Monthly Chinese horoscope of December 2018

December 2018: Chinese monthly horoscope for the 12 Chinese zodiac animal signs of the lunar calendar
By KarmaWeather - 12 December 2018
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Monthly forecast during the Wood Rat Month of the Chinese calendar

Daily and monthly predictions for each day of the Wood Rat Month of December 2018 and January 2019, for the 12 animals of the Chinese Zodiac: Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Pig

Dates of the 2018 - 2019 Chinese calendar month

The Month of the Wood Rat of the Chinese calendar starts on December 7th, 2018 and ends on January 5th, 2019. On December 6th, 2018, the new moon announces the passage in the Chinese calendar from the Water Pig Month to the Month of the Wood Rat of the Year of the Earth Dog, penultimate month of the Chinese Year.

2019 Wood Rat Month horoscope

It is a dynamic and warm cycle during which the family ties are consolidated, coupled with an increase in the desire for material possession.

According to the monthly Chinese horoscope of December 2018 and beginning of January 2019, the passage of the Rat (of the month) in the Dog (of the year) announces a period of positive actions supported by an inflexible will to face the difficulties with more ardor and insurance.

A Month of the Rat is an opportunity to explore, delve into and analyze problems in depth in order to find the most appropriate solution to the events that affect our daily lives.

On a social level, one's self-image can momentarily become more important than usual. Elegance and sobriety can take precedence over pageantry and exhibition in order to display an image of stability and anchorage. In addition, the desire to imagine, conceive and give life to new ideas, based on positive and simple values, is definitely relevant.

When starting a new project, the need for approval from one of one's peers isn't felt as much as a necessity. The Rat possesses in him secret and varied resources that allow many new initiatives to emerge from the 12 signs of Chinese astrology. In addition, we can expect help and moral support when our endeavor is implemented. It is even possible to return an unfavorable situation to one's advantage and extract an unsuspected personal profit, provided necessary insurance was in place to begin with.

The only negative point to note for this period concerns the character of the two Chinese zodiac signs whose energies dominate the calendar of the month. It should be known that the Dog (of the year) and the Rat (of the month) have anxious natures. Therefore, care should be taken not to be overcome by pessimism in the event of a delay in the progress of one's aspirations. While hopes are immediate, good things always take time to mature and bear fruit.

Monthly energies for the 12 Chinese zodiac signs

No deficiency in terms of energy of the 5 elements of the Chinese cosmology is to be noted during the month of December 2018. The monthly element, Wood, breathes a desire of creation and innovation both on an individual and social level. Socially, collective action is more oriented towards planning and useful investment than through usury and irrational consumption.

Nevertheless, the control exercised by the Wood element (of the month) on the Earth element (of the year) also contains its detrimental aspect because of the natural opposition of these two elements. This means that even though energies emitted by Wood facing Earth reinforce emotional bonds and efficiently fight any feeling of isolation, their relationship can also lead to delays and quarrels, especially during reinforced periods of these two elements. That's why it's important to stay focused on your goals without underestimating potential obstacles along the way.

Chinese zodiac lucky stone of the month

Chinese zodiac corrective birthstone and lucky stone from December 7th, 2018 to January 5th, 2019, for the 12 Chinese zodiac animal signs: Pink topaz

Money and career monthly horoscope

According to the monthly Chinese horoscope of December and early January 2018 for career and money, a sharp and increased determination oriented toward the advancement of common sense, politically, socially and economically, can be observed during the month of Wood Rat, despite some obstacles. At the professional level, the orientation of energies towards the completion of projects can give the most favorable results. Of course, it is primarily the financial and banking sectors that are positively affected by this renewed energy brought by the Rat, the first animal-sign of the Chinese zodiac. It is a dynamic period of harvest and prosperity during which to play the card of opportunism can also be profitable. However, it is important not to unduly exaggerate the small repetitive delays, at the risk of reversing the positive trend of the moment.

If it is a question of finding a new job, luck may be at the rendezvous, provided you do not lose too much time before responding to an offer. On the other hand, it is crucial to highlight an importante detail before any professional meeting. It is true that today, succeeding in expanding one's social circle through the use of social networks is a formidable parade to multiple forms of isolation and a potential business accelerator. Whether seeking information, work or friends, new technologies radically change our relationships with others and the world. Therefore, always having your own communication tool is essential for the vast majority amongst us. However, it is important to remember that during a physical meeting, the excessive use of a mobile phone (even if you do not think you are being observed and that the meeting seems relaxed) can deeply damage one's image and strongly reduce chances of a successful interview.

Love monthly horoscope

During the Month of the Wood Rat 2018, most Chinese zodiac signs can be prepared to go through a phase of highly positive affective energy. The single zodiac signs who are in the same compatibility triangle as the Rat and who can most benefit from this period are the Rat, the Dragon, the Monkey but also the Ox (the secret friend of the Rat). Moreover, one must not forget that unlike the Rat, the Dog (of the year) is not a fan of artifice and ostentation.


Concerning existing couples, they must remain clear about certain realities based on exchange and dialogue and keep a flexible and diplomatic attitude whatever happens to their relationship. During a month ruled by the Wood Rat during a Year of the Earth Dog, it is essential to understand and accept the importance of succeeding in feeding one's soul with simplicity, by the grace of the small pleasures everyday life can bring. The central place of the home and places of residence must be strengthened by a collective effort on the part of both partners. Bringing personalized decorative touches to beautify one's place of life is strongly recommended to relax the atmosphere in case of conflict within the couple. On the other hand, the more the couple succeeds in finding a favorable ground for affirming their respective wishes, the more they can expect to consolidate the emotional bond that unites them.


Any single person who wishes to start a serious relationship by the end of 2018 would therefore be interested in focusing on elegance and simplicity if he / she wishes to optimize his / her chances of success in love. In parallel, it is not advisable either to wall in the secret and the mystery to appear more attractive. The relationship of the Dog (of the year) and the Rat (of the month) assumes that sobriety and discretion must inevitably be supplemented by an ounce of transparency, necessary to allow the formation of solid foundations for a lasting and happy relationship.

Health monthly horoscope

Regarding the 2018 health horoscope of the Month of the Rat, during a period governed by the Wood Rat, it is well advised to drink great amounts of water and avoid carrying heavy weights. Yoga exercises are ideal to regain some of your flexibility and healthy lifestyle habits.

Organs to watch for: Kidneys, lumbar vertebrae

Monthly horoscope for the 12 Chinese zodiac signs from December 7th, 2018 to January 5th, 2019

Rat monthly horoscope

Monthly Rat rating: 7 / 10

Many new perspectives are offered to the Rat during the Month of the Wood Rat 2018. Whether openings arise on the professional or sentimental side, a boost of energy conducive to personal development is to consider. Only a small problem can appear, which must be resolved quickly enough to avoid unpleasant surprises later. Flee the hustle and do not get tired for nothing.

Ox monthly horoscope

Monthly Ox rating: 6 / 10

The Ox (Buffalo) may consider some unexpected financial gains as well as an interesting professional proposal at the end of a major work meeting. Family reunions can be tricky in some ways. Unexpected support in case of problems. It's a good month for the Ox. Perseverance pays.

Tiger monthly horoscope

Monthly Tiger rating: 6 / 10

Tiger, keep watching your expenses. Sometimes it's better to let yourself be carried by the moment than to always try to be in control, at the risk of jeopardizing positive situations. Leave time to time and do not go faster than music.

Rabbit monthly horoscope

Monthly Rabbit rating: 7 / 10

The Rabbit continues to consolidate his achievements during the month of December 2018 and early January 2019. Career prospects improve, knowing that the situation has now stabilized for some time. Acquisition needs may arise. A thorough analysis of the market is necessary before acting out.

Dragon monthly horoscope

Monthly Dragon rating: 7 / 10

Dragon, your impression that things will get better and better from now on is not wrong. Indeed, some problems already belong to the past. Stay tuned for your intuition and learn to enjoy the moments of friendly and family meetings. Avoid all possible confrontation, to ensure a relaxed atmosphere throughout the Month of the Wood Rat.

Snake monthly horoscope

Monthly Snake rating: 7 / 10

Snake, your choices can have consequences far beyond anything you thought you had planned. Things change without you necessarily having control of the situation. Do not be abrupt. Avoid perpetuating the plot unnecessarily. But above all, do not tell your failures to the first comer. You have imagination, use it!

Horse monthly horoscope

Monthly Horse rating: 5 / 10

The Horse should slightly revisit his ambitions downward during this Month of the Wood Rat. This is not the time to commit to a last minute trip. Privilege work from a fixed place. Home and family reunions can rejuvenate you as long as you do not have to talk about annoying topics. Let those who openly criticize your life choices speak out. Freedom disrupts narrow minds, do not hold it against them.

Goat monthly horoscope

Monthly Goat rating: 6 / 10

Whether it's a boost of fate or not, the Wood Rat Month 2018 heralds an important moment for any Goat / Sheep wishing to reshape his lifestyle to ensure a more peaceful future. It is a period of unquestionable progression following a deep moment of introspection and questioning, provided that sudden desires do not take precedence over decisions that are well thought out.

Monkey monthly horoscope

Monthly Monkey rating: 7 / 10

The Monkey can finally breathe again. Beautiful prospects for evolution can come to his door. Some unexpected cash inflow can brighten his daily life at the end of the year. Family reunions are comforting. You smile as you feel the wind turn. On the other hand do not abuse too much the magic of your charm. This is not the moment yet.

Rooster monthly horoscope

Monthly Rooster rating: 5 / 10

Rooster, be extra vigilant in case of sudden trip. Make useful purchases for Christmas. However, wait a little longer if you want to make a real estate transaction. This is an average month where it is good to stay quietly with people you like.

Dog monthly horoscope

Monthly Dog rating: 8 / 10

This is an excellent time for the Dog, who finally feels heard. Things are moving to your advantage because you have been struggling hard for that. Still, despite your overflowing enthusiasm, it is better not to make promises that you are not sure you can keep. In a negotiation, be the most objective of the meeting room, because you will derive more benefits than the one who will choose manipulation instead. Stay close to your family and keep an eye out for the most vulnerable.

Pig monthly horoscope

Monthly Pig rating: 5 / 10

This is again not a rest period for the Pig / Boar. Some problems of the past may reappear despite the precautions taken. Be wary of anxiety and depression in case of negative professional news. Things will get better soon and you already feel it deep inside you. In the meanwhile, keep taking care of yourself by eating healthy and exercising regularly.

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