Love stones - 12 power stones for attracting love

Love crystals' guide to attract, support and preserve romance, soulmates and marriage
By KarmaWeather - 10 January 2024
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Introduction: definition, powers, use and origins of love stones

This article dedicated to therapeutic and protective love stones highlights the meaning of love crystals, their origins and uses as love healing crystals, the role of precious stones for marriage and for the couple and whether to avoid using certain stones together or not. You will find a detailed list of the 12 best stones for love, complete with an infographic allowing you to see at a glance the specific characteristics and functions of each love stone. Then, we discuss the reasons why amethyst attracts love and its role as stone for protecting couples. Finally, discover a historical reminder of the meaning and use of the best love stones and amulets that have been used to promote love since antiquity, in Egypt, Rome, India and in China.

Meaning of love stones

The love between two beings is a feeling as indefinable as it is irresistible. Love is the source of fusional happiness and fiery passion. Stealthy and striking, its strength surprises, its suddenness overwhelms, its aura heals and its durability soothes. With love, we totally devote ourselves to our loved one, with our secrets as well as our fears. Love allows you to believe in your future with more conviction, gives you the will to become a better person and sometimes even allows you to make peace with your own past. Love is the mirror of noble feelings, illuminated at the mere sight of the smile of the loved one. When shared, love is a gift from heaven, holding the promise of a future as bright and promising as the happy ending of a child's story. However, when love is unilateral, manipulation or when it becomes jealousy, it can also turn into a weapon of destruction and turn into poison of feelings. It is the very origin of births as well as the annihilation of families, peoples and civilizations. Therefore, love, a fundamental existential aspiration of women and men, remains inseparable from their deep nature and shapes the world according to its own dynamic, powerful, unpredictable and irrational.

So, since the dawn of time, our ancestors have developed different techniques to attract, nourish and cultivate love. There are many rituals and invocations dedicated to love: love filters, love spells, talismans and love amulets. These generally include one or more crystals, in their natural, polished or cut form.

The stones from the depths of the earth may be chemically inert, but they exert a strange fascination on us. Their brilliant sparkles when cut often contrast with their mysterious opacity in their natural crystal shape. Due to the great variety of forms and types of minerals, many cultures have sought to exploit the magic and vibrational virtues of stones, with the aim of arousing love, health, good luck and protection.

Love crystals act as catalysts to attract, develop, strengthen, protect and care for love in all its expressions, from desire to passion through doubt, jealousy and reconciliation. At first, love for others is hardly possible until one first manage to love oneself, what some natural stones and love crystals are suitable for, thanks to their healing and self-esteem building powers. Likewise, love stones, because of their balancing qualities, make it possible to align acts with intentions and thereby contribute to life by opening up to love, to happiness, peace and harmony.

How to use love crystals?

Depending on their uses, two large families of crystals are distinguished:

  • Decorative and ornamental stones, used to decorate a jewelry set, a necklace, a brooch, earrings, a bracelet (social, religious, aesthetic attribute)

  • Protective talismans and lucky or healing stones, worn more discreetly or placed in a given place (magic function)

Stones to attract love, if they can be considered in the form of a jewel, will probably have more effect when they are used in their form of magic talisman, in the intimacy of at home, for example with the help of a crystal grid or simply placed in your pocket. In the latter case, a rolled or polished stone will always be more suitable and more comfortable than a stone in its natural or cut state. Obviously, nothing prevents to attribute a double function to a stone, which can be both decorative and magic.

Top 5 crystals and love stones, by KarmaWeather
Top 5 love stones:
Rose quartz, malachite, tiger eye, lapis lazuli, Shiva Lingam
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Before tackling in more detail which are the stones and crystals the most adapted to the different phases of love, let us recall some basic principles of lithotherapy, valid whatever the type of energetic cure or vibration technique you wish to apply; love, luck, fortune, health, chakra work, Feng Shui or Reiki cures:

  • Never use a stone that you don't like (you will always have an alternative for the same use)
  • Always favor crystals for which you have an instinctive affinity
  • Before any use, find out about the type of crystal used to learn about its cleaning and energy recharging procedure
  • Do not let anyone other than you handle a stone used for a magic purpose (protection, love, good luck)
  • If someone other than you has come into physical contact with one of your talisman crystals, repeat the cleaning and recharging procedure before using it again

What stones shouldn't be together?

Whether in the context of chakra healing stones, protective and lucky Feng Shui stones or crystals to attract love, it it is customary to consider that certain stones should not be used together or in certain specific contexts. Thus, there are some natural stones which it is better to avoid putting near the bed or under the pillow because of their overflowing vibratory power, for example the celestial obsidian (or celestial eye). Similarly, amethyst geodes and clusters of clear quartz have a receptacle function for the energetic recharging of most magic and healing stones. Consequently, these crystals have the effect of increasing the power and the vibrational quality of the stones with which they are put together.

Depending on the desired effect, the use of the amplifying power of quartz and amethyst can be considered in order to tone up the energies of a neighboring stone. Powerful stones, such as malachite or black tourmaline, will rather tend to absorb and minimize the vibratory rate of adjacent crystals. In addition, it is also possible to appreciate the regulatory effects of a pale-hued stone associated with a brightly-colored stone.

It is better to replace or transmit stones and jewelry that cause a feeling of discomfort, even if they are gifts offered on the occasion of engagement, marriage, anniversary, birth or Valentine's Day. To avoid offending the person who wanted to show you his love or just to make you happy, you can always determine with the help of a jeweler or a goldsmith another arrangement that will better match your feelings.

The best stones for love and good luck

What is the best crystal to attract love? It depends of course on the stage of your romance. Some love stones are more suited to the search for love, to encourage a crush and make yourself irresistible to your suitor. Other crystals will have the power to promote desire, sexuality, marriage, fertility and marital happiness. Finally, other stones will have a more protective and curative role, to preserve serenity and the quality of dialogue within the couple, or even to repair emotional wounds.

Infographic of the 12 best love crystals

Love stones infographic: list of the 12 best love crystals and their meaning
Illustrated list of love stones:
Top 12 crystals to attract and promote love, romance and happiness
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List of the 12 best stones for love

Ceylon sapphire, amethyst, tiger eye, malachite, emerald, rhodochrosite, rose quartz, white noble opal, pearl, moonstone, diamond, lapis lazuli

Below, discover the powers and virtues which are lent to this family of love crystals, their applications and their uses according to the circumstances of life and the opportunity of encounters:

Stones for love attraction and luck

  • The Rose quartz is the quintessential love stone. Associated with the heart chakra, rose quartz is the ideal stone to attract love and promote luck for lovers. Its virtues arouse the awakening, the sweetness, the sensitivity and the happiness of romantic feelings. Rose quartz is also beneficial for developing self-love and acceptance of one's own body. Its role in the consolidation of self-confidence also gives it a power of relational healing following emotional deficiencies or a romantic break-up. Likewise, rose quartz is a crystal ideal for a marriage proposal and as a gift on the wedding day. Finally, rose quartz crystal is a love crystal of choice for honeymooners and as such can occupy a prominent place in the bedroom, where it will help maintain the harmony, happiness and luck of the couple.
List of crystals to attract love, luck and find a soulmate: rose quartz, amethyst, white noble opal, moonstone

Crystals for love and romance

  • The Ceylon sapphire is the crystal of love that best embodies the patience and persistence essential to romance, as well as the fidelity of couples and happy marriages. Gift of choice for lovers, blue sapphire is the ideal engagement stone. Ceylon sapphire, like all blue sapphires, protects and consolidates the carnal and sentimental ties of couples who wish to make their love last. A ring set with a blue sapphire should never be transmitted or offered a second time for sentimental reasons, at the risk of losing its virtuous properties.
List of crystals for attracting love and romance: Ceylon sapphire (blue sapphire), diamond, moonstone, rose quartz

Gemstones and crystals for love and marriage

  • The diamond is the love stone of marital happiness, but also of renewal and courage. Natural diamond is the most resistant of crystals. Its hardness, combined with its rarity and its shimmering shine when cut, make it the love stone that best expresses the uniqueness and permanence of a happy couple. The gift of a gold engagement ring with a diamond is a fairly recent tradition that spread with the boom in diamond mining in South Africa from the mid-19th century. But it is especially from the beginning of the 20th century and the diamond advertising campaign of De Beers "The diamond is eternal" or "A diamond is a woman's best friend", that diamonds won their proof condition of ultimate love, never denied since. In lithotherapy, the diamond is a very powerful crystal applicable to several chakras (root, throat, heart, crown) and whose emotional virtues also make it possible to foresee possible infidelities (throat chakra). Diamonds also play a positive soothing role in channeling sexual impulses (root chakra). The diamond wedding anniversary celebrates the 60th wedding anniversary.

  • The pearl is the gem of happiness and wedding par excellence. Its roundness, its soft opacity, its white, cream, light pink, beige, gray or black color give it specific energetic properties and emotional properties. In addition to being a pledge of fertility, the pearl is a stone that promotes self-love through its ability to reveal the truth. The pearl is also a balancing gem that promotes relational healing. Thus, the pearl embodies purity when it is white, softness when it is cream or beige, tenderness when it is pink, protection when it is black. The pearl wedding anniversary celebrates the 30th wedding anniversary.
List of crystals for attracting love, marriage and keep a soulmate: emerald, rhodochrosite, pearl, diamond, Ceylon sapphire (blue sapphire)

Crystals for love and protection

  • The tiger eye is the most effective love crystal for protection, not to mention lapis lazuli and amethyst, which have similar qualities. But while the role of protective stone of lapis lazuli and amethyst is intended mainly for the attention of already established couples, the tiger eye crystal has a much broader function, since it protects individually (when we carry it on ourselves) and collectively (when it is positioned at the door and windows of the house). The tiger eye is also a powerful stone of love and happiness because its reflective virtues against bad energies, which it returns like a mirror to those who projected them, strengthen self-love and the protection of the loved ones who are close to its benevolent aura.
List of crystals for attracting love and protection: tiger eye, lapis lazuli, amethyst

Crystals for love and happiness

  • The white noble opal is the love crystal of tenderness, happiness and purity of feelings. In lithotherapy, white opal is a luminous and spiritual stone, very suitable for meditation (third eye chakra, crown chakra). Likewise, white opal is a powerful love stone that has the power to contribute effectively to the happiness of couples. White opal has a therapeutic action on sleep, strengthens the couple's confidence and encourages loyalty.
List of crystals for attracting love, happiness and harmony: white noble opal, pearl, tiger eye

Strengthening and healing crystals for self-love

  • The malachite is a love stone of protection and self-love, which has the ability to clarify the thoughts and speech of those who use it. The strong emotional rebalancing power of the malachite crystal helps to correct and heal any lack of confidence and self-love. Naturally associated with the heart chakra due to its green color, the malachite crystal brings luck in love as in business.
List of crystals for attracting love and self-esteem: malachite, tiger eye, pearl

Healing crystals for relationship healing

  • The emerald is the love stone of emotional healing par excellence, because its regenerative virtues, harmony, goodness but also its aphrodisiac qualities make it possible to perform miracles for couples whose relationships are at their lowest. Indeed, in addition to being considered since ancient times as the precious stone of eternal youth and secret knowledge, from which the chalice of the Holy Grail would have been carved, the emerald is a love crystal which promotes long-term happy and fulfilled marriages. The emerald wedding anniversary celebrates the 40th wedding anniversary.

  • The moonstone is the love stone for couples, fertility and reconciliation. The moonstone has all the virtues of a Yin crystal, which makes it the ideal crystal of Chinese zodiac signs with Yin polarity whose aim is to strengthen their intrinsic energetic qualities (Ox, Rabbit, Snake, Goat, Rooster, Pig). Generous, spiritual and dreamy, the moonstone brings creativity and candor to lovers who wish to erase the deleterious effects of the weariness that sometimes wins couples over time. This is why the moonstone is an excellent relational healing stone, without forgetting of course its powers of stimulating fertility for women who want to have a child, and of flourishing maternal instinct for young mothers. Finally, let's not forget that the pearly and mysterious beauty of the moonstone gives it the ideal qualities of a crystal aimed at attracting love when it is in its first stages.
List of crystals to heal and repair a couple relationship or recover from a romantic breakup: lapis lazuli, amethyst, malachite, emerald, rhodochrosite, moonstone

Love crystals for communication and friendship

  • The lapis lazuli is the love stone of wisdom and happy communication. Stone of the gods of ancient Egypt, prized by the pharaohs, the deep blue color of lapis lazuli gives it a unique natural nobility and elegance. Lapis Lazuli is one of the stones of predilection for adornments and princely jewels, its ability to enhance the gold of jewelry only equaled by the harmonious alliance of an emerald ring and diamonds. Besides the third eye chakra, lapis lazuli can be used to stimulate most of the 7 chakras, including the heart chakra. On an emotional level, lapis lazuli stimulates intelligence, creativity and benevolent communication. Lapis lazuli is also a very effective therapeutic crystal of relational healing thanks to its stabilizing power of emotional storms, and of awakening to clairvoyance.

  • The rhodochrosite is the stone of love for communication and compassionate hearts. Not to be confused with manganocalcite, which resembles it but whose pink hues are generally paler and less contrasted, rhodochrosite crystal is a soothing and protective love stone, often associated with rose, the flower of love . Rhodochrosite is one of the best love crystals to offer as a wedding day gift, because it helps strengthen the vows of fidelity and happiness of the newlyweds. In lithotherapy, rhodochrosite is a powerful crystal of spiritual therapy, which gives lovers the joy of sharing, compassion and dialogue.
List of crystals to promote couple communication and friendly relationships: lapis lazuli, rhodochrosite, malachite, moonstone

Does amethyst attract love?

Photo of inside an amethyst geode, by KarmaWeather
Inside an amethyst geode
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Amethyst, crystal of spirituality, wisdom and serene love

The amethyst, in addition to being a powerful balancing and stabilizing love stone, is first of all a spiritual crystal, whose deep meaning is associated with serenity, strength and humility. Its color varies from pale mauve to dark purple. The amethyst can be in the form of natural crystal, polished crystal or even in a cut sphere (orb). In jewelry, amethyst is usually used for rings, pendants, necklaces, bracelets but also for rosary beads, amethyst being particularly appreciated by religious. Indeed, the amethyst is the stone of predilection for priests, bishops, pastors, rabbis and Buddhist monks. Thus, the amethyst crystal is often used for meditation and spiritual elevation because it stimulates the imagination, clairvoyance and serenity. Finally, its properties of wisdom and purification help people who have addiction problems (alcohol, tobacco, coffee, drugs) to support them in their detoxification process.

Macro photo of a cluster of amethyst, by MattysFlicks
Macro photo of a cluster of amethyst
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Amethyst, a rebalancing and stabilizing stone of love

In terms of feelings and romance, can amethyst attract love? Amethyst can actually be very effective in promoting love, because of the strong aura of quiet wisdom it provides to its holder. In the case of an emerging romantic relationship, the presence of the amethyst dissipates the tension and allows each partner to develop a more sincere and serene dialogue. For already established couples, an amethyst geode placed in the bedroom, near the bed, promotes quality sleep, in addition to its purifying effect on the ambient atmosphere. In the same way, the amethyst drives out the anxiety-provoking thoughts, fights angry impulses and makes it possible to attenuate the irrational passions as well as the obsessive thoughts. All these qualities make amethyst a protective stone of love by its action on mental rebalancing. In addition to attracting and promoting love, amethyst is before a crystal which protects the emotional stability of happy couples.

Love stones and crystals in history

Precious and semi-precious stones, far beyond their physical qualities or their value, have always been the subject of magic and healing rituals. As we will see below with the example of Egyptian, Greco-Roman, Indian and Chinese civilizations, the type of stone used in white magic for love spells was not necessarily the first selection criterion. The message (prayer or spell) and the figurative or symbolic representation of the deity supposed to intercede to foster the love of the owner of the talisman played an equally determining role. Similarly, the ancient rituals which accompanied the consecration of stones dedicated to love and fertility being lost today, the magic practice of a grid of crystals constitutes a popular alternative contemporary approach, not its alliance by magic white of sacred geometry and energetic natural stones.

Love crystals of Ancient Egypt

In the Egypt of the pharaohs, talismans and amulets played a very important role in all strata of society. Associated with a particular god, consecrated by priests, sometimes encrusted with a name, a prayer or a spell, the amulets and magic stones of ancient Egypt were often made of glass colored earthenware, emerald, tiger eye, amethyst, lapis lazuli, carnelian, chalcedony, malachite, turquoise, jasper or even with different gypsum and quartz crystals. Among the most emblematic and fashionable talismans of Egyptian antiquity, we can mention:

  • Ankh amulet, the Egyptian "cross", which means health and longevity
  • Udjat amulet, the eye of the god Horus, which means supreme protection and professional success
  • Nefer amulet, which means luck thanks to the love and protection of loved ones
  • Beetle amulet, which favors optimal health
  • Frog amulet, which means life and resurrection, the protection of the living and the dead
  • Hator's love amulet, the Egyptian goddess of love and fertility, protector of the dead

Love crystals of Greco-Roman Antiquity

During Greco-Roman antiquity, the stones of pendants and rings were almost always carved in the hollow of the mineral of an inscription, the figure of an illustrious character, a deity, an animal or a mythological scene. Often in colored glass, green agate or red carnelian, the gods and goddesses of ancient Greek and Roman amulets used to promote love are:

  • Venus (Aphrodite): goddess of love, desire and fertility, beauty, victory and prosperity
  • Cupid (Eros): god of love attraction, uncontrollable desire and affection, often depicted as a winged child because love is unstable and volatile
  • Apollo: Greek and Roman god of sun and light, of arts and medicine, also renowned for his many romantic relationships with his fellow gods from Mount Olympus but also with humans, women or men

Love crystals of India

Shiva Lingams of Brihadishvara temple, Tamil Nadu, India, by B Balaji
Shiva Lingams inside the Brihadishvara temple, Hindu temple dedicated to Shiva in Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu, India
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The most popular Hindu talisman dedicated to love in the Vedic tradition is the Shiva Lingam. It is an oblong stone, of which all size variants exist, from the small pendant stone for the amulets to the monolith for the large temples, and whose colors alternate between ocher, brown and white. Phallic in shape, this symbolic representation of Lord Shiva is certainly the most abstract expression of Hindu religious representations. In India, at the bend of an alley, you can come across small very simple temples within which there is a Shiva-Lingam, composed of a Lingam stone erected on a promontory in the shape of a cup and through which flows milk donated by women who aspire to love, fertility and a happy and prosperous marriage, as much for themselves and their husbands as for their children.

Besides Shiva, main figure of the great Hindu trinity with Brahma and Vishnu, other deities play a key role in attracting love and passion. This is particularly the case for Rati (रति), goddess of love, passion, carnal desire and sexual pleasure, but also of her male partner Kāmadeva (कामदेव), god of love, sensuality and desire. Like Cupid, the latter is shown armed with a bow and arrows. However, he does not have his own wings and flies assisted by a parrot or a cart secured to a couple of green parakeets. The amulets of Lord Kāmadeva to promote love attraction and fiery passion are composed of small pearls wrapped around a pale pink coffee bean shell (of the Triviidae family), symbolizing a female sexual organ.

Love crystals of China

The myth of love in the Chinese tradition, symbolically represented by a couple of magpies, is celebrated every year on Chinese Valentine's Day, the seventh day of the seventh lunar month of the Chinese calendar. Corresponding to the pillar of destiny of the Fire Horse (the Yang imaged destiny of "the Water of the Heavenly River"), Chinese folklore has celebrated for centuries the legend of the Cowherd and the Weaver. The celestial queen mother, angry at the union of her daughter with a human, transformed them both into stars, Altair and Vega. Their astral configuration condemns them to a permanent distance, except once a year, when a couple of magpies, accomplices of their love, create a gateway of their own body to allow these lovers with such a tragic fate to catch a glimpse of each other for a short time.

The crystals and stones to promote love and romance in the Chinese tradition can be:

  • Talisman with the Chinese character 喜鹊 (magpie), which is made up of 鹊 (happiness, joy), and by extension the pair of Chinese Valentine's magpie, which becomes 鹊 鹊 (double happiness)
  • Talisman with Chinese / Japanese character 愛 (love)
  • Frog amulet for fertility and fortune, in the form of a carved batrachian or the Chinese character 蛙 (frog), which has the same pronunciation in Mandarin as 娃 (baby)
  • Jade stone amulet for protection, luck and success in love
  • Amulet in rose quartz to promote attraction and romance

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