Kua number 4 - Personality horoscope, Calendar

☴ Feng Shui Kua number 4: Kua calendar, personality horoscope (love, fortune, career), information chart (color, direction) and Bagua trigram symbol
By KarmaWeather - 2 June 2022
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In this article, you will find out more on the precepts of the Book of Changes (Yi Jing, I Ching, 易經) related to Kua number 4, in association with a man, woman or child: trigram, direction, element, season, organ and Yin Yang of course, but also in terms of the personality and role in society of people born during Kua 4's years.

What Kua number am I?

In Feng Shui, the Kua (BaGua) number of your year of birth plays a more determining role than your Chinese zodiac sign. Indeed, once you know your personal Kua number, it becomes easier for you to fine-tune the Feng Shui enhancers, cures, remedies of your home.

☯ Kua number calculator

Kua 4 Birth Calendar (1924 - 2034)

The table below displays the Feng Shui years of birth (always from February 4th to February 3rd of the following year) of Kua number 4. Also note that your Kua number of birth differs depending on your gender. This is why men and women who share the same Kua number are born in different years. For its part, your house or office's Kua number, which corresponds to the year of the start of the building's construction, is the same as the Kua year of birth of men.

Kua 4 Birth Calendar for men and women, by KarmaWeather

Kua 4 Calendar

Kua 4 Year
(Man, House)
Kua 4 Year
Polarity, element
1924 1926 Yin Wood
1933 1935 Yin Wood
1942 1944 Yin Wood
1951 1953 Yin Wood
1960 1962 Yin Wood
1969 1971 Yin Wood
1978 1980 Yin Wood
1987 1989 Yin Wood
1996 1998 Yin Wood
2005 2007 Yin Wood
2014 2016 Yin Wood
2023 2025 Yin Wood
2032 2034 Yin Wood

📅 Yearly Feng Shui horoscope and lucky directions:

Kua Year n°4 Feng Shui horoscope

Personality horoscope of Kua number 4

Kua number 4 is related to the "Xun" (Sun) trigram of Yi Ching

Kua 4's personality horoscope

Reliable, tenacious and generous, the individual in relation to the Xun trigram is of exemplary generosity. He is often part of a large social circle. A faithful and considerate friend, her opinion is precious to those who can hear them. Always ready to help his neighbor, provided he finds an interest, he is a pragmatic spirit that often combines work and pleasure. With a great sensitivity to art, he excels in trades that require aesthetic know-how and patience. In love with nature, he knows internally that he is made to live in the countryside, in contact with the outdoors and animals.

Kua 4's career horoscope

However, the novelties and changes that the Xun individual usually finds in populated places are real stimulants necessary for his psychic well being. In his work, he is not one to be fussy, even if he is capable of a fast and efficient professional organization. Deep down, he prefers to live freely, without physical or temporal disturbances. This is why he often arrives late to his appointments. On the other hand, the Xun individual has an admirable faculty of communication.

Kua 4's love horoscope

In love, he is usually endowed with a natural charm that makes him irresistible to those who meet his eyes. Moreover, he needs to believe in the human being to feel himself exist. However, he has the unfortunate tendency to think that everyone shares the same degree of benevolence that he has towards others. Because of this, he is often fooled by malicious people. In the case of emotional betrayal, his disappointment may elicit black and pent-up anger, which could be destructive to his body. It can also fall into an endless depression or acute paranoia that it can not get rid of without outside help.

Information chart on Kua number 4

Kua number 4 information sheet, by KarmaWeather
Kua number 4
Name "Xun" (Sun)
Character The Gentle
Family role Oldest daughter
Element Wood
Polarity Yin
Color Green, brown
Physiological attribute Emancipated woman
Social behavior Rooting, anchoring, acceptance, internalization
Anatomy Legs
Season Second half of spring
Natural image Wind
Cardinal direction Southeast
Other signifiers Uncertainty, fighting spirit, work, retirement
Other role The Shopkeeper


Yi Jing trigram of Kua number 4

Trigram of Kua number 4

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