What is angelic healing? Meaning, Guide, Rituals

Learn angelic healing methods, create your personal altar and raise your vibrational rate to attract more positivity and luck into your life
By KarmaWeather - 21 July 2023
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What does angelic healing mean?

Angelic healing is a spiritual practice that uses the presence and assistance of angels to help heal physical, mental, and emotional illnesses. It is based on the belief that angels are divine beings who can help bring healing through the energy and vibrations they emit.

Angelic healing practitioners often use meditation, prayer, and visualization to connect with angels and ask for their help in healing. Some also use crystals or essential oils to enhance healing energy.

On the other hand, in some cases, it is possible not to receive help from the angels, even after performing rituals and prayers dedicated to this. There are several reasons why angels might not step in to help a person. For example, if the request contradicts the person's free will or life path, the angels may decide not to intervene. Also, if the person is not sufficiently open or receptive to angelic help, this can also prevent the angels from working. Finally, negative energies such as fear, doubt or stress can interfere with the ability to communicate with the angels and prevent their intervention.

Also, several conditions must be met to receive the help of angels. First of all, it is essential to be open and receptive to their presence and their intervention. It is also important to cultivate positive emotions such as gratitude, love and trust, which are conducive to the arrival of angels. Following your intuition and taking concrete steps to solve the problems is a crucial step, because although the angels can help, the seeker must also put effort into achieving their goals.

What is an angel and what are its powers?

  • Beings of light

    An angel is a spiritual being in various religious traditions, such as Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Zoroastrianism, etc. Angels are generally considered messengers of God or divine beings who act as intermediaries between God and humans. They are often depicted as having wings and a benevolent nature and are seen as protectors and spiritual guides for human beings. Beliefs about angels vary according to religious traditions and individual interpretations.

  • Protection

    Angels are known to be guardians and protectors of humans, offering them protection from physical, emotional and spiritual dangers. They are spiritual beings of love and light who are here to help humans in their quest for spiritual growth and development.

  • Healing

    Angels are often associated with healing and spiritual healing, being seen as divine beings capable of healing illnesses, wounds, and relieving emotional and mental pain. They help individuals access a state of inner peace and improve their overall well-being, promoting a balance between body, mind and soul.

  • Guidance

    In addition to their role as protectors and healers, angels are also seen as guides and advisers who help individuals find their way in life, make important decisions, and overcome challenges. Endowed with a source of inspiration and wisdom, they offer messages of encouragement and support to people who want to reach their full potential and realize their dreams.

  • Communication

    Les anges peuvent communiquer avec les humains par des signes, des visions ou des messages directs pour transmettre des Angels can communicate with humans through signs, visions or direct messages to convey important information or advice. Signs can be subtle or obvious. Here it is important to remain attentive and open to the communication of the angels. By developing your intuition and practicing meditation, you can learn to recognize and interpret the messages of angels to find the right path in your life.

  • Transformation

    Angels are sometimes associated with transformation and transmutation, helping individuals go through significant life changes, heal old wounds, and break free from limiting behaviors or thoughts. Thus, angels can help overcome blockages and fears that prevent humans from moving forward in their lives. One of their primary missions is to raise consciousness and expand understanding of self and others.

Champ aurique
Angelic healing altar © KarmaWeather by Konbi

Practical Guide

Create an altar in your home and make your wishes come true with angelic invocation rituals

Recommendations to follow before any angelic ritual

  • Opt for a peaceful and quiet way of life away from conflicts,
  • Adopt a healthy and balanced diet,
  • Breathe in fresh, pollution-free air,
  • Raise your vibrational frequency and improve your spiritual connection by enriching your life with positive colors. Every day, you have to feed your reservoir of exceptional qualities to fully express them.

Create your altar

Creating an altar to pray to angels is a personal spiritual practice that can vary depending on beliefs and traditions. However, here are some general steps for creating an altar at home to pray to the angels:

  1. Define a calm and peaceful location at home to create your altar. It can also be a shelf, a table or a clean corner of the room
  2. Choose symbolic elements that represent angels and spirituality for you, such as an image of an angel, a statue, a white candle or crystals
  3. Colors that symbolize angels, such as white, gold and light blue, are to be used to decorate the altar
  4. It is possible to add offerings according to beliefs and traditions, such as flowers, herbs, holy water or food
  5. The altar should be consecrated to meditate, pray and communicate with the angels. Do not hesitate to write wishes or prayers and/or recite mantras
  6. Use a clean, white tablecloth on the altar
  7. Then have a "seal of the 7 archangels"
  8. To represent the Air element, several white feathers can be arranged on the altar
  9. To represent the Water element, it is recommended to put spring water in a small transparent glass
  10. To represent the Wood element, place some medicinal herbs of your choice on a small white plate (for example on a coffee cup saucer)
  11. Colored candles associated with the invoked angel. They are to be used to represent the Fire element. Prefer new spark plugs. Be sure to put them out with a snuffer or with wet fingers. A white candle will be lit to then light the other candles
  12. Bless the candles. To bless a candle with oil, it is recommended to carefully wipe the candle with a clean cloth before applying oil with your fingers or a cotton swab. Symbols or words representing the intention can be drawn on the candle. A prayer can be recited aloud while holding the candle in the hands to ask for the blessing and protection of the angels
  13. Place coarse salt in several white bowls to place in the corners of the room where the altar is located
  14. Incense to purify the altar and surrounding space. Each incense belongs to a class of angelic choirs: benzoin (Dominations), electra (Cherubim), mastic (Archangels), nutmeg (Powers), myrrh (Angels), Oedipus (Seraphim), olibanum (Virtues), sandalwood (Principalities) or storax (Thrones)
  15. Protective stones. They are chosen according to the color of the summoned angel. Refer to the list of angel colors to choose them
  16. Add some flowers to the altar to bring a touch of beauty and serenity
  17. Finally, a small bell or a small chime can be placed on the altar to call the angels


  1. Objects of a profane nature such as bills, keys, mobile phones, etc. should not be placed on the altar,
  2. The altar must always be maintained and regularly cleaned with purification techniques when necessary,
  3. It is not recommended to leave candles or incense burning unattended.

Purify Your Mind: Visualize Your Angel

  1. Take care of your personal body hygiene: before any ritual, wash and dress properly
  2. Feed positive thoughts throughout the act
  3. Adopt a state of relaxation and relaxation in all situations that allow it
  4. Maintain concentration: Keep away any electronic device likely to interfere with the auric field during the ritual

How to summon the angels?

Once installed in front of your altar, create transcendence with your spirit. There are different methods for summoning angels, but here are some general steps to follow:

  1. Find a calm and quiet place where it will not be possible to be disturbed. It is possible to create an altar with candles, crystals and other items that seem important for the ritual
  2. Visualize the angel you wish to invoke and feel his presence around you. It is also possible to focus on a specific intention or desire that one wishes to see fulfilled
  3. Say a prayer or an invocation to call the angel. You can use a traditional prayer or create your own. You have to be clear and precise in what you are asking
  4. Wait and stay open to the angel's response. It can take the form of a vision, a feeling or a subtle message. We must be attentive and ready to receive the guidance of the angel
  5. Thank the angel for his presence and guidance. One can also offer a symbolic gift or burn incense as a sign of gratitude

Example of purification ritual

  • With your eyes closed, empty your mind by visualizing the color white. Imagine standing under a shower of white light. Inhale slowly with the nose, the white light flowing over the body for 11 breath strokes, until the lungs are completely filled. Hold the breath for a few seconds. Then exhale through the mouth visualizing (still with eyes closed) a breath of greyish light (symbol of anything toxic stored in the aura)
  • Repeat the operation 7 times, relaxing the body as much as possible
  • Take the opportunity to balance blocked or too open chakras if necessary. Plan a full chakra balancing session in the case of significant imbalances
  • When ready, begin your prayer for the angel according to the worship of personal beliefs

Lifestyle and good reflexes

What are the good behaviors to adopt between two rituals?

  • To detach from all the wishes already realized and to accept and live the present moment as it is, without putting psychological barriers or giving life to sentences with negative connotations. If a habit or a mechanism of denigration, judgment and toxic self-evaluation is already installed in the mind, then it is necessary to do repetition exercises in order to force the mind to generate by itself sentences with positive connotations for oneself and for the universe.
  • Cultivate forgiveness both with yourself and with others. Avoid conjuring, cursing or expressing negative phrases towards oneself and towards unpleasant people or situations
  • Sing as often as possible joyful works including positive phrases towards oneself and the universe
  • Listen to upbeat classical music and avoid violent, sad, aggressive or offensive songs, music or any type of artwork. The patterns of life or representation embodied by these have a considerable impact on the aura and often have their own boomerang effects, which always return to their transmitter with the pattern that the work embodies. If this is not possible, protect yourself with a stone that will prevent your aura from storing the faulty vibrations emitted by these creations (labradorite, tourmaline, clear quartz, tiger's eye...)
  • Use Sacred Solfege adapted to your current situation
    Sacred Solfege is a series of sound frequencies used in sacred music for centuries. The nine basic frequencies of Sacred Solfege are:
    • DO - 396 Hz : to release fear and guilt
    • RÉ - 417 Hz : to foster change and facilitate transition
    • MI - 528 Hz : to activate transformation and healing, often referred to as the "mirror of the soul"
    • FA - 639 Hz : to stimulate relationships and interpersonal communication
    • SOL - 741 Hz : to develop intuition and spiritual awareness
    • LA - 852 Hz : to restore balance and harmony in body and mind
    • SI - 963 Hz : this is the frequency of divine knowledge and spiritual connection
    • 174 Hz : to help reduce physical and emotional pain
    • 285 Hz : to promote healing and harmony in relationships
  • Use crystals, plants and colors, on oneself and/or in one's environment
  • Apply the Feng Shui art of living. Drive out all bad vibratory flows in places of life (home, work)
  • Using incense, candles and soft lights at home
  • Nurture houseplants that help neutralize the effects of bad vibes

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