Monthly Chinese horoscope of June 2022

June 2022: Monthly forecast for the 12 Chinese zodiac animal signs of the lunar calendar
By KarmaWeather - 27 April 2022
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Monthly forecast during the Fire Horse Month of the Chinese calendar

Monthly predictions for each day of the Fire Horse Month of June 2022, for the 12 animals of the Chinese Zodiac: Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Pig

According to the Chinese calendar, the Month of the Fire Horse of the Year of the Water Tiger 2022 begins on May 30, 2022 and lasts until June 28, 2022.

May 30, 2022 to June 28, 2022 horoscope: the Month of the Fire Horse

According to the Chinese horoscope, the Fire Horse has one of the most impressive characters in the Chinese calendar. Strong, willful and skilful on the one hand, excessive, reckless and stubborn on the other, he naturally enjoys a dazzling and warm aura, which gives him a magnetic charisma. Powerful, combative and proud zodiac animal, his contact can engender in others mixed feelings of fascination and relative mistrust.

In view of the June 2022 horoscope, the passage of the Fire Horse (of the month) in the Year of the Water Tiger (of the year 2022) reveals a period during which everyone seeks to seize the best opportunities and better positions, since the Fire temperament of this type of Horse in no way diminishes the main characteristics of this Chinese zodiac sign, namely a penchant for always placing one's own needs at the center of everything. Although the Tiger-Horse combination is supposed to bring rhythm and enthusiasm in human interactions, the foreseen contradictions will be more due to behaviors focused on the expression of an exaggerated individualism, translated into policies that do not necessarily meet the expectations of the community. Thus, the month of June 2022 will be marked by strong individualistic temptations at the expense of collective well-being.

Full yearly 2022 Chinese horoscope

Still, the Month of the Fire Horse in 2022 shows a rather positive and stimulating influence for the majority of the Chinese zodiac signs. The will and the motivation of the Tiger-Horse duo offers a dynamic period thanks to which many obstacles will become surmountable and will allow all the Chinese zodiac signs engaged in a personal action to confidently weave their web in pursuit of their future successes.

Monthly energies for the 12 Chinese zodiac signs

The month of June 2022 presents an excess of Fire element. This energy conjuncture can lead to authoritarian excesses translated into exacerbated violence. Fortunately, the Water element of the year 2022 somewhat tempers this dynamic imbued with tensions generated by this overflow of the Fire element. Activities associated with the Earth element will somewhat balance the anticipated energy imbalance.

Career and money

The career and money horoscope for June 2022 predicts a period punctuated by lively ambition and opportunities to be seized, fueled by movement and a taste for adventure. Thus, the month of June 2022 invites creative communication within companies, the start of new projects and the living of experiences rich in colors and sensations. For this, it is necessary to show inventiveness when it comes to taking the lead in collective operations, while knowing how to bring balance and fairness to the processes initiated.

According to the horoscope for the month of June 2022, it is also high time to trigger or reset the negotiations in order to obtain the promotion and the pay rise promised for a long time. Indeed, the time is right for all those who want to try their luck with their superior. The Horse, seventh sign of Chinese astrology, promotes bravery, emerging projects and perseverance in effort. Only those who manage to convince of their unshakeable motivation, in addition to the relevance of their request, can expect to be rewarded up to their legitimate expectations.

As for finances, it is a good omen to take advantage of the month of June 2022 to put money aside and avoid unnecessary expenses. However, all investments related to the Wood element can be considered with serenity.


According to the love horoscope for June 2022, the Fire Horse imparts the passionate vitality which is his to all the Chinese zodiac signs influenced by the Fire element. The others will have plenty of time to consolidate their pre-existing friendships. For couples in difficulty, it's time to use your practical intelligence to try to find new solutions to problems that tend to turn sour. A short trip to a nearby destination, especially if it can be combined with work, can be both a source of profitability and shared pleasure.

For singles, the Fire Horse, a born seducer, is a real source of inspiration. There are plenty of opportunities to start a relationship. However, despite all his goodwill, the Fire Horse sometimes has a tendency to put himself in embarrassing situations, both for himself and for those close to him. The Fire and Water Chinese zodiac signs could go through these moments of embarrassment if they feel like falling in love with too much haste. In 2022, the Month of the Horse of the Year of the Tiger encourages us to redouble our vigilance and maintain a capacity to anticipate in the face of unforeseen situations. It is essential to carefully check the availability of a suitor before considering committing more seriously to a romantic relationship. In case of inattention, a sentimental disappointment could compromise the tranquility of the months to come. Regarding love, the Water-Fire relationship can lead to misunderstandings, litigation, reprisals and regrets resulting from poorly controlled enthusiasm.

Daily energy distribution of the 5 elements

The KarmaWeather chart above displays the daily energetic distribution of the 5 elements from May 30, 2022 to June 28, 2022. Traditionally, interactions between Fire, Earth, Water and Metal greatly influence the course of the day for the 12 Chinese zodiac signs.

Chinese zodiac lucky stone of the month

Chinese zodiac corrective birthstone and lucky stone from May 30, 2022 to June 28, 2022 for the 12 Chinese zodiac animal signs: Citrine

Monthly horoscope for the 12 Chinese zodiac signs from May 30, 2022 to June 28, 2022

Rat, Mouse (Chinese zodiac)

Rat June 2022 horoscope

Monthly Rat Rating: 5 / 10

For the Rat, the horoscope for the month of June 2022 announces a rather neutral month and a time of the year without major upheavals. Thanks to the attenuation of the Fire energy (of the month) by the Water element (of the year), the Rat is able to master complicated situations, especially if it involves dialogue and compromise. The Rat must avoid peaks of anger with his direct environment, even if it means withdrawing and returning to the game later. Concerning love, the single Rat will be attracted to personalities that do not necessarily correspond to his meticulous and intellectual temperament. As a couple, his partner can surprise him with his desire for new horizons and discoveries. A small retreat in the countryside could bring together two hearts that diverge a little too often in this Year of the Tiger.

Ox, Buffalo (Chinese zodiac)

Ox June 2022 horoscope

Monthly Ox Rating: 5 / 10

For the Ox, the horoscope for the month of June 2022 is far from easy. He will probably need to recover some strength following a laborious spring episode. At work, the Water-Fire relationship encourages the Ox to solve thorny problems within his family, or push him to manage conflicts that do not concern him directly. He must learn to say no and stick to his guns, without being aggressive or threatening. In the event of financial difficulty, the Ox should not hesitate to seek support, especially if he has the impression of being overwhelmed by situations that undermine his investments. Regarding love, the single Ox must take care to choose his suitors well and know from the start with whom he is getting involved if he does not want to find himself embarrassed by profiteers who only seek to use him without giving much in return.

Tiger (Chinese zodiac)

Tiger June 2022 horoscope

Monthly Tiger Rating: 9 / 10

For the Tiger, the horoscope for the month of June 2022 is an explosive cocktail during which his appetite for life will rise to its climax. The danger is that he will surely be drawn like a magnet to the inaccessible and the forbidden fruits. Thus, at work, he could abuse his role as manager and start giving hell to those on his team with whom he has trouble dealing. At the same time, he must ensure that no task is neglected, at the risk of suffering the consequences later. If a promise has been made, it should be honored. Financially, an episode of excessive spending could be caused by choices bordering on unreasonable. Concerning love, uproar and scandal feed on a relationship that swings between rivalry and admiration. If, paradoxically, all this will do him a lot of good, he must still be wary of last-minute changes in plans.

Rabbit, Hare, Cat (Chinese zodiac)

Rabbit June 2022 horoscope

Monthly Rabbit Rating: 6 / 10

For the Rabbit, the horoscope for the month of June 2022 promises him a welcome little boost from a loved one. At work, a notable progression will be due to the practice of new tools unexplored until now. But the Rabbit will have to wait before being able to enjoy the benefits promised by these welcome changes. The middle of the month can be marked by unexpected income. On the investment side, the period is more conducive to the start of negotiations rather than to the implementation of agreements already signed. Regarding love, allowing wisdom and diplomacy to take over is often the most rewarding behavior within the couple. For singles, the possibility of a romantic unblocking is possible.

Dragon (Chinese zodiac)

Dragon June 2022 horoscope

Monthly Dragon Rating: 7 / 10

For the Dragon, the horoscope for the month of June 2022 predicts the rediscovery of his real abilities and values. Trying to build a new way of working could become his new hobby. With the Month of the Horse, the Dragon enters a phase where all the illusory and paralyzing dreams dissipate to give way to the solid and the concrete. In terms of money, some favorable financial transactions following recent actions are to be expected. Concerning love, time is precious. If it comes to competition with other suitors for the same person, the Dragon must know how to control his nerves and avoid any possible argument, especially late at night. With a bit of luck, the coveted being will show up on their own at his doorstep. If not so be it, he can always be self-sufficient.

Snake (Chinese zodiac)

Snake June 2022 horoscope

Monthly Snake Rating: 5 / 10

For the Snake, the horoscope for the month of June 2022 reveals a transitional period during which it is necessary to neutralize tensions before they turn into confrontation. At work, a state of mind that is too procedural and too unrealistic risks jeopardizing hard-won gains. Watch out for competitors, as they won't hesitate to weaken a stubborn Snake who sticks to his guns. Regarding money, he must limit secondary expenses. Any impulsive and aggressive love is to be banished. Calming moments of meditation in pairs can be very helpful.

Horse (Chinese zodiac)

Horse June 2022 horoscope

Monthly Horse Rating: 8 / 10

For the Horse, the horoscope for the month of June 2022 indicates a period of continuity of the dynamics triggered in the past weeks. It's time to sow the land if it's still not done. At work, recognition and support are there, in addition to a happy reunion with an old influential relationship. Career advancement is within reach, but beware of false promises and unnecessary waste. Additional income is quite possible. However, it is still better not to expect anything or give anything valuable. Regarding love, the situation is less miraculous. He must be wary of invisible obstacles. Within the couple, a worrying subject can suddenly take over. The situation will be under control eventually, without any regrets.

Goat, Sheep (Chinese zodiac)

Goat June 2022 horoscope

Monthly Goat Rating: 7 / 10

For the Goat, the horoscope for the month of June 2022 augurs one of the best months of the year. At work, a pleasant little surprise is brewing. An influential outstretched hand will come to assist him at the most desperate moment. The month will be marked by a notable improvement in both his professional relationships and his romantic adventures. However, now is not the time to radically change your lifestyle. Things will fall into place gradually. As for love, the Goat must not stay locked up at home out of spite or resentment following a recent romantic disappointment. If a new love is on the horizon, passion should not prevail over reason.

Monkey (Chinese zodiac)

Monkey June 2022 horoscope

Monthly Monkey Rating: 5 / 10

For the Monkey, the horoscope for the month of June 2022 reveals a somewhat delicate period. At work, career prospects can seem stagnant, with little visibility of potential new opportunities. No need to get depressed, because things will unblock in the next few months. The weather is especially conducive to the silent construction of new projects. As far as finances are concerned, beware of futile temptations which risk creating a regrettable imbalance. Borrowing is not such a good idea. Regarding love, it's make or break. In both cases, the events have a high potential for surprise.

Rooster, Chicken (Chinese zodiac)

Rooster June 2022 horoscope

Monthly Rooster Rating: 4 / 10

For the Rooster, the horoscope for the month of June 2022 predicts a delicate period that will have to be managed with an entourage not always in accordance with his principles. At work, the possible return of former rivals will spoil an already fragile atmosphere. The flamboyant plumage of the Rooster will be of no use to him this time. Supervision will be intense. On all occasions, it will be necessary to refrain from any excess of language, however justified it may be. In terms of finances, the month is also likely to be complicated. Concerning love, if the charm no longer operates, it is partly because of an overly critical attitude, despite initial benevolent intentions. New couples are advised to cultivate the virtues of silence if they wish to effectively ease an already existing tension. Patience remains the mother of virtues.

Dog (Chinese zodiac)

Dog June 2022 horoscope

Monthly Dog Rating: 8 / 10

For the Dog, the horoscope for the month of June 2022 announces a prosperous period, overflowing with offerings and delights of all kinds. The efforts pay off, the battles are won. At work, the Dog has the opportunity to demonstrate to everyone the relevance of his reasoning. Financial or promotional benefits are possible. Therefore, possible jealousies are to be anticipated. The second part of the month is calmer. In love, the bar should not be set too high, especially since one-night stands are not really what suits the Dog best. Expenses and alcohol consumption should be limited during outings so as not to compromise this favorable month.

Pig, Boar (Chinese zodiac)

Pig June 2022 horoscope

Monthly Pig Rating: 6 / 10

For the Pig, the horoscope for the month of June 2022 offers better prospects than the previous months. At work, no murky water is in sight. Creativity is on point. Avoiding repeating the same mistakes is very useful, especially in terms of relationships and associations. On the financial side, a temporary resignation is to be considered so as not to suffer any backlash in the months to come. One can't always have fun. Regarding love, if the fact of being ignored bothers the Pig, let him express his dissatisfaction directly to the person concerned without going through intermediaries. In addition, he must remember that always talking about himself and his problems can exasperate the coveted persons, or even scare them away. One has to learn to listen to others and take their needs into account.

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