Year of the Ox: 2021 Horoscope & Zodiac Forecast

2021 Chinese horoscope for men & women born in the Year of the Ox (Buffalo), from the Lunar New Year and throughout the Year of the Ox of 2021
By KarmaWeather - 20 May 2020
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Year of the Ox's complete predictions in 2021

Ox's 2021 lucky charms, love, money, career health and auspicious months

Chinese calendar: Year of the Ox's birth dates

  • 25/01/1925 - 12/02/1926
  • 11/02/1937 - 30/01/1938
  • 29/01/1949 - 16/02/1950
  • 15/02/1961 - 04/02/1962
  • 03/02/1973 - 22/01/1974
  • 20/02/1985 - 08/02/1986
  • 07/02/1997 - 27/01/1998
  • 26/01/2009 - 13/02/2010
  • 12/02/2021 - 31/01/2022

🐮 Personality horoscope of the Year of the Ox

Chinese New Year 2021 summary for the Ox

The Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water Oxen in 2021

According to the Chinese horoscope 2021, this is the start of a prosperous period for the natives of the year of the Ox. Placed under his own governance, the year 2021 offers the Ox the opportunities for calm and regular work, generous harvests, simple but happy life situations, without forgetting that he should have luck on his side. All projects started during the previous year (the Year of the Metal Rat 2020) have a good chance of succeeding. In 2021, the Ox, more lucid and invigorated, can finally seriously resume the different personal projects that he had to put on standby during the months preceding the Chinese New Year 2021, due to lack of time or means. In addition, it is by sharpening his sense of strategy and by improving his sense of observation that the Ox should be able to seize the best opportunities that will be offered to him. If was able to undergo small disappointments last year because of bad choices, due in part to a lack of reactivity and adaptation in the face of a new and unforeseen conjuncture, in 2021 the Ox will no longer be taken aback; neither by a paralyzing apathy due to his instinctive mistrust when confronted with brutal and inevitable changes, nor by the naive enthusiasm that baseless promises are often capable of provoking.

Score of the Year 2021 for the Ox

8 / 10

Chinese New Year 2021's resolution for the Ox

Strength of will and security

Year of the Ox's 2021 lucky stone, color, chakra & food

Buffalo's 2021 lucky charms
💎 Amulet, bracelet🎨 Feng Shui
Lucky Colors
🧘🏽 Chakra🍉 Food
Lapis lazuliEgyptian blue,
Pumkin orange,
Celadon gray
Third eye chakraEggplant,

Lapis lazuli , lucky protective crystal for the Ox in 2021: The semi-precious stone of lapis lazuli is a great energy support, capable in particular of maintaining a good communicative mood. Lapis Lazuli contributes to the reduction of authoritarianism and the development of intuitive intelligence and imagination, which is particularly beneficial to the Ox. Thanks to the creative force and the flexibility of spirit that the lapis lazuli gives to its carrier, the Ox can thus hope to carry out large-scale projects which will allow him, not only to obtain the recognition of his peers, but also ensuring his future by contributing to the sustainability of his material security.

Good news for the Ox in 2021!

The Chinese horoscope 2021 is all the more favorable for the Ox as he crosses the lunar year with his Chinese astrological sign. Unlike other Chinese zodiac signs for whom this annual event is to be taken with caution (Tiger, Snake, Horse, Monkey, Rooster), the Ox does not have to fear the passage of the year of his annual pillar of birth. On the contrary, the Ox is particularly lucky during the Year of the Metal Ox 2021. In addition, it is advised to the Ox to follow the Asian tradition which consists in wearing a bracelet in red fabric during the year of his Chinese zodiac sign, and this to optimize his good fortune and protect himself from bad luck.

Love, marriage and birth for the Ox in 2021

According to the Chinese horoscope for 2021 for love, a Year of the Ox is often a period in which one ca observe a myriad of arranged marriages, each more surprising than the next. From the Chinese New Year 2021 and during the first half of the lunar year 2021, single people of the Chinese zodiac sign of the Ox can expect to receive some insistent suggestions of organized meetings for marriage, coming from their parents or immediate family. Also, the Ox can very well spend great moments meeting contenders, as long as he accepts the game of matchmakers. Above all, this succession of dates will help him develop his ability to identify and beware of misleading appearances. Because the Ox, particularly lucky and alert in 2021, should be careful enough not to succumb to the smiles and charms of the first comer. The Ox, by nature so solid and devoted, can become the fruit of desire and this much more often than usual. In the end, the Ox realizes that he often constitutes the ideal prey of idle contenders, who seek above all in a relationship a material comfort provided by their partner rather than by themselves. Thus, for the Chinese astrological sign of the Ox in 2021, a life for two, healthy and devoid of any authoritarian pressure, can only be possible if the other half is from the start capable of showing a will to participate in the maintenance of the home as well as the preservation of the couple's financial independence.

Love compatibility and wedding between the Ox and the Ox (Buffalo): Click here to learn more about the Ox's compatibility with another Ox.

Is 2021 a good year to have a child for a parent Ox? Yes! The Year of the Metal Ox 2021, synonymous with hard work, perseverance, traditionalism and determination, is conducive to the parent Ox, father or mother, who plans a birth in his home during the lunar year 2021. In the case of a parent-child Ox relationship, education is strict, effective and somewhat authoritarian. Fortunately, the devoted and particular attention that the Ox parent pays to his offspring allows the child born in the Year of the Ox to better understand the true value of things and thus be better prepared for his future adult life.

Money, career and social life for the Ox in 2021

Career and work

According to the 2021 Chinese horoscope for career and work, the Ox can afford to give new life to his professional aspirations. Multiple resplendent successes can be envisaged in 2021, thanks in particular to plans drawn up over the last months. Thanks to the ingenuity of Yin Metal energy (Chinese and Feng Shui element of the year 2021), the Ox is able to develop his business acumen more effectively. In addition, the Ox Chinese zodiac sign can hope to achieve good results thanks to the optimization of his planning and the use of new work tools. Motivated by a realizing force, the Ox manages to express his thoughts and his ambitions in a more precise way, while at the same time finding an assurance which he had often lacked during the previous year. However, despite the favorable dynamic announced for the Ox, he still has an interest in remaining discreet and above all in not spreading its success in broad daylight, at the risk of stirring up tenacious jealousies on the part of those he thought were his best friends. Increased vigilance is consequently required during this year 2021 influenced by the Metal element. In summary, the Ox should never let go of his guard, because disappointment is always possible on the part of a business partner or a friend in the event of inattention or excessive trust.

Concerning the Oxen who are looking for a job in 2021 or who are looking to orient themselves in their higher studies, it is preferable that they focus on the core businesses for which they are best suited. It can be a manual or craft trade which requires physical strength, precision and a sense of aesthetics. For example: farmer, mechanic, mechanic, cook, dentist and all the crafts that allow one to be independent.


Regarding his finances, the Ox can expect in 2021 to benefit from the best energy flows related to money and material possessions, since the Yin Metal is in strong relationship with the energies specific to the Ox Chinese zodiac sign. This year, one must not ignore the short-term objectives, because however modest they may be, they are the ones which lead to the realization of grand designs. In addition, as the guarantee of financial security remains paramount, the Ox should avoid overly daring maneuvers. In the second part of the Chinese year 2021, the Ox can expect to see his financial situation improve significantly.

Social life

In terms of social relations, the Ox 2021 Chinese horoscope opens up interesting and pleasant perspectives to the 2nd sign of Chinese astrology. Thus, the Ox has the opportunity to develop new solid friendships, based on a vision of life and similar moral values. A strong feeling of mutual admiration can constitute the link between these emerging friendly relationships.

Health and auspicious periods of the Ox in 2021

Ox's health horoscope 2021

The Ox's health horoscope in 2021 advises him to take good care of his spine and to avoid spending too much time in a sitting or lying position while awake, which are not recommended for the back. Stretching and weight training exercises adapted to his physique are strongly recommended.

Internal organs to monitor: The organs for which the Ox needs to take special care in 2021 are the nose, the eyes, the spine

Good luck and well-being for the Ox in 2021

Luckiest months for the Ox in 2021*: Month of the Rat (December 2021), Month of the Ox (January 2022), Month of the Snake (May 2021), Month of the Rooster (September 2021)

Least favorable period: month of the Goat (July 2021)

* Consult our daily Chinese horoscope throughout the Year of the Metal Ox 2021 for the exact dates of the luckiest days for the Ox in 2021.

Year of Ox's 2021 horoscope, month by month

Thanks to KarmaWeather's monthly Chinese horoscope, find the complete and free predictions of the Chinese zodiac sign of the Ox during each month of the year 2021. The monthly horoscope is published at the beginning of each lunar month of the Year of the Metal Ox of 2021.

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