Monthly Chinese horoscope of August 2019

August 2019: Chinese monthly horoscope for the 12 Chinese zodiac animal signs of the lunar calendar
By KarmaWeather - 1 August 2019
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Monthly forecast during the Water Monkey Month of the Chinese calendar

Daily and monthly predictions for each day of the Water Monkey Month of August 2019, for the 12 animals of the Chinese Zodiac: Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Pig

Dates of the 2019 Chinese calendar month

The Month of the Water Monkey of the Chinese calendar starts on August 1st, 2019 and ends on August 30th, 2019. On July 31st, the new moon announces the passage in the Chinese calendar from the Metal Goat Month to the Month of the Water Monkey of the Year of the Earth Pig, seventh month of the Chinese Year.

2019 Water Monkey horoscope

From the perspective of the Chinese calendar, the cohabitation of the Monkey (of the month) with the Pig (of the year) is a factor of relative energy balanced energy throughout the month of August 2019. This is a month where more emphasis is placed on strengthened struggles to preserve what has already been achieved in the past. Indeed, the Monkey is renowned for his playfulness and ability to make things happen. Be it good or bad, many zodiac signs of the Chinese horoscope must align with this unusual dynamic. Any collaboration that would emerge during this month should not be limited to oral promises and must necessarily include at one time or another the signing of a fair agreement.

Sometimes it is better to get around an obstacle intelligently than to face it. This may not be the moment to share your secrets or even your project ideas with people who are not directly involved, because the Monkey, in his negative aspect towards some animals of the Chinese calendar (especially the group Tiger, Horse and Dog), is known for his bullying and offensive mockery. In terms of work, the month is especially conducive to mobility and information sharing, which is highly useful for Chinese zodiac signs who wish to continue or consolidate their current projects.

According to the Chinese horoscope of August 2019, relationship issues can arise for the Rat in contact with certain members of his family. As for the Ox (Buffalo), he finds a way to combine business with pleasure on an organized trip. The Tiger philosophically accepts that his charms do not always work with the people he covets. The Rabbit fights against the laziness that assails him often in these times of great heat. Vitality and strength is again on the side of the Dragon, who may even be disconcerted in the face of his revival of luck, insolent but ephemeral. The Snake is redoubling his attention so as not to fall into the same traps that have delayed him on certain parts of his love life. The Horse learns to stop momentarily to relax and better understand the direction he will take for the future. The Goat continues to tap into the depths of his soul to revive the creative momentum he has been lacking in recent times. The Monkey realizes that daring and hyper-activity do not always mix well. The Rooster exercises to soften his roughness of character. The Dog cleans his environment of entities that take up too much space and obscure his vision. Finally, the Pig grasps the harsh reality that justice does not always tend to favor those it is supposed to protect.

Monthly energies for the 12 Chinese zodiac signs

In terms of energy, this monthly period occupied by the Water Monkey indicates a distinct weakness in the Fire element and an excess of the Water element. Thus, for example, in its positive aspect, advances in biology and vascular medicine can emerge, thanks to off-the-beaten-track research, which is able to shed light and a new understanding of complex diseases.

On the individual level and in a more negative aspect this time, the meeting of the Yin Earth of the year with the Yang Water of the month, combined with the weakness of the Fire element, signal the emergence of conflicting relationships for relationships that are subject to emotional commitment (lovers, fiancés, husband and wife, family, friends). Thus, unfounded fears about the possible distance of a loved one can lead to a radical change in the values that served to maintain their emotional ties. For couples in particular, and in order not to allow to settle a ground favorable to the separation, it is advisable not to hold positions too much decided on subjects which easily create division (politics, in-laws). Dialogue and listening are the best assets to give a second chance to differences of view that can not be reconciled. Still, if one considers the compatibility level of the two animals of the Chinese zodiac who co-govern the month of August 2019, the relationship of the Monkey (of the month) and the Pig (of the year) is good enough to absorb the existing monthly energy imbalance for most Chinese zodiac signs. Signs whose Fire element is primary or secondary (except the Snake, Tiger and Goat), such as the Horse and the Dog, can be expected to be more sensitive and thus weakened by this energetic situation.

Daily energy distribution of the 5 elements

The KarmaWeather chart above displays the daily energetic distribution of the 5 elements from August 1st, 2019 until August 30th, 2019. Traditionally, interactions between Fire, Earth, Water and Metal greatly influence the course of the day for the 12 Chinese zodiac signs.

Chinese zodiac lucky stone of the month

Chinese zodiac corrective birthstone and lucky stone from August 1st to August 30th, 2019 for the 12 Chinese zodiac animal signs: Ruby

Money and career monthly horoscope

According to the Chinese horoscope of August 2019 for money and career, this may be the right time to consolidate your position within your company, through targeted and individual actions. However, wasting too much time analyzing the details may compromise some progress. Indeed, the plan of August 2019 presupposes the maintenance of a responsible and lucid position to avoid the repetition of mistakes that may slow down the advent and success of future projects. In companies, new responsibilities can be imposed unilaterally and without any counterpart, due to several early departures. In this case, one would be wise to renegotiate one's salary during this Month of the Monkey so as not to accumulate frustration. On another point, all kinds of rumors about one's professional integrity should be closely monitored. Rumors rarely serve their recipients, just as they tend to turn against their perpetrators, at the slightest imprudence on their part. Therefore, it is advisable to mark the ground of his presence since this attitude remains the most effective to counter hearsay. Here the saying "the absent are always wrong" unequivocally endorses its preventive role.

When it comes to investing, a Monkey Month always means the movement of money. This month of August 2019 dominated by the ninth sign of Chinese astrology is an indicator of stock market fluctuations and higher liquidity movements than usual. In the case of a recent investment, expect to reap the first benefits and the beginning of a profitability during Monkey Month 2019. Advantaged domains during the month of August 2019 are activities that have a direct or indirect link with the elements Water and Wood: human resources, psychology, writing, fishing, maritime tourism, publishing, stationery, bookstore, library, horticulture, woodwork and vine, carpentry, furnishing and interior decoration ...

Love monthly horoscope

The Water Monkey is very famous for his seductive power. The periods crossed under his influence are often manifested by the unsuspected awakening of a libido that was believed unjustly extinct. Also, in love, a Month of the Monkey, in alliance with the Pig of the year 2019, contains a priori in itself the secret of emotional enjoyment.


Singles can successfully use their seductive enthusiasm to seduce waiting hearts. However, due to the weakness of the Fire element, understanding of most sentimental opportunities may take place late, which can be a source of missed opportunities. The right interpretation of emotional gestures as they occur is the key to starting a successful relationship.


While passion and charm work for those who are looking for a sustainable relationship, the opposite is true for couples. Indeed, in its negative aspect, the Pig has difficulty controlling his greed for all the pleasures of life, while the Monkey is able to detach from moral conventions to follow his instinct. In summary, couples whose Chinese zodiac signs are in opposition to the Pig and Monkey may have to face possible extramarital affairs from their partner. However, rather than falling into the luster of infidelity or excessive surveillance of the other, it is better to stay in harmony with the energy dynamics of August 2019 by showing patience and strategy. Moreover, reclaiming the attention of the beloved should not be so difficult, as long as the efforts on oneself are the result of discrete and constant efforts.

Special summer advice for lovers: Take advantage of Chinese Valentine's Day, which is scheduled for August 7, 2019, to strengthen your relationship by offering a pleasant surprise to your loved one.

Health monthly horoscope

In this month of August 2019, watch especially bones and joints. Avoid traveling in dark and unknown places, as any shock in this type of situation can cause a sprain. If you are in the countryside, beware of ticks. Inspect the entire surface of your skin (and that of your pets) after every outing in the forest or in the field. In case of bite, do not try to tear it yourself if you do not know the method. Go to the nearest pharmacy to get rid of this undesirable and avoid any complication. If you go to the beach to cool off, just choose the beaches where swimming zones are supervised, which is as good if you have children as if you are a seasoned surfer. Finally, always remember to apply high protection sunscreen on the entire body in case of prolonged exposure to the sun.

Monthly horoscope for the 12 Chinese zodiac signs from August 1st, 2019 to August 30th, 2019

Rat monthly horoscope

Monthly Rat rating: 6 / 10

Rat, you finally find the drive needed to realize what you have left out for too long. Keep in mind that all quality work is characterized by its finish. You gain popularity and respectability through your commitment to some progressive ideas. Avoid, however, exposing your thoughts too much to minds that are not ready to do a listening job, especially in the family setting. Some interesting news come to liven up your daily life. In terms of finances, bet on discretion in case of unexpected gains, not to cause cumbersome jalousies. In love, get advice from the opposite sex to impress your beloved. You should thereafter be able to spend a serene and romantic August 2019.

Ox monthly horoscope

Monthly Ox rating: 7 / 10

Ox (Buffalo), your morale goes up, because you feel the desire to take initiatives again. On a professional level, new encounters can give you the appetite for winning. Be careful, however, of the pace for which you are ready to commit yourself, which should first meet your needs. In business, take care to carefully study and re-read each contract carefully before affixing your stamp. Finance is gradually improving and material security is within your reach. This is probably one of the best times of the year to launch new projects. You can nurture desire for change in career. As the September school season approaches, you have the wind in your sails. However, avoid moving in noisy places in August 2019 and ignore the possible provocations of strangers, because responding to them may be detrimental to you. Your weak points being grudge and jealousy, do not let evil spirits use them against you.

Tiger monthly horoscope

Monthly Tiger rating: 4 / 10

Tiger, you are entering a period where you have to juggle the useful and the indispensable, the comfort and the boredom. Some hard choices to make in terms of direction to take on the job plan. Do not fall back into the traps that you managed to get around once. For your entertainment, choose to be accompanied by trusted friends and keep in mind that this is not the time to change your habits in depth. Make a love strike if necessary to better start the season with quality people. Leave any place conducive to clashes of any kind. During the month of August 2019, you are not able to spend your energy in quarrels. Be careful also to your wallet. Postpone a purchase or an investment if, deep down, you feel like you're making a bad choice. In general, your intuition does not deceive you, despite your indomitable temerity. Protect yourself and stay alert, especially towards your own impulses.

Rabbit monthly horoscope

Monthly Rabbit rating: 6 / 10

Rabbit, stop being naive about the true intentions of some of your new encounters. Instead of wasting time dreaming, focus on finding the motivation to move your projects forward. Use your sense of strategy to effectively remedy your problems. Avoid any behavior under the impulse or the anger, so as not to find yourself in spite of yourself in the position of the offender. Faced with ambiguity in your love affairs, play the time card. No need to reveal yourself to a person who does not seek to discover himself / herself. Reduce your expenses for now, it is rather time to save money in order to buy the property you want later.

Dragon monthly horoscope

Monthly Dragon rating: 7 / 10

Dragon, everything eventually aligns with time and you realize that you are able to manifest more patience than you would have imagined. If you are about to embark on a project with new professional partners, make sure to set the rules right from the start. Because you might be disappointed with the result in case of negligence. Emotionally, do not make dazzling promises for the sole purpose of pleasing, during a moment of grace, because you could repent later. In a way, you finally realize that all your craziest existential desires in love will probably not happen. Work instead on your anchoring to better understand your love life. Things will happen on their own, provided you play the right card at the right time. Avoid any conflictual dialogue if it is not possible to find a compromise quickly.

Snake monthly horoscope

Monthly Snake rating: 5 / 10

Snake, you may still be in a phase of questioning about your professional future, or you may not be able to act to change the situation. This is perhaps due to your current material comfort, which is enough to satisfy you for the tie being. Look for the answers in the right places because interesting opportunities can still be captured if you take the time to study them. However, prefer an activity that is not too time-consuming and that allows you to make time for you. Do not hesitate to ask a guidance expert for help if you feel the need. On the sentimental level, if you are the confidant of someone close to you, do not betray him / her by revealing his / her secrets to third persons, because you risk a friendly break-up. No need to go into cold rage if you do not agree with your partner's opinions. Be clear and forgiving about diversity and human weaknesses.

Horse monthly horoscope

Monthly Horse rating: 6 / 10

Horse, the month of August 2019, relatively quiet for you, allows you to take the time to analyze your future goals. You may have succeeded in building some of your aspirations. However, something tells you to ban rushed acts these days, and you're right. Despite a slight slowdown, luck is still on your side. While waiting to leave again for new adventures, take care of your social relations, because they can surprise you pleasantly. Escape the gloom by opting for fun activities. However, do not get lost in endless distractions. Watch your business as well as your loved ones. In love, things may not be as dynamic and passionate as expected. Learn to express your desires in a clear way to be heard. Be elegant in case of disagreement. You will end up having your reward the right moment.

Goat monthly horoscope

Monthly Goat rating: 8 / 10

Goat, you have the impression of having something that holds you back, despite your determination to move forward professionally. It may be your unfulfilled emotional needs that prevent you from evolving in many areas. Learn to listen to your body instead of fighting against it, and to put words on your emotions. It is following this effort that you will find the desire to leave your shell and show the world what you are capable of. However, start by getting rid of false friendships that make you constantly doubt yourself. Why, then, continue to share your energetic strength with these same spurious spirits who openly disrespect you while pretending to love you at the same time? Indeed, you know how to cash in the hard knocks, but it may be time now to give a good hoof to fate to move things in your direction. You are the only master on board, never be defeatist. Your finances are stable, but beware of superfluous expenses for which you always allow yourself to be tempted too easily.

Monkey monthly horoscope

Monthly Monkey rating: 7 / 10

Monkey, you may have hesitated for a while to open your business or consolidate your investment at work with new tools. Dispel any doubt to finally move on to concrete things during this month co-governed by your sign. If necessary, assess your current situation to get a clear idea of what you will or will not keep in your future career moves. However, beware of your predisposition to embark on difficult and dangerous actions in defiance of obstacles that can play tricks on you. Think twice before committing yourself, because this time there may be no possibility of return. Concerning love, do not be clumsy with your partner by constantly reminding him of his / her faults. Instead, laugh at your own imperfections, even if you consider that they are not very numerous. Insight being one of your major qualities, use it to create peace and serenity around you. Especially if there are rules to respect, they are not only for others.

Rooster monthly horoscope

Monthly Rooster rating: 5 / 10

Rooster, you are entering a small period teeming with hardships to overcome. The lack of vision, respect and sometimes even ethics within your team or among your business partners pushes you to reconsider your current professional commitment. In addition, errors in judgments within your company can cause regrettable losses in the weeks that follow. For this reason, it is better to stay away from perilous situations, as well as avoid feeling obliged to justify acts of which you are not the author. If you are thinking of starting your own business, wait a little longer. At the emotional level, contrary to what one might think, you make real efforts to maintain harmony within your home, but your remarks, however constructive, tend to be misinterpreted. Increase your flexibility in your relationships with other family members. You will see later that there is no reason to worry. With a casual and discreet attitude, things improve themselves by the end of the month.

Dog monthly horoscope

Monthly Dog rating: 6 / 10

Dog, even if it is not yet ideal, there are still some small improvements compared to the previous months of the Year of the Pig 2019. Financially, a few small inflows of money give you back a smile. You can think of taking action if you want to buy a property. However, be sure to inform yourself properly before signing the act of purchase. When it comes to social relations, at a party, a family outing or a family gathering, you clearly see the faces of those who support you from the heart of those who play a double game with you. Therefore, if masks suddenly fall, expect movement. The paradox is that it may be more fun than painful, because when the moment comes, you will feel more invulnerable than ever. In terms of feelings, a new love affair or a trip for two can add a touch of emotion to your emotional life. Do not be too reckless. Bet on loyalty, which always ends up paying.

Pig monthly horoscope

Monthly Pig rating: 6 / 10

Pig, even if you feel a legitimate bitterness at the indecent impunity of those responsible for your troubles, it helps you better get around future obstacles in your path. Fortunately, favorable issues for recent small problems finally end up giving you smile and hope for the future. The other good news is that you learn to share your moments of happiness with those who have been with you during your difficult moments. In love, know how to dominate your impulses of instant desires and novelty and rather look for the veracity of the feelings. If you are already in a relationship, carefully choose the places and people you want to hang out together. Your emotions are gradually rebalancing. During the month of August 2019, avoid false good ideas of others and in any situation, never neglect your first impressions, because they are often right. Finally, always be careful when traveling.

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