Kua number 9 - Personality horoscope, Calendar

☲ Feng Shui Kua number 9: Kua calendar, personality horoscope (love, fortune, career), information chart (color, direction) and Bagua trigram symbol
By KarmaWeather - 2 June 2017
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In this article, you will find out more on the precepts of the Book of Changes (Yi Jing, I Ching, 易經) related to Kua number 9, in association with a man, woman or child: trigram, direction, element, season, organ and Yin Yang of course, but also in terms of the personality and role in society of people born during Kua 9's years.

What Kua number am I?

In Feng Shui, the Kua (BaGua) number of your year of birth plays a more determining role than your Chinese zodiac sign. Indeed, once you know your personal Kua number, it becomes easier for you to fine-tune the Feng Shui enhancers, cures, remedies of your home.

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Kua 9 Birth Calendar (1919 - 2039)

The table below displays the Feng Shui years of birth (always from February 4th to February 3rd of the following year) of Kua number 9. Also note that your Kua number of birth differs depending on your gender. This is why men and women who share the same Kua number are born in different years. For its part, your house or office's Kua number, which corresponds to the year of the start of the building's construction, is the same as the Kua year of birth of men.

Kua 9 Birth Calendar for men and women, by KarmaWeather

Kua 9 Calendar

Kua 9 Year
(Man, House)
Kua 9 Year
Polarity, element
1919 1922 Yin Fire
1928 1931 Yin Fire
1937 1940 Yin Fire
1946 1949 Yin Fire
1955 1958 Yin Fire
1964 1967 Yin Fire
1973 1976 Yin Fire
1982 1985 Yin Fire
1991 1994 Yin Fire
2000 2003 Yin Fire
2009 2012 Yin Fire
2018 2021 Yin Fire
2027 2030 Yin Fire
2036 2039 Yin Fire

📅 Yearly Feng Shui horoscope and lucky directions:

Kua Year n°9 Feng Shui horoscope

Personality horoscope of Kua number 9

Kua number 9 is related to the "Li" trigram of Yi Ching

Kua 9's personality horoscope

The individual linked to the Li trigram is an active being, extrovert, full of vitality. A charismatic seducer, he excels in the art of oral communication. His teeming spirit is never short of ideas of all kinds and brilliant projects. However, despite his strong exterior appearance, he still has a surprisingly puny sensitivity inside him. Guided by the element Fire, it radiates by the aura it releases. So, he is greatly sociable since he has easy contact. Curious about others, he does not like taking on the role of the confidant nor listening to the misfortunes of others, because he is quickly personally affected by the sad stories he can hear. In addition, his anger is as stealthy as violent. Fortunately, he is not one to harbor a grudge in the event of a conflict.

Kua 9's career horoscope

At the professional level, the Li individual has the ability to carry out several projects at a time. He has no trouble working as a team or collaborating closely when he feels comfortable, but in the end, he prefers to work alone, without temporal or geographical constraints. Above all, what he does not support are the responsibilities he generally can not assume, as well as the oppressive hierarchical relations.

Extremely mobile in nature, speed is also present in one's temperament one way or another. It can be as much about walking, talking, eating, doing a task or even making love ...

Kua 9's love horoscope

On the emotional level, few partners can fully satisfy him. If he is often desired and sought after by the attraction he induces, he himself usually has trouble keeping up. Since the Li individual attaches a lot of importance to his freedom, he is able to sink into depression in case he feels prisoner of a place or a person. Very often in search of new loves, he decides to put down his suitcase only when he is really in love.

Eventually, if his soul is not sufficiently nourished by regular travels and discoveries, he may be tempted to seek thrills in artificial paradises, at his own risk.

Information chart on Kua number 9

Kua number 9 information sheet, by KarmaWeather
Kua number 9
Name Li
Character The Enthusiast
Family role Youngest daughter
Element Fire
Polarity Yin
Color Red
Physiological attribute Female 30 - 45 years
Social behavior Clarity, lucidity, liveliness, brightness
Anatomy Eyes
Season First half of summer
Natural image Light
Cardinal direction South
Other signifiers Student, drought, heat
Other role The Soldier


Yi Jing trigram of Kua number 9

Trigram of Kua number 9

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