Monthly Chinese horoscope of May & June 2020

May 2020, June 2020: Chinese monthly horoscope for the 12 Chinese zodiac animal signs of the lunar calendar
By KarmaWeather - 7 June 2020
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Monthly forecast during the Metal Snake Month of the Chinese calendar

Daily and monthly predictions for each day of the Metal Snake Month of May and June 2020, for the 12 animals of the Chinese Zodiac: Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Pig

Dates of the 2020 Chinese calendar month

The Month of the Metal Snake of the Chinese calendar starts on April 23rd, 2020 and ends on June 20th, 2020. On April 22nd, the new moon announces the passage in the Chinese calendar from the Metal Dragon Month to the Month of the Metal Snake of the Year of the Metal Rat, fourth month of the Chinese Year.

May, June 2020 horoscope: the Month of the Metal Snake

According to the Chinese calendar 2020, the Metal Snake Month lasts from April 23 to June 20, 2020. Regarding the Chinese lunisolar calendar, the whole of May 2020 and most of June 2020 corresponds to a doubled month. Also called a leap month, a doubled month is inserted in the lunar calendar every 3 years approximately, which allows its writing to be adjusted by taking into account the fractional number of the duration of a lunar month (29.520588 days). This is why the Chinese horoscope for May and June 2020 is ruled for two consecutive months by the same Chinese animal (or terrestrial branch), the Snake, associated with the same element (or celestial trunk), the Metal Yin.

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While the Rat (of the year) is a Chinese zodiac sign with Yang polarity, that is to say extroverted and carried towards action, the Snake is Yin, introverted and carried towards deep thinking. Thus, during the months of May and June 2020, the Chinese horoscope 2020 of the Month of the Snake announces a period during which relative calm, stability but also a latent worry will continue to dominate the daily life. With the approach of the summer period and while the uncertainty of the next day upsets all traditional landmarks, it becomes necessary to maintain optimism, make room for joy and better organize all activities, wether it is work or leisure. During this leap month dominated by the Metal Snake, it is also crucial to analyze and understand the positive aspects of what has been undertaken in recent months. Under the yoke of the Rat, the Snake fully expresses his strategy of avoidance by passive struggle. Also, in view of the current health situation, the political spheres play a primordial role during this Metal Snake Month 2020, where the current consensus rests on the limitation of human contacts, while waiting to have the weapons necessary to kill this scourge. In addition, the captivating charmer that is the Snake particularly likes to curl up for hours in the protective warmth of his burrow.

Monthly energies for the 12 Chinese zodiac signs

In Chinese astrology as in Feng Shui, the excess of one of the 5 elements is always synonymous with a weakness or a simultaneous deficiency of another element. This year, from April 23, 2020, the Metal element, doubly reinforced by its presence as Chinese element of the year 2020 (Yang Metal) and as element of the months of May and June 2020 (Yin Metal), undergoes a strong rise in the Chinese lunar calendar, while on the contrary the Wood element finds itself in a situation of critical weakness. Lack of Wood energy can help reinforce preexisting feelings of guilt or even initiate a depressive crisis in the event of an unresolved dispute. The excess of Metal combined with the weakness of Wood can also result in a generalized wave of anxiety within the population, even moments of stress and paranoia which can occur without warning in the face of events which deserve to be analyzed cold and with distance. Furthermore, despite the meeting of the two Metal elements with complementary polarity observable during this annual inter-cycle, the opposition between the intrinsic element of the Rat (Water) and that of the Snake (Fire) are able to weaken or question recent projects or acquisitions.

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On a material level, the Metal overflow can cause significant stock market fluctuations (which is already observable in recent weeks and which should therefore not be resolved in the next two months). In politics, this excess of Metal can also push certain authoritarian regimes, already shaken by the current crisis, to decree martial law or to take other radical measures aimed at preserving their power more than ensuring the good health of their population. To fill this glaring energy imbalance during the months of May and June 2020, it is obviously necessary to work on the Wood element. In particular, you have to respond to harshness with flexibility and feelings of oppression or loneliness with creativity. As we can recall, the Wood element nourishes the dynamics brought about by growth, longevity and creativity. In addition, optimism is one of the most significant forces of Wood energy. The will to act in a good mood helps to look at the future with enthusiasm and serenity, despite the inevitable uncertainties of life. Also, the cultivation of optimism remains vital in these unique times that humanity is going through.

Daily energy distribution of the 5 elements

The KarmaWeather chart above displays the daily energetic distribution of the 5 elements from from April 23, 2020 to June 20, 2020. Traditionally, interactions between Fire, Earth, Water and Metal greatly influence the course of the day for the 12 Chinese zodiac signs.

Chinese zodiac lucky stone of the month

Chinese zodiac corrective birthstone and lucky stone from April 23, 2020 to June 20, 2020 for the 12 Chinese zodiac animal signs: Jade

Money and career monthly horoscope

According to the Chinese horoscope of the Metal Snake Month 2020, trades linked to new technologies, research and armaments should be particularly busy during the months of May and June 2020. In addition, social distancing and telework, initiated and amplified in recent months, which have affected all professional environments, allow, in view of the social transformations and new consumption habits that are taking place, to imagine new strategies and pursue new growth targets, unimaginable just 3 or 4 months ago. As commendable as this desire to move forward can be, these new developments must be accompanied by careful consideration of their possible consequences, particularly from an ethical and environmental point of view. Likewise, the period promises to be conducive to carrying out a skills assessment and implementing new action plans for those who wish to actively change jobs or who have suddenly found themselves unemployed recently.

Regarding investments, given the voluntary and asserted nature of the Metal Snake, it is preferable, during the months of May and June 2020, to be analytical before making an important decision and to be wary before confiding too quickly to a stranger. Therefore, do not hesitate to take twice as much time as usual and to deepen your research before signing a contract, whatever the investment concerned. Any action that has not been carefully prepared beforehand risks losing all of their investment or previous acquisitions to its authors.

Love monthly horoscope

Regarding the Chinese horoscope of May and June 2020 for love, if it is true that the months governed by the Chinese zodiac sign of the Snake are generally favorable to new meetings and to the creation of new sentimental relationships between people from different horizons, they are also the source of disillusionment caused by a forced awareness of the realities of an existing dominant situation. This is why, during the Month of the Metal Snake 2020, it will be necessary to weigh the pros with a very special care.

For couples who are going through a difficult period, for example, it will be a question of knowing how to differentiate between an opportunity as uncertain as it is potentially destructive of the existing balance and the choice to maintain a status quo, despite a couple relationship which currently seems in pretty bad shape. In the case of a strong disagreement with one's partner and in order to minimize the risk of suffering significant harm, it is preferable to find a common will that benefits everyone. In fact, during a Metal Snake Month, no party in a conflicting couple is immune from unexpected revenge on the part of those who consider themselves injured or betrayed.

Health monthly horoscope

Unfortunately, the Metal energy of the year 2020 continues to be expressed through a disease that severely affects the organs associated with it in Chinese astrology and traditional medicine, i.e. the respiratory tract and lungs. Thus, the Double month of the Metal Snake 2020, by the energy reinforcement it brings to the Metal element, does not encourage the relaxation of the precautionary health measures which have become widespread in recent weeks all over the world. It is even advisable to reinforce even more the precautionary measures, in particular by the generalization of the wearing of a mask when one has to go to public places.

For any questions related to the current situation, continue to consult the recommendations issued by the government of your country of residence. Among the good habits to apply:

  • To wash hands with soap every hour
  • To stay at least 3 meters away from people you meet
  • To leave home only to ensure the bare essentials
  • If possible, to wear a mask as soon as you leave your home
  • To disinfect the door handles twice a day
  • To respect draconian hygiene in all circumstances (in this perspective, apply the Feng Shui rules and advice)
  • To regularly take news of your loved ones by phone
  • To do exercises recommended for your health to fight against sedentary lifestyles
  • To hydrate regularly
  • To be patient and optimistic despite the circumstances

Monthly horoscope for the 12 Chinese zodiac signs from from April 23, 2020 to June 20, 2020

Rat's May & June 2020 horoscope

Chinese Zodiac Rat Monthly HoroscopeMonthly Rat rating: 5 / 10

According to the Chinese horoscope for May and June 2020, the Rat (Mouse) strives to correct his behavior rather than believe, fatalistic and resigned, that he can not change the situation. Caution is advised, especially when it comes to managing his budget and spending. The Rat is concerned with the quality of his food and keeps himself in shape so as not to lose his alertness.

Ox's May & June 2020 horoscope

Chinese Zodiac Ox Monthly HoroscopeMonthly Ox rating: 7 / 10

According to the Chinese horoscope for May and June 2020, the Ox (Buffalo) is aware of the rigidity of his character which prevents him from accepting the novelty and the unexpected. He should seriously think about asking for external help which would allow him to progress on this point. Any ambiguity in social relations should be avoided. A little simplicity can only improve the daily life of the Ox.

Tiger's May & June 2020 horoscope

Chinese Zodiac Tiger Monthly HoroscopeMonthly Tiger rating: 5 / 10

With regard to the Chinese horoscope for May and June 2020, the Tiger learns to control himself and react more calmly in the event of opposition, especially in the area of love. On the other hand, if he is confronted with an injustice which justifiably revolts him, the Tiger must be clear and objective, even if it means losing popularity. Anyway, the wind always ends up turning.

Rabbit's May & June 2020 horoscope

Chinese Zodiac Rabbit Monthly HoroscopeMonthly Rabbit rating: 5 / 10

According to the Chinese horoscope of May and June 2020, the Rabbit (Hare, Cat) learns to rely more on his perceptions rather than on the advice of others, especially if it concerns his artistic creations. There is little notable progress in terms of career. The Rabbit has more interest in looking after his burrow than being tempted by unnecessary expenses.

Dragon's May & June 2020 horoscope

Chinese Zodiac Dragon Monthly HoroscopeMonthly Dragon rating: 6 / 10

According to the Chinese horoscope for May and June 2020, the Dragon stops finding all that does not interest him to be mediocre and ends up realizing the beauty of human complexity, even when it does not concern him directly. Luck can smile at the Dragon during this time. There might be a little sentimental problem to solve, preferably with discretion.

Snake's May & June 2020 horoscope

Chinese Zodiac Snake Monthly HoroscopeMonthly Snake rating: 6 / 10

With regard to the Chinese horoscope for May and June 2020, the Snake enters a deep sleep after which he will find the answers to his most intimate and secret questions. However, he should not confuse sleep and hibernation. Indeed, the Snake must take advantage of this moment to understand his emotional blockages and initiate a process of inner peace.

Horse's May & June 2020 horoscope

Chinese Zodiac Horse Monthly HoroscopeMonthly Horse rating: 4 / 10

According to the Chinese horoscope for May and June 2020, as the Horse does not support the very idea of being manipulated, he takes the initiative to participate in muffled actions to obtain his share of the spoils. In all the actions he undertakes, the Horse must exert more effort than usual. Any family or friendly outside help will be welcome. Caution.

Goat's May & June 2020 horoscope

Chinese Zodiac Goat Monthly HoroscopeMonthly Goat rating: 6 / 10

According to the Chinese horoscope for May and June 2020, the Goat (Sheep) understands the usefulness of remaining discreet but does not prevent either from openly dreaming about his future vacation in a distant country. It's a good time to reconnect with old and deep friendships. Slowly but surely, the Goat regains his credibility and popularity with those around him.

Monkey's May & June 2020 horoscope

Chinese Zodiac Monkey Monthly HoroscopeMonthly Monkey rating: 6 / 10

With regard to the Chinese horoscope for May and June 2020, the Monkey surprises himself as he manages to make remarkable efforts to gain credibility with others or simply regain the confidence of those he may have disappointed recently. He however keeps his smile in anticipation of better days to come.

Rooster's May & June 2020 horoscope

Chinese Zodiac Rooster Monthly HoroscopeMonthly Rooster rating: 5 / 10

According to the Chinese horoscope of May and June 2020, the Rooster (Chicken) is deeply perplexed: should he sharply criticize the situation and make it known to the greatest number or accept with resignation and in silence the realities of this world? Sometimes it's better to wait for the answers to come up on their own.

Dog's May & June 2020 horoscope

Chinese Zodiac Dog Monthly HoroscopeMonthly Dog rating: 5 / 10

According to the Chinese horoscope for May and June 2020, the Dog maintains the security of his territory, not hesitating to bite all those who exceed the limits he has decided. However, he knows how to be open to the good advice of the people he appreciates.

Pig's May & June 2020 horoscope

Chinese Zodiac Pig Monthly HoroscopeMonthly Pig rating: 6 / 10

With regard to the Chinese horoscope for May and June 2020, the Pig (Boar) takes a radical decision which greatly relieves him, even if he does not necessarily measure all the consequences of his gesture, which seems to be initiated by his instinct rather than being the fruit of mature thinking.

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