Feng Shui 2024: Forecast, Lucky directions

2024 Horoscope, complete and 100% accurate, of the 2024 Feng Shui year, the Kua number 3's year
By KarmaWeather - 15 January 2023
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Feng Shui predictions of the year 2024, lucky (and unlucky) positions and locations for the BaGua year 3, in relation with the flying stars of 2024

With its unique, detailed illustrated table, our Feng Shui tips for 2024 are packed with useful information from which you should be able to apply a good Feng Shui to your home, garden or office.

What is the date of Feng Shui New Year 2024?

The Feng Shui New Year begins on February 4, 2024 and ends on February 3, 2025 inclusive.

Feng Shui Horoscope 2024

Element of the year of the Kua house 3: Yang Wood
Existential aspiration in 2024: A happy and resplendent family

Yi Jing predictions for 2024, the year of the Kua number 3

The Wood element in its Yang form is the main driving force of the year Kua 3 of 2024. Here it is the greatest value in terms of extension and development of vitality. Therefore, the energies of the Feng Shui Year 2024 place the creative impulse at the highest peak of existential realizations. This annual period is also fraught with reckless impulses. The emotion conveyed by the Yang Wood element is usually materialized by a joyful and intense excitement.

These invigorating and dynamic signals often result in a sometimes surprising predisposition to take everything on the right side. This is particularly true where passion dominates lucidity, for the purpose of perpetual development, like the vegetal mats that cover the mountains and valleys and whose natural growth can not be stopped without the intervention of a natural obstacle, or by the hand of man.

Career and money horoscope of the Feng Shui Year 2024

At work, it is an atmosphere of trust that prevails in companies during the Feng Shui Year 2024, which favors new collaborations and fruitful professional projects. In the most positive moments, many people even feel able to undertake and carry several projects at once. However, the desire for progress and the motivation to set several simultaneous tasks to music may be at the source of some disappointments, especially for those whose sense of organization is not the first of the qualities. Moreover, any expansion situation carries with it the risk of neglecting the details of the company's operations, jeopardizing a balance and growth previously preserved. However, the enthusiasm and optimism induced by the strong positive momentum of the year Kua 3 in general allow, in case of aborted expansion, to avoid snags and return to the initial situation.

Love horoscope of the Feng Shui Year 2024

In love, the year Kua 3 of 2024 is an ideal time for weddings or for the design of a child, girl or boy. Time is conducive to sharing, be it material or spiritual, in a perspective of consolidation of one's social position. Also, it is the action in pairs that allows more efficiency in all areas for long-term couples. This is why we often witness, during the years governed by the Yang Wood element, the flowering of many stable and complementary couples in their projects of common life. On the other hand, despite a feeling of confidence and absolute optimism for a singing tomorrow, any display of impatience and impulsive behavior can also lead to the loss of what seems to have been gained. In friendship, this can be translated by the sudden transformation of an unfailing friendship into a frontal and assumed antipathy.

Health and dietetics horoscope of the Feng Shui Year 2024

Precautions to take during the passage of the year 2024 in the house Kua 3: Take care of your liver by limiting foods high in sugar. Practice regular relaxation and stretching exercises and consult a specialist without delay in case of discomfort related to the mind or sight.

It is advisable to people born during a Kua year 2 or 8 to redouble vigilance during the Kua year 3 of 2024 and scrupulously respect the principles of Feng Shui advised during this period.

Horoscope of the Feng Shui Year 2024: In a nutshell

During Feng Shui Year 2024, you are advised not to be too demanding with those around you. Let things evolve at their own pace. Think carefully before turning an occasional friendship into a close professional collaboration. Do not create unnecessary jalousies by displaying your insolent success. Do not leave it to chance regarding your professional organization and take care not to disperse in case of simultaneous start of several projects. Control your impulsiveness and never give in to ordinary provocations. Avoid any quarrel in public.

Personality horoscope for children born in the year 2024 (Kua 3):

Kua year 3 (2024) and Lo Shu magic square

According to the rules of Yi Jing (I Ching, 易經), every Feng Shui New Year, ie every 4th of February, the 9 flying stars change sector within the standard Lo Shu square. As a result, the central number of the magic square of the 9 flying stars in 2024 is, like that of the Kua year, the number 3.

➔ Kua number and Lo Shu square: how it works

BaGua square of 2024 and standard Lo Shu square

The numbers in the magic square of the Kua year 3 correspond to the numbers assigned to each of the 9 flying stars in 2024 (left diagram below), while the numbers of the standard Lo Shu square, always fixed, are those of each sector of the house (right diagram below). For their part, the flying stars are mobile and change sector every Feng Shui New Year, taking a new position inside of the Lo Shu magic square.

Kua Year 3 square and Lo Shu magic square
  Kua Year 3 (2024)   Lo Shu Square  
  SE   S   SW   SE   S   SW  
    2 7 9       4 9 2    
  E 1 3 5 W   E 3 5 7 W  
    6 8 4       8 1 6    
  NE   N   NW   NE   N   NW  

Lucky directions 2024 - Feng Shui tips

How to activate or neutralize each sector of my home in 2024?

We suggest you discover below a reading grid of the BaGua year 3, by linking each sector of the standard Lo Shu square with each of the 9 flying stars, according to the positions that the latters occupy during the Feng Shui year 2024. In addition to the main characteristics associated with each sector and each flying star, you will find the resulting adapted 2024 Feng Shui tips, to activate and reinforce, or on the contrary neutralize, each zone of your house.

Kua Year number 3 information sheet

Feng Shui tips 2024

Kua Year 3  
Standard Lo Shu sectors
Sector's element 🗿 🔥 🗿 🛠 🛠 💧 🗿 🌳 🌳
Number 5 9 2 7 6 1 8 3 4
Quality ⚖️ 😎 💑
Position of flying stars in 2024
Star Quarrel Violence Multiplier Bad Luck Love, Studies Prosperity Celestial Good Luck Disease
Element 🌳 🛠 🔥 🗿 🌳 🗿 🛠 💧 🗿
Number 3 7 9 5 4 8 6 1 2
Effects 🥊 💥 🐣 👎 💖
💰 💼
🍀 🤕
Feng Shui cures for 2024
Activator 🔥 🗿 💧
Avoid sector 🚫 🚫 🚫 🚫 🚫
Neutralizer 🔥 💧 🛠 🔥
Weakener 🗿 💧

Table captions
Feng Shui tips: Captions
Quality Enhancers and neutralizing cures by element
💖  Love 🌳  Wood: Shrub, round leaves plant; Green object
💑  Couple 🔥  Fire: Electric light; Oven, fireplace; Red object
👪  Family 🗿  Earth: Globe; terracotta statue; Brown / ocher object
🍀  Fortune 🛠  Metal: Coins in a jar; Horseshoe; Metallic, white, grey or golden object
🧠  Knowledge 💧 Water: Fish picture or sculpture (main entrance); Aquarium (living room); Fountain (garden); Blue / black object
🎓  Studies  
💼  CareerUnfavorable
💰  Money 👎  Bad luck
😎  Fame 🥊  Fighting
💪  Health 🤕  Sickness
🐣  Fertility 💥  Accident
🎨 Creativity Avoid sector: Don't sleep, don't sit, don't work there

To go further on this topic

What Kua number am I?

In Feng Shui, the Kua (BaGua) number of your year of birth plays a determining role. Once you know your birth Kua number, you can fine-tune the Feng Shui energetic enhancers, cures and remedies which are best suited for your home in 2024, in relation to the lucky directions established by the flying stars of that same year.

☯ Kua number calculator

If you already know your birth Kua number and that of your home:
🍀 Choosing the best location for each room

Flying stars

The 9 flying stars are one of Feng Shui's most popular methods to determine the most auspicious yearly directions for your home. In combination with the Kua number of your year of birth, the flying stars let you decide the areas and rooms of your house which you should activate or avoid during the Feng Shui year. Lucky or unlucky directions depend on the yearly position of the flying stars (and their antagonist entities, the harmful stars). The link to the KarmaWeather article below allows you to elaborate on this topic that we started to address here.

💫 Flying stars forecast of the current year

Harmful stars

Note that we do not indicate on this page the position of the 4 harmful stars (Grand Duke Jupiter, the Year Breaker, the Three Killings, the Five Yellow). Harmful stars rarely occupy an entire area. The knowledge of their coordinates makes it possible to refine the rules of occupation of an area of your house. Indeed, if, for example, the entire South sector can be beneficial in a given year, one of the 3 zones that make up this sector can be occupied by one of the harmful stars, which consequently reduces the activation zone of this sector. Every Feng Shui year, we indicate the position of the harmful stars on our article dedicated to the annual flying stars (link above).

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