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Business astrological compatibility - Chinese zodiac compatibility with your colleagues, your company and your boss
By KarmaWeather - 1 August 2022
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With KarmaWeather, and thanks to the precepts of Chinese cosmology, you can learn the tools to better understand your career evolution and professional development prospects. We'll show you how in this article.

Of course, Chinese astrology, and by extension Feng Shui, first relate to you on a personal level, through the analysis of the energetic cycles of the five elements of Chinese cosmology specific to you (your birth date), all in relation with the energetic cycles of a specific time (present, future), and space (directions).

However, while the most common approach to love matching is about checking your compatibility with your lover, your family and your friends, another very useful feature can be considered, this time on a professional level. The KarmaWeather iPhone app can of course also be used that way.

The job interview

In the perspective of a job interview, either as a candidate for a job, or as a recruiter or HR manager, a small compatibility check between you and the person you're about to meet can be very valuable indeed.

Who does actually believe that reading a CV and a cover letter, followed by one or several interviews, are sufficient to fully understand the profile of the candidate you are about to give significant responsibility within your company?

Or, if you are a candidate, do you seriously think that the outlook you are being promised in terms of salary, skill and responsibility, will necessarily turn into reality once you're recruited?

After you've found out the date of birth of the person you're about to meet, use KarmaWeather iPhone app to check in detail your match percentage, your inclination for one another, and try to understand his/her karmic personality by analyzing their amount of Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water elements. Also check your Karma Diary before your interview, to make sure that the date of your appointment is in your favor.

If you don't have an iPhone, click here to check the Chinese astrological sign of the person you are about to meet, and find out his/her sign and main element (birth year), and the sign and main element of his/her lifelong evolving personality (date of birth). From these informations, and by reading the corresponding life horoscope of the person, you should have enough information to start understanding better the relationship both of you can expect.

In particular, when visiting one of the 12 fortune and personality horoscopes for each of the Chinese zodiac animals, check out the infographic dedicated to the Chinese zodiac sign of your appointment. It shows the two signs with whom you're the most compatible with (this is called the triangle of compatibilities), as well as the sign your should avoid when possible, or at least keep at a reasonable distance.

iPhone app of astrological compatibility between Chinese zodiac signs
Chinese zodiac signs and Compatibility Match between current Apple CEO Tim Cook and Apple, the company founded in 1976 by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak

Feng Shui cures for business

In Asia, companies almost always rely on a Feng Shui master, either during the construction of a new building (in which case he / she is made to work with the architect), as well as design, interior decoration and functional purposes (location of furniture and office areas, fluidity of movement and passing, colors of workspaces and meeting rooms, company logo). A Feng Shui compass is therefore used in combination with the information extracted from the creation date of the enterprise, the building's inauguration date, and possibly the date of birth of the CEO.

Choosing your company

Did you know? Your company, just like your country of birth, both have a Chinese astrological profile, determined by their creation date. Thus, before signing an employment contract, or in case you're wondering about your future in the short or medium term in the company you're currently working for, first verify its Chinese zodiac sign, and then make sure you match.

You've been feeling sluggish for too long? Your skills are not recognized at their fair value? No wonder, you were born in the Year of the Dog, when your company was created in the Year of the Dragon, two signs that are struggling to get along and thrive together. It may well be the right time to update your resume, polish your LinkedIn profile, and actively seek ways out towards greener pastures.


The Top 10 companies in the World in 2016

(source: Fortune Global 500)
Top 10 world companies
1. Wallmart
Founded in July 2, 1962
Chinese zodiac: Water Tiger
6. Exxon Mobil
Founded in November 30, 1999
Chinese zodiac: Earth Rabbit
2. State Grid
Founded in December 29, 2002
Chinese zodiac: Water Horse
7. Volkswagen
Founded in May 28, 1937
Chinese zodiac: Fire Ox
3. China National Petroleum
Founded in September 17, 1988
Chinese zodiac: Earth Dragon
8. Toyota Motor
Founded in August 28, 1937
Chinese zodiac: Fire Ox
4. Sinopec Group
Founded in July, 1998
Chinese zodiac: Earth Tiger
9. Apple
Founded in April 1, 1976
Chinese zodiac: Fire Dragon
5. Royal Dutch Shell
Founded in February 24, 1907
Chinese zodiac: Fire Goat
10. BP
Founded in April 14, 1909
Chinese zodiac: Earth Rooster


Are you compatible with your manager?

You've already been part of your company for some time now, and the person who hired you and has been your manager so far has just been promoted to another department.

You and your colleagues are now under the responsibility of a new manager. The situation is quite unfortunate for you, as from the start, this new relationship couldn't have been worse. One could downright say there's an ongoing cold war between you two. In the meanwhile, you find out that your colleagues, hitherto so kind and involved with you, have now stopped asking you to go for lunch with them, and seem to ignore you completely at the coffee machine, except when they seem to have run out of cash, and therefore need someone to pay for their hot beverage.

It is time to check your compatibility with your new manager. If you find out that you're both in total karmic antithesis, it's probably worthwhile to avoid to wait in vain for an improvement of your personal situation, hypothetically planned when you two are supposed to sit down together at your next annual review.

Who really are your colleagues?

Yes, who are they really? If the peaceful atmosphere of the place where you spend most of your life is essential to your well-being, you're not fooled however by the fact that the demonstrations of friendship of many of your colleagues will generally serve to lull your vigilance, while the hierarchical relationships and personal ambitions always take over on supposedly unbreakable friendly feelings. Birthdays, small gifts, shared cocktail at the end of the day, a week-end at Disneyland, so lovely. Yes, but are there really any friends among your colleagues? With KarmaWeather, it may be time to find out at long last that your closest colleague has actually been secretly jealous of you from the start, and most probably betrayed you multiple times without awakening your suspicion.

When is it time to start your own business?

Finally, if you do not find happiness and serenity, both at the company you're working for and in the presence of your office colleagues, people you generally haven't chosen but with whom you spend more time than all the moments spent with your wife, husband and children combined, there is a solution: create your own business. For this purpose, it's again advisable to check the year in which you plan to create your company, and thus determine its sign and specific energetic balance of the five elements of Chinese cosmology, combined with your own Chinese horoscope. Be persistent and good luck!

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