Chinese Zodiac Baby 2024 (and 2023): Top Names, Personality

Character, relationship with parents and method for finding unique and propitious Chinese zodiac related baby names for boys and girls born in 2023 and 2024
By KarmaWeather - 1 September 2023
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How to choose the name of my child born in 2023 & 2024?

Learn how to use the precepts of Chinese astrology and find the most appropriate name for your baby!

Check out the first name recommendations for your child born in 2023, during the Year of the Rabbit and those for your child born in 2024, in the Year of the Dragon. Indeed, you can easily choose the luckiest first name of your baby, girl or boy, according to his or her date of birth correlated to the Chinese calendar.

Baby Rabbit 2023 and Baby Dragon 2024

In this article, we begin by outlining the philosophy that underlies the precepts of Chinese astrology applied to the choice of first names for children. Thus, the role of the 5 elements (Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water) is fundamental in the choice of the first or middle name of a baby when using this method.

In fact, energy rebalancing is done by choosing a first name that completes and corrects the energetic profile of the child's Chinese astral birth chart. After having reviewed the specifics of the Chinese years 2023 and 2024, we suggest adapted solutions that will allow you to choose the luckiest first name for your child.

Baby's first name choice

It is up to the parents to name their children with a first name that shall hopefully contribute to their luck and fortune throughout their life. Chinese astrology is able to shed additional light on this essential step which marks for life the close bond between a child and his parents. For many ancient cultures and civilizations, it is customary to believe that the moment of birth is partly responsible for the character and destiny of the newborn. In this case, Asian peoples who make use of Chinese astrology generally consult the Chinese lunisolar calendar prior to a wedding, a major purchase, or a birth, in order to choose the periods most conducive for their projects to succeed.

How does it works?

The role of the 5 elements

According to the Chinese horoscope, the prediction of future events is usually made from the analysis of the Chinese calendar, since it informs us precisely about the energetic constitution of the 5 elements of nature, based on Wu Xing. Each time cycle, hours, days, months, years, seasons and even centuries (a Chinese zodiac century lasts 60 years) are all governed in turn by a variable energy flow composed of 5 elements. Having a good reading of the interaction between the 5 elements during a given period is enough to predict the favorable outcome or not of an action or a project.

Correction and rebalancing of elements

Regarding the birth of a child, it is first necessary to identify the potential element(s) weaknesses or deficiencies present on his Chinese astral birth chart. The first name of the child is then chosen according to the analysis of his energy charter. The objective is to fill the energy deficit(s) observed on the daily schedule and thereby to recreate a balance between the 5 elements of the birth chart of the newborn. For example, a baby who was born one day reporting a Wood element deficiency is likely to be more fragile and more prone to bad luck during periods governed by the Wood element. That is why it is in their interest that their parents give them a name etymologically correlated with the Wood element, in order to neutralize the negative effects resulting from the energy imbalance that occurred when they came into the world.

➔ How to balance elements in Chinese astrology and Feng Shui

Let us emphasize that the main objective in choosing an appropriate name for your child should always be linked to the harmonization of his / her birth chart through the 5 elements. Also, it is essential to read the energy distribution of the day of your child's birth in order to choose the most judicious and therefore the luckiest first name.

Baby Rabbit 2023: Personality traits

The Lunar New Year of the Year of the Water Rabbit of the Chinese calendar begins on January 22, 2023 and lasts until February 9, 2024.

In 2023, the Water element is associated with the Chinese zodiac sign of the Rabbit (the main animal of the year). Therefore, the Water Rabbit is the Pillar of the Year. This is the fourth lunar year following the Year of the Rat 2020 which initiated the start of a new 12 year cycle. A child, boy or girl, born from January 22, 2023 will therefore have the Yin Water Rabbit's Chinese zodiac sign as their first pillar.

The Yin aspect of the Water element is characterized by an underground, dark, cold, northern and slow energy. Moreover, associated with the Rabbit, it automatically refers to longevity. A child born in 2023 can expect to have a good start in life. Of a docile, malleable and disciplined character, he will absorb and reflect, like a mirror, the degree of agreement of their parents. If he is well taken care of at home, he will have no difficulty adapting to school. At the social level, he will even serve as an example to others.

The Rabbit child generally has intellectual and artistic aptitudes from birth. Unless he falls into the hands of toxic parents unable to provide him with the tools necessary for a balanced life, he will have no trouble achieving his ambitions. Whether at home or at school, his sensitivity and aversion to injustice will push them to express his discontent by both intellectual and physical means, always with a concern for fairness in the means expressed. Regardless of the type of studies or education chosen during adolescence, the Rabbit will succeed wherever he decides to put his bag.

Because the child Rabbit's faculty of perception and learning often goes beyond what an adult is capable of realizing. The Rabbit knows how to listen and restore what he has memorized without error. He knows how to defend his friends' causes with great subtlety and tenacity, even if it will be somewhat difficult to decipher his true motivations. However, benevolent by nature, the Rabbit child will have to learn the limits of kindness throughout his life.

Although he is a great advocate for others, he is quite different when it comes to defending his own interests. Also, despite his multiple intellectual abilities, visible from an early age, he can become anxious and self-destructive in the presence of overprotective parents, especially if he is dealing with a Rooster parent who is too strict and critical. In this case, he risks developing psychological problems as he grows up.

Energy deficiencies of the year 2023

According to the Chinese horoscope 2023, the main energy deficiencies relate to the Fire, Earth and Metal elements. The consequences and risks associated with a deficiency of the Earth element in a Chinese horoscope can be a tendency to inertia and paranoia. Regarding the Fire element, a lack of this element in a Chinese zodiac birth chart can induce all possible types of violent behavior. Finally, the absence of the Metal element portends loss of money, disloyalty and low self-esteem.

Best baby names in 2023

Below you will find the list of corrective elements to consider for each month of the year 2023, which is particularly useful when choosing the first name of your child. Our 2023 table takes into account the specificities of annual energies. Finally, let's not forget that the choice of a middle name can be particularly useful when two elements are necessary for the re-harmonization of the child's natal chart.

Chinese zodiac 2023 baby names, month by month

Monthly Chinese zodiac 2023 baby names
Month of birth Root of the name
(balancing element)
February 2023🛠️"Metal" name
March 2023🔥🗿🛠️"Fire, Earth, Metal" name
April 2023🛠️"Metal" name
May 2023All names
June 2023🛠️"Metal" name
July 2023🛠️"Metal" name
August 2023🔥"Fire" name
September 2023🔥🗿"Fire / Earth" name
October 2023All names
November 2023🔥🗿🛠️"Fire, Earth, Metal" name
December 2023🔥🗿🛠️"Fire, Earth, Metal" name
January 2024🔥"Fire" name

Baby Dragon 2024: Personality traits

The Lunar New Year of the Year of the Wood Dragon of the Chinese calendar begins on February 10, 2024 and lasts until January 29, 2025.

The Dragon child is distinguished by his passion and interest in improvement and novelty. Lively and emotional, very expansive, he approaches challenges with courage and nothing can alter his idyllic vision of existence. He builds personal principles from an early age and prefers to act in a manner without asking anyone for help. Proud and free of his movements, he will nevertheless always be glued to his ideals which he will honor with great stubbornness and religious solemnity.

Because this energetic child needs to get involved in causes close to his heart and people he admires, such as his teachers, his parents or any other individual worthy of his esteem. He will be sure to ask for his parents' trust and will do his best not to disappoint them once granted. Clever, determined and flexible, he can handle teasing and changing moods by being strong-willed and able to stand up for himself. Honest and full of appetite, it is crucial to entrust him with responsibilities so that he feels useful and busy. However, it is important to watch his dominant character so that he avoids rushing more fragile children.

The Dragon child needs to be appreciated and respected for his talents and his sense of devotion. With an inflated ego and dreams of grandeur held solemnly, his emotional experience can fluctuate between highs and lows. With others, his efforts are always sincere and will deserve recognition, as he is able to expend a lot of energy to please in order to receive respect and admiration. Thus, it is important not to hurt him by making fun of his particular methods of accomplishing tasks or to overload him with missions that may exceed his age.

In the long term, he needs to learn to manage his emotions from an early age to avoid a tormented adult life. If he is humiliated, he can dwell on offenses suffered throughout his life, thus missing the openings necessary for his proper development. He can also become obstinate and suffer the consequences of a rhythm of communication based on a competitive spirit and suspicion. To cancel these risks, he needs to be reassured and forgiven with accuracy because otherwise, he will be very hard both with those around him and with himself.

So the Dragon child, this being of happiness, lucky by his Chinese zodiac sign, is destined to lead and build great projects must necessarily pass through the educational sieve of scrupulous and attentive parents, perfectly aware of the potential of their offspring.

Energy deficiencies of the year 2024

According to the predictions of Chinese astrology for the year 2024, the Wood, Earth and Water elements will be the dominant energy channels. These energies will be in harmony with most Chinese signs throughout the year. Even the Dog, which is traditionally in opposition to the Dragon, will be protected thanks to the presence of the element Metal Yang, which is one of the five elements of its initial charter. On the other hand, the absence of the Metal element could cause obsessive disorders and paranoia at the psychological level. At the professional level, this deficiency could be the source of financial problems, corruption, lack of goodwill and legal difficulties. In love, this could lead to problems of infidelity or lack of marital prospects, which could have emotional repercussions that are difficult to resolve gently.

Best baby names in 2024

Below is the list of corrective elements to take into account for each month of the year 2024 when choosing your child's first name. Of course, your selection will be even more precise if it can also integrate energy data from the day of birth, as well as a breakdown of annual, seasonal and monthly data. Finally, don't forget the usefulness of the middle name when you need to add two elements to rebalance the birth chart of your child.

Chinese zodiac 2024 baby names, month by month

Monthly Chinese zodiac 2024 baby names
Month of birth Root of the name
(balancing element)
February 2024🛠️"Metal" name
March 2024🛠️"Metal" name
April 2024🛠️"Metal" name
May 2024🌳🛠️💧"Wood / Metal/ Water" names
June 2024🛠️"Metal" name
July 2024🛠️"Metal" name
August 2024🌳🔥🛠️"Wood / Fire / Metal" name
September 2024🌳🔥🗿"Wood / Fire / Earth" name
October 2024🛠️💧"Metal / Water" name
November 2024🛠️"Metal" name
December 2024🛠️"Metal" name
January 2025🌳🛠️"Wood / Metal" name

Chinese zodiac baby names, by element

Top baby names, for boy and girl, in accordance with the 5 elements of Nature

Top Chinese zodiac baby names
Balancing element Baby names for boys
🌳 Wood Sylvester, Oliver, Guy, Silas, Damian, Eustache, Ilan, Kevin, Oihan, Laurent, Basil, Benton, Logan, Elder, Derrien, Rowan, Bruce, Hudson, Sawyer, Alon, Elon, Evan, Ewan, Aidan, Ashton, Brazil, Brandon, Yves, Yvon, Egor, Eilon, Elijah, Logan, Derrien, Denis, Erwann, Fabian, Florian, Florenzo, Bradley
🔥 Fire Malo, Lucas, Lucian, Cirius, Theo, Zenon, Samson, Elouan, Declan, Aurelian, Eth, Helios, Sezni, Volcan, Ignatius, Ignazio, Avner, Aidan, Iri, Masou, Smit, Vukan, Vastman, Hayden, Haydn, Jehoash, Aogan, Aviur, Aodh, Brand, Edan, Ea, Kay, Nireeman, Ahmar, Shafak, Chihed, Ichrak, Munir, Melchior, Séraphin, Samson, Uriel, Dagobert
🗿 Earth Peter, Joris, George, Adam, Adan, Adao, Adem, Barth, Dimitri, Eila, Yale, Toprak, Dimitris, Dimitry, Marley, Teano, Jihan, Ilesh, Aza, Jasper, Clay, Damek, Edom, Mahkah, Mamoru, Jared, Ingmar, Ehan, Sakhri, Tarik, Keziah, Tenessee, Indiana, Malo, Dallas, Denver, Sydney, Hamelin, Lambert, Landry
🛠 Metal Oscar, Esteban, Steven, Rezar, Steve, Jing-Jing (金精), Huo-Jin (金霍), Jin (金), Jin-Ho (豪金), Alban, Auban, Gwenael, Kann, Finley, Elwin, Elven, Ganael, Callum, Flint, Altan, Arian, Aurel, Aurélien, Tunç, Auriel, Timour, Timur, Upas, Zlatan, Gohar, Haddad, Yamin, Yamine, Laban, Bruno, Armand, Edgar, Egmont, Eger, Eudes, Gerard, Guilhem, Günter, William, Willy
💧 Water River, Marin, Dylan, Marius, Adrian, Murphy, Bilal, Marvin, Marin, Morrissey, Murphy, Moise, Morvan, Ford, Kelvin, Dover, Kendal, Delmar, Beck, Calder, Kai, Çağlayan, Trent, Zale, Bourne, Caspian, Deniz, Douglas, Jabal, Jordan, Laiken, Lincoln, Lamar, Maxwell, Morgan, Mizuko, Ross, Wade, Cobalt, Ghait, Jâafar, Nil
Balancing element Baby names for girls
🌳 Wood Rose, Daphne, Arava, Artemis, Hortensia, Willow, Derry, Eglantine, Penelope, Jasmina, Elana, Filis, Cherry, Chloe, Clementine, Elona, Gretel, Ilana, Hazel, Heather, Jacinth, Eloise, Ivy, Almond, Aloe, Briar, Calla, Cayla, Sylvia, Nesrine, Olivia, Varda, Beverly, Xilya, Lindsay, Daisy, Heather, Fella, Nellia, Rehana, Rowda, Tamara, Warda, Yesenia, Yainab, Zeïtouna, Zayane, Heidi
🔥 Fire Helena, Lana, Nelly, Lucia, Aurora, Enya, Etney, Eloan, Edna, Hikari, Ilona, Keren, Lena, Penelope, Kimba, Serafine, Seraphine, Solveig, Agni, Aine, Barbara, Nuria, Delia, Fia, Ignacia, Oriel, Işık, Diyah, Doha, Maysân, Muneera, Mounira, Nora, Nour, Nur, Sabah, Sahar, Touraya, Thuraiya, Zohra, Amber, Sharon, Keren
🗿 Earth Gaia, Cynthia, Ambre, Jade, Ashley, Inika, Kalia, Nikita, Nedra, Mahika, Ada, Nuna, Cassiel, Dharti, Makawee, Hermione, Herta, Georgia, Dounia, Marwa, India, Dallas, Roma, London, France, Cheyenne, Lourdes, Paris, Sydney, Rolande
🛠 Metal Louisa, Kate, Candy, Eileen, Nina, Nolwen, Tea, Zurina, Albin, Ariana, Aranka, Aurelia, Ariana, Oriana, Fidda (فضّة), Nubia, Nubit, Sonal (सोनल), Zlata, Mai, Dora, Kenza, Lujain, Tharâ, Bianca
💧 Water Aude, Ocean, Oceana, Morgan, Morgana, Morwen, Maya, Coraline, Mia, Meredith, Marlyne, Muriel, Ondine, Ara, Cordelia, Gal, Hali, India, Bo, Aquata, Indra, Kyla, Laguna, Lana, Nanami, Thalassa, Damlasu, Damla, Pınar, Aini, Nada, Nahla, Tasnime, Tasneem, Lynn

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