Twin Flame: Meaning, Test, Love relationship

How to differentiate a twin flame from a soul mate and what role can chakras and angels play in helping you perceive and identify your twin flame
By KarmaWeather - 30 March 2023
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What is a Twin Flame?

It is easier to understand the meaning of the twin flame when one confronts this energetic connection between two beings with the definition of a soul mate. If the twin flame and the soul mate are at the origin of relationships where love plays a central role, the main difference is that we only have one twin flame in our lifetime. If astrological compatibility testing is a good way to meet a soul mate, or at the very least to make sure that a relationship is worth investing in, identifying a connection with our twin flame does call for other practices, such as reading angel numbers and mirror hours or even a chakra test.

After an introduction to the origins and meaning of twin flames, we will detail the 11 signs that might make you think you have met your twin flame, not to mention the chakric and angelic approach. Finally, we will see the 7 main springs of a relationship between twin flames, from the initial reunion to the union, through the fusional relationship and the separation phase.

Origin and Meaning of Twin Flames

The origin of the concept of twin flame is old. It can be associated with the myth of the origin of love as described by Plato, one of the major philosophers of ancient Greece. According to this mythological tale, men, women and androgynes are all made up of 4 limbs and a double-sided face. Arrogant and intrepid, thirsty for power, the humans decide to confront directly the gods of Olympus. In retaliation, Zeus decides to punish the humans by cutting their bodies in half. Since then, men and women have been striving to make one again.

This metaphor of love corresponds the most to the original definition of the twin flame, since it is about finding in another being the other lost half of his own soul. The reunion of a twin flame celebrates the reunion of a mirror soul, the double reflection of the same spirit, while the meeting of the soul mate consecrates the otherness of two compatible but profoundly different beings.

There is another possible interpretation of the origin of the twin flame, of Indian inspiration. According to Vedic tradition, a karmic encounter is possible between two beings who had strong bonds in a previous life. As an aside, let us also remember this founding principle of yoga meditation, according to which the goddess Shakti embodied in the Serpent Kundalini, begins her ascending journey along the 7 chakras of the human body in order to achieve the ultimate enlightenment of consciousness through fusion with her long lost and finally found lover, the god Shiva.

Through this parable of the reconciled union of the feminine and the masculine, of Yin and Yang, the search for harmony with the cosmic forces of the universe is evoked by the fusion of principles both opposed and inseparable.

Plato's metaphor of love joins Vedic and Taoist philosophy in what it calls to find a lost unity, to go beyond our own individuality through the spiritual quest for another self, for a constrained otherness of our amputated soul.

The twin flame is not intended to replace or exceed the soul mate. The meeting of the twin flame, as overwhelming as it is, can be the sign of an emerging magnetic love or of an unwavering friendship. Often, the twin flame relationship is characterized by such a strong bond that it requires significant adjustments in order for everyone's harmony to be preserved. But long before considering a relationship, you need to be able to identify the warning signs that you are on the trail of your twin flame, which we will now see below.

11 psychological signs you've met your twin flame

  1. A feeling of déjà vu on details (jewel, accessory, color, perfume)
  2. A spiritual connection that goes beyond physical attraction
  3. Absolute tranquility and a feeling of well-being
  4. Mutual understanding that speaks volumes
  5. Instinctive mutual trust
  6. The desire to learn from the other, their history and aspirations
  7. The temptation to both live in total autarky
  8. An ability to better understand and heal old wounds
  9. Karmic debt: the realization that ghosts from the past are resurfacing and must be confronted
  10. A daily relationship sprinkled with intense joy and a touch of chaos
  11. Concern for the happiness of the other, even if for this a temporary or definitive separation is to be considered

How to identify a false twin flame

Any affair that tends to become almost exclusive carries with it the seeds of a toxic relationship, if one partner's personality is manipulative in nature. The intensity of the twin flame encounter, whether the relationship is friendly or romantic, therefore requires special vigilance in order to avoid any possible hold on one another. A perverse manipulator, commonly called a narcissistic pervert, will always tend, at the start of a relationship, to model his attitude on the personality and the expectations of his prey. In doing so, he fills the emptiness of his own personality while satisfying his target's natural desire for recognition.

Thus, the typical mirror effect induced by an encounter between twin flames may actually correspond to the spellbinding strategy of a narcissistic pervert, who comfortably envelops his victims in his web before sucking in their vitality. While it is very difficult to identify a narcissistic pervert at the very beginning of a relationship, there are a few signs that can decipher its signals, especially if you gradually notice that your bonds with your friends and family are becoming more and more distant over time, or that the compliments of the early days are now relayed by infantilizing reproaches for unjustified failures.

Chakra test and angel numbers

When looking for your twin flame, in addition to a search for reading keys based mainly on psychological analysis and feelings, it is possible to base your judgment on the type of chakra connection that two twin flames must feel. At the same time, it can be useful to observe numerological events commonly associated with the communication of guardian angels, in particular the angel numbers (111, 222, 333, 444, 555) or the mirror hours (10:10, 12:12).

Chakra connection

The chakras are an effective way of feeling a twin flame soul connection, because the incarnation of the same soul in two different bodies means that they share the same subtle energy body networks (or chakras). Their 7 main chakras (root, sacred, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye, crown) are energetically interconnected without any physical distance between the two individuals being able to affect them.

This is not to say that the score of a chakra test performed at the same time will always show the same data. However, the results of the KarmaWeather chakra test performed separately by two individuals wishing to verify if they can be twin flames should a priori show similar open and close percentages for each of their 7 chakras. Also, remember that the calculations are based on your energy situation at the time you perform the test.

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Twin Flame 7 Chakra Connections Infographic

Twin flame chakra connection
Twin flames: Which angel number to observe and which chakra to work for each relational phase?

Angelic numerology

The observation of certain combinations of numbers is considered to be the manifestation of messages transmitted by your guardian angel. It can be a precise time, a license plate, the amount of an invoice, the number of a street etc ... In addition, each of these numerological appearances has a meaning corresponding to a phase of the current twin flame relationship.

  • Meaning of 111 for twin flames

    When angel number 111 is communicated to you by your guardian angel, it is a sign that you are about to meet your twin flame, or that the meeting is imminent.

  • Meaning of 222 for twin flames

    When you see angel number 222 appearing, it is a sign of abundance and accomplishment. More specifically related to love, 222 is a call for perseverance and effort in a relationship. If you are single, it is an indicator that the loved one is likely to be your twin flame.

  • Meaning of 333 for twin flames

    When angel number 333 is communicated to you by your guardian angel, it is a sign that perhaps it is time to think about a separation which alone will allow you to do work on yourself. However, this is not a negative situation, as it stems from the understanding and mutual acceptance that it is time to take the next step after forgiving the mistakes of your twin flame. Angels provide the energy for greater awareness and control of body and mind.

  • Meaning of 444 for twin flames

    When you see angel number 444 appearing, it is a sign of spiritual healing. You develop the belief that your twin flame exists somewhere right now and is also looking to find you. The reassurance of the existence of your mirror soul comforts you in the relevance of the current pursuit of your existential goals.

  • Meaning of 555 for twin flames

    When angel number 555 is communicated to you by your guardian angel, it is a sign that the love uniting the twin flames is about to be sublimated. A new, much calmer phase is about to blossom.

  • Meaning of 1010 (10:10) for twin flames

    When angel number 1010 (or mirror time 10:10) is communicated to you by your guardian angel, it is a sign to the twin flames that they may finally be reunited again. In a romantic relationship, after a mutually agreed period of introspection, a real rebirth is shaping up for the couple. You are about to experience the reunion and then the union phase.

  • Meaning of 1212 (12:12) for twin flames

    When you see the angel number 1212 (or the mirror hour 12:12) appearing, it is a sign that you have achieved sufficient assurance and a degree of wisdom for the first meeting or reunion with your twin flame to take place imminently, and under the best possible conditions.

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In Search of the Twin Flame: A Complex Love

Just as the yogi's meditative journey follows the ascension of the Kundalini serpent from the root chakra to the crown chakra, the relationship of the united soul of two individuals sharing the same twin flame is an authentic initiatory and spiritual journey that goes beyond the classic borders of love. The relationship between twin flames is a real drama that only exceptional encounters are capable of producing. Fortunately, this dramatic intensity is a priori preserved from any risk of toxic relationship, insofar as sensitivity and mutual respect remain the common denominator of true twin souls.

The 7 stages of the relationship between twin flames

  1. Remote connection

    Romance, while desirable, is not an end in itself between twin flames, as it would be in a relationship with a soul mate. Even though the twin flames have not yet met, they feel the presence of the other as their spiritual energies converge despite all physical distance. The very fact of believing in the existence of the other and in an upcoming meeting helps instill a sense of peace and deep inner harmony.

    Chakra opening: recommended work on the crown chakra

  2. Meeting and recognition

    From the first meeting, the connection between the twin souls is immediate. The desire to spend as much time as possible is mutual. No cat-and-mouse game between the twin flames that begin a relationship of intense love or friendship. Now that the meeting is over, there is no longer a minute to lose!

    Chakra opening: recommended work on the heart chakra

  3. Crisis

    In the months following their meeting, the Twin Flames will struggle to prevent a succession of tensions from turning into a critical relationship crisis. An indescribable mutual attraction has never guaranteed the harmony of a couple. Each one's weaknesses and tensions are cracks that make the prospect of separation more and more inevitable. By dint of getting to know each other better, the twin flames experience an existential crisis that only a period of voluntary solitude would be able to resolve.

    Chakra opening: recommended work on the third eye chakra

  4. The separation

    When the twin soul regains its fullness after having been divided into two bodies for so long, an inevitable resistance, nourished by two totally different life courses, weakens the relationship. This process of spiritual growth and healing, which underlies any twin flame relationship, is accompanied by tension, strife, and flight from reality. This confrontation is exacerbated by the lucidity that each has the other's faults.

    Chakra opening: recommended work on the throat chakra

  5. The recovery of confidence

    Each twin flame aspires to find their own individuality and to overcome a fusional relationship that had no other outcome than a healthy distance. Once this work on oneself is done, the connection between the twin flames can resume under new auspices.

    Chakra opening: recommended work on the root chakra

  6. Reunion

    If resuming a relationship is possible again, a new way of seeing each other again can also emerge. The twin flames always maintain a keen awareness of the spiritual enrichment and joyful vitality they have to gain from their reunion.

    Chakra opening: recommended work on the sacral chakra

  7. Union

    When the cycle of the relationship is complete, the symbiotic complicity of the twin flames changes character. The love that unites the twin flames is accompanied by a spiritual awakening that is the letting go that only knowledge of one's own psyche and full self-awareness allows.

    Chakra opening: recommended work on the solar plexus chakra

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