Monthly Chinese horoscope of November 2022

November 2022: Monthly forecast for the 12 Chinese zodiac animal signs of the lunar calendar
By KarmaWeather - 27 August 2022
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Monthly forecast during the Metal Pig (Boar) Month of the Chinese calendar

Monthly predictions for each day of the Metal Pig Month of November 2022, for the 12 animals of the Chinese Zodiac: Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Pig

According to the Chinese calendar, the Month of the Metal Pig of the Year of the Water Tiger 2022 begins on October 25, 2022 and lasts until November 23, 2022.

October 25, 2022 to November 23, 2022 horoscope: the Month of the Metal Pig

The Month of the Metal Pig is a colorful and tasty period, rich in encounters and sharing. It's time to make peace with your enemies and the family members you no longer see. From now on, it is not too early to make good resolutions before the new year 2023.

Credulous, like all Pigs, the Metal Pig is not particularly known for his sense of diplomacy. His direct approach with others, while much to his credit, is often a source of trouble for him. Thus, throughout the month of November 2022, the 12 Chinese zodiac signs must avoid getting into endless debates or broaching sensitive subjects.

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Career and money

A Month of the Metal Pig aligned under the Year of the Water Tiger signals a time of risk, particularly in the area of ​​scamming. Prudence, verification and discretion are therefore required.

Diplomatic exchanges should abound in November 2022, even if no concretization of these discreet efforts will see the light of day at this stage. During a Metal Pig Month, it is strongly advised to curb any temptation of risky investment, just as it is better to be wary of the underlying intentions of those who seem to want us the most good.


Passionate declarations of love are common during the month of November 2022, encouraged by the energies of the Pig, as sensual as he is unreasonable. Amorous encounters multiply on the occasion of playful celebrations, where the succulent buffets willingly compete with the elegance of the guests.

Singles looking for a soul mate can be reassured that a meeting during the Month of the Pig in a Year of the Tiger does not necessarily portend fleeting love. A common ground is possible for the lovebirds of the month of November 2022.

KarmaWeather Illustration for the Month of the Metal Pig of 2022
November 2022 Horoscope: The Month of the Metal Pig (Boar)

Monthly energies for the 12 Chinese zodiac signs

The influence of the Yang Water of the Tiger, stable element of the animal of the Year 2022, combined with that of the Yin Metal of the element of the month, attenuate the conflicts in progress, both on a personal level and at the state level. The Pig is himself a zodiacal animal whose stable (intrinsic) element is Water. However, his presence as animal of the month will not be enough to ease all the tensions.

In business, the Chinese zodiac signs related to Fire should not expect spectacular advances for their existing projects. As for the Chinese zodiac signs with Earth dominance, tired by the Metal of the month, they are advised to postpone important decisions, especially if it is a new investment.

In the event of a conflict between the Chinese zodiac signs whose Wood element is preponderant, no one will want to admit defeat, at the risk of violent and uncontrolled anger. In order to avoid any excess, it is advisable to remain attentive, constant and orderly in outdoor activities, and to avoid any attitude whose awkwardness could be confused with aggressiveness.

Give preference to yellow and white colored clothes. Water energy is overflowing during the month of November 2022.

Daily energy distribution of the 5 elements

The KarmaWeather chart above displays the daily energetic distribution of the 5 elements from October 25, 2022 to November 23, 2022. Traditionally, interactions between Fire, Earth, Water and Metal greatly influence the course of the day for the 12 Chinese zodiac signs.

Chinese zodiac lucky stone of the month

Chinese zodiac corrective birthstone and lucky stone from October 25, 2022 to November 23, 2022 for the 12 Chinese zodiac animal signs: Septaria

Monthly horoscope for the 12 Chinese zodiac signs from October 25, 2022 to November 23, 2022

Rat, Mouse (Chinese zodiac)

Rat November 2022 horoscope

Monthly Rat Rating: 7 / 10

In November 2022, the Rat can count on a peaceful period, during which romantic encounters are favorable to him. The Rat is lucid and positive during this end-of-year holiday season, which attracts the sympathy of those around him. Earnings and returns on investment are possible.

Ox, Buffalo (Chinese zodiac)

Ox November 2022 horoscope

Monthly Ox Rating: 5 / 10

In November 2022, the Ox should not expect miracles. The sensuality and extravagance of the Pig confuse him. In love as in business, caution is required. A week-long vacation in the countryside or in the mountains would allow him to recharge his batteries and regain his strength.

Tiger (Chinese zodiac)

Tiger November 2022 horoscope

Monthly Tiger Rating: 6 / 10

For once, the unpredictable side of the Tiger can seduce in love and convince in business. Fulfilling emotional relationships will color his daily life. During the month of November 2022, the Tiger is more receptive to the expectations of his family and friends.

Rabbit, Hare, Cat (Chinese zodiac)

Rabbit November 2022 horoscope

Monthly Rabbit Rating: 7 / 10

November 2022 is a good time for the Rabbit, as long as he manages to combine cunning and refinement, with a dose of modesty if possible. Projects that lack visibility should be avoided. Finally, the 4th animal of the Chinese calendar would be wise to save his generosity for those who really deserve it.

Dragon (Chinese zodiac)

Dragon November 2022 horoscope

Monthly Dragon Rating: 5 / 10

In love, the Dragon should not hope for more than what one would like to bring him. During the month of November 2022, provided he takes the time to reflect and organize himself before committing to a professional project, the Dragon can set the conditions for brilliant success in the months to come.

Snake (Chinese zodiac)

Snake November 2022 horoscope

Monthly Snake Rating: 5 / 10

In November 2022, the Snake will flourish all the better if he avoids leaving his home too much. No one but himself deserves his wise advice, especially during a Month of the Metal Pig, a whimsical and festive period of which he disapproves of the superficiality. Regarding love, sheltered in his burrow, the Snake gives complete satisfaction to his partner. His creativity is expressed as much in the kitchen as in the bedroom.

Horse (Chinese zodiac)

Horse November 2022 horoscope

Monthly Horse Rating: 6 / 10

In November 2022, the Horse must avoid any excess and think about the consequences of his actions before acting. In view of the end of year celebrations and once is not custom, the Horse discovers the virtues of buying gifts for others than for himself. When it comes to love, the Horse does not hesitate to clearly express his expectations, which will be heard in return.

Goat, Sheep (Chinese zodiac)

Goat November 2022 horoscope

Monthly Goat Rating: 8 / 10

During the month of November 2022, the Goat finds himself doing frantic shopping in all the shops in his city, provided he has not been too generous in the recent past. It is a sweet and happy period for the Goat, dotted with pleasant encounters. However, the Goat must not be distracted by the scintillating atmosphere of the end-of-year celebrations that are coming. Ongoing commitments must be kept.

Monkey (Chinese zodiac)

Monkey November 2022 horoscope

Monthly Monkey Rating: 6 / 10

In November 2022, the Monkey feels a small drop in tension. The excess of Water is favorable to him. The arrogance and vanity displayed by certain people around him delight him all the more because their mask deceives only themselves. In the meantime, a little patience won't hurt him to help him put frustrating but surmountable situations into perspective, particularly in the area of ​​love.

Rooster, Chicken (Chinese zodiac)

Rooster November 2022 horoscope

Monthly Rooster Rating: 6 / 10

In November 2022, the Rooster must agree to compromise if he wishes to take full advantage of the month. Indeed, whether in love or at work, nothing will seem certain to him in advance. His natural elegance will, as always, be appreciated at dinners and social gatherings. As long as he manages to be diplomatic, his criticisms will be heard as sound advice. In love, there is no point in setting the bar too high.

Dog (Chinese zodiac)

Dog November 2022 horoscope

Monthly Dog Rating: 6 / 10

In November 2022, the Dog can relax while savoring the fruits of his efforts over the past month. His clairvoyance and his flair allow him to strengthen his friendly ties. The Dog must leave more room for listening in his social relations and avoid getting upset unnecessarily at the approach of the end-of-year holiday dinners, where he risks being seated with members of his family who he usually avoids the rest of the year.

Pig, Boar (Chinese zodiac)

Pig November 2022 horoscope

Monthly Pig Rating: 7 / 10

The Pig must control his cravings. Gluttony, when excessive, is harmful. He would do well to learn to enjoy life and its many pleasures with more moderation. His credulity being his main weakness, the Pig must at all costs beware of vultures disguised as lambs. In love as in his work, as long as he remains alert and cautious, the Pig can hope to enjoy a joyful period during the month of November 2022. The Tiger is there to help him.

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