Monthly Chinese horoscope of May 2022

May 2022: Monthly forecast for the 12 Chinese zodiac animal signs of the lunar calendar
By KarmaWeather - 15 April 2022
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Monthly forecast during the Wood Snake Month of the Chinese calendar

Monthly predictions for each day of the Wood Snake Month of May 2022, for the 12 animals of the Chinese Zodiac: Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Pig

According to the Chinese calendar, the Month of the Wood Snake of the Year of the Water Tiger 2022 begins on May 1, 2022 and lasts until May 29, 2022.

May 1, 2022 to May 29, 2022 horoscope: the Month of the Wood Snake

The precepts of Chinese astrology and Wu Xing teach us that the Wood element symbolizes emergence, creativity, longevity but also dispersion.

The Chinese horoscope for May 2022 is ruled by the sixth Chinese zodiac sign of the Wood Snake. The Wood Snake carries within it the qualities associated with the accumulation of knowledge and its transmission. It also invites to self-knowledge, to the elevation of the spirit and to a purifying approach against toxic people or environments that constantly poison our existence. By taking over from the Dragon of the previous lunar month, the Snake sets the conditions for a framework of introspective and analytical advantage. Associated in pairs with the Wood element, the Snake contributes to the harmonization of the Water energies of the Year of the Tiger 2022. It is time to move on to the stage following gestation and give life to the dynamics that will shape the close future.

Full yearly 2022 Chinese horoscope

Monthly energies for the 12 Chinese zodiac signs

According to the Chinese horoscope for May 2022, no energy deficiency is to be deplored during the monthly passage of the Snake in the Year of the Tiger. Only the particular relations of the Snake and the Tiger can generate some episodes of frustration at the social level. Indeed, the Snake calls for the preservation of values ​​while the Tiger constantly encourages renewal. Also, with loved ones, one will have to face certain bad decisions made in the past. A favorable transition should necessarily go through the ability to assume and accept the consequences of these acts. In the event of resistance, settling of scores and other verbal contests cannot be avoided. Therefore, the density of emotions that feed on upsetting remarks can mark the weeks to come. The Chinese zodiac signs with a strong Water and Wood component are more conducive to understanding and forgiveness in the event of opposition, even if this will not be without problems. The Fire Chinese zodiac signs are likely to be frustrated because of their inability to exercise discernment in collective situations that call for restraint. Earth Chinese zodiac signs may feel exhausted waiting for answers that are slow to come. Finally, Metal Chinese zodiac signs may be forced to give credible guarantees to reassure a willingly skeptical entourage.

Lifestyle, relationships and money

In view of the monthly Chinese horoscope, the month of May 2022 remains a period of intellectual freedom, during which speaking out and debates are more lively than usual, both on social networks and during family lunches. You could also reveal to your family and friends the existence of projects that you have been harboring in secret until now.

It floats in the air an atmosphere of benevolence and creativity. People who are directly under the influence of the Chinese zodiac sign of the Snake (whether they were born during a Year of the Snake, a Month of the Snake, a Day of the Snake or during the Hour of the Snake), develop a more attentive ear to the desires of those around them and are able to accept their will wisely rather than resignedly.

The period of May 2022 is also ideal for reunions with old friends, with whom it will be good to exchange common memories over a drink or on the occasion of a good dinner at the restaurant.

Financially, May 2022 is a great time to save for tough days. But the month of Snake also heralds a period of useful investment.

Personal development projects that you have been planning for a long time can be started. This can concern a full body treatment (spa, yoga) as well as registration for a training course or professional retraining.


According to the love horoscope for May 2022, take advantage of the sensual festivities announced by the Month of the Snake. If you are single, your charisma and your seductiveness can only benefit from the care you take to express yourself clearly and with kindness. In addition, singles should not hesitate to invest in their beauty during the month of May 2022, which is considered a major specificity of the Chinese zodiac sign of the Snake.

The benefits you could derive from improving your appearance through clothes are one asset you would be wrong to deprive yourself of, if you wish to arouse admiration (and envy) during the Month of the Snake 2022. There are clearly thunderbolts in the air. Take care all the same to temper your seductive flames if you have not previously started a serious sorting out of your entourage; certain acquaintances, who never fail to remind you how strong your friendship is, noting your renewed attractiveness, can secretly envy you and try everything to make you lose your spirits.

For people who have been in a long-time relationship, it is advisable to watch and put your ego aside to prevent small arguments from getting out of control, even asking your partner for forgiveness in order to immediately ease tensions. Your relationship will grow stronger from your ability to look forward and forgive, while those who wish to rejoice in the display of your marital woes can only wait longer. Be strategic and beware of haste.


As the end-of-year exams approach, students will be well advised to plan their revisions carefully. Give yourself priorities without neglecting subjects with low coefficients.

If company rather than solitude helps you concentrate, choose instead to revise with a classmate who is not necessarily a friend. It is precisely because you have few or no points in common that you will be better able to master your knowledge on the day of the partial or test. You are mature enough to know that the friendly moments of relaxation and laughter during this crucial period of your life, inevitable if you think you can study with your best friend, can cost you precious points during your exams. Also, feel free to take a complete break from all (even passive) social media activity. You will come back to it later with some brilliant good news.

Summer holidays

If you don't want to get depressed on a summer beach trip because you dread wearing your bathing suit in public, take action now. Or rather, work on yourself to finally accept yourself as you are, despite the critical gaze of others.

Daily energy distribution of the 5 elements

The KarmaWeather chart above displays the daily energetic distribution of the 5 elements from May 1, 2022 to May 29, 2022. Traditionally, interactions between Fire, Earth, Water and Metal greatly influence the course of the day for the 12 Chinese zodiac signs.

Chinese zodiac lucky stone of the month

Chinese zodiac corrective birthstone and lucky stone from May 1, 2022 to May 29, 2022 for the 12 Chinese zodiac animal signs: Aquamarine

Monthly horoscope for the 12 Chinese zodiac signs from May 1, 2022 to May 29, 2022

Rat, Mouse (Chinese zodiac)

Rat May 2022 horoscope

Monthly Rat Rating: 5 / 10

Everything works but beware of unnecessary waste. No empty promises. Caution is in order. Take a beauty treatment (thalassotherapy) before the summer holidays. Still a little patience.

Ox, Buffalo (Chinese zodiac)

Ox May 2022 horoscope

Monthly Ox Rating: 6 / 10

Better monthly outlook. However, succeeding in making frankness and tolerance cohabit is not always an easy task. Don't be irascible. A few cash inflows. Fulfillment of desires.

Tiger (Chinese zodiac)

Tiger May 2022 horoscope

Monthly Tiger Rating: 6 / 10

Same trend as the previous month. No room for gloom. The happiness of knowing that you are loved is particularly precious. Be wary of risky adventures and premature confidences.

Rabbit, Hare, Cat (Chinese zodiac)

Rabbit May 2022 horoscope

Monthly Rabbit Rating: 7 / 10

Consolidation of achievements and stabilization in the professional field. It is reassuring to have some savings aside! Prepare the ground for a soon changing horizon. Learn to taste rather than want to swallow everything.

Dragon (Chinese zodiac)

Dragon May 2022 horoscope

Monthly Dragon Rating: 5 / 10

A passable month without any real turbulence. However, beware of impatience and its consequences. Some happy outcomes financially. Banish all forms of ingratitude. Defend your colors.

Snake (Chinese zodiac)

Snake May 2022 horoscope

Monthly Snake Rating: 7 / 10

Ask yourself about your real aspirations and your real abilities. Cultivate patience while continuing to evolve. Time can become your best friend. Prefer light to dark caves, you will find a more magnificent treasure there.

Horse (Chinese zodiac)

Horse May 2022 horoscope

Monthly Horse Rating: 6 / 10

Don't neglect your family. The problems are not insurmountable. Take the necessary measures before going on vacation. New association in the making. Persevere.

Goat, Sheep (Chinese zodiac)

Goat May 2022 horoscope

Monthly Goat Rating: 7 / 10

Good monthly outlook. Some fun reunions. Relax. Keep learning about others without judging them too quickly. Trust in your creative abilities. Budget to be carefully managed in case of travel.

Monkey (Chinese zodiac)

Monkey May 2022 horoscope

Monthly Monkey Rating: 6 / 10

Better financial health. Business is turning. Only share your sound advice with people who know how to hear it. Possibility of a profitable association. Don't be too demanding.

Rooster, Chicken (Chinese zodiac)

Rooster May 2022 horoscope

Monthly Rooster Rating: 7 / 10

Beware of annoyances that can be irritating. Following the rules is beneficial. Protection in love. Limit your speed.

Dog (Chinese zodiac)

Dog May 2022 horoscope

Monthly Dog Rating: 8 / 10

Peace and serenity in all areas. Family is there to comfort, not to watch. Prospect of moving or acquiring (car, apartment). Possible financial gain. Follow several sound advice before any decision requiring a substantial expense.

Pig, Boar (Chinese zodiac)

Pig May 2022 horoscope

Monthly Pig Rating: 5 / 10

Worry to dispel. Rely only on your own strength. Some temporary setbacks to manage. Business is still going strong. Short breaks (siesta) during rest periods can be regenerative. Don't be too stubborn.

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