Kua number 7 - Personality horoscope, love, career

☱ Feng Shui Kua number 7 's personality horoscope, information chart and BaGua trigram
By KarmaWeather - 2 June 2017
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In this article, you will find out more on the precepts of the Book of Changes (Yi Jing, I Ching, 易經) related to Kua number 7, in association with a man, woman or child: trigram, direction, element, season, organ and Yin Yang of course, but also in terms of the personality and role in society of people born during Kua 7's years.

What Kua number am I?

In Feng Shui, the Kua (BaGua) number of your year of birth plays a more determining role than your Chinese zodiac sign. Indeed, once you know your personal Kua number, it becomes easier for you to fine-tune the Feng Shui enhancers, cures, remedies of your home.

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Personality horoscope of Kua number 7

Kua number 7 is related to the "Dui" (Touei) trigram of Yi Ching

Kua 7's personality horoscope

The individual linked to the Dui trigram is of a serene, reasonable and sensitive nature, with a keen sense of strategy. Flexible, positive and loving to communicate, he wants to always maintain cordial relations with everyone. He hates conflicts and oppositions of any kind.

Kua 7's friendship and career horoscope

Cautious and attentive, he knows how to wait for the right moment before taking an important action. His ability to set up a network of coordinated means to achieve his objectives allows him to be often sought for activities that require a gift for analysis and negotiation. Moreover, he has a pronounced taste for the transmission of knowledge. Thus, he expresses himself naturally in a clear and fluid way, so that he is also very pedagogue at his hours, if it is not actually his job. Also, in addition to being very appreciated by those around him and in his work, his advice is precious for those who can hear them.

However, just as he is capable of perseverance and methodical and regular work in a job that pleases him, he is capable of negligence and total disengagement in a field that does not interest him enough.

Kua 7's love horoscope

On the romantic level, he often keeps in him secret desires that he has trouble expressing. He also has trouble developing a stable love life. If he manages to flourish in his relationship, it will be partly thanks to the presence of an attentive and invested partner.

Information chart on Kua number 7

Kua number 7
Name "Dui" (Touei)
Character The Serene
Family role Third daughter
Element Metal
Polarity Yin
Color Silver grey
Physiological attribute Female 25 - 30 years
Social behavior Communication, joy, lightness
Anatomy Mouth and tongue
Season First half of autumn
Natural image Mist
Cardinal direction West
Other signifiers Neighbor, concubine, swamp, satisfaction
Other role The Witch


Yi Jing trigram of Kua number 7

Trigram of Kua number 7

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