Chinese horoscope 2018 - New Year of the Dog 2018

Chinese Horoscope 2018
By KarmaWeather - 8 August 2016
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Year of the Earth Dog 2018 and Chinese New Year 2018: Full yearly predictions for the 12 Chinese zodiac signs

After the Year of the Fire Rooster, the Year of the Earth Dog 2018 is taking over, as we get closer the end of the 12 years cycle of the Chinese calendar.

The date of the Chinese New Year 2018 is February 16, 2018. According to the Chinese horoscope, the Dog is the animal sign who reigns from Chinese New Year 2018’s day and during the whole Chinese year of 2018, which ends on February 4, 2019. Earth is the main Chinese zodiac element all year long.

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The Year of the Earth Pig 2018

In 2018, the 12 Chinese zodiac signs must show tolerance and empathy towards the people they meet to preserve their karmic balance, especially if they wish to avoid unnecessary conflicts. Indeed, Chinese Zodiac 2018 energies are dominated by the Earth element in its Yang form. It's an eventful year, marked by security concerns and the rise of social conservative movements within society.

According to KarmaWeather's 2018 Chinese horoscope, many voices around the world rise to highlight the importance of the universal values of dialogue and solidarity, which are characteristic values of the Chinese zodiac sign of the Dog. Selfishness, greed and ignorance being a major source of inequalities on Earth, only a social and cultural impulse, at the individual and collective level, can give a new hope to the millions of people in the world who are still suffering from neglect, indifference and the rejection from their community.

Earth Dog: Animal and element of 2018

The date of the Chinese New Year 2018 is February 16, 2018. According to the Chinese horoscope, the Dog is the animal sign who reigns from Chinese New Year 2018’s day and during the whole Chinese year of 2018, which ends on February 4, 2019. Earth is the main Chinese zodiac element all year long.

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Lifestyle and health

According to the Chinese horoscope 2018, the Year of the Earth Dog 2018 is a good time for lifestyle changes (time to quit smoking or change residence) and for the start of new business ventures. However, it's also expected that some of us shall experience short periods of loneliness or transient melancholy, which should however nourish the most sensitive and most creative minds amongst us. For others, these moments can result in a flutter in the implementation of their life plans, which will then be delayed until the following year.

Individuals whose energy map of Chinese astrology elements shows excess of Water and Wood are more susceptible than others to the specific fluctuations of 2018, Year of the Earth Dog.

Money, career and fortune

During the Year of the Dog 2018, satisfaction and joy caused by the successful outcome of projects undertaken in the previous year, the Year of the Fire Rooster 2017, can only be fully appreciated in the context of equitable sharing of the created resources. For people whose Earth element is predominant in their Chinese life horoscope, a particular stability through the entire year of 2018 should allow them to organize their personal and professional life more confidently and efficiently.

Remember that the primary element of the sign of the Dog is the Earth element, followed by secondary forces provided by Fire and Metal. The creative cycle of Fire, Earth and Metal means that money can come to those who decide to choose honesty and fairness in their dealings. Companies ensuring the welfare and health of their consumers, particularly through increased investments in the areas of recycling and renewable energy, will be rewarded with increased revenues.

According to the precepts of Wu Xing and the creative cycle of the 5 elements of Chinese astrology, Earth creates Metal. In order to gain in joyful fulfillment throughout the year, it’s auspicious to show solidarity and brotherhood, so that the noble and vigorous righteousness of the Earth Dog got converted into material and spiritual wealth. With the coming of the Chinese New Year 2018 and the celebrations of the Year of the Dog, the whims and eccentricities of last year (Year of the Fire Rooster) are long forgotten. Indeed, Dog Years are not conducive to waste and unnecessary expenses.

In 2018, success, in love as in work, depends primarily on the quality of the communication between people, and learning that being selfless and generous can bring the promise of a more generous harvest in return.

Society and politics

Based on Chinese astrology, repeated once every 60 years in the Chinese calendar, the Year of the Earth Dog is a powerful marker in men and women's lives, offering when it occurs a new interpretation of our human condition. Strength of character, education, morality, social life, health and caring for our elders are all fundamental questions which should be revised and improved during this pivotal period. The emergence of new authors and philosophers, as much as the reissue of forgotten texts by great classical writers and poets, should wake up and feed this collective awareness.

During the Year of the Dog 2018, we can also expect to witness the birth of new ambitious industrial projects, completely remodeling the modes of production and exploitation of energy resources, particularly in the field of solar energy, which now matured enough to become one of the main cheap sources of electricity both in transportation and at home. All initiatives showing their contribution to reducing pollution and improving the quality of life are encouraged and funded by most states, major industrial and financial institutions worldwide.

Actions based solely on individual drive and demagogy are unmasked and rejected by the majority, giving way during this period to the more universal values of empathy and social justice.

The special tip of KarmaWeather's 2018 Chinese horoscope is to remember that the Earth element in its Yang form, associated with the Chinese zodiac sign of the Dog, just as a mountain watching over humans living on the edge of her dress of stone, vibrates from inside with the tremor of truth and justice, even for those of us who don’t want to hear it.

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Love, friends, family and births

From the 2018 Chinese New Year onwards, the meaning and importance of family are critical to the realization of the aspirations of all 12 of the Chinese zodiac signs. If you happen to be single during this yearly cycle, you shouldn’t have trouble finding a partner before the next Chinese New Year of 2019.

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Chinese New Year and horoscope 2019: In short

One must remember that the Chinese zodiac sign of the Dog, symbol of intelligence and protection, can also turn the year 2018 into a sensitive period, during which activists and students, but also ordinary citizens, feeling deprived of hope and socially excluded, won't hesitate to demand radical changes to their life conditions, and to preserve the future of their children.

Based on the Chinese horoscope, it is often said that the Years of the Dog are carriers of violent conflict. Actually, only the Years of the Metal Dog can be related to warlike and destructive energies, because of their reinforced metal. The next planned year of the Metal Dog is in 2030.

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