Pig 2019 Chinese Horoscope - Pig 2019 predictions

🐷 Pig 2019 Chinese horoscope - 2019 Chinese Horoscope of the Zodiac sign of the Pig during the Year of the Earth Pig
By KarmaWeather - 31 October 2018
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Complete forecast for the Pig in 2019 in love, luck, money, career, health

Pig's Chinese calendar birth dates:
16/02/1923 - 04/02/1924
04/02/1935 - 23/01/1936
22/01/1947 - 09/02/1948
08/02/1959 - 27/01/1960
27/01/1971 - 14/02/1972
13/02/1983 - 01/02/1984
31/01/1995 - 18/02/1996
18/02/2007 - 06/02/2008
05/02/2019 - 23/01/2020
23/01/2031 - 10/02/2032

The Pig in short: The Pig (Boar) is a gourmet, faithful in friendship, stylish, perfectionist and hardworking. He is a tolerant being, recognized by his friends for his kindness and generosity. The Pig is passionate, caring and seductive. His big heart attracts faithful friends as well as others who seek to enjoy his benevolence with impunity. Despite appearances, he lacks self-confidence and that is why he often needs demonstrations of affection and love.

🐷 Personality horoscope of the Pig

Chinese New Year 2019 summary for the Pig

According to the Chinese horoscope 2019, the animal of Chinese New Year 2019 is the Earth Pig, which particularly benefits the natives of the last Chinese zodiac sign of the animal wheel of the lunar calendar. During the Year of the Pig 2019, everything the Pig wants to undertake or strengthen is successful. Luck and success in most areas greatly contribute to the Pig's self-esteem.

The Pig is shining, the Pig make some people envious! New friends come naturally and in number, attracted by his beneficent and lucky aura. Some of these friends are well intentioned and bring a natural reciprocity to their presence, while others, often the most difficult to identify, only seek to shamelessly enjoy the joyful and generous company of the Pig.

Score of the Year of the Pig 2019 for the Pig: 8.5 / 10
Chinese New Year 2019's resolution for the Pig: In 2019, luck, fortune and pleasures are within the reach of the Pig, provided that he is able to demonstrate an exemplary control of himself during this festive period, marked by the celebrations and abundance of a year under the protection of the twelfth zodiac sign of Chinese astrology.

Did you know? According to Chinese tradition, when it is your zodiac animal that governs the current year, it is advisable to wear an amulet made of a simple red fabric bracelet throughout the Chinese year. This red bracelet aims to attract luck and prosperity.

Pig's amulet, colors, chakra and foods for 2019
💎 Amulet🎨 Colors🧘🏽 Chakra🍉 Foods
CarnelianVermilion red,
Venetian yellow


2019, Year of the Earth Pig: horoscope forecast for the Pig

The 2019 Chinese New Year announces with the Pig the end of the 12-year cycle of the animals of Chinese astrology. This is the perfect time to carry out an in-depth review of the past years and build the energy reserves that are needed before the new cycle that starts on January 25, 2020 with the Chinese New Year 2020 of the Year of the Metal Rat.

In 2019, the Pig desires more than ever to seize happiness with full teeth and especially to keep it as long as possible, especially after a rather poor Year of the Dog 2018, during which he had a hard time realizing his projects in all areas, whether in his work or in love. The time for prudent and introspective retreat is well over.

It is now time for the Pig to enjoy the new wind of a year 2019 placed under the protection of his sign and reap with delight the fruits of his labor and his good fortune.

Moreover, due to the fact that he becomes the center of interest for the year 2019, the Pig is also likely to attract in his wake all kinds of parasites and other leeches. It is thus necessary for the Pig to have the lucidity to make the difference between precious friendships and opportunistic and ephemeral friendships. The periods placed under the sign of the Snake (the month and the days of the Snake) are to be watched with attention, just like the people whose natal chart is dominated by the enigmatic sixth sign of the Chinese calendar, antagonist of the Chinese zodiac sign of the Pig.

Full 2019 Chinese horoscope during the Year of the Pig

Love, marriage and birth for the Pig in 2019

Regarding the 2019 love horoscope of the Pig, everything is fine for the last sign of the Chinese calendar, whether he is single or in couple. Beautiful prospects for love await the Pig throughout this lucky period that is the Year of the Earth Pig of 2019. However, the atmosphere, conducive to dating, can come to trouble the Pig already in a relationship. Reason does not carry much weight when it is overwhelmed by passion. The Pig in couple, if he let himself be tempted by new flavors, would surely find opportunities to test his charms. On the other hand, this would strongly risk provoking marital tensions, potentially irreversible. It is therefore up to his partner to tolerate or not these libertine impulses peculiar to the Chinese year 2019, as intense and brief as they may be. The Pig's spouse can also opt for a radical change of style to attract his / her frivolous beloved back to the burning path of their love nest.

Love compatibility between the Pig and the Pig: Two Pigs are logically part of the same love and friendship compatibility triangle and form a functional couple when they are together, which is not necessarily the case for all couples of identical Chinese zodiac sign (for example, two Tigers must avoid if possible to get in a relationship). Two Pigs in a couple do not form the ideal pair though, as they can not help but stubbornly see their partner's faults. Likewise, if the Pig is a hard worker, his lack of organization hampers the good coordination of the tasks of the family home. A couple made up of two Pigs, provided that it maintains order in its daily life, can still expect a festive and spicy life in a happy house where children are kings.

Pig’s wedding in 2019: The Year of the Pig 2019 is a good time for the Pig man or woman who wants to get married. Among the 12 Chinese zodiac signs of Asian astrology, the Pig is most likely to succeed in marriage with another Pig, a Rabbit, a Goat or a Tiger (his secret friend). A Snake who wishes to marry another of the 12 zodiac signs of Chinese astrology during the Year of the Pig 2019 must, in addition to avoiding if possible to marry a Snake (his opposite sign), to privilege the periods which are the most favorable to him (see below the lucky months for the Pig in 2019).

Is 2019 a good year to have a child for a Pig parent? Yes! The Pig father or mother whose child was also born in the Year of the Pig is an exemplary and affectionate parent who gives an important place to his child in his life. In this case, too willing to place his Pig child in the center of everything, the parent Pig, blinded by the love of his little diamond, may make a child too spoiled. However, the Pig has a fundamental need from childhood to understand the constraints and limits he will face later in his adult life if he wants to avoid being attracted by the traps that his natural credulity pushes him to embrace.

Money, career and social life for the Pig in 2019

The 2019 money and career horoscope for the Pig provides for him new associations or contracts that can be at the source of a professional stability of an incomparable level to what he has had to live in previous years. Professional promotions and peer recognition are comforting and rewarding for the Pig when a year governed by his sign takes over from the preceding Year of the Dog. The hesitations and uncertainties of past periods as well as investment problems are no longer on the agenda. Just as the Year of the Pig 2019 is favorable to any Pig who aspires to improve his skills, pursuing his professional training abroad can become a real springboard for his career.

According to the Chinese horoscope 2019, the Year of the Pig can be particularly interesting for the Pig in terms of his personal finances. From the Chinese New Year 2019, a donation, a salary bonus or an inheritance could come to further satisfy the Pig, already spoiled by luck. At the same time, unsuccessful and frustrating investments from previous years can be incredibly profitable in 2019 and even make many of the Year of the Pig natives rich. This can only reassure the most patient Pigs, who have not hesitated to make sacrifices on their way of life to continue to believe at all costs their dreams, and that often without relying on their closest entourage, who took them with affection for sweet dreamers.

However, any potential enrichment also induces jealousies and conspiracies. In addition, the Pig is likely to surrender compulsively to the pleasures of life, forgetting even momentarily his ambitions existential in favor of unreasonable agapes. For this reason, the Pig would do well to control his excessive and insatiable appetite. It is indeed crucial for any Pig who does not wish to lose his achievements, important in 2019, to impose limits on himself, as difficult and even futile as they may appear.

Health and luck of the Pig in 2019

Pig health horoscope 2019

The 2019 health horoscope of the Pig may be the only downside of the year for the 12th animal-sign of Chinese astrology. The Pig must pay particular attention to his lifestyle if he wants to stay healthy and enjoy without shadows the benefits of the Lunar year of 2019. Throughout the year, the Pig must eat healthy and balanced, practice a sport or a regular physical activity and be wary of the vicissitudes resulting from a way of life focused on pleasures and good foods. Knowing that spending hours locked in a weight room is not necessarily suitable for him, the ideal for the Pig is to take advantage of his daily journeys to walk or ride a bike. Last but not least, adding an annual check-up to the list of his many activities would probably be reasonable and beneficial for the cautious Pig who wishes to fully enjoy the pleasures and feasts of the Year of the Pig 2019 Pig.

Organs to watch for: Bladder, urogenital system

Luck and well-being for the Pig in 2019

Most favorable periods to the Pig in 2019: Month of the Tiger (February 5 to March 5, 2019), Month of the Rabbit (March 6 to April 4, 2019), Month of the Goat (July 3 to July 31, 2019), Month of the Pig (October 28 to November 11, 2019)

Least favorable period: Month of the Snake (May 5 to June 2, 2019)


Chinese Zodiac 2019 predictions for the Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water Pigs

The main Element of your year of birth determines which type of Pig you are

Pig 2019 Chinese horoscope - Score and resolution for the Pig in 2019

Pig Chinese horoscope 2019 - Score and resolution for the Wood Pig, Fire Pig, Earth Pig, Metal Pig and Water Pig in 2019, by KarmaWeather
🐷 Chinese zodiac sign Birth Years Rating (out of 10) Resolution
🌳 Wood Pig 1935, 1995 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
A new beginning
🔥 Fire Pig 1947, 2007 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Rest and happiness
🗿 Earth Pig 1959, 2019 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Joy and prosperity
🛠 Metal Pig 1971, 2031 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Good fortune
💧 Water Pig 1923, 1983 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Let the worries slip along

🌳 Wood Pig (born in 1995)

Predictions for the Wood Pig in 2019: Lucky period in love and on the emotional level in general. Budget management to master. Period favorable to the exams. Beware of infections. Clean up. Progressive stabilization of recent family disruptions.

🔥 Fire Pig (born in 1947, 2007)

Predictions for the Fire Pig in 2019: Limit travel. Do not get tired with issues that do not concern you. Reunion or reconciliation with an important member of the family. Avoid sudden movements. Longevity.

🗿 Earth Pig (born in 1959)

Predictions for the Earth Pig in 2019: Earth Pig, 2019 is your year more than anything. Avoid getting involved with problems that do not concern you directly. Do not open your door to the first stranger who crosses your path. High protection.

🛠 Metal Pig (born in 1971)

Predictions for the Metal Pig in 2019: New friendships in sight. A good year for the recovery of old abandoned dreams. Unexpected cash flow. Surprise help from a loved one at a critical moment. Take your time.

💧 Water Pig (born in 1983)

Predictions for the Water Pig in 2019: Prefer quality conversations to futile dialogues. Escape the dark places and overly materialistic people (those who speak only about money, those who claim that money is not important to them or those who find money vulgar in public but shine their silverware for hours after returning home). Resist your desires and be patient. Some good news on the family level are to be considered. Small health concern to manage.

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