Dragon's 2020 Chinese horoscope

Chinese horoscope for people born in the Year of the Dragon, from the Lunar New Year 2020 and throughout the Year of the Rat 2020
By KarmaWeather - 20 November 2019
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The Dragon's complete predictions in 2020: love, luck, money, career and health

Dragon's birth dates (Chinese calendar)

23/01/1928 - 09/02/1929
27/01/1952 - 13/02/1953
13/02/1964 - 01/02/1965
31/01/1976 - 17/02/1977
17/02/1988 - 05/02/1989
05/02/2000 - 23/01/2001
23/01/2012 - 09/02/2013
10/02/2024 - 29/01/2025

🐲 Personality horoscope of the Dragon

Chinese New Year 2020 summary for the Dragon

The Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water Dragons in 2020

The Chinese horoscope 2020 of the Dragon starts as a sigh of relief for the 5th zodiac sign of Chinese astrology. After a long period of stagnation with pitfalls, you begin the new 12-year cycle of the Chinese calendar with a look much more serene and happy about your future.

Beginning with the Lunar New Year 2020, the search for novelty is the main axis of life of the Dragon. New house, new friends, new wardrobe and even, why not, new country of residence. Anyway, you're done with the repetitive, bleak and endless dimension of your everyday life. Also the permanent adjournment of important things that you never had time to deal with. Now you want to change and innovation and you are not ready to let go of your goals at the slightest provocation, and especially since the advent of the new cycle of the Chinese calendar (which begins with the Year of the Rat 2020) has the effect of awakening your past desires, abandoned under duress or lack of means.

These are not the opportunities that are missing for the Dragon during the Chinese year 2020. However, do not be dazed by the success. Positive events can be short-lived if you are not able to treat the people who accompany you on your ascent with respect and consideration. Indeed, the horoscope 2020 of the Chinese zodiac sign of the Dragon invites you to restraint and diplomacy in all your modes of communication, both written and spoken. During a major negotiation, strive to remain flexible and open to compromise. Do not be fooled by the bad faith of your interlocutors and keep on top at all times, because nothing should be able to hinder the smooth evolution of your business. Do not hesitate to spend the necessary time on topics that slow you down the most in your progress, because not solving them when it arises may slow you down much more later.

During the long period before the freedom wind of Chinese New Year 2020, you have struggled hard to keep your position and achievements. But before relaunching your many projects left unresolved, you feel the need to rejuvenate yourself. Also, to successfully free yourself from the chains that still hold you back, you need strength. Spring 2020 is the perfect time to slow down to regain vitality. Moreover, to make the right choices from the month of April and for the rest of 2020, a step back and break the frenetic pace of your life can only be beneficial. If you can, on the one hand to curb the impulses that push you to always move forward and never question your strategy, and on the other to give you long moments of complete rest during the first part of Chinese Year 2020, then you can expect a sustainable and consistent renewal in terms of energy, determination and self-confidence.

Score of the Year of the Rat 2020 for the Dragon

8 / 10

Chinese New Year 2020's resolution for the Dragon

Momentum and structuring

The Dragon's 2020 amulet, colors, chakra and food

Amulet, colors, chakra and food for the Dragon in 2020
💎 Amulet🎨 Colors🧘🏽 Chakra🍉 Food
GoldGold (golden),
Chrome yellow,
Crimson red
Sacral chakraPumpkin,


Love, marriage and birth for the Dragon in 2020


The Chinese horoscope of the Dragon 2020 for love also encourages you to revive your emotional ties. Many flirtations and love affairs brighten up the first half of the summer of 2020. Here may present the opportunity to seal strong affinities with the future man or the future woman of your life. But be careful. Because you could very well take the risk of losing a precious friendship by turning it into a romantic relationship. Keep in mind that it is better to have a sincere and loyal friend in the long term than a passionate adventure quickly consumed that leaves behind only a hint of bitterness.


The uncomfortable feeling that you were no longer up to your partner fades quickly in the days following the Chinese New Year 2020. You finally realize that these are small everyday gestures, you had tendency to neglect, which is the secret of the happiness and serenity of your home. You are less obsessed with this culture of the result that animates you, in the end only to cause frustrations, in favor of a simpler attitude, where the concern for the other takes precedence over the rest. Thus, you are much more inclined to spend money to spoil your beloved. If you are in a conflictual phase of your relationship and you do not have the necessary living space to catch your breath, take a step back if you need to take the best decisions and consider the future with greater serenity. You certainly need the other one missing you a little. No distance can separate too long two hearts connected by a deep love.

Love compatibility and wedding between the Dragon and the Rat: Click here to learn more about the Dragon's compatibility with a Rat.

Is 2020 a good year to have a child for a parent Dragon? Yes! If you are already in a relationship at the beginning of the Year of the Rat 2020, you can consider the next arrival of a new member in your family. From the point of view of Chinese astrology, the year 2020 is a good year for any Dragon who wants to expand his family with the birth of a child "Rat". If you are in this situation, still plan your baby's conception so that the birth takes place before February 12, 2021, the beginning of the Year of the Metal Ox 2021, during which the parent-child compatibility will not be as favorable for a Dragon parent.

Money, career and social life for the Dragon in 2020

Career and work

The Chinese horoscope 2020 augurs a significant and lasting renewal of the professional activity of the Dragon. There is a good chance that you will finally witness the much-anticipated transformation of your career during the Year of the Rat 2020. More than a change of career or studies, it is more of a consolidation of your profile with complementary skills that nevertheless allow you to open new doors. Among the topics that can strengthen your profile and open to you prospects for conversion, mastery of a new foreign language, mathematics, computer or accounting. However, do not wait too long before you decide between several options, because other people around you will not hesitate a single second to take your position.

In 2020, follow your intuition but remain lucid regarding the consequences of your actions, especially in the middle of the year. Remember that your Achilles heel is emotional. If you feel like you are stalling because of an inner questioning that goes around without ever solving anything, correct your perception with experience and results. Be that as it may, you should avoid being static so as not to compromise the positive developments that await you this year.


The Chinese horoscope 2020 heralds a financially prosperous period for the Dragon. In the Year of the Rat, the marketing sector in relation to the banking sector is favored. Being of the Chinese zodiac sign of the Dragon, you can fully enjoy the positive influence of the element Metal Yang (the main element of the year 2020). As a result, and despite a fragile macroeconomic environment, you can expect your investments to be particularly profitable. If it is a new collaboration or a collective investment in a case, it is however essential to contract upstream commitments and duties of each. In the same way, your money can be used to reveal a hidden talent as to reinforce the development of a company in a domain that you already master. If possible, avoid any financial investment during the month of October 2020 and at the end of the Chinese year (January 2021). If you are not able to invest in the course of the year 2020, start anyway a savings plan to guarantee a minimum of material comfort for the years to come.

Social life

The Chinese Horoscope 2020 for the Dragon is full of good surprises in regards to his social and friendly life. During the Year of the Rat 2020, you want to be natural, to build stronger bonds. You want the best, both for yourself and for the people you love. In perfect agreement with your emotions, you abandon all artifice in your exchanges with others, which is unusual enough to emphasize it. You will then appear more noble in the eyes of some, touched by this humanist demonstration, while others will have difficulty in leaving an instinctive mistrust, in front of so much simplicity and transparency. It is on this occasion that you will be able to sort out your admirers, in order to keep only those who really support you and get rid of those who secretly jealous you.

Moreover, in 2020, your generosity will match the pace of your success. Thus, you will have the opportunity to organize many celebrations to celebrate various joyful events, in search of lightness and freedom. It is especially from the second half of autumn that you will feel more receptive and tolerant. Because in the first part of the year, you will focus more on the balance of the past cycle and sort out your old social and friendly relationships.

Health and auspicious periods of the Dragon in 2020

Dragon health horoscope 2020

The 2020 health horoscope of the Dragon encourages you to consider the exclusive use of organic beauty products. Take care of your back by regularly stretching properly. Also remember to renew worn accessories in your bathroom. Apply a facial cleansing lotion daily to prevent blemishes and acne problems.

Internal organs to monitor: In addition to your skin, watch for the health of your stomach. Do not be tempted by excesses whenever you have the opportunity to taste spicy or too greasy dishes. In order to facilitate your intestinal transit, consume more soup, soups and stews. Do regular sauna and steam sessions with integrated body care. Finally, if you are concerned, reduce your alcohol consumption and motivate yourself once and for all to stop tobacco or its substitutes.

Good luck and well-being for the Dragon in 2020

Most favorable periods: April 2020, August 2020, December 2020

Least favorable period: October 2020


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