Dog Horoscope 2022: Luck, Chinese zodiac Forecast

2022 Chinese horoscope for men & women born in the Year of the Dog, from Lunar New Year and throughout the Year of the Tiger of 2022
By KarmaWeather - 14 January 2022
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Year of the Dog's complete & accurate predictions in 2022

Discover below the 2022 horoscope of the Chinese zodiac sign of the Dog with our annual astrological forecast specific to each type of Dog. Let us remember that what is commonly called the Chinese zodiac sign (or first pillar of destiny) corresponds to the association of the animal and the element of their year of birth: Wood Dog, Fire Dog, Earth Dog, Metal Dog and Water Dog.

We also offer solutions to help you have the luckiest Chinese year 2022 possible, thanks to the Dog's healing stones and Feng Shui colors for 2022, his main chakra to work on, his forecasts in love, health, money and career, without forgetting his best monthly periods for the achievement of his objectives.

🐶 Year of the Dog's personality & characteristics

2022 horoscope for Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal & Water Dogs

🌳 Chinese horoscope 2022 for the Wood Dog

The Wood Dog's 2022 Chinese horoscope imprints a positive annual stage, during which the idea of ​​progress and the desire for achievement can come true. At work, there is no lack of opportunities to shine. This is why the Wood Dog has every interest in staying alert to seize any opportunity to assert his know-how. Optimizing his skills with his professional entourage should be particularly beneficial to him. In 2022, he can obtain all the support necessary for the good development of his career. A trip in connection with a new life place will contribute to this interesting dynamic. As for his money horoscope, the Wood Dog can finally free himself from difficulties thanks to help or subsidies that he can hope to obtain without great difficulty. The outcome of his possible legal problems should be favorable to him. Concerning the sentimental domain, an intense romantic relationship is about to emerge for the celibate Wood Dog. A marriage or birth plan could be favorably considered. Only obstacles inherited from his past relationships could somewhat tarnish his happiness. The motto "to live happily, live in hiding" should suit him, provided it is applied with delicacy and subtlety.

Date, annual score and resolution 2022 of the Wood Dog
Wood Dog dateScoreResolution
14/02/1934 - 03/02/1935★★★★★Extend the field of possibilities
10/02/1994 - 30/01/1995

🔥 Chinese horoscope 2022 for the Fire Dog

The Fire Dog's 2022 Chinese horoscope reveals a correct year, during which it will certainly be necessary to correct his way of apprehending life and others, to finally appreciate them at their true value. Indeed, despite a year ruled by the Chinese zodiac sign of the Tiger, yet in strong connection with the Dog, the relationship between Water (element of the year 2022) and Fire is not entirely beneficial for the Fire Dog. Also, at work, he might be compelled to wage a struggle for a few months, which is somewhat exhausting and certainly not gratifying in his eyes. However, if he stands firm, the honesty and loyalty he expresses to others, allied to his principles, will guarantee his future success and recognition. Concerning his wallet, he learns to intelligently spend his money. New experiences should be appreciated with more reserve and parsimony. Listening to the advice of those with more experience can be a good thing. When it comes to emotions and his romantic relationships, the celibate Fire Dog can find himself facing a range of suitors, each more confident than the other. While emotional happiness shouldn't be too hard to find, it is still important not to tolerate aggressive behavior from overly demanding or jealous partners. Nothing should force the Fire Dog to do something he doesn't want to do, especially not soft eyes made up with sweet words, as falsely tender as they are mischievously interested.

Date, annual score and resolution 2022 of the Fire Dog
Fire Dog dateScoreResolution
02/02/1946 - 21/01/1947★★★☆☆Learn to sort the wheat from the chaff
29/01/2006 - 17/02/2007

🗿 Chinese horoscope 2022 for the Earth Dog

The Earth Dog's 2022 Chinese horoscope portends a satisfactory year, during which good development prospects are offered to him. No need to go faster than the wind, things will come to him if he is patient and confident. Particularly at work, the Earth Dog will finally be able to confirm his position within his company. He will receive the merits that are due to him as a result of his many past investments. On the other hand, in terms of finances, his generosity, which is usually part of his temperament, could be requested by unscrupulous relationships. The Earth Dog must be selective and always look out for his own interests if he is to have a peaceful and prosperous Year of the Tiger. Regarding romantic relationships, certain habits will be set aside in favor of the discovery of new pleasurable activities. No more wasting time in hesitation, the solution will be as visible as the sun at noon in the sky. The Earth Dog is in a period of strong control in 2022. However, any excess of domination could postpone some of the sentimental pleasures predicted in his Chinese horoscope 2022.

Date, annual score and resolution 2022 of the Earth Dog
Earth Dog dateScoreResolution
18/02/1958 - 07/02/1959★★★★☆Knowing how to appreciate simple pleasures
16/02/2018 - 04/02/2019

🛠 Chinese horoscope 2022 for the Metal Dog

The Metal Dog's 2022 Chinese horoscope predicts a prosperous annual cycle, geared towards work and productivity. A whole new existential phase awaits the Metal Dog during the Year of the Water Tiger 2022. Many hesitations will dissipate in favor of a will to action nourished with assurance and determination. As for his work, the Metal Dog clearly feels that it is the end of a cycle that he is experiencing within his current company. This need for development should a priori be expressed through the search for new methodologies, even if this does not please everyone. At some point, he will have to measure the scope of his convictions and take the risk of going it alone. However, with a little openness, it will not be long before he finds supporters in favor of his new aspirations. Regarding material resources, the Metal Dog is invited to be more thrifty than usual. The Metal-Water relationship portends significant potential losses, if not careful. In 2022, only guaranteed investments should be prioritized. Additional income is possible from the second part of the Chinese year 2022. Regarding the pleasures of love, desires will not always converge in the same direction. Struggle and attraction will coexist in tumultuous and exciting relationships. The Metal Dog in search of adventure must first seek partners with whom he shares the same convictions. In the event of emotional injury, rapid and lasting distancing will be the best remedy.

Date, annual score and resolution 2022 of the Metal Dog
Metal Dog dateScoreResolution
06/02/1970 - 28/01/1971★★★★★Seek to explore new territories
03/02/2030 - 22/01/2031

💧 Chinese horoscope 2022 for the Water Dog

The Water Dog's 2022 Chinese horoscope reveals a beneficial year, during which he will see many of his previously postponed desires regain new and welcome breath. Because if at work the Water Dog has gone through difficult and perilous phases in recent years, 2022 finally gives him the opportunity to make peace with himself and to benefit from his disappointing experiences. Whether it's a change of job or company, the start of a new collaboration or even the discovery and exploitation of a new talent, the Water Dog has what it takes to powerfully assert his productive and realizing force. Regarding his wallet, the Water Dog is now able to find the right solutions to advance his aspirations for material comfort. The money will come from the most unexpected sources. His pecuniary affairs should not be too bad if he takes the trouble to check all the parameters of his investments in advance. As for the festivities of love, let us first remember that the Water Dog is generally the most charming of the five types of Dogs that exist in Chinese astrology. In this year 2022, he may want to make up for all the lost time at the expense of his romantic commitments. Crazy ideas, as incongruous as they are juvenile, might spring from his mind. Since he likes to portray himself as an elusive star that lives in a bubble as large as the universe, he might just offend a few hearts without realizing it. So, in 2022, to take full advantage of the blossoming love offered to him by the Tiger (of the year), he will have to carry out grounding work and assume his role of fully invested lover, always attentive to the person whom he cherishes dearly.

Date, annual score and resolution 2022 of the Water Dog
Water Dog dateScoreResolution
28/01/1922 au 15/02/1923★★★★★Seize your chance at all costs
25/01/1982 au 12/02/1983

Dog's Amulets, Feng Shui colors & Lucky periods in 2022

Infographic of the Chinese zodiac animal-sign of the Dog in 2022
Dog Chinese Zodiac 2022: Chakra, Lucky color, Healing Stone, Foods and corrective Chinese element

💎 Protective stones of the Dog in 2022

Silvery rutilated quartz

In lithotherapy, silvery rutilated quartz is known to promote clarity of the mind and help creative stimulation, in an atmosphere of control and perseverance. This protective stone helps to regenerate memory, alleviates phases of depression and gloomy mood. The silvery rutilated quartz calms, reassures and allows a less pessimistic view of the events experienced. In 2022, the vibrations emanating from the silvery rutilated quartz will give the Dog a feeling of solidity in the face of adversity. In contact with it, he will feel rigorous in his productivity and will remain impervious to psychic attacks. Silvery rutilated quartz is very suitable for Dogs who wish to embark on a new professional activity. In this case, the silvery rutilated quartz will be especially useful for negotiating contracts and making agreements more in line with his expectations and the idea he has of personal investment at work. In the context of love, silvery rutilated quartz will push the Dog to put his shyness aside and invite him to fully taste the pleasures of love. Thanks to the fortifying and structuring properties of silvery rutilated quartz, the Dog can give himself the means to successfully cross a Year of the Tiger 2022 which promises to be rich in novelties and very nourishing and positive on the mental level.

Tiger's eye

In 2022, the wonderful stone of protection that is the tiger's eye is able to accompany the Dog throughout the Chinese year. First of all, this crystal will allow the Dog to keep at bay the harmful energies which surround him, whatever their form or their origin. Carried on oneself in the form of a tumbled stone, the tiger's eye will provide him with independence of mind, clarity in his ideas as well as a dynamic rhythm adapted to his professional productivity. With the tiger's eye, the Dog can calmly look at things from a different angle and even develop new alliances within his company. In his sentimental relationships, the Dog, now more autonomous and uninhibited, more easily attracts potential partners to him, intrigued by his freedom of thought and in phase with his existential vision. It is thanks to the construction of a personal identity free from negative influences that he should observe a greater quality of his romantic relationships throughout the year 2022. In 2022, the Dog will be able to count on the tiger's eye to reinforce an effective anchoring allowing him to evolve positively in many aspects of his life.

🎨 Dog Lucky Colors in 2022

  • Sulfur yellow
  • Amber
  • Gold

Dog Lucky Months in 2022

Luckiest months for the Dog in 2022*: Month of the Tiger (February 2022), Month of the Rabbit (March 2022), Month of the Horse (June 2022), Month of the Dog (October 2022)

Least favorable period: Month of the Dragon (April 2022)

* Consult our daily Chinese horoscope throughout the Year of the Tiger 2022 for the exact dates of the luckiest days for the Dog in 2022.

Dog Health & Well-being in 2022

According to the health's 2022 Chinese horoscope, the Dog is invited to limit his diet in processed meat (cold meats), butter and cream. Exposure to the sun should also be carefully prepared during summer swimming at the beach or at the swimming pool.

Chakra the Dog should focus on in 2022

Crown chakra or Sahasrara, seventh of the 7 main chakras of the human body

The Chinese horoscope 2022 advises the Dog to carry out a work of opening and balancing his crown chakra during the year of the Water Tiger. Located at the top of the head, the crown chakra dominates and accomplishes the synthesis of all the other energy points of the human body. It instills truth, cultivates faith and drives away the lack of joy in life. When the energy flow is good, it creates the conditions for good mental development, inhibits depression and dispels confusion. Also, developing and mastering spiritual strength in 2022 will give the Dog the ability to have a more correct and optimistic vision of his existence. At work, the anxiety-provoking thoughts which usually assail him and which often make him hesitate and withdraw into himself will give way to ideas of acceptance, evolution and cultivated serenity. Especially since thanks to the crown chakra, the Dog will be able to become aware of his hidden potentials and use them to improve his life course. With the help of the crown chakra, the Dog can become a source of strength and inspiration for others, especially in the area of ​​love. But beware! To fully benefit from the benefits of the activation of the crown chakra and to avoid falling into a cycle of leaks and voluntary isolation, the Dog must first ensure the proper opening and balance of his other lower energy points.

Dog Health Horoscope for 2022: chakra, foods and spices, organs to watch out for
🧘🏽 Chakra🥕 Foods & Herbs🌶️ Spices, oil👩‍⚕️ Organs
Crown chakra (Sahasrara)Apricot,
White beans
Large intestine,

💖 Love, Marriage & Birth for the Dog in 2022

The love's 2022 Chinese horoscope announces a year of union and emotional stability for the Dog. The celibate Dog will feel relieved to finally leave his refuge to go in search of pleasant encounters. It is with joy that he will be able to benefit from the psychological benefits of his newfound patience. Faced with the interest he will arouse, he will see his shyness gain ground, which will have the effect of even more exciting suitors seeking to discover the secrets of his soul. He is advised to take care of his elegance, and to always remain simple in the choice of his accessories. Because if the annual energies are beneficial to him in 2022, he also risks attracting all kinds of parasites, irremediably captivated by his inner radiance of peace and love. In addition, as the concept of sharing is part of his existential foundations, the Dog is exposed to gentle extortions which will not hesitate to wear the mask of love. So be warned that in this Year of the Tiger 2022, the Dog should not be surprised to cross the paths of lost souls who are looking more for a prey to enclose than a companion to cherish. That is why appreciating every detail in a character or speech would be best done in two stages. Putting an end to a budding relationship should especially not put him off, since it is first and foremost the protection of his own heart that will be the priority in 2022. If the Dog is already in a relationship and happy, the Chinese year is perfectly suitable for a wedding. Only the period of the Month of the Dragon is contraindicated to celebrate his union. As for children, the arrival of a new member can consolidate a family already in place. Among the births, a first name in relation to the element Metal should be considered, after having verified the day, particularly during the Months of the Water Tiger, Water Rabbit, Wood Dragon, Fire Horse, Fire Goat and the Water Rat of the Chinese Year 2022.

💑 Love compatibility and marriage between the Dog and the Tiger

👶 Dog's relationship with a child Tiger

Is 2022 a good year to have a child for a parent Dog?

Yes. The Year of the Water Tiger 2022 is a good time for the Dog parent, father or mother, who wants to welcome a Tiger child, boy or girl in their home.

Parent-child Compatibility of Dog & Tiger

According to the notions of compatibility in Chinese astrology, this is a formidable bonding relationship. The Chinese astrological signs of the Tiger and the Dog having a high degree of compatibility. The values ​​of admiration, mutual benevolence and commitment are naturally shared by a Dog parent and his Tiger child. Despite the small disagreements inherent in a life shared under the same roof, no disagreement will manage to separate them for long.

💰 Money, Career & Social life of the Dog in 2022

For the Dog, the money and work's 2022 Chinese horoscope portends a period of control and prosperity. At work, the Dog can be pushed to carry out actions and elaborations which go beyond the scope of his classic occupations. Whether it is to give life to an old project that has just come out of the drawers or out of a simple taste for new exploration, he will have the opportunity to have the necessary means to give shape to his ambitions. However, to achieve his aspirations, he will need to quickly realize that it is better to invest fully in one and only one accessible goal while avoiding wasting time on a myriad of ideas as uncertain as they are unrealistic. If he manages to be precise and visionary, the success that the Dog will be able to generate in 2022 will offer him a multitude of new possibilities. It may as well be keeping a boring but better paying job than taking the risk of pursuing the goal of a radical and ultimately much more exciting professional change of course.

The student Dog, for his part, can hope to have a rewarding year 2022, during which the exams are successful. With a good academic record, he could even get a scholarship or enter a prestigious high school. When it comes to finances, the Dog who cannot let go of his pessimism despite the good news will eventually be won over by the joy that regular income will bring him. He will be amazed to discover the correctness of his investment decisions. He could achieve concrete and satisfactory results, provided however that he remains vigilant. The investments of previous years may start to pay off in the Year of the Tiger 2022, but again, this is no reason to lower guard and trust again those who have previously failed in their duties in the past, especially if they are family members. Despite the atmosphere of abundance and relaxation that awaits the Dog in 2022, relatives in difficulty will not hesitate to come and disturb his peace of mind with solicitations that are borderline reasonable. Of all his decisions, it is those that will be inspired by the brain rather than the heart that will do him the least harm. Otherwise, the wind of serene happiness can quickly turn sour and leave the Dog soggy with regrets, all the greater as they risk being experienced in public.

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