Tiger 2019 Chinese Horoscope - Tiger 2019 predictions

🐯 Tiger 2019 Chinese horoscope - 2019 Chinese Horoscope of the Zodiac sign of the Tiger during the Year of the Earth Pig
By KarmaWeather - 17 July 2018
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Complete forecast for the Tiger in 2019 in love, luck, money, career, health

Tiger's Chinese calendar birth dates:
13/02/1926 - 01/02/1927
31/01/1938 - 18/02/1939
17/02/1950 - 05/02/1951
05/02/1962 - 25/01/1963
23/01/1974 - 10/02/1975
09/02/1986 - 28/01/1987
28/01/1998 - 15/02/1999
14/02/2010 - 02/02/2011
01/02/2022 - 21/01/2023

The Tiger in short: The Tiger is a natural charmer, gifted with an irresistible magnetism. Courageous, often reckless, the Tiger never runs away from adversity. Prone to depression when he feels limited by a job that doesn't suit him, the Tiger actually doesn't foresee any position for himself apart from being a leader.

🐯 Personality horoscope of the Tiger

Chinese New Year 2019 summary for the Tiger

According to the Chinese horoscope and starting from the Chinese New Year 2019, the Tiger can prepare to spend a year full of twists but rather positive overall, as one shouldn't forget that the Pig (of the year) is the secret friend of the Tiger.

Score of the Year of the Pig 2019 for the Tiger: 7.5 / 10
Chinese New Year 2019's resolution for the Tiger: Enjoy the year, with caution

Tiger's amulet, colors, chakra and foods for 2019
💎 Amulet🎨 Colors🧘🏽 Chakra🍉 Foods
Moss agateMalachite green,
slate gray


2019, Year of the Earth Pig: horoscope forecast for the Tiger

For the Tiger, the Year of the Earth Pig 2019 continues in the same dynamic as last year. In 2019, the Tiger finally perceives the nuance between dream and illusion. As rebellious and intrepid as he is deeply anxious, the Tiger chooses to enjoy the benefits of a rather homely life during the Year of the Pig. It is indeed from home that he can be the best able to make a clear and objective assessment of his past struggles. This is not the moment either for the Tiger to go on a solitary trip. In 2019, the Tiger also takes care to avoid tarnishing his reputation by interfering with events that don't directly concern him. Good surprises, beautiful gifts and the beginning or consolidation of a long-awaited love affair are likely to come true during the Chinese year 2019.

The Chinese horoscope 2019 even foresees that the Tiger learns to have a more flexible and tolerant spirit than usual. The Tiger, in a burst of concentration that lasts throughout the Year of the Pig 2019, is able to assess the risks accurately and avoid conflict situations which he wouldn't be sure to emerge victorious. Because despite his affable amiability, the Pig, animal of the year 2019, can not be able to cover at all time with his protective energy the reckless and temperamental Tiger. Still, if certain events have the potential to test his resistance, a Tiger who manages to close the cycle of 12 years with prudence often comes out invigorated for the next cycle of the Chinese calendar, which begins with the Year of the Metal Rat 2020.

Full 2019 Chinese horoscope during the Year of the Pig

Love, marriage and birth for the Tiger in 2019

The 2019 love horoscope predicts a favorable year for the single Tiger who wants to engage in a serious romance. For even the Tiger who has lost all hope of finding a soul mate can expect pleasant surprises during the year 2019. Indeed, the Year of the Pig is the ideal time for the wounded Tiger who wants his wounds to finally heal. As long as he is ready to play the game of seduction after filing his claws (unlike the Cat, the claws of the Tiger are not retractable), he is quite able to reassure his many contenders. The Year of the Earth Pig 2019 is a fortunate time during which the Tiger forges the image of a generous being with a stable personality, thus happily taking advantage of the amorous adventures that come his way.

Love compatibility between the Tiger and the Pig: The Tiger and the Pig, if they are not part of the same love and friendship compatibility triangle, are on the other hand secret friends. They can therefore fall in love with one another and develop a lasting and happy relationship. The Pig softens the fiery character of the Tiger by giving him more stability and moderation.

Tiger’s wedding in 2019: The Year of the Pig 2019 is a good time for any Tiger who wants to formalize his union with one of the 12 zodiac signs of the Chinese calendar by a marriage contract. All the months of the Chinese year 2019 are conducive to the choice of a wedding date, with the exception of the Monkey Month (August 1 to August 29, 2019), during which the Tiger must carefully choose the day of the celebration of his wedding ceremony.

Is 2019 a good year to have a child for a Tiger parent? Yes! The Pig Years are ideal times for any Tiger parent who wants to have a child. The Pig child is one of the most powerful guarantees for Tiger parents who wish to sustainably attract happiness and prosperity under their roof.

Money, career and social life for the Tiger in 2019

According to the Tiger's 2019 career horoscope, business continues to work fine and transactions are successful. However, the Tiger learns at his expense the virtues of patience and the need to control his impulses. It is necessary to identify and carefully avoid unnecessary expense or unnecessary association. The pig of the year 2019, naive and eager for pleasure, is able to inspire his friend the Tiger the same through his generous nature. Therefore, the noble Tiger must be doubly mistrustful of offers too tempting, because all ideas are not necessarily good to achieve in 2019. He must especially make sure to rely only on himself and to team up only with partners who have already proven themselves in the past. In 2019, the hard-working Tiger must therefore pay particular attention to promises that are too good to be true, especially when suggested by people he has met recently.

With regards to investments, whether positive or negative, the decisions of the Tiger in 2019 will have significant consequences and even a considerable impact on his finances. Theft, betrayal or deception or gain, fortification and success depend largely on his ability to control his natural temerity. In 2019, the Tiger also learns to dominate his gluttony, because he needs all his lucidity so as not to lose a hard earned property. Thus, the Tiger must not have eyes bigger than the belly at the risk of being on hostile grounds. Therefore, he will closely monitor his appetite and his earnings throughout the Year of the Pig 2019, especially as other Tigers roaming around could willingly try to taste his catch.

Health and luck of the Tiger in 2019

Tiger health horoscope 2019

The health of the Tiger in 2019 is rather solid, provided that he takes advantage of the Year of the Pig to carry out the health exams that he has been constantly pushing back so far. Staying healthy depends largely on anticipating and caring for a healthy and balanced diet and lifestyle. The reckless Tiger, who rarely hesitates to face the danger when his instinct calls for it, must take advantage of this annual period at a more peaceful pace to take better care of himself.

Luck and well-being for the Tiger in 2019

Most favorable periods to the Tiger in 2019: Month of the Horse (June 3 to July 2, 2019), Month of the Dog (September 29 to October 27, 2019), Month of the Pig (October 28 to November 25, 2019)

Least favorable period: Month of the Monkey (August 1 to August 29, 2019)


Chinese Zodiac 2019 predictions for the Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water Tigers

The main Element of your year of birth determines which type of Tiger you are

Tiger 2019 Chinese horoscope - Score and resolution for the Tiger in 2019

Tiger Chinese horoscope 2019 - Score and resolution for the Wood Tiger, Fire Tiger, Earth Tiger, Metal Tiger and Water Tiger in 2019, by KarmaWeather
🐯 Chinese zodiac sign Birth Years Rating (out of 10) Resolution
🌳 Wood Tiger 1974, 2034 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
You have control
🔥 Fire Tiger 1926, 1986 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Love is in the air
🗿 Earth Tiger 1938, 1998 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Luck is at the rendezvous
🛠 Metal Tiger 1950, 2010 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Strengthen family ties
💧 Water Tiger 1962, 2022 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Patience and perseverance

🌳 Wood Tiger (born in 1974)

Predictions for the Wood Tiger in 2019: For the Wood Tiger, 2019 is a year in which change is more professional than sentimental. Cash inflows are predictable following the Chinese New Year 2019. The financial prospects of the Wood Tiger are a less good in the second half of the year.

🔥 Fire Tiger (born in 1926, 1986)

Predictions for the Fire Tiger in 2019: The Fire Tiger can expect improved relationships with family and friends through a better expression of his will. Love is in the air throughout the Chinese year 2019.

🗿 Earth Tiger (Tiger in 1948, 2008)

Predictions for the Earth Tiger in 2019: The Earth Tiger enjoys strong protection and chance in 2019. Anxiety periods can be filled by regular physical activity.

🛠 Metal Tiger (born in 1950, 2010)

Predictions for the Metal Tiger in 2019: The Metal Tiger must avoid any imprudence in 2019. The good weather will quickly take precedence over some persistent storms at home. Any selfish act is to be banished.

💧 Water Tiger (born in 1962)

Predictions for the Water Tiger in 2019: Expect extended waiting with a positive outcome. The Water Tiger must cultivate patience and wisdom in 2019. Open discussion within the couple leads to a better understanding of the other and the resolution of possible conflicts. Professionally, the Water Tiger must expect to fight hard to win.

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