Year of the Dog: 2021 Horoscope & Zodiac Forecast

2021 Chinese horoscope for men & women born in the Year of the Dog, from the Lunar New Year and throughout the Year of the Ox of 2021
By KarmaWeather - 5 September 2020
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Year of the Dog's complete predictions in 2021

Dog's 2021 lucky charms, love, money, career health and auspicious months

Chinese calendar: Year of the Dog's birth dates

  • 28/01/1922 - 15/02/1923
  • 14/02/1934 - 03/02/1935
  • 02/02/1946 - 21/01/1947
  • 18/02/1958 - 07/02/1959
  • 06/02/1970 - 28/01/1971
  • 25/01/1982 - 12/02/1983
  • 10/02/1994 - 30/01/1995
  • 29/01/2006 - 17/02/2007
  • 16/02/2018 - 04/02/2019
  • 03/02/2030 - 22/01/2031

🐶 Personality horoscope of the Year of the Dog

Chinese New Year 2021 summary for the Dog

The Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water Dogs in 2021

The Dog's 2021 Chinese horoscope portends an ambivalent but dynamic year for the 11th animal sign of the lunar calendar. This year, it is very likely that the Dog will be forced to put in more effort than usual in many areas of his life, especially if he wants to achieve his goals with the satisfaction hoped for. But even before preparing for this situation, the Dog must, in the weeks following the Chinese New Year 2021, face the positive and negative results of his past actions. It is especially from the middle of the spring of 2021 that the tasks to be accomplished can prove to be more difficult than usual, despite a promising start to the year.

However, thanks to the Metal element that is also found in the Dog's energy chart, judgments drawn from his past actions should be dominated more by a remarkable flexibility of mind, supported by a desire for improvement. The Dog should therefore be able to effectively maintain his life balance. In addition, and in order to anticipate any possible inconvenience during the Year of the Ox of 2021, the Dog must be careful not to radically change his way of life. The small disappointments suffered during the end of the first half of the year should in no way deprive him of his motivation for the projects he manages in the long term. On this point in particular, it is the anchoring force that the Dog is able to reveal in defense of his convictions that will serve as a shelter against the intermittent storms that he will have to cross.

With a little temperance and clairvoyance, the Dog can understand quite quickly that most of the obstacles encountered are easier to overcome than they appear. In fact, the predominance of the Metal element in 2021 protects the Dog from the annual uncertainties that are initially announced to him. This is why he should be able to show patience and determination during the Year of the Ox of 2021 and sow the seeds of future harvests which will bring him success and satisfaction the following year. In summary, the 2021 horoscope for the Year of the Metal Ox invites the Dog to initiation and patience, just as it advises him to find in himself the strength to surpass himself.

Score of the Year 2021 for the Dog

6 / 10

Chinese New Year 2021's resolution for the Dog

Cultivate benevolence for oneself and around oneself

Year of the Dog's 2021 lucky stone, color, chakra & food

Dog's 2021 lucky charms
💎 Amulet, bracelet🎨 Feng Shui
Lucky Colors
🧘🏽 Chakra🍉 Food
HeliodorusTangerine orange,
Lemon yellow,
Pearl gray
Solar plexus chakraWhite radish,
Mirabelle plums

Heliodorus, lucky protective crystal for the Dog in 2021: The semi-precious stone of heliodor protection (from the Greek "helios", the sun and "dôrea", the gift) was already prized during Antiquity for its positive energetic virtues. A work of balancing or opening of the solar plexus chakra can be effectively supported by the presence of a heliodor energy stone. Indeed, the golden yellow color of the heliodor allows it to be a powerful stimulator of will and courage. In lithotherapy, this crystal has the ability to reduce anxiety and gives the living entities around it joy and vitality. Its soft and celestial radiance leaves room in the hearts of men to a more confident and serene apprehension of life. Also in 2021, the heliodor can allow the Dog to better see and understand his own faults and give him the motivation to want to correct them. With more structured thoughts, the Dog will have an easier time revealing his creativity and opening up to the world with warmth. Widely used in lithotherapy treatment, heliodor, the "gift from heaven", brings enthusiasm, cheerfulness and lucidity of heart to its user, qualities which the Dog greatly needs in 2021. Thanks to its effective support, heliodor can support the Dog during the Year of the Ox of 2021, by helping him to maintain his rhythm of life and to make the right decisions at the right time. The Dog should then be better equipped to maintain stability, both materially and emotionally.

Love, marriage and birth for the Dog in 2021

The 2021 love horoscope for singles predicts a relatively calm year for natives of the Year of the Dog, punctuated by a few lively phases. 2021 can be synonymous for the Dog with the desire to start a family, which can therefore take precedence over his search for scattered sentimental adventures, certainly exciting, but too often a source of disappointment. However, if the single Dog usually appreciates the flexibility of non-binding romantic encounters, he may decide in 2021 to be more direct in order to get what he wants. His tendency to want to express a definitive opinion about the border that exists between his ideal love and the reality of the world to which he belongs can even reach him morally. In order not to let his anxieties overwhelm him, the Dog must be able to understand that sometimes, the smile of a stranger is not necessarily an invitation to a long-term commitment and that it may be awakened to the mere sight of his irresistible charm. In this year of Yin Metal, it is advisable for the Dog to be particularly careful with the proposals for romantic relationships surreptitiously conditioned by money. Likewise, it is better to put an end without delay to any sentimental union that quickly turns out to be as fuzzy as it is complicated, so as not to miss other love stories, much more invigorating and fulfilling, promised from the Lunar New Year 2022, beginning of the Year of the Tiger.

Regarding the 2021 love horoscope for couples, remember that the Dog generally has the ability to feel the emotional turmoil of his partner, even when the latter tries to hide them. Despite the forecast of a somewhat ungrateful mid-year for him in 2021, the Dog still retains the possibility of preserving happiness and marital development within his home. Indeed, the values of loyalty and devotion that the Dog expresses towards his family are widely recognized by the energies specific to the Ox. Also, small arguments or disagreements will not be able to put in difficulty the life of the Dog in a couple in 2021, all the more if his relationship is solid and serene. In addition, no negative events are expected among long-standing couples. The beautiful qualities of constancy and endurance of the Dog should easily ease any upheavals in his relationship. However, in the case where the couple has already been in conflict for some time, these qualities must not turn into heavy chains, acting as brakes on any positive development. In 2021, the Dog must conscientiously avoid allowing himself to be dominated by his impulses of jealousy, nor seek to impose his vision of things at all costs. Therefore, it is advisable for the Dog who wishes to reestablish harmony with his partner to communicate with the latter with more calm and transparency, telling him about his worries without trying to minimize them and taking care to find the right tone. Only in this way can the Dog in difficulty in his relationship hope to reestablish a bond of trust weakened by repetitive disagreements. On the other hand, if no explanation, however clear it may be, manages to resolve the couple's crisis, the Dog can decide to take back his freedom for good. Indeed, the Dog can perfectly decide, while healing his wounds and his self-esteem, that he deserves a more benevolent love.

Love compatibility and wedding between the Dog and the Ox (Buffalo): Click here to learn more about the Dog's compatibility with an Ox.

Is 2021 a good year to have a child for a parent Dog? 2021 can be a suitable year for the Dog parent, father or mother, who wants to expand his family with the birth of a baby, boy or girl, of the Ox Chinese zodiac sign. The Dog parent can build a strong emotional bond with his Ox child, thanks to the common values that he brings them together. Thanks to the Metal element of the Year of the Ox, the two will always know how to demonstrate an infallible loyalty and attachment to their family. Only a Dog parent who has failed to overcome his existential anxieties could compromise the psychological development of his child born during the Year of the Ox of 2021. In a classic configuration, the Dog parent always finds the time to make his child understand how his love for him is limitless. Ultimately, he will give him the security he needs. In addition, the Dog parent, shrewd and analytical with his child, generally manages to anticipate his worries and helps him develop the self-confidence that is essential for his well-being as an adult. Finally, for ideal parent-child compatibility, the Dog can also decide to conceive his child from the second part of the Year of the Ox, in order to give birth to a Tiger child in 2022.

Money, career and social life for the Dog in 2021

Career and work

The 2021 Chinese horoscope for work announces a busy time for the Dog in view of the struggles to come and the efforts to be made to emerge victorious. The main concerns of the Dog during this period may be the search for stability and unity, despite a professional environment that encourages individualism much more than the sharing of knowledge in the service of a common goal. However, the Dog in business must take care of the way he chooses to share his ideas, so that they are not interpreted out of context or even reappropriated by an unscrupulous colleague. It is thanks to his methodical and cautious approach that the Dog will be able to see his projects succeed and his efforts rewarded.

If the Dog is self-employed, a few business development opportunities and interesting collaborations should boost his morale in 2021. However, to keep up the pace and avoid finding yourself in delicate situations, the Dog must approach things in order while overcoming personal antagonisms. The Dog must in no case allow himself to be invaded by the ambient gloom and even less spend all his energy on projects that do not concern him. It should be noted that any ambiguity or uncertainty risks causing regrettable delays. 2021 must in no way become an invasive year, where the overflow of responsibilities crush the will of the Dog. Still, at a professional level, the Year of the Ox promises great moments that promote short-term projects. In addition, it is a period during which collective work gains in meaning and efficiency. In short, the Dog can be successful in keeping his professional situation in order, as long as he manages to stay focused on his own tasks while aligning harmoniously with the driving dynamics of the Chinese year 2021.


The Chinese horoscope 2021 for money portends a financially satisfying year for the Dog. The Year of the Ox gives the Dog the opportunity to rethink his priorities regarding his material situation. The second part of the Chinese year might even have some good surprises in store for the Dog in this area. He can hope to get a promotion, win a prize or profit from the income of a wise investment. Indeed, in 2021, the Metal element supports the financial decisions made by the Dog. But in this year dominated by the Metal element, it is above all his flair and his aptitude for negotiation that can enable him to avoid disadvantageous transactions. However, even if the Chinese year 2021 is generally favorable for the Dog's wallet, he is nevertheless advised to prefer the signing of important transactions during the fall and to preferably choose the days of the lunar calendar that are most favorable to his Chinese zodiac sign.

Social life

The Chinese horoscope 2021 advises the Dog, if he wants to face serenely the agitated social life which is announced during the Year of the Ox, to show conciliatory wisdom. If he wants to fully appreciate the rays of the sun which pierce through the clouds of a sometimes shady weather, the Dog must also be able to guard against the storm. In this year of the Metal Ox 2021, the Dog may have to make certain people around him understand that devotion is not necessarily synonymous with submission. In addition, he must keep in mind that bringing help to someone in need does not give any right to intrude on one's privacy afterwards, either in one way or the other. Fortunately, however, the Ox and the Dog both support the family spirit. This is why, following each possible crisis in his private life, the Dog will be surrounded by solidarity and selfless support from his loved ones. Compassion, the transmission of knowledge and a spirit of conciliation will allow the Dog to keep his head up high and will end up giving him sufficient inspiration to effectively consolidate his social relations.

Health and auspicious periods of the Dog in 2021

Dog's health horoscope 2021

The Dog's health horoscope 2021 advises the 11th sign of the Chinese calendar to avoid a sedentary lifestyle and to regularly schedule time slots for jogging or practicing yoga. Enrolling in a team sports course can be effective.

Internal organs to monitor: The organs for which particular care must be taken by the Dog in 2021 are the fatty mass around the pelvis, the arteries and the digestive system

Good luck and well-being for the Dog in 2021

Luckiest months for the Dog in 2021*: Month of the Tiger (February 2021), Month of the Rabbit (March 2021), Month of the Horse (June 2021), Month of the Dog (October 2021)

Least favorable period: Month of the Dragon (April 2021)

* Consult our daily Chinese horoscope throughout the Year of the Metal Ox 2021 for the exact dates of the luckiest days for the Dog in 2021.

Year of Dog's 2021 horoscope, month by month

Thanks to KarmaWeather's monthly Chinese horoscope, find the complete and free predictions of the Chinese zodiac sign of the Dog during each month of the year 2021. The monthly horoscope is published at the beginning of each lunar month of the Year of the Metal Ox of 2021.

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Full yearly 2021 Chinese horoscope

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