Feng Shui Lucky Colors for 2022, Year of the Tiger

🎨 2022 Lucky Color of the Year & what colors to wear during the Year of the Tiger
By KarmaWeather - 4 February 2021
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2022 color tips and trends

Discover the Feng Shui lucky colors for the year 2022 according to the precepts of Chinese astrology and the 5 elements. The Chinese New Year 2022 marks the advent of the Water Tiger, an animal embodying ambition, competitiveness, recklessness and movement through the prism of communication and exchanges.

The Year of the Water Tiger 2022 determines the main lucky colors of the year, through the main energy lines that compose it, namely Wood (main intrinsic element of the Tiger) and Water (element of the year 2022), but also to a lesser extent Fire and Earth.

📅 The Chinese New Year 2022's date is February 1st, 2022

Lucky colors 2022: strengthen your luck

What colors are going to be popular and in style in 2022?

The 2022 lucky colors, derived from both the elements Wood, Water, Fire and Earth and the Yang polarity of the Year of the Tiger 2022, are water mint green and cerulean blue, and to a lesser extent fiery red and imperial yellow. These are the fortifying colors of the year, particularly suitable for enhancing the luck of those who wear them, whether in the form of a talisman (for example a bracelet with an energy stone of the appropriate color), of an accessory or a piece of clothing.

Feng Shui harmonization principles in 2022 and color advice

In Feng Shui, the chromatic modulation of interior decoration, as well as the placement of furniture and decorative objects in the house, will be decided by the annual position of the flying stars superimposed on the magic square of Lo Shu. The energetic activation of a living area is reinforced by the presence of an object symbolizing the desired element, whether it is its color, its function or its composition. Strictly speaking, no particular Feng Shui color can stand out more than another over the course of a year, because each house, garden or office has its own energetic determinism due to its sectorization. The position of the annual flying stars, not to mention the Kua number of the building and that of the master of the house, are all additional parameters that must be taken into account to know which elements to activate or not in each sector. Thus, the symbolic colors of the Feng Shui elements are used according to orientations and areas to be activated.

📅 The Feng Shui New Year 2022's date is February 4, 2022

Lucky Colors Infographic 2022

Color of the Year 2022
Chinese horoscope and Feng Shui colors of the year 2022
Lucky and invigorating colors in 2022: water mint green, cerulean blue with fiery red and imperial yellow in minor
Balancing and protective colors in 2022: white et golden

Meaning of the colors of the year 2022

The lucky fortifying colors 2022 as suggested each year by KarmaWeather are derived from the precepts of Chinese astrology. If Chinese astrology shares with Feng Shui the use of the 5 elements of Chinese cosmogony, they are indeed two different thought systems. Therefore, the colors of the year 2022, to be as relevant and effective as possible, should rather be considered in a mobile use (on oneself, in the car, for a luggage or a bag) rather than a static application (at home, at the office).

Uses and Symbols of Lucky Colors 2022 *

You can favor the use of the fortifying colors of the year according to the qualities associated with them in Chinese astrology, especially with regard to the cycle of the 5 elements and its virtues of energy balancing. Likewise, rather than wearing the 4 strengthening lucky colors of 2022 at the same time, it will be more efficient to vary their use according to your daily activities.

Fortifying Lucky Colors 2022: Meaning and Uses
Color 2022 Meaning Favored activity Risk** Activated element
Cerulean blue Appeasement
Negotiations, job interviews, communication Coldness
Mint green Creativity
Adaptation to a new job or a new place of life, new beginning Madness
Fiery red Vital momentum
Romantic encounters, anticipation of the birth of a baby boy or girl Danger
Imperial yellow Clairvoyance
Acquisition of real estate, transfer of assets Adultery
* The fortifying colors 2022 are common to the 12 Chinese zodiac signs
** Negative effects in case of excessive or too frequent use

Lucky Koi Carp Smartphone Wallpaper

Balancing colors of the year 2022

In addition to the fortifying colors of the Year of the Water Tiger 2022 that we have just discussed, we offer below the most suitable annual corrective colors for each of the 12 signs of Chinese astrology. Indeed, in 2022, your Chinese zodiac sign is influenced by the energies arising from the dual governance of the Tiger and the Yang Water element. In view of the energetic peculiarities of your symbolic animal, the corrective colors will serve you above all to avoid suffering the negative effects of the overall energetic combination of the year, by giving you the opportunity to rebalance your personal energy pool and the chance to smile at you in all circumstances. In terms of application, the balancing colors have above all a role of protection against the whims of fate, while the strengthening colors serve to reinforce your will and promote your fortune in your undertakings.

Feng Shui Balancing Lucky Colors 2022
Lucky Balancing Colors 2022 for the 12 Chinese Zodiac Signs

Complete list of 2022 balancing colors, sign by sign

Balancing Lucky Colors 2022, sign by sign
Chinese zodiacBirth Year Lucky Balancing Colors 2022
🐭 Rat1936, 1948,
1960, 1972,
1984, 1996,
2008, 2020
Yellow lemon
Alabaster white
🐮 Ox1937, 1949
1961, 1973
1985, 1997
2009, 2021
Naples yellow
Ivory white
🐯 Tiger1926, 1938,
1950, 1962,
1974, 1986,
1998, 2010
Vermilion red
Alabaster white
Apple green
🐰 Rabbit1927, 1939,
1951, 1963,
1975, 1987,
1999, 2011
Azure blue
🐲 Dragon1928, 1940,
1952, 1964,
1976, 1988,
2000, 2012
Emerald green
Old gold
Titanium white
🐍 Snake1929, 1941,
1953, 1965,
1977, 1989,
2001, 2013
Butter yellow
Strawberry blonde
🐴 Horse1930, 1942,
1954, 1966,
1978, 1990,
2002, 2014
Pine green
Malachite green
Cream white
🐐 Goat1931, 1943,
1955, 1967,
1979, 1991,
2003, 2015
Fuchsia pink
Ivory white
🐵 Monkey1932, 1944,
1956, 1968,
1980, 1992,
2004, 2016
Sapphire blue
Ecru white
🐔 Rooster1933, 1945,
1957, 1969,
1981, 1993,
2005, 2017
Naples yellow
Cobalt yellow
🐶 Dog1934, 1946,
1958, 1970,
1982, 1994,
2006, 2018
🐷 Pig1935, 1947,
1959, 1971,
1983, 1995,
2007, 2019
Lime green
Almond green

Fashion color trends 2022

In 2022, a relative weakness of the element Metal Yang is the main marker of imbalance in the energy flows of the Chinese year. This is why, although each Chinese zodiac sign also has its own balancing colors during the Year of the Tiger 2022, white and gold, correlated with the element Metal, are the corrective colors common to the 12 Chinese zodiac animals. White and gold are the lucky and invigorating colors to wear in 2022 for fashion, decoration and wedding ceremonies, since their balancing virtues allow everyone to find joy and happiness in their daily life, despite the hardships to overcome.

Which Chinese zodiac signs are most protected by the trend colors of 2022?

In 2022, men and women whose birth energy chart is weak or lacking in the element Water will be well advised to wear white and gold in small touches or in addition to other colors, for example in the form of jewelry (bracelet, necklace, ring or brooch in white gold, yellow gold or silver), clothing accessories (belt, handbag, scarf, hat, mask) and talismans (bracelets or necklaces with white quartz, selenite, pearls or even amber or citrine). The Rabbit, the Goat, the Snake, the Horse, the Rooster and the Dog are the most affected by this advice in 2022. They should also avoid, as much as possible, any activity associated with the element Water, for example by favoring holidays in the mountains rather than by the sea.

What does 2022 forecast for the 12 Chinese zodiac signs?

Full yearly 2022 Chinese horoscope

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