Horse 2019 Chinese Horoscope - Horse 2019 predictions

🐴 Horse 2019 Chinese horoscope - 2019 Chinese Horoscope of the Zodiac sign of the Horse during the Year of the Earth Pig
By KarmaWeather - 23 September 2018
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Complete forecast for the Horse in 2019 in love, luck, money, career, health

Horse's Chinese calendar birth dates:
10/01/1930 - 16/02/1931
15/02/1942 - 04/02/1943
03/02/1954 - 23/01/1955
21/01/1966 - 08/02/1967
07/02/1978 - 27/01/1979
27/01/1990 - 14/02/1991
12/02/2002 - 31/01/2003
31/01/2014 - 18/02/2015
17/02/2026 - 05/02/2027

The Horse in short: 7th sign of the Chinese zodiac, the Horse is an athlete, always in motion and passionate for far away adventures. Very comfortable in society, he's also a skilled and cultured speaker. However, the Horse tends to shirk his responsibilities, especially when one tries to tame him without his agreement. His enthusiasm, as well as his insatiable desire for freedom and strong emotions, can somewhat hinder him in the construction of his projects.

🐴 Personality horoscope of the Horse

Chinese New Year 2019 summary for the Horse

In 2019, the Horse is preparing to enter into a cyclical hibernation that will last two years and extend until the end of the Year of the Rat 2020. The Horse, sign of Fire and mobility par excellence, usually goes through the beginnings and ends of cycles of the Chinese calendar in a more composed and studious way. The Year of the Pig 2019, the first phase of his organized withdrawal, is therefore an opportunity for him to take stock of his last 11 years. The Horse sorts out his social relations and again gives priority to activities that have long been neglected. He does his accounting, adds, subtracts and divides, in order to have an overview of the choices he is made to take in 2019.

However, the Horse's 2019 Chinese horoscope also promises many surprises to the seventh sign of the Chinese calendar, as original as they are savory. Indeed, in parallel with his existential development, the Horse decides during the year of the Pig 2019 to devote himself intensely to activities related to leisure, arts and interior decoration. He finds more time to rejuvenate at home with his family or friends, while retaining the strength and determination to set up ambitious future projects.

The Horse takes advantage of the Year of the Pig 2019, particularly marked by pleasure and gluttony, to strengthen his links with his entourage on the occasion of good meals with friends an to spend evenings watching movies with the family. But in 2019, it is especially time for the Horse to draw the roadmap that will lead him to his dreams and aspirations during the next lunar cycle of 12 years. Finally for the Horse, a Year of the Pig is also heralding new acquisitions and enrichment of his property (donation, inheritance, new rent), even if these new income do not live up to his expectations.

Score of the Year of the Pig 2019 for the Horse: 6.5 / 10
Chinese New Year 2019's resolution for the Horse: In 2019, the Horse gets away from the hubbub of the world, enjoys his relatives and takes stock of his life while waiting for better days. The Chinese year 2019 is still positive for the Horse, as he finds tranquility again after the Year of the Dog 2018. This is no longer the time to launch major projects but rather to consolidate what was initiated during the Year of the Earth Dog and make plans for the future.

Horse's amulet, colors, chakra and foods for 2019
💎 Amulet🎨 Colors🧘🏽 Chakra🍉 Foods
BronziteBurnt sienna,
silver white
Solar plexusSweet potato,
white onion


2019, Year of the Earth Pig: horoscope forecast for the Horse

According to the Chinese horoscope 2019, the Horse decides to lay down his backpack longer than usual to take full advantage of his family and loved ones. The fact that he takes the time for reflection also allows him to make the choice, if it is not already the case, to enlist for the causes that are all the more important to him that they are paramount in today's news: the defense and safeguard of the environment.

If it is easy, when one does not know him, to judge the Horse an individualistic, it is due to the fact that the attention that he shows others is not at the personal level but rather at the collective one, especially if his independence and the quality of his life in the wild are jeopardized. The Horse is perfectly capable of engaging in a spontaneous and even disinterested way, on the sole condition that the cause is beautiful and that it exceeds the daily material contingencies of the quidam.

In 2019, the Horse is also likely to have a deep feeling of dissatisfaction at not having achieved the goals he has set for himself for a long time, which can jeopardize his serenity during this ambivalent period. The ambitious Horse may wish to correct some past decisions in order to be better able to achieve his prestigious targets.

Full 2019 Chinese horoscope during the Year of the Pig

Love, marriage and birth for the Horse in 2019

The love horoscope 2019 of the Horse brings a crucial place to feelings to the seventh sign of Chinese astrology, all along the Year of the Pig. The Horse must take good care of his partner and especially avoid any attitude that could be interpreted as negligence. As any form of greed is to be avoided in the Year of the Pig, a generous and altruistic behavior is strongly recommended to the Horse during the Chinese year 2019 if he wants to obtain emotional tranquility and sentimental happiness, whether he is single or in a relationship.

Love compatibility between the Horse and the Pig: The Horse and the Pig are not part of the same triangle of love and friendship compatibility. However, a couple made up of a Horse and a Pig usually work quite well. The Horse admires the sense of duty and probity of the Pig, while the latter remains fascinated by the ardor and fierce spirit of the Horse. Having each different passions and concerns, they never walk on each other and are rather complementary. Horse and Pig have little attraction for prudence and foresight in their businesses, whether personal or professional. As a result, a Horse / Pig couple must develop this character trait, essential to the preservation of their marital happiness.

Horse’s wedding in 2019: A Horse, man or woman, who wishes to marry in 2019, should consider a first union with another Horse, a Dog, a Tiger or a Goat (his secret friend). The Horse must avoid, as much as possible, embarking on a love affair with a Rat, even if he may have a strong attraction for the latter, something that often happens between opposite Chinese zodiac signs. Regarding the choice of the best time to get married, the Horse must favor the months associated with the Chinese zodiac signs forming part of his compatibility triangle and the month of his secret friend (Horse, Dog, Tiger, Goat) and avoid the Rat Month (see below for the corresponding dates). Once the month is identified, the choice of the luckiest day to get married in 2019 is the same, with a final validation that goes through the verification of the lunar mansions (or lodges) of the selected days, to verify that they are conducive to the wedding celebration.

Is 2019 a good year to have a child for a Horse parent? Not really. The Pig child has a great need for affection and attention from his parents, which the Horse is only rarely able to provide. Thus, the Pig child when raised by a father or mother Horse is often confronted by a distant parent. He is deeply bruised, thinking to be unloved and rejected, while the Horse mostly listens to his instinct and his personal quest for well-being, always unsatisfied. The deep nature of the Horse drives him to explore constantly, which is simply inconsistent with the level of attention required to educate a Pig child. The Horse who has a child, girl or boy, of the sign of the Pig must therefore be careful to put on the parenthesis during the time required for the education of his child his thirst for conquering unexplored territories.

Money, career and social life for the Horse in 2019

The job and career horoscope 2019 of the Horse is rather positive. Beginning with the Chinese New Year 2019, the Horse begins to reap the benefits of the work done in the past. Money go-ins, career advancement and significant new support are predictable for the Horse during the 2019 Year of the Pig. In addition, the Horse must monitor the indirect effects of events that are apparently disconnected from his work but whose impact may disrupt his professional base or unbalance his hard-won financial comfort.

Regarding the creation of a company, new projects and investments, the Horse has more interest to work with a united team than to remain alone in 2019. The team work allows him as much to preserve his achievements as to concretize projects that will prove very useful for his good reputation when the Year of the Rat comes (in 2020). Moreover, the few obstacles encountered in his work are not impassable. Because the Horse, discreetly helped by luck, has during the Years of the Pig no difficulty in finding different types of solution to each of the problems he is led to solve.

Health and luck of the Horse in 2019

Horse health horoscope 2019

During the Year of the Pig 2019, the Horse is more homebody than usual. Spending more time at home exposes him to small household accidents. According to the health horoscope 2019 of the Horse, the latter must therefore remain vigilant about his daily actions, in his bathroom or in his kitchen. This is not awkwardness he must fear but rather the inattention to seemingly trivial details. The repetition of a household task does not diminish its importance or its potential danger.

Luck and well-being for the Horse in 2019

Most favorable periods to the Horse in 2019: Month of the Tiger (February 2nd to March 5th, 2018), Month of the Horse (June 3rd to July 2nd, 2019), Month of the Goat (July 3rd to July 31st, 2019), Month of the Dog (September 29th to October 27th, 2019)

Least favorable period: Month of the Rat (November 26th to December 25th, 2019)


Chinese Zodiac 2019 predictions for the Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water Horse s

The main Element of your year of birth determines which type of Horse you are

Horse 2019 Chinese horoscope - Score and resolution for the Horse in 2019

Horse Chinese horoscope 2019 - Score and resolution for the Wood Horse, Fire Horse, Earth Horse, Metal Horse and Water Horse in 2019, by KarmaWeather
🐴 Chinese zodiac sign Birth Years Rating (out of 10) Resolution
🌳 Wood Horse 1954, 2014 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Love and control
🔥 Fire Horse 1966, 2026 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Affable caution
🗿 Earth Horse 1978, 2038 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Discrete profits
🛠 Metal Horse 1930, 1990 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Exhausting celebrity
💧 Water Horse 1942, 2002 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Joyful frugality

🌳 Wood Horse (born in 1954, 2014)

Predictions for the Wood Horse in 2019: In 2019, the Wood Horse controls the situation. He may also notice a marked improvement in his love life. Love in abundance. Letting others act for you can be beneficial. Sometimes complex problems find quick and effective solutions.

🔥 Fire Horse (born in 1966)

Predictions for the Fire Horse in 2019: During the Year of the Pig 2019, the Fire Horse must learn how to be generous without being deceived. First impressions are often misleading. Do not neglect the quality and duration of your sleep. No sudden action.

🗿 Earth Horse (born in 1978)

Predictions for the Earth Horse in 2019: For the Earth Horse, effective and successful solutions are the prerogative of the year 2019. Financial transactions are particularly advantageous. Expansion of personal and family wealth. It is important to remain lucid and discreet, keeping your feet on the ground in all circumstances. The annual outlook in all areas is good.

🛠 Metal Horse (born in 1930, 1990)

Predictions for the Metal Horse in 2019: Challenging negotiations occupy the Metal Horse in 2019. A choice needs to be made. A long-awaited good news is taking its time. A considerable gain in notoriety is expectable. Do not be gullible. Finally, do not think that people who come back to you suddenly after a long silence do so only in the hope of sharing your happiness.

💧 Water Horse (born in 1942, 2002)

Predictions for the Water Horse in 2019: In 2019, the Water Horse must remain attentive to the realities of his daily life rather than indulge in endless daydreams. The least expense must be carefully monitored. A passing feeling of inter-generational misunderstanding can easily be overcome, since the Water Horse is an insatiable curious, always eager for new adventures and experiences.

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