Year of the Horse: 2021 Horoscope & Zodiac Forecast

2021 Chinese horoscope for men & women born in the Year of the Horse, from the Lunar New Year and throughout the Year of the Ox of 2021
By KarmaWeather - 12 August 2020
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Year of the Horse's complete predictions in 2021

Horse's 2021 lucky charms, love, money, career health and auspicious months

Chinese calendar: Year of the Horse's birth dates

  • 10/01/1930 - 16/02/1931
  • 15/02/1942 - 04/02/1943
  • 03/02/1954 - 23/01/1955
  • 21/01/1966 - 08/02/1967
  • 07/02/1978 - 27/01/1979
  • 27/01/1990 - 14/02/1991
  • 12/02/2002 - 31/01/2003
  • 31/01/2014 - 18/02/2015
  • 17/02/2026 - 05/02/2027

🐴 Personality horoscope of the Year of the Horse

Chinese New Year 2021 summary for the Horse

The Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water Horses in 2021

The Horse's 2021 horoscope announces a year of fitness for the seventh Chinese zodiac sign, following the complicated and ambivalent period he has just gone through with the Year of the Rat 2020 coming to an end. Thanks to the arrival of the Ox, which takes a predominant place in the energies of the Chinese calendar in 2021, the Horse feels more secure than the previous year. The Year of the Metal Ox is synonymous, for the Horse, with a suitable and structuring year, even if devoid of any important or decisive event.

Indeed, if the months leading up to Lunar New Year 2021 have not been without difficulties for the Horse, the Year of the Ox of 2021 should be more lenient and more able to help him meet his existential needs. In addition, the different types of obstacles that the Horse may have undergone the previous year may even become a strengthening experience on an intellectual level. All past inconveniences, even those that have tended to be sustained over time, end up gradually withering away. Thus in 2021, the Horse sees his doubts and procrastination about his uncertain future easily dissipated, despite a few small incidents to be anticipated during the year. However, with regard to his long-term objectives, it is not yet the time for the Horse to lay the foundations for large-scale projects that would require the deployment of a sustained effort over several years.

Because while it is true that the Chinese horoscope for the Year of the Ox of 2021 is not particularly hostile to the Horse, this period is not the luckiest and most favorable for him. Therefore, the Chinese New Year 2021 rather announces for the Horse a moment of relaxation, purification and mental preparation for the future to which he aspires. Note all the same that medium-term projects often see a favorable outcome during the years ruled by the second animal of Chinese astrology. This is why the ideas but also the actions of the Horse should still benefit from the energetic support of the Ox. With a visionary spirit and adorned with wisdom, the Horse could even take advantage of a few new associations that can become as heartwarming as lucrative.

Score of the Year 2021 for the Horse

6.5 / 10

Chinese New Year 2021's resolution for the Horse

Patience and elaboration

Year of the Horse's 2021 lucky stone, color, chakra & food

Horse's 2021 lucky charms
💎 Amulet, bracelet🎨 Feng Shui
Lucky Colors
🧘🏽 Chakra🍉 Food
LabradoriteCarrot orange,
Meadow green,
Cerulean blue
Third eye chakraApples,

Labradorite, lucky protective crystal for the Horse in 2021: In 2021, the semi-precious stone of labradorite, with its characteristic deep midnight blue, olive and yellow ocher reflections, is able to help the Horse find a purpose in life while preserving him from negative energies. The protective shield of labradorite will give the seventh zodiac sign of the Chinese calendar the opportunity to alleviate his psychological suffering and be more in tune with his ideas and existential desires. The labradorite crystal will also show the Horse the path to knowledge, helping him to better understand his priorities while keeping him free from hesitation and intrusive and persistent thoughts. Thus, the labradorite protection stone is an ideal companion for any Horse who wishes to develop his intuition and clairvoyance in order to progress in life in a more confident and serene way.

Love, marriage and birth for the Horse in 2021

The 2021 Chinese love horoscope advises the Horse to spend a year of rest from passionate moods to replenish emotional energy. Indeed, a Year of the Ox often makes romantic relationships with the single Horse somewhat bland. The vagaries of new love adventures risk being the antipodes of the union projects to which the Horse aspires. Despite these moments of sentimental disappointment, periods of happiness still manage to brighten up the daily life of the single Horse during the Chinese year 2021.

In addition, the instinct of the Horse gives him the possibility of being selective, with more confidence and less regrets in case of failure. In 2021, the Horse, usually so dynamic and so optimistic, cultivates the virtues and enjoys the benefits of renunciation, without depriving himself of his essential needs. In these specific situations, no major event will be able to prevent the Horse from having a good time and enjoying his intimate life as he wishes.

The love horoscope 2021 of the Horse as a couple heralds a rather dull year on an emotional level. Indeed, if the beginnings of the 12-year cycle of the Chinese calendar (which begins with the Year of the Rat) hardly benefit the sublime Horse, so passionate and resplendent, the Year of the Ox generally offers him the tranquility that he often lacks in his home. However, if there is no important element to report at the level of the couple's relationship, it is a different matter if the family has one or more dependent children. The Chinese horoscope 2021 warns the Horse that problems can arise from his children or from the people who are under his care in his home.

Love compatibility and wedding between the Horse and the Ox (Buffalo): Click here to learn more about the Horse's compatibility with an Ox.

Is 2021 a good year to have a child for a parent Horse? The 2021 baby horoscope warns the Horse who wishes to expand his family with the birth of a child, boy or girl, that the year of the Ox 2021 is not very favorable. Obviously, a Horse parent who shows consistency, balance and a conscientious mind is completely compatible with the character of the Ox (Buffalo) child. Only the homey and introverted side of the Ox child might not be suitable for the Horse, who usually needs outdoor activities to feel he exists.

Regarding the compatibility of a Horse parent and an Ox child, the rhythm that the Horse parent might impose on his Ox child could prevent the latter's inherent qualities from developing properly. Moreover, given that the Horse very often finds himself in a relationship with a native of the Year of the Goat, it is better, in this type of parental configuration, to avoid conceiving a Ox child. Indeed, the general atmosphere of the home could be seriously compromised, because of the permanent confrontation of the opposing characters of the Goat and the Ox.

The best solution, in any case for the future Horse parent who knows how to be patient, is to wait for the second part of the Year of the Ox, which will allow his child to be born during the Year of the Tiger of 2022 (the Tiger Chinese zodiac sign is highly compatible with that of the Horse).

Money, career and social life for the Horse in 2021

Career and work

The Horse's career horoscope for 2021 predicts a somewhat eventful year for the seventh animal in the Chinese zodiac. The Horse can certainly expect a little turbulence at work, but nothing to worry about too much. This year, the professional life of the Horse is more like a small trot in the forest than a full gallop on the lawn of a horse stadium in front of a raving crowd. However, in any case the Horse should not hesitate to take the lead of a project if one calls on him. The Year of the Ox always supports those who are ready to demonstrate their talent and know-how during a challenge.

The great challenges and more ambitious conquests will be for next year. In the event that the Horse finds himself at an impasse with respect to his creative impetus, he can expect to find significant support from colleagues and work partners, even if he has never worked with them before. Any gloomy and negative atmosphere in the workplace will have to be fought with resolution and tenacity. In 2021, the Horse should also skillfully avoid collaborating with the most dilettante of his colleagues, those who are always ready to claim victory too early in order to avoid the efforts necessary for the true success of a project.


The Horse's 2021 Chinese horoscope for money heralds a significant year in terms of earnings and wealth accumulation. Good financial momentum could be supported by a salary promotion at work, an advantageous transaction during a negotiation or even the repayment of a debt agreed to a long time ago. At the same time, the Horse must always keep his accounts up to date and carefully reread any contractual document that will be offered to him before signing it. In 2021, the Metal Ox (of the year) is a reminder of the primacy of analytical common sense, especially when it comes to accepting one's own limits. Also, in case of doubt, the decision to delay an important action will make it possible to gain the necessary hindsight for better preparation for a more beneficial return on investment.

Apart from these few usual precautions, the Horse's wallet should be well filled, particularly during the second part of the Year of the Ox of 2021. The results of actions taken from February 12, 2021 (date of Chinese New Year 2021) should be felt as of the month of July. Anyway, in the event of a major investment in 2021, the Horse must favor the months and days that are most favorable to him (for this, consult the Chinese daily horoscope* of KarmaWeather, accessible via the navigation menu, in the "News" section).

Social life

According to the Horse's 2021 horoscope, the 7th sign of Chinese astrology can count on his loved ones and his family to allay the various emotional concerns that may affect him during the year. While it is true that the Horse finds it difficult to share his anxieties with those around him because of his lively mobility, both physical and spiritual, he may surprise himself to appreciate more the benefits of a home and safe life. In the event of a conflictual situation between members of his family during the Year of the Metal Ox 2021, the Horse would even be ready to play a role of mediator to calm the spirits and play down the situation. Much more sociable and more attentive to the people who matter to him, the Horse can in return, in the event of a delicate personal problem to be resolved, count on the support of some of his closest friends for sound advice. With his elders, he must nevertheless avoid being too demonstrative and rather take good care of their well-being by giving them the necessary time. In 2021, the Horse is able to assess complex situations quickly enough not to have to endure them in the long term. With a little restraint and benevolent attention, he should be able to help maintain the relational balance of his circle of friends as well as his family.

Health and auspicious periods of the Horse in 2021

Horse's health horoscope 2021

The Horse's 2021 health horoscope advises the seventh sign of the Chinese calendar to monitor the entire area of the skull occupied by the ears, to be very attentive to the possible appearance of cysts, but also to preserve his auditory system by paying attention to the volume level when using headphones.

Internal organs to monitor: The organs for which particular care must be taken by the Horse in 2021 are the the ears and the ENT area.

Good luck and well-being for the Horse in 2021

In 2021, luck can smile in an exceptional way for the Horse, provided that he does not neglect his loved ones and his supports, and that he shows himself regular and persevering in his daily tasks.

Luckiest months for the Horse in 2021*: Month of the Tiger (February 2021), Month of the Horse (June 2021), Month of the Goat (July 2021), Month of the Dog (October 2021)

Least favorable period: Month of the Rat (December 2021)

* Consult our daily Chinese horoscope throughout the Year of the Metal Ox 2021 for the exact dates of the luckiest days for the Horse in 2021.

Year of Horse's 2021 horoscope, month by month

Thanks to KarmaWeather's monthly Chinese horoscope, find the complete and free predictions of the Chinese zodiac sign of the Horse during each month of the year 2021. The monthly horoscope is published at the beginning of each lunar month of the Year of the Metal Ox of 2021.

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