Rooster Horoscope 2022: Luck, Chinese zodiac Forecast

2022 Chinese horoscope for men & women born in the Year of the Rooster, from Lunar New Year and throughout the Year of the Tiger of 2022
By KarmaWeather - 29 December 2021
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Year of the Rooster's complete & accurate predictions in 2022

Discover below the 2022 horoscope of the Chinese zodiac sign of the Rooster with our annual astrological forecast specific to each type of Rooster. Let us remember that what is commonly called the Chinese zodiac sign (or first pillar of destiny) corresponds to the association of the animal and the element of their year of birth: Wood Rooster, Fire Rooster, Earth Rooster, Metal Rooster and Water Rooster.

We also offer solutions to help you have the luckiest Chinese year 2022 possible, thanks to the Rooster's healing stones and Feng Shui colors for 2022, his main chakra to work on, his forecasts in love, health, money and career, without forgetting his best monthly periods for the achievement of his objectives.

🐔 Year of the Rooster's personality & characteristics

2022 horoscope for Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal & Water Roosters

🌳 Chinese horoscope 2022 for the Wood Rooster

The Wood Rooster's Chinese horoscope 2022 foreshadows a rather pleasant and peaceful year. The energetic configuration of the year gives the Wood Rooster effective protection in almost all areas of his life. At work, the main efforts will be reserved for the implementation of old ideas that deserve to be realized. Travel opportunities can be the pretext for spiritual growth dynamics with an initiatory dimension. On the other hand, any decision taken in haste should be considered with caution. In addition, the Wood Rooster must learn to prioritize his activities to avoid any risk of scattering. As for finances, the expenses made could be regretted unless a savings plan worthy of the name has been put in place upstream. In 2022, the Wood Rooster must above all guard against any reckless frenzy of compulsive shopping. Fortunately, even in times of difficulty, he will easily obtain all the support he may need, although he will not be pleased to have to ask for it. Regarding love, the celibate Wood Rooster would do well to pay close attention to his plumage in 2022. True love may escape him, especially if he decides to spend his time criticizing the countless things that disturb his visual comfort. A little forced simplicity should soften his warrior spirit and make him more appealing to his suitors.

Date, annual score and resolution 2022 of the Wood Rooster
Wood Rooster dateScoreResolution
13/02/1945 - 01/02/1946★★★★☆Welcome the good news with a grain of salt
09/02/2005 - 28/01/2006

🔥 Chinese horoscope 2022 for the Fire Rooster

The Fire Rooster's Chinese horoscope 2022 reveals a hectic and even somewhat exhausting time for the tenth animal of the Chinese calendar. Fortunately, he will also have the opportunity to catch his breath and look at life with hope and the will to overcome obstacles, despite his incapacity to operate a profound transformation of his lot. Although the Chinese horoscope 2022 does not offer an interesting dynamic to the Fire Rooster in terms of personal evolution, the annual energies highly encourage him to get involved with strength and determination so that his situation does not deteriorate. At work, trouble will stay at bay as long as he manages to keep his schedule flawless. This discreet dynamic can also be supported by the desire not to find oneself at the center of the decision-making chains, without being absent from them. In terms of finances, information must be received and interpreted on time. It would be perilous to get excited about things that risk having a completely different purpose. Regarding love, the Fire Rooster can greatly benefit from the Tiger's secondary element, Earth, to neutralize or reduce the intensity of his eternal inner conflict. It is advisable to activate the Earth element as early as possible, on the heels of the Chinese New Year 2022. This year, the emotional void can be filled with a spiritual refocus centered on personal well-being. Indirect emotional satisfaction can arise at any time. It is enough just to recognize one's role in each maintained relation and not to seek to make sacrifices to the detriment of one's principles.

Date, annual score and resolution 2022 of the Fire Rooster
Fire Rooster dateScoreResolution
31/01/1957 - 17/02/1958★★☆☆☆Preservation and plan B ready
28/01/2017 - 15/02/2018

🗿 Chinese horoscope 2022 for the Earth Rooster

The Earth Rooster's Chinese horoscope 2022 predicts a correct and even satisfactory year, provided that discretion is a key value. If things have turned in the right direction in the weeks leading up to Lunar New Year 2022, now is the time to consolidate or build a protective cocoon for shelter. At work, an intoxicating sense of domination and control can be engendered by a new prestigious position. But a tendency to bring everything to oneself can be detrimental and generate some notable crises. Thus, the Earth Rooster could be led to thoroughly review his behavior, starting by gradually getting rid of old habits that are damaging to his image. Otherwise, many will want to put obstacles in the way. With a little practice, the Earth Rooster will learn to manage and assume his position with a tact and flexibility that he is naturally unfamiliar with. Regarding money, the Earth Rooster should not have to worry too much during the Chinese year 2022. Good financial results will find their source in wise negotiations. Regarding love, the Earth Rooster retains control of his personal life throughout the year 2022. But beware of risk-taking, particularly in the face of suitors who expect too much attention and cajoling, without ever seeking to give something equivalent in return.

Date, annual score and resolution 2022 of the Earth Rooster
Earth Rooster dateScoreResolution
17/02/1969 - 05/02/1970★★★☆☆Avoid any action that feeds on envy and jealousy
13/02/2029 - 02/02/2030

🛠 Chinese horoscope 2022 for the Metal Rooster

The Metal Rooster's Chinese horoscope 2022 reveals an annual cycle that requires courage and willpower. Now, it is high time to make up for lost time on important topics that deserve to be finalized. At work, it may be a question of consolidating a current project by adding new functionalities or, on the contrary, by simplifying it to strengthen its original purpose. Whether through collaborative or related to the place of activity, the Metal Rooster will have to enter a delicate phase of activity at some point in the Chinese year 2022. He must absolutely remember his past experiences so as not to repeat the same mistakes. If there is a suspected strategy error, he must consider all possible scenarios before deciding to act. Because in the Year of the Tiger, the consequences of his actions can be irreversible. Water energy (the main element of the year 2022) should allow him to make the right choices, as long as he focuses more on his own faults than on those of others. Regarding the management of his money, significant unforeseen expenses can weaken his financial balance, while the expected support will not necessarily come on time. To protect himself as much as possible, he must therefore think carefully before spending a single penny, especially if it concerns momentary personal pleasures. Of course, good things come at a price, but there are limits that one can decide not to cross. Regarding love, the Metal Rooster should a priori spend a calm year, sheltered from emotional void. In the event of deep disagreement, it will be better not to let things deteriorate and to act while dialogue is still possible. Love is very present, but not always where it is believed hidden. However, there is no point in deluding oneself with improbable stories. While waiting to meet a soul mate, the Metal Rooster will watch the members of his family with devotion and will remain ready to help them with the slightest problem.

Date, annual score and resolution 2022 of the Metal Rooster
Metal Rooster dateScoreResolution
08/02/1921 - 27/01/1922★★★☆☆Cultivate happiness with skill
05/02/1981 - 24/01/1982

💧 Chinese horoscope 2022 for the Water Rooster

The Water Rooster's Chinese horoscope 2022 predicts a dynamic, pleasant and prosperous year. In 2022, the Water Rooster is entering an important phase of in-depth reorganization of his life. At work, all his past experiences finally offer him the opportunity to take a step back, in order to better start his next activities. Especially since as part of his main activity, the Water Rooster may decide to opt for new solutions which will consolidate his professional base. It could be a move abroad, a change of partner or even a change of career preceded by training that is closer to his desires. That’s why it’s best if he doesn’t let the consequences of the bad decisions he may have made in recent years get to him. In 2022, his main strength will be the contact of new people discovered during his various trips. But all of these changes will necessarily involve an element of risk that he should try to anticipate as much as possible. Indeed, a bad calculation or a bad preparation can lead him to undergo effects diametrically opposed to his initial objectives. In terms of finances, the Water Rooster can count on a more accurate view of his own consumer profile. In 2022, the Water element will provide him with the psychological support he will need at critical moments in his professional life (negotiation, investment). Regarding the pleasures of love, the celibate Water Rooster can rejoice to see his charm operate with the many suitors who jostle each other in the hope of starting a sentimental relationship with him. It remains to be seen what availability he will be ready to grant to those who seek to know him more. 2022 heralds a mini emotional transition for Water signs and without a doubt, the Water Rooster will be among the first to discover and experience relationships that may not always be good in a rush.

Date, annual score and resolution 2022 of the Water Rooster
Water Rooster dateScoreResolution
26/01/1933 - 13/02/1934★★★★☆Follow the movement avoiding the center
23/01/1993 - 09/02/1994

Rooster's Amulets, Feng Shui colors & Lucky periods in 2022

Infographic of the Chinese zodiac animal-sign of the Rooster in 2022
Rooster Chinese Zodiac 2022: Chakra, Lucky color, Healing Stone, Foods and corrective Chinese element

💎 Protective stones of the Rooster in 2022

Golden rutilated quartz

In 2022, the Rooster is advised to use golden rutilated quartz in order to continue building his projects serenely, without being polluted by negative thoughts about his own abilities or those of others. Also called "hair of Venus", this stone of protection can make a positive contribution in all areas where the Rooster finds it difficult to neutralize his fears of failure. At work, thanks to the positive and stimulating waves of this stone, the Rooster can maintain a capacity for action geared towards the achievement of his objectives. The golden rutilated quartz will also help him to bring more care and precision to his achievements. In addition, he will be able to welcome opinions and criticisms with more serenity, which will help him subsequently to make the right decisions without being discouraged. Ultimately, the Rooster will succeed in consolidating his place and obtaining the favors he deserves. With the others, the Rooster will manage to find a way to regain dignity in his most fragile moments. The golden rutilated quartz stone will give him a new and intense radiance, both inward and outward. In 2022, the Rooster can hope to develop an exemplary wealth of soul and attract towards him all those who have the same vision of the world as him.

Dalmatian jasper

Dalmatian jasper is a good support stone for the Rooster in 2022. This semi-precious stone will provide him with both physical and spiritual flexibility throughout the Year of the Water Tiger. Carried on oneself (in the pocket or the handbag), it is its rolled and polished version that should be preferred. At work, the Dalmatian jasper will give him the ability to remain diplomatic under all circumstances. If the Rooster renews old relationships, he will be able to show them an even more pleasant and seductive side of his personality. The Dalmatian jasper will drive out the inner demons of the Rooster, terribly fond of criticism and judgment. The Rooster will then be able to refocus on the path of his own existence without allowing himself to be devoured by the curiosity he maintains for that of others. Using the formidable crystal of protection that is the Dalmatian jasper, the Rooster can both access wisdom and connect to the good energies of the Universe in 2022.

🎨 Rooster Lucky Colors in 2022

  • Naples yellow
  • Cobalt yellow
  • Yellow

Rooster Lucky Months in 2022

Luckiest months for the Rooster in 2022*: Month of the Dragon (April 2022), Month of the Snake (May 2022), Month of the Rooster (September 2022), Month of the Ox (January 2023)

Least favorable period: Month of the Rabbit (March 2022)

* Consult our daily Chinese horoscope throughout the Year of the Tiger 2022 for the exact dates of the luckiest days for the Rooster in 2022.

Rooster Health & Well-being in 2022

According to the Chinese horoscope 2022, the Rooster would do well to severely limit his sugar consumption during the year 2022. It is advisable to do exercises adapted to his physical condition in order to burn the accumulated fat. Type 2 diabetes problems can occur if he persists in favoring a diet that is too rich and poorly suited to his morphology and lifestyle.

Chakra the Rooster should focus on in 2022

Manipura or solar plexus chakra, third of the 7 main chakras of the human body

The Chinese horoscope 2022 advises to carry out regular sessions of opening and balancing of the solar plexus chakra, from the Chinese New Year. Also called the navel chakra, the energetic node located in the center of the human body allows an awareness of one's own abilities, increased sensitivity and a healthy desire for spontaneity towards others. The solar plexus chakra is an awakener of consciousness and projects abandoned for lack of self-confidence. Its activation can support the Rooster in many aspects of his existence in 2022. At work, the Rooster will be able to attract collaborators more compatible with his vision of things. Focused on action, the Rooster will develop greater decision-making speed in his endeavors. His actions will remain in line with his personal interests without seeking to be the only one to benefit from them. The solar plexus chakra can empower the Rooster to more easily assert his identity during his social interactions. In relation to love, the solar plexus chakra will help him gain the respect and admiration of his romantic partner, thanks to the playful expression of his vitality and charm. In 2022, the Rooster can even hope to start a new life in which he will feel capable of fully and responsibly using all his talents, in the service of the realization of his dreams.

Rooster Health Horoscope for 2022: chakra, foods and spices, organs to watch out for
🧘🏽 Chakra🥕 Foods & Herbs🌶️ Spices, oil👩‍⚕️ Organs
Solar plexus (Manipura)Squash,
Small intestine

💖 Love, Marriage & Birth for the Rooster in 2022

The Chinese horoscope 2022 for love announces a dynamic year during which the Rooster is often led to find solutions to his problems where he did not expect. It is very likely that he goes through agitated periods of which the apparent psychological comfort is due only to superb illusions, before being forced to digest the insipid taste of the deceptive victories of the disappointed loves. Upset, it may then happen that he exaggerates his setbacks with those close to him and attracts the social isolation that frightens him so much. On the other hand, he managed to pass the towel on certain shortcomings against him and even find refuge with former rivals, sudden unlikely allies. The Rooster will have many opportunities to bend his chest to assert his ease, his physical beauty or his intelligence in conservative circles, closed to any novelty.

In 2022, the celibate Rooster will have to rub shoulders with suitors who are far from having the same concern for elegance and aesthetics as him. Harsh words will not always be accepted by both parties. However, it would be a shame to let a lack of tact or misunderstandings block the Rooster's road to the joys of love in 2022. If this is the case anyway, he will go for a spiritual makeover while waiting for the sumptuousness of his feathers regain their flamboyant shine. When it comes to marriage, the Year of the Tiger 2022 carries some risk for the Rooster, as he missed the boat with the Year of the Ox 2021.

💑 Love compatibility and marriage between the Rooster and the Tiger

👶 Rooster's relationship with a child Tiger

Is 2022 a good year to have a child for a parent Rooster?

Yes it's possible. 2022 is a correct year for the Rooster who wishes to have a child, girl or boy. But beware, parent-child relationships will not always be peaceful.

Parent-child Compatibility of Rooster & Tiger

According to the notions of compatibility in Chinese astrology, the agreement between a Rooster parent and a Tiger child is average. The Tiger child is a being of initiative. He is often seen as a joint source of happiness and disaster. Shining brightly, he does not stop until he has exhausted all his energy reserves. If however he is of a calm temperament, no detail of what unfolds before his eyes escapes him. And he won't hesitate to take part in it with enthusiasm, even if it's just to give his opinion, sitting comfortably on his throne. A Tiger child is always distinguished by his lively intelligence and his curiosity for everything that surrounds him. He often needs to touch in order to understand and appreciate his direct surroundings. At school, he can easily become the leader of a group, provided that no other Tiger child is standing in his way. At home, if he's upset, he doesn't hesitate to yell at his parent Rooster so that he complies with his whims. The Rooster parent must have strong nerves to raise a Tiger child, especially since his criticisms will not be easily accepted by the latter. As the child Tiger grows up, the Water element of his year of birth (2022) will manage to modulate his elusive and rebellious character. In his old age, the Rooster will be able to count on his child Tiger, provided that he has first succeeded in providing him with a solid moral education, having enabled him to effectively resist the vices of existence.

💰 Money, Career & Social life of the Rooster in 2022

The 2022 Chinese horoscope heralds an oscillating but dynamic period, during which productivity is at the forefront of the Rooster's professional concerns. If the previous year was satisfactory in terms of expectations and prospects, thanks to judicious choices, the Rooster may in 2022 be required to invest more resources, both physical and material, to safeguard his situation. From this perspective, the Rooster will avoid participating in improbable competitions, particularly if the stakes in the event of victory have little value. Neither is there any question of entering into sterile conflicts which seek to assert shifting and elusive realities. Everything will go well if the Rooster does not forget the importance of always looking in the same direction and working for the collective. Otherwise, he will have to be prepared to go it alone when faced with difficult obstacles to overcome.

In terms of money, in 2022, the Rooster will learn at his expense to only bet on his achievements and not to hope too much for an economic miracle during the year. This is not a good time for him to indulge in his favorite activity of spending on aesthetic pleasures and well-being. As for his social relations, the Rooster will maintain his role of critical advisor, in order to always encourage others to conform to his vision of things. However, he should be careful to be as gentle as possible when dealing with strangers. For any warning considered to be an attack will be followed by a nasty blow in return, especially from those who have something important to defend. In the Year of the Tiger, other Chinese zodiac signs, as well prepared for battle as the Rooster, will occupy the field to vigorously defend their positions. Also, watch out for loss of feathers in case of blind stubbornness. Although a relational ambivalence is to be expected with new encounters, it will be different with those close to him. In 2022, the Metal-Water creative cycle offers the Rooster the opportunity to consolidate his ties with the people who matter deeply to him and with whom he has had long-standing working ties. Because after a long period of freshness maintained with care, the Rooster is now able to start again on new bases with all those whose professional virtues he already respects. His old good intentions, often expressed in the form of sharp criticisms, will eventually be accepted and understood at the height of their noble intentions.

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