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Lucky colors of the year 2019

If you don’t know your Chinese animal sign yet, first use the free Chinese zodiac sign calculator earlier in this page, as our Color of the Year articles give you the luckiest colors to use in 2019 according to your Chinese zodiac sign. Knowing your Chinese animal and the element of your year of birth can give you important clues on how to use the colors and objects which are associated with the 5 elements.

Feng Shui flying stars 2019, Kua number calculation, Chinese zodiac calculator

Before reading the Feng Shui flying stars 2019, you need to verify your Feng Shui Kua number which is calculated according to your sex and your Feng Shui year of birth. While your Kua number is fixed, the position of the 9 Feng Shui flying stars evolves within the rules of the Lo Shu magic square.

Find your chinese zodiac sign

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The 5 Feng Shui elements

Feng Shui elements and Chinese astrology elements are the same: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. They also share the same properties, cures and balancing techniques. If Feng Shui cures are designed to protect and bring fortune and luck to your living environment (home, office), the 5 elements have a broader scope in Chinese culture, as you will find out in our articles dedicated to the 5 elements.

Feng Shui 2018

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