Feng Shui Tree of Life: Meaning, Benefits, Placement

Determine the crystal tree that best suits you thanks to some useful Feng Shui tips and an understanding grid based on the 5 elements applied to lithotherapy
By KarmaWeather - 13 February 2023
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Beautifying your interior with a tree of life can add an extra dimension to your Feng Shui practice, promoting the energetic harmonization of different areas (or sectors) of your home.

The Feng Shui tree of life is a decorative object that is both aesthetic and functional. More versatile than a bonsai (which can only be associated with the Wood element) and requiring no maintenance, the Feng Shui tree is a small jewelry sculpture embellished with intentional gemstones, which contributes strongly, as a lucky talisman, to the vitality, health and fortune, for the benefit of all family members.

The role and origins of the Feng Shui tree

Feng Shui is a method of harmonizing living spaces, both individually (home, office) and collectively (parks and gardens, urban plans, architecture).

On February 4 of each year, the date of Feng Shui New Year, the Kua (Ba Gua) number of the year changes. In accordance with the rules of the I Ching, the specificities of the Kua year are combined with those of the flying stars, which makes it possible to determine with even greater finesse the most beneficial sectors of the home and office over a given period.

Like Chinese astrology, Feng Shui is not a radical practice that seeks at all costs to encourage you to revolutionize your interior decoration and the use of your rooms each year. From the moment you respect the basic rules of Feng Shui, namely impeccable hygiene and a fluid and never stagnant circulation of the energies of your home, all that remains is to make adjustments.

In this perspective, Feng Shui objects have the function of activating or neutralizing certain sectors of the house by taking into account both immutable data (your birth Kua number and that of your house) and variable data (the current Kua year and the flying stars of the year).

Among the most common Feng Shui objects, we can note the Feng Shui chimes, which can be made of bamboo (activation of the Wood element) or Metal (activation of the Metal element) and whose number of rods has a meaning own, terracotta sculptures (activation of the Earth element), lamps (activation of the Fire element), bonsai-type plants and shrubs (activation of the Wood element) or even fountains and aquariums (activation of the Water element).

Spiritual meaning and benefits of the tree of life

Derived from bonsai, the Feng Shui tree of life is a symbol of strength, luck, protection, fertility and growth. The three parts of the tree - roots, trunk and crown - are associated with earth, man and sky. The roots represent a solid anchor for life, a solid foundation on which everything can be built. The trunk represents man who plays a crucial role as a link between earth and heaven. The crown, on the other hand, symbolizes the development and flourishing of life. As such, the Feng Shui tree has the benefit of contributing to the harmonization of the circulation of Ki (or "Life Force", also spelled Chi or Ch'i) within the house or office.

Feng Shui Tree
A Feng Shui tree of life gilded with gold leaf, decorated with rock crystals on a white marble base © KarmaWeather by Konbi

What elements can a Feng Shui tree be associated with?

Unlike the bonsai, a Wood element object par excellence, the Feng Shui tree of life is a decorative artificial object which, if it retains the appearance of a shrub, no longer has its main intrinsic virtues. A true vector of energy amplification, twisted copper wire is commonly used to simulate the roots, trunk and branches of the Feng Shui tree. Rock crystals and other semi-precious stones are used to decorate the branches, like so many multicolored and sparkling leaves and flowers. The base of the Feng Shui tree can be a rough stone or a disc of quartz or amethyst.

The Feng Shui tree is therefore mainly Wood (by its shape) and Metal (by its essence). These two elements being antagonistic, KarmaWeather advises you to favor black or blue epoxy resin bases. This Water element energy supplement will rebalance the energy pool of the sculpture.

The harmonization of the 5 Feng Shui elements

Therefore, your choice of the colors of the crystals that complete the decoration of your Feng Shui tree can be made with regard to the properties that you wish to develop in the area of your house or your office where you intend to place it.

Meaning of the colors of the tree of life

Attribution of Feng Shui elements through the color of the stones
ElementCrystal color
🗿EarthYellow, ocher
🛠MetalWhite, silver, golden
💧WaterBlue, black
🔥💧Fire, WaterPurple
🔥🗿Fire, EarthOrange
🔥🗿🛠💧🌳All 5 elementsTransparent

Which stones to choose for a Feng Shui tree of life?

All types of crystals and semi-precious stones can be used to adorn a Feng Shui tree. In lithotherapy, the energy properties attributed to stones often have a strong cultural and religious dimension, which does not allow us to establish universal virtues. However, when it comes to Feng Shui and the Asian tradition, we can still establish a list of crystals commonly used in the decoration of the trees of life. Of course, the ornamental energy stones of the Feng Shui trees of life can be combined with each other in order to further personalize the desired effects.

12 Healing Crystals for Feng Shui Trees

  1. Jade: to attract peace, serenity and prosperity. Jade can help improve motivation and productivity at work by bringing calm and soothing energy.
  2. Amethyst: to reduce stress and anxiety. Amethyst can boost motivation and productivity at work by reducing stress and anxiety to maintain a clear and focused mind.
  3. Aquamarine: to improve communication and clarity of mind. Aquamarine develops motivation and productivity at work by improving communication to avoid misunderstandings and confusion.
  4. Ruby: to stimulate passion and energy. Ruby can help improve motivation and productivity at work by stimulating passion and energy to complete tasks with enthusiasm.
  5. Onyx: to strengthen determination and willpower. Onyx can boost motivation and productivity at work by building determination and willpower to achieve goals.
  6. Sardonyx: to promote emotional stability and self-confidence. Sardonyx develops motivation and productivity at work by promoting emotional stability and self-confidence to make informed decisions.
  7. Pearl: to bring wisdom and inner peace. The pearl can help improve motivation and productivity at work by bringing wisdom and inner peace to maintain a calm and focused mind.
  8. Citrine: to attract abundance and wealth, including in the professional world. Citrine can help improve motivation and productivity at work by bringing positive, uplifting energy.
  9. Smoky Quartz: to clear energy blockages and negativities. Smoky Quartz builds motivation and productivity at work by clearing energy blockages that can hinder productivity.
  10. Garnet: to stimulate motivation and determination. Garnet can help improve motivation and productivity at work by strengthening determination and motivation to achieve goals.
  11. Lapis Lazuli: to stimulate creativity and intelligence. Lapis Lazuli can develop motivation and productivity at work by enhancing creativity and intelligence to find innovative and effective solutions.
  12. Emerald: to enhance vitality and sensuality. Emerald can help improve motivation and productivity at work by boosting vitality and bringing positive energy to face challenges.

What placement for a Feng Shui tree of life?

What if you do not want to include your Feng Shui tree in the list of objects that you move each year to harmonize your living space in accordance with the Kua year and the position of the flying stars of the current year?

In this case, you can perfectly decide to integrate your tree of life into the permanent and immovable elements of your interior decoration. Below, we suggest a list of possible stones according to the different allocations of the rooms in your house:

  • Office: To enhance wealth and career, you can use crystals such as green jade, black tourmaline, smoky quartz, garnet, lapis lazuli, citrine, onyx and sardonyx for your office tree of life.
  • Bedroom: To improve health and romantic relationships, you can use stones such as amethyst, pink quartz, aquamarine, ruby and emerald for your bedroom tree of life.
  • Bathroom: To enhance purification and healing, you can use stones such as obsidian and turquoise for your bathroom tree of life.
  • Living Room: To improve harmony and relationships, you can use crystals such as rock crystal, rose quartz and calcite for your living room tree of life.
  • Hallway: To enhance the positive energy flow into your home, you can use crystals such as Quartz Crystal, Chalcedony, and Pearl for your hallway tree of life.
  • Kitchen: To promote abundance and quality in the kitchen, you can use stones such as Tiger's Eye, Carnelian, and Peridot for your kitchen tree of life.

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