Rabbit Horoscope 2022: Luck, Chinese zodiac Forecast

2022 Chinese horoscope for men & women born in the Year of the Rabbit (Hare), from Lunar New Year and throughout the Year of the Tiger of 2022
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Year of the Rabbit's complete & accurate predictions in 2022

Discover below the 2022 horoscope of the Chinese zodiac sign of the Rabbit with our annual astrological forecast specific to each type of Rabbit. Let us remember that what is commonly called the Chinese zodiac sign (or first pillar of destiny) corresponds to the association of the animal and the element of their year of birth: Wood Rabbit, Fire Rabbit, Earth Rabbit, Metal Rabbit and Water Rabbit.

We also offer solutions to help you have the luckiest Chinese year 2022 possible, thanks to the Rabbit's healing stones and Feng Shui colors for 2022, his main chakra to work on, his forecasts in love, health, money and career, without forgetting his best monthly periods for the achievement of his objectives.

🐰 Year of the Rabbit's personality & characteristics

2022 horoscope for Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal & Water Rabbits

🌳 Chinese horoscope 2022 for the Wood Rabbit

The Wood Rabbit's Chinese horoscope 2022 invites him to give priority to consolidating his achievements, without neglecting the need to renew himself in order to afford the possibility of a new bright future. In any case, the Water element of the Chinese year 2022 provides him with real support in the preparation and in the implementation of his most ambitious projects. At work, the Wood Rabbit will repeatedly feel the need to strengthen his position in his market and the need to develop a clear and differentiating direction vis-à-vis his competitors. With this goal in mind, he will be able to rely on the security and comforting assurance that a team as close-knit as it is flexible will bring him. Because it is through the multiplication of trials and errors that he will be able to best adjust his production, sales and marketing tools. In the event of a commercial or partnership agreement or even within the framework of a recruitment, the Wood Rabbit will be well advised to maintain his usual caution by having the contract reread beforehand by a lawyer. Regarding his finances, the implementation of a savings plan in 2022 would allow the Wood Rabbit to preserve his field of action in future tight situations. In addition, legal victories sometimes associated with financial compensation are possible. Despite the ambient optimism, it is still preferable for the Wood Rabbit to carefully spend the money that will regularly fund his bank account throughout the year. In love, the celibate Wood Rabbit could expect intense encounters at moments as spectacular as they were unexpected, but without any guarantee of durability. However, it will always be possible for him to remain in control of the situation and of his future, if he wishes.

Date, annual score and resolution 2022 of the Wood Rabbit
Wood Rabbit dateScoreResolution
11/02/1975 - 30/01/1976★★★★☆Structuring and progress

🔥 Chinese horoscope 2022 for the Fire Rabbit

The Fire Rabbit's Chinese horoscope 2022 heralds an eventful but never boring year. At work, it is his diplomatic talent and the flexibility of his character that will serve as a weapon to neutralize disagreements and conflicts. The Fire Rabbit must absolutely stay away from territorial wars that do not directly concern him. If he does not succeed, he risks wasting the time and energy that would have been essential for the consolidation of his projects. The motto of the Fire Rabbit in 2022: "I mind my own business!". Fortunately, with a good methodology and sufficient tact, he should be able to maintain his professional stability without fear. Regarding finances, caution is also required in 2022. Legal problems could even arise if he is not sufficiently serious and precise in keeping his accounts up to date. Likewise, it's probably not a good idea to lend money to those who already owe you it. In 2022, the celibate Fire Rabbit should not expect to experience the excitement and madness of budding love. Most of the time, he may have his mind occupied elsewhere and this although the solicitations of the suitors will not fail. In general, the muffled atmospheres of suave interiors should in no case lull his vigilance as to the dangers lurking outside. In town, night outings must be strictly supervised.

Date, annual score and resolution 2022 of the Fire Rabbit
Fire Rabbit dateScoreResolution
02/02/1927 - 22/01/1928★★★☆☆Lucidity and prioritization of interests
29/01/1987 - 16/02/1988

🗿 Chinese horoscope 2022 for the Earth Rabbit

The Earth Rabbit's Chinese horoscope 2022 promises the start of a transitional phase of consolidation and awareness of the limits imposed by life circumstances. If at work some new impetus will give the Earth Rabbit the opportunity to climb a few small rungs, this will not happen without the prior modification of his mode of operation. His questions will above all be correlated with the type of risk to be taken according to the type of reward sought. Ultimately, in 2022, the Earth Rabbit may wish to conserve and secure his assets rather than risk losing everything in the service of poorly channeled ambitions. With regard to his portfolio, the realistic taking into account of the available resources will shape the financial dynamics of the year. In addition, a certain confusion, the changing rules, the increase in responsibilities could well push the Earth Rabbit out of his comfort zone. It is therefore advisable, in the perspective of an investment, to take the time to prepare the project well and to analyze all its facets, even the most trivial. As for the mysteries of love, the celibate Earth Rabbit should display a candid and jovial mood throughout the year, if however he is ready to fall back into childhood to play cat and mouse. with contenders full of joyful recklessness.

Date, annual score and resolution 2022 of the Earth Rabbit
Earth Rabbit dateScoreResolution
19/02/1939 - 07/02/1940★★★☆☆Identifying hidden promises
16/02/1999 - 04/02/2000

🛠 Chinese horoscope 2022 for the Metal Rabbit

The Metal Rabbit's Chinese horoscope 2022 heralds a communicative era of dynamic and prosperous realization. At work, the Metal Rabbit will have many opportunities to shine and to assert his experience as his sense of analysis. But the Water element should above all push him to tend towards actions related to the mutation. Thanks to the energy of Water, the Metal Rabbit will be able to take advantage of 2022 to push back his limits, with a view to optimizing his material base. If his professional life takes place within a company, Water can also open to the Metal Rabbit new possibilities for training and improving his skills, despite a few periods of recurring fatigue. As for finances, expenses are likely to exceed his income if he is not careful. Be careful not to accumulate small debts here and there. To keep the balance, it is advisable to prefer to limit your purchases to only the daily necessities. On an emotional level, the Metal Rabbit has the opportunity to gain popularity in 2022, without really having sought it. As an indirect consequence, he could attract partners from new horizons. He may also find himself at the center of a group hoping to receive the transmission of his knowledge of love journeys. Everything will go well if he manages to innovate without necessarily questioning everything.

Date, annual score and resolution 2022 of the Metal Rabbit
Metal Rabbit dateScoreResolution
06/02/1951 - 26/01/1952★★★☆☆Time for transmission
03/02/2011 - 22/01/2012

💧 Chinese horoscope 2022 for the Water Rabbit

The Water Rabbit's Chinese horoscope 2022 is preparing him for a complex but stimulating year, punctuated by a period of involuntary transition. Regarding work, the Chinese year 2022 could be marked by a questioning of the hierarchy and by a desire for independence, in order to test or discover another way of leading one's life. In addition, the Water Rabbit will quickly realize the usefulness of knowing how to act locally in order to see his personal projects flourish. To do this, he must be careful not to be influenced by positions or opinions that do not concern him. Taking a step back and deciding on your own will prove to be difficult but vital for a controlled professional ascent. As for finances, an exceptional income or an inheritance is possible during the year. However, the Water Rabbit will still have to moderate his expectations a little bit, because it will be more of a significant bonus than a sudden and definitive access to the uninhibited idleness of great fortunes. Moreover, there is no question at this stage of embarking on reckless spending at the risk of wasting the capital accumulated to date. Apart from a purely narcissistic approach, it is always possible to have a good time while remaining reasonable. Regarding the emotional relationships of the Water Rabbit, the Chinese New Year 2022 offers him the opportunity to build positive relationships with those around him. However, his emotionality could be exacerbated at times. Moreover, even if his friends support him, the celibate Water Rabbit will have to go through a phase of accepting his existential configuration before considering a relationship again. But he must in no case divulge his fragility to suitors who will want to solicit him during the Chinese Year of the Tiger, just as it is not very wise to listen to the advice of people who have never been in the same situation. Just as everyone has their own path, everyone has their own story.

Date, annual score and resolution 2022 of the Water Rabbit
Water Rabbit dateScoreResolution
25/01/1963 - 12/02/1964★★★★☆Targeted communication for enhanced utility
22/01/2023 - 09/02/2024

Rabbit's Amulets, Feng Shui colors & Lucky periods in 2022

Infographic of the Chinese zodiac animal-sign of the Rabbit in 2022
Rabbit Chinese Zodiac 2022: Chakra, Lucky color, Healing Stone, Foods and corrective Chinese element

💎 Protective stones of the Rabbit in 2022

Lapis lazuli

In 2022, the Rabbit will be able to benefit from the healing and regenerating power of the wonderful lapis lazuli stone, so prized in ancient Egypt. Throughout the Chinese New Year 2022, lapis lazuli will inspire the Rabbit to improve his ability to perceive and distinguish the useful from the futile. On an emotional level, this deep and noble blue crystal can even ward off anxiety attacks, thanks to its soothing and comforting properties. Great stabilizer of emotions, the protective stone of lapis lazuli will push the Rabbit to seek happiness and improve his communication skills.

Imperial Topaz

In lithotherapy, imperial topaz is known for its virtues of nervous and intellectual firming. This semi-precious crystal regenerates memory, brings tone to the body and energizes the creative drive. Also, the Rabbit could take advantage in 2022 of the qualities of imperial topaz to increase the inventive and productive skills that will help him build his projects. With an increased strategic vision and increased performance, the Rabbit could become an essential player for his business, while arousing strong admiration and deep respect from those around him. Worn around the neck or on the wrist set on a bracelet, imperial topaz will activate its properties of aphrodisiac and attractiveness for single Rabbits in search of love in 2022.

🎨 Rabbit Lucky Colors in 2022

  • Turquoise
  • Azure blue
  • Orange-red

Rabbit Lucky Months in 2022

Luckiest months for the Rabbit in 2022*: Month of the Rabbit, Hare (March 2022), Month of the Goat, Sheep (July 2022), Month of the Dog (October 2022), Month of the Pig, Boar (November 2021)

Least favorable period: Month of the Rooster (September 2022)

* Consult our daily Chinese horoscope throughout the Year of the Tiger 2022 for the exact dates of the luckiest days for the Rabbit in 2022.

Rabbit Health & Well-being in 2022

According to the Chinese horoscope 2022, the Rabbit is invited to consult an ophthalmologist or an ENT specialist in the event of repeated migraine attacks. He is also advised not to stay in front of a computer screen for too long.

Chakra the Rabbit should focus on in 2022

Ajna or third eye chakra, sixth of the 7 main chakras of the human body

The Chinese horoscope 2022 invites the Rabbit to perfect his learning ability while realizing the need to communicate his true needs freely. With specific work on the third eye chakra, the Rabbit can hope to increase his creative power and better target the direction to follow from the Chinese New Year 2022. The opening of the sixth chakra of the Vedic tradition will also give him the strength to develop his intuition, which will be very useful for him to get out of delicate or risky situations. In addition, whether at work or in his private life, the healing energy created by the opening of the Ajna chakra will allow the Rabbit to realize his ideas with more conviction and the pride of a job well done. With the imagination at the service of his interests, the Rabbit will be able to better anticipate and solve the problems that the year 2022 may cause.

Rabbit Health Horoscope for 2022: chakra, foods and spices, organs to watch out for
🧘🏽 Chakra🥕 Foods & Herbs🌶️ Spices, oil👩‍⚕️ Organs
Third eye (Ajna)Turnips,
Star anise,

💖 Love, Marriage & Birth for the Rabbit in 2022

The love horoscope 2022 heralds a colorful and dynamic year but nevertheless limited in terms of love prospects for the celibate Rabbit. In search of lost love, many paradoxical situations will put the Rabbit to the test in 2022. In his whimsical and somewhat naive adventures, the Rabbit could be furtively inspired by the taste for danger associated with the Tiger. In this case, he will learn to deal with fear and attraction for the unknown in the perspective of finding answers to some of his existential questions. This quest for the senses should preoccupy the Rabbit for a good part of the beginning of the Chinese year 2022. However, from the fruit of his encounters in search of himself, a jovial and warm world will perhaps finally open its doors to him, unless it is ultimately only the illusory mirror of a fantasized reality. Also in 2022, depending on his choices, the cautious celibate Rabbit might as well choose to pause his romantic aspirations rather than rush into a forced march to a new relationship with no tomorrow.

As for the Rabbit already on the road to breaking up his relationship, a lack of sincerity in the management of this crisis is likely to create a feeling of insecurity that could weaken the next relationship. Still, a retreat in hermit mode following a sentimental disillusionment will give the Rabbit the strength to rebuild himself from the inside. Once healed and back on stage, he could at first be content to observe with mischief the tumultuous adventures of his friends. But not feeling much concerned by this comedy of morals, yet distracting, a certain torpor will not take long to seize him.

In fact, the Water element of the year 2022 strongly advises the Rabbit to be concerned above all with his own needs, at the risk of being accused of being selfish. In this sense, the celibate Rabbit must learn not to say yes out of politeness. The desire for the other is only rarely reciprocal. In 2022, he understands the importance of not committing on the spot. Moreover, as long as the Rabbit maintains a healthy rhythm of life and manages to analyze as coldly as possible the impulses of his heart, a love story as serene as it is happy looms on the horizon. The Rabbit already in a relationship and who wants to get married must focus on spring 2022 to achieve his wish.

💑 Love compatibility and marriage between the Rabbit and the Tiger

👶 Rabbit's relationship with a child Tiger

Is 2022 a good year to have a child for a parent Rabbit?

Not really. 2022 is not a good year for the Rabbit parent who wants to have a child, boy or girl. It is better to plan the onset of pregnancy from the second part of the lunar year in order to aim for a birth on the occasion of the Year of the Rabbit 2023. It would be a much better choice, with the guarantee a much more peaceful atmosphere in the home.

Parent-child Compatibility of Rabbit & Tiger

According to the precepts of compatibility specific to Chinese astrology, the relationship of the parent Rabbit and the child Tiger is complicated, even if it is not the worst of the parent-child compatibilities. In the case of the Rabbit-Tiger, the Rabbit parent could very well lack rigor and discipline in the education of his Tiger child. Left to himself, the young Tiger will take advantage of the wandering spirit of his parent Rabbit to establish his hegemony over the family. Ultimately, this could lead to strong dissension and many moments of incomprehension between the parent Rabbit and his child Tiger. As a result, a premature departure of the Tiger child from the home, without forgetting the recurring late reproaches against his parent Rabbit, will be an integral part of the future activities and meetings of the family.

💰 Money, Career & Social life of the Rabbit in 2022

The Year of the Water Tiger 2022 horoscope predicts a year of recovery and professional opportunity for the Rabbit. This year, the Rabbit can expect to gain in strength and endurance, which will be of great benefit to him for the success of his goals. In addition, during the Chinese year 2022, luck can smile perfectly on those among the Rabbits who will be able to show prudence and perspicacity and this despite some surmountable obstacles. In 2022, the Rabbit can demonstrate his multiple talents, in order to impress his audience or even obtain a promotion in his company, especially if he uses his know-how for his own interests. On the other hand, we must not forget that the wars of territory are current currencies during the Chinese years ruled by the Tiger. However, the battles of others could give the Rabbit the opportunity to improve his own position and prestige, if again he opts for individualism. Especially that in 2022 the Rabbit learns that it is necessary for him to keep a cool head and to avoid any conflictual situation, unless he is sure of winning the game. But whatever the outcome of the battles, he is advised to always watch his rear in order to fall back on his feet in the event of an unexpected glitch.

Regarding his finances, the Water element should be beneficial for the businesses of the Rabbit in 2022. However, if the Rabbit has not taken precaution upstream and does not have regular resources available, such unexpected expenses that inevitable are able to upset his habits, knowing that he relies a lot on his material comfort to preserve his peace. If he wants to protect himself from any risk, the Rabbit must restrict himself in his daily expenses, for example by spending more time in the kitchen than in the restaurant.

When it comes to the Rabbit's social relations, a friendly disillusionment may emerge during the Year of the Tiger 2022. It may be an indirect friendly betrayal. This could lead to a sudden awakening towards a loved one. An unpleasant story that does not necessarily concern him can lead the Rabbit to reconsider his relationship and encourage him to come out of the eccentric dreams and beliefs that he may have had for so many years towards this individual. Apart from that, the Rabbit can still hope to have a comfortable year in terms of his social relations in 2022. Secured in his burrow, he will create many opportunities for sharing and collective relaxation. A few warm encounters or reunions will even support the feelings of love and brotherhood towards him. The original and daring stories of some of his friends could inspire him in his creations, or in any case motivate him enough to restart an artistic work left abandoned for too long.

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