Goat (Sheep) Horoscope 2022: Luck, Chinese zodiac Forecast

2022 Chinese horoscope for men & women born in the Year of the Goat (Sheep), from Lunar New Year and throughout the Year of the Tiger of 2022
By KarmaWeather - 2 November 2021
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Year of the Goat's complete & accurate predictions in 2022

Discover below the 2022 horoscope of the Chinese zodiac sign of the Goat with our annual astrological forecast specific to each type of Goat. Let us remember that what is commonly called the Chinese zodiac sign (or first pillar of destiny) corresponds to the association of the animal and the element of their year of birth: Wood Goat, Fire Goat, Earth Goat, Metal Goat and Water Goat.

We also offer solutions to help you have the luckiest Chinese year 2022 possible, thanks to the Goat's healing stones and Feng Shui colors for 2022, his main chakra to work on, his forecasts in love, health, money and career, without forgetting his best monthly periods for the achievement of his objectives.

🐐 Year of the Goat's personality & characteristics

2022 horoscope for Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal & Water Goats

🌳 Chinese horoscope 2022 for the Wood Goat

The Wood Goat's 2022 Chinese horoscope predicts a much better Lunar New Year than the previous one, resulting in a year marked by structuring and progress. In the professional field, the unpleasant impression of having been neglected or underestimated in his work should gradually give way to a feeling of anchoring and belonging. A new arrangement of production units and a new division of responsibilities may well be on the agenda. The Wood Goat must be aware that he risks being distracted by the territorial rivalries of his surroundings. This is why he has an interest in not forgetting his own priorities and should in no way hesitate to take advantage of every situation that could present an opportunity for him. In terms of finances, the Wood Goat will manage to maintain relative stability. Risk taking must be well weighed and calculated in advance. As for love, nothing new is on the horizon for the Wood Goat in the Year of the Tiger 2022. He will have to content himself with what he already possess, for the time being.

Date, annual score and resolution 2022 of the Wood Goat
Wood Goat dateScoreResolution
24/01/1955 - 11/02/1956★★★☆☆Watch your back
19/02/2015 - 07/02/2016

🔥 Chinese horoscope 2022 for the Fire Goat

The Fire Goat's 2022 Chinese horoscope reveals a somewhat uneven year, but one that will still prove to be dynamic and stimulating in many aspects of his life. At work, many still unfinished projects will make the Fire Goat impatient. Even if events do not always take the expected turns, the temporary drops in enthusiasm should in no way distract the Fire Goat from the path he has traced. All the resistance that he manages to express during the year 2022 will constitute a safety cushion for the following year. As for finances, the expenses could very well exceed the earnings. Do not hesitate to ask for a raise in case of stable employment. Don't let debt pile up without an effective repayment plan. At the same time, any savings, however small, are good for the Fire Goat in 2022. Regarding love, the Fire Goat could have some hassles or disputes to settle before considering emotional serenity. It will mainly be a question of calming certain insidiously provocative behaviors which do not always speak their name. Whether it is to accept or to decide, one will not go without the other.

Date, annual score and resolution 2022 of the Fire Goat
Fire Goat dateScoreResolution
09/02/1967 - 29/01/1968★★★☆☆Silent perseverance

🗿 Chinese horoscope 2022 for the Earth Goat

The Earth Goat's 2022 Chinese horoscope heralds an annual period illuminated by progress and warmed by a sense of recovery. In the Year of the Tiger, the Earth Goat enters a mini cycle of renewal concerning his main activity. But the expected boom at work will not happen without the implementation of a real action plan. In 2022, professional opportunities may be limited, which is why he will have to make the most of each event. As for finances, the Earth Goat is in control of his material situation. No setback should worry him if he is careful not to take reckless risks. When it comes to love, the celibate Earth Goat retains control of his heart in 2022, despite the doubts that can sometimes assail him. Without any real desire for commitment, he could meet new people, thanks to which he will gradually regain self-confidence, especially in the event of a recent breakup. Nevertheless, if he wants to start a family, 2022 offers him the possibility to start a serious long-term story.

Date, annual score and resolution 2022 of the Earth Goat
Earth Goat dateScoreResolution
28/01/1979 - 15/02/1980★★★★☆Build on solid ground!

🛠 Chinese horoscope 2022 for the Metal Goat

The Metal Goat's 2022 Chinese horoscope bodes well for a lunar year full of surprises and twists and turns, during which he will succeed in finding effective solutions to the problems that have tended to slow him down until now. At work, the Metal Goat can find advice and support on the points that he wishes to improve in his professional career. At the same time, one or two long-term projects will occupy the center of his concerns. He is likely to accumulate fatigue if he does not organize his schedule effectively. Regarding his material affairs, the year shows a relative financial imbalance. The inflows of money will not always be enough to fill the gaps. It is therefore vital not to create debt situations or to exhaust your reserves for the pleasure of third parties. This is especially true regarding his relationships, where the single Metal Goat could be the target of suitors who need to be taken care of in order for them to give love in return. Beware of sentimental traps, especially concerning the celibate man of the Chinese zodiac sign of the Metal Goat. As soon as a feeling of unease appears, a distancing will reveal the true intentions of his profiteer or abusive partner. Still, with a little common sense and selection skills, the celibate Metal Goat has enough to find happiness in the second part of the Chinese year, without letting his savings melt away or letting his heart dry up.

Date, annual score and resolution 2022 of the Metal Goat
Metal Goat dateScoreResolution
17/02/1931 - 05/02/1932★★★★☆Take a look before getting in
15/02/1991 - 03/02/1992

💧 Chinese horoscope 2022 for the Water Goat

The Water Goat's 2022 Chinese horoscope foreshadows a New Year punctuated by effort and delicate choices. In the professional field, the Water Goat will have to focus your energy on a single goal in order to keep a stable and satisfactory position. This year, the Water Goat should invest more in his own achievements and keep them jealously locked up for future use. Because in the Year of the Tiger, some of his connections could be tempted to grab some of his property and even take his place altogether. Also, the possibilities of apparent developments will not always be good to seize in 2022. As of the Chinese New Year, it is better to let others than you take ill-considered risks and prefer to play the card of caution. The events will be much more favorable next year. Regarding money, it is also necessary to avoid financial commitments which are not of a priority order. Beside that, a few relatives will be ready to help the Water Goat in case he asks for it. On the other hand, he must expect that each favor done will require giving something in return. As for love, fortunately the year is placed under the sign of optimism, adventure and relaxation. The Water Goat will not have to go very far to find opportunities for fun, even if the resulting relationships will be characterized more by their brevity than by their depth. In order not to be disappointed, it is better not to have too many expectations.

Date, annual score and resolution 2022 of the Water Goat
Water Goat dateScoreResolution
05/02/1943 - 24/01/1944★★★☆☆Take your time
01/02/2003 - 21/01/2004

Goat's Amulets, Feng Shui colors & Lucky periods in 2022

Infographic of the Chinese zodiac animal-sign of the Goat in 2022
Goat Chinese Zodiac 2022: Chakra, Lucky color, Healing Stone, Foods and corrective Chinese element

💎 Protective stones of the Goat in 2022

Rainbow fluorite

The Chinese horoscope 2022 for the Year of the Tiger suggests that the Goat should use multicolored fluorite as his main stone of protection. The semi-precious rainbow fluorite crystal should help the Goat to achieve a satisfying and fulfilling balance in his daily life. Following the many uncertainties with which he had to face last year, the Goat finally has the opportunity to develop a good analytical vision of things, especially when it concerns his own plans for the future. Better organized, he will succeed in better controlling parasitic thoughts which tend to slow him down. Using the strength that emanates from the rainbow fluorite stone, the Goat can hope to be more creative, innovative and responsive in the professional challenges he will face. In addition, the multicolored fluorite will increase the listening ability of the Goat, while giving him a better speech. Rainbow fluorite also has the ability to increase the good mood of the Goat and strengthen his memory. As a powerful stabilizing force of the aura, fluorite will support the Goat in his lovemaking and give him the ability to distinguish right from wrong among suitors who would otherwise only seek to make him happy for all the wrong reasons.

Almandine garnet

The Chinese horoscope 2022 for the Year of the Tiger offers the Goat almandine garnet as his second annual protection stone. A deep and majestic red crystal, almandine garnet means strength, courage and greatness. In addition to lavishing luck on the Goat throughout the Chinese year 2022, the almandine garnet should allow him to preserve his feeling of belonging to a place, an environment or to his family. Almandine Garnet will help him be stronger in the face of adversity and not put up with his life. Formidable companion to strengthen the blunt wills, the Goat could want to definitively solve problems of the past which have not ceased to bother him for years. It can also be the development and construction of a personal project. In contact with it, the Goat will find serenity of mind and will be able to better accept the consequences of events, without ever ceasing to move forward and to weave the web of happiness to which he aspires night and day.

🎨 Goat Lucky Colors in 2022

  • Fuchsia pink
  • Indigo / Parma
  • Ivory white

Goat Lucky Months in 2022

Luckiest months for the Goat in 2022*: Month of the Rabbit, Hare, Cat (March 2022), Month of the Horse (June 2022), Month of the Goat, Sheep (July 2022)

Least favorable period: Month of the Ox, Buffalo (January 2023)

* Consult our daily Chinese horoscope throughout the Year of the Tiger 2022 for the exact dates of the luckiest days for the Goat in 2022.

Goat Health & Well-being in 2022

According to the 2022 health horoscope, the Goat must pay attention to the risks of complications related to the reproductive organs. Never hesitate to consult a specialist in case of doubt.

Chakra the Goat should focus on in 2022

Third eye chakra or Ajna, sixth of the 7 main chakras of the human body

The Chinese horoscope 2022 suggests that the Goat work mainly on his third eye chakra in this Year of the Water Tiger. Traditionally called Ajna, the third eye chakra strengthens the self-esteem of the individual who activates it. For the Goat, the opening of this energy center will allow him to improve his capacity for learning and discernment. He will better understand human imperfections, starting with his own. On the other hand, he could more accurately measure the risks that the reckless actions inherent in the Years of the Tiger may present. At work or with those around him, the Goat will have much less difficulty in communicating his thoughts in a fair way. In this way, he could effectively remedy the language flaw to which he is usually prone. Once the third eye chakra is balanced and his self-esteem regained, the Goat will stop positioning himself as a victim, which will inevitably result in a regain of the respect and admiration he needs to move forward in life.

Goat Health Horoscope for 2022: chakra, foods and spices, organs to watch out for
🧘🏽 Chakra🥕 Foods & Herbs🌶️ Spices, oil👩‍⚕️ Organs
Third eye chakra (Ajna) Tomatoes,
ENT system,
Reproductive apparatus

💖 Love, Marriage & Birth for the Goat in 2022

The Chinese horoscope 2022 for love heralds a year as positive as it is eventful for the Goat. The celibate Goat should be able to have a year full of loving satisfaction. However, the duration of these romantic relationships should prove to be as short as their remarkable intensity. Without any regrets, the Goat will succeed in elegantly out of the game, keeping only the best memories of its fleeting tribulations. In the worst case, he will keep valuable lessons for his future experiences. In 2022, the Goat does not hesitate to grab the adage “one lost, ten found”. However, he must remain selective and know how to protect himself from danger. Certainly, the Year of the Tiger offers him adventure, but it is not without risk. Now is not really the time to change your habits in this area.

For his part, the Goat in a relationship will see the stability of his couple reinforced during the Year of the Tiger 2022. Small clashes between partners will not be of sufficient force to cause the boat to sink. The conditions for a serene dialogue will be at their maximum. The Goat who wants to see his family grow might consider dedicating himself to the task from the second part of the Year of the Tiger 2022.

💑 Love compatibility and marriage between the Goat and the Tiger

👶 Goat's relationship with a child Tiger

Is 2022 a good year to have a child for a parent Goat?

Yes and no. It is better to wait until the second part of the Chinese year 2022, because the birth of a child born in the Year of the Rabbit 2023 is much more favorable to the Goat parent, father or mother. Indeed, let us remember that in Chinese astrology, the Goat and the Rabbit are part of the same compatibility triangle.

Parent-child Compatibility of Goat & Tiger

In Chinese astrological compatibility, a Goat parent and a Tiger child get along fairly well. So to speak, it is not the passion that drives them. The Tiger child will obtain all his whims from his father or his mother Goat who, exasperated by so much stubbornness, will always end up giving everything to him. In this case, it will not necessarily be emotional blackmail. The infernal child king and slave parent duo will quickly establish themselves if the other parent isn't around to balance things out.

💰 Money, Career & Social life of the Goat in 2022

According to the money horoscope 2022, the Lunar New Year bodes well for a satisfying and balanced time for the Goat. Gone are the periods of financial insecurity suffered the previous year. It is now possible to relax the pressure a little and even enjoy new leisure activities. At work, changes are expected for the Goat who wishes to consolidate his professional base during 2022. Thus, he has the possibility of gradually resuming the activities which are close to his heart and which had come to a standstill. A power struggle over a promotion or leadership input can put the Goat in difficulty and cause him to abandon some of his principles. The sporadic clashes that await him on the professional field can push him to change his attitude, while waiting to have better visibility on the purpose of events. Armed with patience, he will know how to take advantage of each situation where one would have thought him naive and too kind. Because the year of competition that is 2022 demands it, this time he will not allow himself to be dispossessed of his most precious possessions. Indeed, he knows it only too well, the Goat has the habit of being the nourishing source of many parasites short of ideas in their pathetic existence. If the Goat perseveres, he will have the joy, from the second part of the year, to note the stunned annoyance of many jealous detractors of his successes. The Year of the Tiger 2022 could be a year of vengeance for the Goat, where the masks of the envious will fall with hooves or horns of success!

Regarding his material life, administrative oversights or negligence can arise at unexpected times. It is imperative that the Goat pay his bills on time. In addition, the Goat is invited to correct his way of giving his trust when it comes to money matters. A loan can be considered provided that it is for a real useful investment and that the repayment plan is defined within the limits of his capacities. Apart from that, the Goat can hope to cross the Year of the Tiger 2022 with confidence, since he mostly has the means to control his destiny.

On the social side, a revival of activity in collective leisure activities will make him rediscover his own aspirations and values. However, Water (the main element of the year 2022) indicates that the new links established will only be fragile and superficial. In addition, old friendships will eventually reveal their hypocrisy and superficiality. So, if he wants to avoid having to cry over his fate, it is better for the Goat to avoid revealing himself too much and not expect any kindness from anyone.

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