 7 / 10
💫 Astrological date and event: October 27, 2020 - Venus enters Libra. Venus is in Dignity of Domicile in House 7 (Libra).

Love, family and friendship: The horoscope for the end of October 2020 and November 2020 is an idyllic period for couples who wish to marry under the best auspices.

Career, money and studies: If you are starting your own business and are about to join your skills with one or more partners, success is clearly visible on the horizon.

Libra: December 2020

⭐ Monthly score: 5 / 10
💫 Astrological date and event: December 15, 2020 - Venus enters Sagittarius.

Travel, sports and leisure: The horoscope for December 2020 prompts you to embark on a spiritual quest to better know yourself and better understand your role in the world.You can decide to take a solo trip or even join a humanitarian association. If above all you feel the need to give a deeper and less materialistic meaning to your existence, you also do not remain insensitive to the charm of your fellow men and women. If you are single, you happily alternate travel, spiritual retreats and romantic adventures.

Career, money and studies: Poetry and philosophical and theological studies are favored during the month of December 2020. If you are a student, this is the ideal time to lay the foundations for your future thesis.

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