Pig Horoscope 2022: Luck, Chinese zodiac Forecast

2022 Chinese horoscope for men & women born in the Year of the Pig (Boar), from Lunar New Year and throughout the Year of the Tiger of 2022
By KarmaWeather - 5 February 2022
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Year of the Pig's complete & accurate predictions in 2022

Discover below the 2022 horoscope of the Chinese zodiac sign of the Pig with our annual astrological forecast specific to each type of Pig. Let us remember that what is commonly called the Chinese zodiac sign (or first pillar of destiny) corresponds to the association of the animal and the element of their year of birth: Wood Pig, Fire Pig, Earth Pig, Metal Pig and Water Pig.

We also offer solutions to help you have the luckiest Chinese year 2022 possible, thanks to the Pig's healing stones and Feng Shui colors for 2022, his main chakra to work on, his forecasts in love, health, money and career, without forgetting his best monthly periods for the achievement of his objectives.

🐷 Year of the Pig's personality & characteristics

2022 horoscope for Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal & Water Pigs

🌳 Chinese horoscope 2022 for the Wood Pig

The Wood Pig's 2022 Chinese horoscope predicts a serene year during which he is able to ensure a satisfactory comfort of life. At work, after a short period of uncertainty, the Wood Pig will quickly find the dynamic that suits him best so that the course of his activities is as positive as possible. Among his many encounters, he will manage to be supported by many enthusiastic supporters, who will know how to appreciate his work at its fair value. However, to carry out his projects, he will try to be more selective than usual. Similarly, poorly controlled enthusiasm can lead him to scatter and lose ground on the subjects that are most important to him. In 2022, the Wood Pig will primarily take care of his own activities before deciding to respond to the requests of all those who do not have the same creative streak as he does. Regarding money, only expenses related to his main professional field should be considered. Travel can be rewarding and generate surprising new sources of income. As far as love is concerned, one or more intense and potentially lasting encounters are within reach of the Wood Pig, provided, however, that he listens more to his intuition rather than the advice of friends whose sentimental advice is not worth the pleasure of the lively evenings spent with them.

Date, annual score and resolution 2022 of the Wood Pig
Wood Pig dateScoreResolution
04/02/1935 - 23/01/1936★★★★★Walk forward with a smile
31/01/1995 - 18/02/1996

🔥 Chinese horoscope 2022 for the Fire Pig

The Fire Pig's 2022 Chinese horoscope reveals a complex but stimulating year, during which the main concern will be the preservation of his achievements. At work, the arrival of a new employee is likely to upset the existing system. He will have to close ranks and decide on several of the best defense strategies to prevent the intruder from taking power. Moreover, despite the Fire Pig's courageous attitude, it is however necessary to ensure upstream that there is no danger for him to find himself alone on the battlefield. What is to be gained will be of such magnitude that the risks may be worth it. As far as finances are concerned, expenses should not exceed revenues. Water tends to quench the enthusiasm of Fire. So now is not the time to build castles in the air. Concerning love, an abandonment or a separation is not the end of the world. Anyway, some ties are worth breaking over time. In addition, this year, the Fire Pig may have to part with toxic beings within his own family. The sooner this will be done, the sooner he will be able to find the serenity that will allow him to rebuild himself healthily.

Date, annual score and resolution 2022 of the Fire Pig
Fire Pig dateScoreResolution
22/01/1947 - 09/02/1948★★★☆☆Beware of false relationships
18/02/2007 - 06/02/2008

🗿 Chinese horoscope 2022 for the Earth Pig

The Earth Pig's 2022 Chinese horoscope augurs well for a year full of surprises and twists of all kinds, during which he will feel more in control of his destiny. At work, the Earth Pig enters a period when scruples are not in order. He will witness turnarounds and will probably have to rescue partners in difficulty. A turf war in his presence cannot be ruled out. But curiously, it is in the face of adversity that he will find the right tone and will be able to refine his self-confidence. His peaceful and calm personality will be greatly solicited during the competition phases that may occupy his entourage. Regarding finances, the Earth Pig could get rich thanks to intelligent and targeted investments. His luck, supported by the Chinese year 2022, will allow him to enjoy the fruits of his endeavors. Only a radical and unexpected change in his way of life could cause him real concern. Regarding love, the Earth Pig will be more present with his loved ones to assist them in their own romantic setbacks. He will be excellent company and will not hesitate to divulge the secret formula of his success.

Date, annual score and resolution 2022 of the Earth Pig
Earth Pig dateScoreResolution
08/02/1959 - 27/01/1960★★★★☆Play the right cards
05/02/2019 - 24/01/2020

🛠 Chinese horoscope 2022 for the Metal Pig

The Metal Pig's 2022 Chinese horoscope reveals a delicate but interesting year in terms of individual achievement. Regarding his work, the Metal Pig finally enters a year where he can finally find stability and prosperity, if that's what he wishes. The solidity of his past commitments will finally be rewarded. Motivated and determined throughout the year, he must also prepare for a professional transition phase at the end of the year. However, in order to open up to new opportunities, he may be forced to accept a difficult separation. When it comes to finances, following a savings plan won't be as easy as expected. Water depletes Metal. The Metal Pig is therefore advised to comply with the social rules in force in 2022, to pay his bills on time and to avoid accumulating significant debts. Otherwise, several unforeseen expenses can expose him to mood swings that will push him to opt for emergency plans that are not always to his advantage. As for romantic relationships, the Metal Pig plans to explore new territories with suitors from various backgrounds. It is up to him to estimate which relationships are worth exposing to loved ones and which are not.

Date, annual score and resolution 2022 of the Metal Pig
Metal Pig dateScoreResolution
27/01/1971 - 14/02/1972★★★★☆Look ahead with conviction
23/01/2031 - 10/02/2032

💧 Chinese horoscope 2022 for the Water Pig

The Water Pig's 2022 Chinese horoscope announces a superb year, during which beneficial energies support him in almost all of his daily life. At his core business level, past efforts are finally bearing fruit. More space, prestige and respect engender a quality of life at work that is richer in terms of personal fulfilment. Thus, job offers, promotions as well as new responsibilities will surprise the Water Pig on many occasions, for his greatest happiness. However, who says success also says jealousy. Beware of the gossip of colleagues who fail to release an energy as intense as the Water Pig. Also, to take full advantage of the Chinese year 2022, no inappropriate attack or criticism should be ignored and should immediately be reported to the professional bodies that manage this type of sneaky harassment. As for finances, relative stability should allow the Water Pig to spend a year without great difficulty. Still, no prediction, however positive, can save a basket already pierced by uncontrolled gluttony. As for love, the celibate Water Pig can meet true love in 2022, if he manages to forgive himself for his past mistakes.

Date, annual score and resolution 2022 of the Water Pig
Water Pig dateScoreResolution
16/02/1923 - 04/02/1924★★★★★Enjoy the moment
13/02/1983 - 01/02/1984

Pig's Amulets, Feng Shui colors & Lucky periods in 2022

Infographic of the Chinese zodiac animal-sign of the Pig in 2022
Pig Chinese Zodiac 2022: Chakra, Lucky color, Healing Stone, Foods and corrective Chinese element

💎 Protective stones of the Pig in 2022


In 2022, the Pig could take advantage of the energetic radiation of aventurine to meet his true existential aspirations. Aventurine is an ideal stone for any Pig who is starting an important new chapter in their life. At work, the aventurine will serve as a guide, especially if the Pig is in a period of professional retraining. In business, he will be able to benefit from its protection and emit a benevolent aura around him, which will allow him to obtain better recognition from his colleagues and his hierarchy, essential to the success of his career plan. On the material side, aventurine is not strictly speaking a stone that attracts money but rather a crystal of creative prosperity. This semi-precious crystal is particularly effective in enabling appreciation of the simple things in life. Also, during a Year of the Tiger 2022 which stimulates risk-taking, aventurine will bring the Pig the sense of measure he will need before any bold financial decision. Regarding love, aventurine can help the Pig heal his past wounds. Finally, thanks to the vibrations of aventurine, the Pig will be able to turn the page on his romantic failures and get involved again in a serious love affair, with the aim of better protecting his emotions.

Pink topaz

In lithotherapy, pink topaz is a marvelous stone of love, creativity and stimulation. It gives tone, supports the memory and allows to break the hypocrisy. A great source of cheerfulness and happiness, pink topaz will help the Pig maintain his jovial mood in his workplace, despite sometimes tense situations. In 2022, the Pig will be able to increase his charisma and spread around him the image of a happy person who is well anchored in his life. The vibratory effect of pink topaz will make him gain respect and consideration both vis-à-vis material things and the people who make up his professional environment. In contact with it, the Pig will be better able to control the nervousness and anxiety that plague him from time to time. He will manage to stay away more effectively from the turf wars scheduled for 2022 for which he has nothing to gain. In love situations, the pink topaz will help the Pig to restore order in his sentimental stories. Pink Topaz is a powerful cleanser of toxic residue from past loves. Above all, this crystal creates a strengthening alignment between the heart and the mind, necessary for acceptance and healing of the soul. Once the phases of hesitation and sterile questions have dissipated, the Pig will find, thanks to the pink topaz, an effective tool of perception to identify the most sincere of his future loves.

🎨 Pig Lucky Colors in 2022

  • Lime green
  • Almond green
  • Vanilla

Pig Lucky Months in 2022

Luckiest months for the Pig in 2022*: Month of the Rabbit, Hare, Cat (March 2022), Month of the Goat, Sheep (July 2022), Month of the Pig, Boar (November 2022), Month of the Rat, Mouse (December 2022)

Least favorable period: Snake Month (May 2022)

* Consult our daily Chinese horoscope throughout the Year of the Tiger 2022 for the exact dates of the luckiest days for the Pig in 2022.

Pig Health & Well-being in 2022

The 2022 Chinese health horoscope advises the Pig to have a heart check-up in 2022.

Chakra the Pig should focus on in 2022

Heart chakra or Anahata, fourth of the 7 main chakras of the human body

The Chinese horoscope 2022 advises the Pig to focus on opening the heart chakra during the Year of the Tiger. Heart chakra balancing exercises will have the effect of reducing his possible resentment as well as his chronic anxiety. Thanks to the feeling of belonging that the opening of the heart chakra creates, the Pig will be more anchored in his environment, and his qualities of tenderness, joviality and rigor will sublimate his natural radiance, all in nobility and simplicity. His righteousness and loyalty will be rewarded at work by promotions, which will have the direct consequence of boosting his financial income. Concerning love, an open heart chakra will give the Pig the desire and the need to help those of his friends who are going through difficult times. His new role as a distributor of good vibes will be the source of gratifications and high-quality romantic opportunities.

Pig Health Horoscope for 2022: chakra, foods and spices, organs to watch out for
🧘🏽 Chakra🥕 Foods & Herbs🌶️ Spices, oil👩‍⚕️ Organs
Heart chakra (Anahata)Kiwi,
Heart system

💖 Love, Marriage & Birth for the Pig in 2022

The 2022 Chinese love horoscope announces a somewhat ambivalent annual stage for the celibate Pig. The Pig begins a two-year mini-cycle during which he will have no difficulty in accessing the pleasures of the flesh, particularly if they are ephemeral. For lasting loves, the first part of the Chinese year 2022 will be more favorable to the celibate Pig in search of a serious love story. From February 2022, luck will be on his side until the end of the summer. It is without great difficulty that he will succeed in relaxing and making his way to happiness. This will be the ideal time to consider the serious construction of a life as a couple.

The period that covers the return from the summer holidays could be more complicated than the previous months. From September to December 2022, the weather will be less favorable for the Pig who wants to invest in a new serious love story. In this second part of the Chinese year, the Pig could go through times when he should have to choose between love and friendship. Without this proving impossible, it will be necessary to set aside certain criteria and prejudices to be more peaceful and understanding. But despite their serene and benevolent appearance, some suitors could push the Pig to take risks and even take advantage of his excesses of generosity. Under no circumstances should he accept a situation with which he is not comfortable. Thus, the Pig will avoid throwing himself headlong into an uncertain love story where all the essential conditions for a life together are not met. Even if the taste for adventure will seduce the Pig in 2022, it is preferable that he avoids accepting encounters that are too easy or devoid of consideration. If so, he shouldn't expect more than the present moment has to offer. At the same time, he will have to succeed in calming the emotional crisis situations he may face. Not all guests will always leave on time.

💑 Love compatibility and marriage between the Pig and the Tiger

👶 Pig's relationship with a child Tiger

Is 2022 a good year to have a child for a parent Pig?

The Tiger child is compatible with his Pig parent, father or mother. Remember that the Tiger is the secret friend of the Pig. In this case, all births (or marriages) during the Year of the Tiger are beneficial for a Pig parent who is stable and anchored in his couple.

Parent-child Compatibility of Pig & Tiger

In Chinese astrological compatibility, the relationship of the Tiger child with his Pig parent is excellent. The Pig parent is very attentive to his little Tiger, covering him with tenderness and hugs. The Pig parent will be delighted with the joyful and energetic outbursts of their offspring. He will see in him a superior being capable of realizing the exploits which he himself had to give up. The dominant character of the Tiger child will eventually make the distracted Pig parent bend. Indeed, it is essential that the Pig parent shows authority towards his Tiger child, in order to make him understand and accept the limits not to be crossed. The establishment of a healthy and balanced discipline will allow the Tiger child to learn to respect others and control his passion, which can be dangerous for himself. In a happy home, the Tiger child quickly becomes the main source of emotional ties, which can make his departure complicated when the time comes when he must become independent.

💰 Money, Career & Social life of the Pig in 2022

The Chinese horoscope 2022 foresees a very good year for the Pig. The Year of the Tiger often indicates the beginning of great upheavals which require the reorganization of a pre-established order. The intensity of the desire for change will affect the Chinese zodiac signs related to the Water element and the tendency and the will to modulate his direct environment will not leave the Pig indifferent for long. Also for the latter, the Water Tiger announces the movement in all its forms, particularly on the political or administrative level. It goes without saying that the period is favorable for the Pigs who work as public servants. It can be, for instance, an opportunity to be seized in the face of the departure of leaders who clung to their seats, or the definitive change of course of other candidates normally supposed to fill the places that have become vacant. Some Pigs will proudly embody their decision-making roles and participate in collective struggles to have rights voted in their favor.

In any case, may this Chinese year 2022 give the Pig the opportunity to restore order in his professional life and broaden his horizons. If everything seems to be stagnating, he could still hope to climb a few rungs and/or obtain the promotion he has been coveting for a while. But to achieve these promising results, the Pig will nevertheless have to devote more energy than usual to achieving his goals. Carefree, he will find his answers as well as his sources of motivation in communication and the exchange of ideas. However, he is advised to keep an eye open and to know how to anticipate certain agitations within his main activity. If heads should fall, he will be careful not to rush without thinking to help anyone, at the risk of being devoured in place of the one who does not deserve his sacrifice. Concerning the social relations, the Pig will consolidate his links with some of his relatives by means of travel and common sharing. Only excessive judgment could compromise a rich and fulfilling social life that the Year of the Tiger 2022 is preparing for him.

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